What Is Ricer Car & Driver? Ricer Vs Tuner & Modifications

Ricer car stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. This is one of the most altered concepts of cars which are heavily modified. A ricer comes loaded with unnecessary cosmetic enhancements to make them look faster and stand out of the crowd.

Usually, most of the riced out cars are powered by low-spec engines which are just modified for looks purpose. The ricer term has been taken from the Japanese car culture where car enthusiasts used to give their cars out-of-box customisation.

Obviously, you can’t expect mind-boggling performance from these cars. Although, with loud noise & racing wings, a ricer car will be able to grab eyeballs. Also, you will be able to enjoy the ride with half window down, pop music and take the feel.

Ricer Car
Ricer Car

So, if you want to be in the spotlight and give your Honda Civic a Type R look, here is the detail information.

More about Ricer Car

What Is A Ricer Driver?

A ricer driver is generally the young ones with riced out cars and obvious show-off factors. They are some car enthusiasts with modifying and design skills which use various things like alloy wheels, spoilers, and different accessories to make the car unrecognizable.

Ricer driver with a white car
Ricer driver

Usually, a ricer driver belongs to the group/community where they compete for the best ricer car. That’s not all, because these cars are attention grabbers, a ricer driver also gets a good chance to earn money via paid promotion from various car manufacturers and brands.

Basic Modifications Of A Ricer Car

Modification of ricers are endless and solely depends on the designer. You will see tons of car accessories like high-profile exhausts, wings, lights, paint jobs, stickers, alloy wheels, and etc.

A ricer driver uses these kinds of car-mod accessories and body kits to make them look OMG. Ok enough summery, let’s talk about some basic modifications you will see in a racer car!

1. Wide Body Kits

Body kits are one of the basic elements of a rice car. These cars get wide and colourful body kits to make them look diverse from rest cars. A body kit helps the car to look wider, lower and faster, which enhances the overall beauty of a ricer. Talking of body kits, it offers full kits, custom bumpers & hoods, bumper lips, rear diffusers, fenders, vertical doors, and etc.

2. Stickers & Paint

How can we forget the labels and paint job? They are one of the most common cosmetic enhancements a car can get. You will see quite tedious jobs like Neon body paints and stickers on the side, top and front panel of a ricer. Owners of these cars take inspiration from racing games like NFS, Most Wanted, etc.

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You will see a good range of stickers type on a rice car. Clear, Reflective Vinyl are a few of them. In terms of paint, there are tons of options you will see on a ricer.

3. Bright Light Kit

You won’t see a normal light kit in a ricer. Just like any modified car, a rice car comes bolted with highly modified car lights like – an LED bar, off-road lights, halo kit, spoiler lights, etc. In terms of taillamps, there is whole combination you will greet in a ricer.

4. Suspension

Suspension plays an important role in enhancing a riced out car looks and take it to the next level. You probably have seen some cars with weird suspension modification. Some car touches the ground with the help of lower suspension kit whereas we also have seen few with high-rise adjustable suspension kits. Although, this is just for showoff purpose. One gets zero benefit of this functionality.

5. Tires & Rims

A ricer is incomplete without a set of wide alloy wheels. Well, this is just beginning, as said earlier, there are endless customisation options if you want. These alloy wheels also colour up, thanks to the LED. You will see various sizes and design in a ricer that also adds up as a beauty and enhances the look of the car.

Well, these are few of the basic modifications of riced out cars. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment about a new ricer in the market. Now, let’s talk about the difference between ricer vs tuner car! Shall we?

Ricer Vs Tuner

Tuners are made factory-made performance cars, but ricers are made in the garage just to looks cool in the market. Tuners are made as few units and come with uncompromised and advanced engine options, whereas a ricer is crappy and holds underpowered power unit with wide-body kits, spoilers, alloys and stickers – lots of stickers.

On the other hand, a tuner comes with practical modifications that not only enhances the looks but also offers functionality. In term of top speed, a ricer is nowhere in front of a tuner.

Ricer Vs Tuner cars
Ricer Vs Tuner
LooksOver optimised Practical modification
EngineUnderpoweredHigh-performance with turbos*
AerodynamicsPoorHighly efficient
Exhaust noteCheapSolid
Top speedNA>120MPH
PriceNAStarts from $26k

Top 5 Tunner Cars In The World

Top 5 Ricer Cars In The World

  • Chevrolet Cavalier
  • Toyota Prius KUHL
  • Škoda Atero
  • Saturn SC
  • Renault Clio

Examples Of Ricer Cars

1. Chevrolet Sprint Ricer

Chevrolet Sprint Ricer
Chevrolet Sprint Ricer

It is a rebadged or you can say a remodified version of Maruti Suzuki swift. It was sold in the Canadian market with an option of convertible version. An oversized wheel, Honda hardtop roof, and paint job were enough to create this beauty look dope.

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2. Red Gold Dream

Red Gold Dream car in red color
Red Gold Dream

Red Gol Dream was the answer to the question if a supercar can be riced or not. Well, the answer is “yes”, this is one of the most expensive riced out cars in the world. As it was not as fast as SLR Maclaren, but it was an engineering genius. Built for a Swiss businessman who was nearly paid a whopping $9,377,900.00. It does not give the same type of vibe as a purpose race car does, but it was too sophisticated to the owner.

3. Mitsubishi Mirage Ricer

Mitsubishi Mirage Ricer car in green color
Mitsubishi Mirage Ricer

Mirage was one of the cheapest cars for sale in North America. You will get a fully functional engine under the hood, and three-door ES trim in just $13,830 only. With tiny wheels and low-rise seating, it will give you a good experience of rolling over the road.

4. Ford Mustang – The Silver Knight

Ford Mustang - The Silver Knight car in blue color
Ford Mustang – The Silver Knight

With two hood scoops on the engine hood and that absolute paintwork, this car should be belonging to the tuner’s category. This modified Ford Mustang holds a V8 engine and comes mated with an automatic transmission. You will get another set of intakes behind the side windows which are not functional at all. This silver knight pops out 300 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque. With this looks, it is an excellent modification of the Ford Mustang.

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5. Volkswagen Jetta Ricer

Volkswagen Jetta Ricer
Volkswagen Jetta Ricer

This is an old school ricer. With flame decals and an ironing board strapped to the trunk, it is an old and simple beauty in ricer’s category. A set of convex wire wheels and front diffuser, this Jetta reminds us of that not all riced out cars are equal.

So, we have discussed everything about ricers. Whether it’s ricer car definition or their types, we have a definite answer to all of them. That’s not all, you’ve also seen the difference between ricer and tuner cars.

You are familiar with both types of cars. Now, you can consider a ricer car if you want looks but if performance is your game then tuner is for you.

Ricer Car FAQs

What does ricer stand for?

Ricer cars are unnecessary modified cars that stand for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. The fashion of ricer has been originated from Japan where they show the different types of customisation including paint, stickers and a lot on any car.

Is Subaru a ricer?

Subaru is legned in terms of car modifcations. It depends on the owner whether he/she wants to convert a Subaru into a ricer or a tuner. Mostly, we have seen a subaru as a ricer.

What makes a car a ricer?

A ricer is a combination of the rarest modification on any car. Things like active paint jobs, stickers, unnecessary car mods, big and chunky alloy wheels make a car looks like a ricer. These cars are made just for showoff purpose. Unlike a tuner, they are poor in power – just showoff no go.

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