Lykan Hypersport Price, Engine, Top Speed & Other Facts In 2023

Lykan Hypersport facts are not an obvious listing you have seen earlier in your life. I promise you!

Well, do you like supercars? Like you, I’m also a BIG fan of performance cars. They are specially built machines made for ultra-rich people across the Globe. These supercars come packed with all charisma that, with ZERO intention, grabs eyeballs.

lykan hypersport
Lykan Hypersport in black color

Moving forward…

Let me ask you, had you noticed the Hypersport car that jumps from one hotel building to another in Fast & Furious 7? I guess you would have!

Lykan Hypersport – A limited Hypersport production car manufactured by W Motors. The company was founded in mid of 2012 and is currently based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to the manufacturer, it is one of the rarest and fastest cars in the world & I’ve no doubt at all, look at her once! Oh man, it’s a masterpiece.

W Motors Logo
W Motors Logo

At $3.4 million, the Lykan HyperSport is one of the most expensive limited production cars in the world.

And guess what? Today, I’ve listed all the updated facts about Lykan Hypersport that you haven’t heard before. So, let’s get started.

1. Lykan Hypersport Comes With An Expensive Price

Performance comes with a price tag, right?

Price In USA: Lykan Hypersport has a starting price of $3.4 million which makes it one of the most expensive sports cars in the world.

Price In India: If we calculate the Lykan Hypersport price in Rupees then the hypercar would cost around Rs 21.7 crores excluding taxes.

USA$3.4 million
IndiaRs 21.7 crores
UAE$3.4 million

2. Lykan Hypersport Has Impressive Top Speed Of 245 mph

The hypercar is capable of putting high speed with ease. As per W Motors, Lykan has a top speed of 395 kmph (245 mph), which makes it one of the fastest and most expensive sports cars in the world. Well, that’s not all!

In terms of acceleration, Lykan Hypersport can do 0-100 kmph (0-62 mph) in just 2.7 secs and 0-200 kmph (0-125 mph) in 9.4 secs.

Lykan Hypersport Top Speed:

  • Top Speed: 245 mph
  • 0-60 mph: 2.7 sec
  • 0-125 mph: 9.4 sec

3. Lykan Hypersport Has Extremely Powerful Engine

Like any other supercar, the Lykan has the guts to tackle its competitors on the race tracks.

Lykan Hypersport comes fitted with a 3.8-litre, 3746 cc V6 twin-turbo petrol motor. The engine churns out 780hp of raw power @7100 rpm and a massive 960Nm of peak torque @4000 rpm. This raw power is sent to the rear wheel via a 7-speed dual-clutch PDK automatic or 6-speed sequential manual

Noticeably, it has a Porsche boxer-type engine that sits mid-rear of the car. Do you mind checking the list of Porsche Memes?

W Motors Lykan Hypersport Engine Specs:

EngineV6, 3746 cc Twin-Turbo, Boxer Type V6 Engine
Horsepower750hp @7100 rpm
Torque960Nm @4000 rpm
Transmission7-Speed Dual-Clutch PDK with Limited Slip Differential or 6-Speed Sequential Manual
SuspensionFront: McPherson-strut with anti-roll bar

Rear: Multi-link suspension with horizontal coil-over shock absorbers and anti-roll bars
BrakesVentilated Disc Brakes With 6-Piston calipers
Length4495 mm
Width1995 mm
Height1180 mm
Wheelbase2625 mm
Weight1400 kg

4. Only 7 Units Of Lykan Hypersport Were Built

Isn’t it strange? The manufacturer had decided that Lykan Hypersport will be limited to 7 units only. That’s not all. Among 7 units, one car is owned by Dubai police. Of course, a lucky owner gets the authority to customize his Lykan according to the choice.

Source: W Motors

5. Lykan Hypersport Is Tagged As Dubai Fastest Car

Dubai; riches. Agree? Well, not only the fastest, but Lykan Hypesport is the 1st Dubai supercar ever.

Black Lykan Hypersport
Black Lykan Hypersport

That said, if there is one place for supercars on the planet Earth, then it is UAE. You will get to see a wide range of supercars, tucks, and other exciting things related to wheels. Adding to this, whether it’s the engine, looks, and futuristic gadgets, W Motors has tried everything to make Lykan distinctive in every way possible. Wait! Did you know about another fastest car manufacturer based in UAE? Well, it’s Devel Motors. I just can’t imagine the specs & price of Devel Sixteen.

6. Lykan Hypersport Has Most Expensive Headlamps In The World

Lykan Hypersport comes bolted with the rarest headlamps in the world. The designers at W motors has embedded Titanium blades with 220 diamonds in the front lamps, which makes it looks exceptionally glittery and distinctive at the same time.

lykan hypersport headlights
Lykan Hypersport Headlamps

Remember, the mission was to create something extraordinary in the automotive world. You can also read the list of best luxury off-road SUVs.

7. Lykan Hypersport Looks Futuristic Inside

Speed is a combination of technology and design. You have to agree to this! This Hypercar, itself, comes with some innovative solutions like a Holographic display.

So, what is it?

Basically, it is a mid-in-air display system that works on Holographic technology. This feature allows you to interact with the car’s interface without touching any physical button or hard touch.

Seriously, I had never imagined a feature like this before. You should also know about Honda Civic Type R performance & specifications!

8. Dubai Police Has Lykan Hypersport Car In Their Speed Petrol Unit

Do you know?

dubai police hypercars
Lykan Hypersport in Red & White Color
dubai police lykan hypersport
Lykan Hypersport in Red & White Color
dubai police lykan hypersport car
Lykan Hypersport in Red & White Color

Dubai Police car collection is insane & probably one of the best police cars in the world.

That said, out of 7 Lykan Hypersport cars, Dubai police own one of them and they really liked it. Well, am not surprised! The police department has covered Lykan Hypersport in Dubai police colour scheme with hooters and lights. In addition, do you know about Ricer car?

lykan hypersport dubai police cars
Lykan Hypersport in Red & White Color
dubai police supercars
Lykan Hypersport in Red & White Color

9. The Hypercar Delivers Good Mileage

Good mileage? Why am I saying this?

Usually, there is no relationship between performance and fuel efficiency. All supercars in this segment deliver between 2-4 kmpl, but Lykan’s case is a bit different. Here, the Lykan Hypersport has a combined fuel efficiency of 13.5mpg.

Fuel Consumption Of Lykan Hypersport

Driving ConditionMileage
Urban20.0 mpg
Non-Urban9.9 mpg
Combined13.5 mpg

10. Lykan Hypersport Has Been Featured In Many Racing Games

All thanks to its iconic design and features. The Lykan has grabbed the attention of well-known directors and gaming houses.

Except for the Fast & Furious 7 (Hint Fast and Furious 7 red car Abu Dhabi scene) – Lykan Hypersport has also been featured in web series like – The Grand Tour, etc.  

asphalt 8 lykan hypersport
Lykan Hypersport Video Game

In gaming, the Hypercar has been featured in Project Cars, Driveclub, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Asphalt 9: Legends, Asphalt Nitro, Forza Motorsport 6, Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 7, GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience, CSR Racing, and CSR Racing.  

Lykan Hypersport Wallpapers & Pics

Lykan Hypersport in blue color
Lykan Hypersport
lykan hypersport car mobile wallpaper
Lykan Hypersport in blue colour
Lykan Hypersport in brown color
Lykan Hypersport in brown colour
Lykan Hypersport in grey color
Lykan Hypersport in grey colour
Lykan Hypersport in red color
Lykan Hypersport in red colour
lykan hypersport wallpaper
Lykan Hypersport rear pic
Lykan Hypersport in silver color
Lykan Hypersport in silver colour

Though Lykan was limited and quite expensive. The manufacturer has come up with a new and advanced Hypercar – Fenyr Supersport. You can also check Fastest Tesla ever.

I hope that you read something new about the Lykan Hypersport car.

So, that was a small effort from my side to bring you the best in automotive. Please don’t forget to comment on your favourite part.

Stay tuned for more updates…


How many Lykan Hypersports are there in the World?

According to the manufacturer, there are only 7 Lykan Hypersports in the world. Well, there is no specific data about the existence of the hypercar. You can browse the company website for more details.

How fast is the Lykan Hypersport?

Lykan Hypersport can go 0 to 62 mph in less than 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 245 mph.

Is the Lykan Hypersport bulletproof?

No, Lykan Hypersport doesn’t provide any armour support. In case, any Lykan owner wants, W motors is capable to wrap it up with bulletproof glass and other armour items.

Does Vin Diesel own a Lykan HyperSport?

Yes! Out of his expensive car collection, he owns a Lykan Hypersport.

Who makes Lykan Hypersport?

Lykan Hypersport is a super limited supercar designed and manufactured by W Motors. The company was founded by Ralph Debbas in Dubai and operating since 2012.

How many Lykan Hypersport is left?

Only 7 units were made by W Motors and are currently owned by respective owners.

How much is a Lykan Hypersport?

In the USA & UAE, Lykan HyperSport comes with a starting price of $3.4 million. Whereas, In India, the price reflects Rs 21.7 crores only.

How much does a Lykan Hypersport weight?

The 2-door coupe sports car has a Kerb weight of 1,380 kg (3,042 lb).

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