Devel Sixteen Price, Top Speed, Specs & Horsepower In 2023

Devel Sixteen Engine is an Engineering marvel

– Devel Motors

Let me ask you a question first! Have you ever thought about a 5000-horsepower car? Well, it exists. Devel Motors, a Dubai-based automobile manufacturing company, has made this impossible thing possible.

Dubai has always been in the news for its out-of-box designs and structure. That said, you will see them trying their luck in the Automobile market.

Devel Sixteen Top Speed
Devel Sixteen in Dubai

The resultant, the Devel Sixteen, also known as the 5000 horsepower car, has become a topic of debate among automobile journalists & experts. Notably, its 5000Hp engine and Devel Sixteen top speed.

Surprisingly, the manufacturer has not revealed the exact specifications and features yet. Any guesses about the Devel Sixteen Price? Well, you will get to know me later!!

Legend in the history of Supercars

– Devel Motors

Though there are not enough details about the Devel car, I’ve tried to break down some specific information. So, let’s get straight to the details! Shall we?

Devel Sixteen Price

Majid Al-Attar, one of the founders of Devel Motors revealed the estimated price of Devel 16. During an interview with Supercar Blondie, Majid told the price of Devel 16 in 3 variants. Below is the list of Devel Sixteen prices:

Devel Motors Logo

So, the starting variant of Devel 16 (V8, 2000 hp) is priced at 1.6 million dollars. The mid or more powerful (V16, 3000 hp) will be around 1.8 million dollars. At last, the most powerful variant of Devel Sixteen 5000 hp is set to a 2.2 million dollar price tag.

Devel 16 ModelsPrice
Devel 16 V8 (2000 hp)$1.6 million
Devel 16 V16 (3000 hp)$1.8 million
Devel 16 V16 (5007 hp)$2.2 million

Devel Sixteen Price In India

All thanks to the 200% import duty. The starting price of the Devel 16 car will be around Rs 11,10,48,800 and it goes up to Rs 15,26,92,100.00 for the top-spec variant. Although, this supercar won’t be available in India.

Devel sixteen price in India
Devel Sixteen Supercar

The price is way more than you expected, right? In addition, the supercar manufacturer has no plan to launch this model in the Indian Automobile market.

Devel Sixteen Price In UAE Markets

Devel Motors has priced Devel 16 at AED 8,485,200. It directly competes with W Motors and other German sports car manufacturers.

devel sixteen price

Devel Sixteen Top Speed & Acceleration Time

With an official top speed of 348 mph or 560 km/h, the Devel Sixteen is the fastest car of 2023. As per Devel Motors, Sixteen is under the development and testing phase.

No one believed when the manufacturer claimed that Devel Sixteen is the fastest car in the world. As other supercar manufacturer does – road testing, Devel Motors needs to claim yet. Anyway, the engine of Devel 16 has designed and developed by Steve Morris. The power output is incredible and as promised by the founder of Devel Motors. The Devel Sixteen will reach a top speed of 560 km/h in under 50 seconds. Here’s the breakdown of Devel 16 top speed:

Top Speed560 km/h or 348 mph
0-60 mph1.8 seconds
0-100 mph2.2 seconds
0-310 mphUnder 50 seconds

The 5000 hp supercar can beat any sports car in terms of top speed. According to the manufacturer, the Devel Sixteen can sprint 0-60 mph in just 1.8 seconds which just not makes it one of the fastest cars in the world but also the best-accelerating supercar.  

Devel Sixteen Engine Specifications, Horsepower & Other Details

Do you know about the most powerful car engines in the world?

Well, there are many road-legal supercars like – Bugatti Chiron &, etc. that fall under this category but we have a new contender for the list. Yes, you guessed that right!

Thanks to one of the most powerful car engines, the Devel Sixteen is now competing with Koenigsegg & Bugatti. Coming to the Devel 16 specs, the supercar comes equipped with a 12.3-liter V16 Quad Turbo petrol engine.

If you look at the power output, the Devel Sixteen engine belts out a mind-boggling 5,007 horsepower @6,900rpm and 4,711 Nm of peak torque @6,600rpm. This humongous power is sent to a dual-clutch automatic transmission which is later sent to all wheels.

Engine12.3-litre V16 Engine
Turbo ChargerYes, Quad Turbo Charger
Fuel TypePetrol
Horsepower5,007 hp @6,900rpm
Torque4,711 nm @6,600rpm
Drive TypeAll Wheel Drive (AWD)
Seating Capacity2 Passengers

Wait a minute! Let me digest the figures. First, I haven’t seen that powerful V16 engine in my whole life. Second, just see at the Devel 16 horsepower numbers, it’s damn 5,007 horsepower. One of kind supercar that still holds the dare to challenge any supercar in the world.

What do you think?

Devel sixteen top speed
Devel Sixteen

In terms of mechanical development, the engine, crankshaft, & camshaft are taken from a one-piece high-strength stainless steel/aluminum block. You get 16 high-performance Titanium pistons and 2 valves per cylinder.

To give you an idea about performance, Devel Sixteen’s engine produces three times more power than Bugatti Chiron, and you won’t believe the exhaust note.

steve morris engines
Steve Morris Engineer

Well, as I described earlier, all credit goes to the engineers and designers at Steve Morris Engines. The company holds a specialty in custom engines and achieved numerous records in development and performance.

According to the founders of Devel Motors, the prime goal was to make something extraordinary for the roads. Something that an Automotive enthusiast has never seen & an ideal partner to do business in engines.

Devel Sixteen Engine Performance Details & Aerodynamics

Talking of chassis and aerodynamics, the V16 supercar comes bolted with a superlight and high-strength Carbon fibre body. You would notice an active rear wing that works according to the speed. There are many intakes for air which helps to stick the hypercar to the road and also helps to cool down the components. Here, I recommend the list of fastest Lamborghini ever.

devel 16
Alexandra Mary Hirschi aka Supercar Blondie driving Devel Sixteen

The Supercar has used carbon fibre aggressively. Everything you see whether its body panel, wings, bumpers, etc. are made up of carbon fibre. This material will give the Supercar the required strength to tackle high speed. According to Devel Motors, the 16 is inspired by a Jet Fighter and it reflects the design language of the Hypercar.

In terms of power-to-weight ratio, the Devel 16 has a gross weight of 2,300 kg, which helps the supercar accelerate with lightning speed. For instance, the power-to-weight ratio of Devel 16 is 1623.36 W/kg, guys this is HUGE.

As of current development, the company is trying to reduce the drag, so that they can reach or break the world speed record. Saying of speed, did you know about the fastest Mini Cooper in the World?

Did you know?
Devel 16 is one of the V16 cars that compete with the likes of Bugatti Chiron, Hennessey Venom F5, and Koenigsegg Agera RS. In terms of cost, the Devel 16 is not one of the most expensive cars in the world, but that doesn’t mean it is available to anyone. Well, you can also check the list of Dubai Police cars.

What Is Devel Sixteen Engine Sounds Like?

The Devel motors tested the Devel 16 car somewhere in Dubai, and guess what? The Internet went crazy, and everyone is talking about this supercar. During the test run, Devel Motors conducted several runs, including an official trial run and other electronics/mechanical tests.

With that said, let’s listen to the engine’s rumble of the Devel 16 car. According to the manufacturer, they only pushed the throttle by about 20% to test the vehicle.

Devel 16’s engine sound

Is Devel Sixteen Fake Or Real Supercar?

Well, I’m not promoting anything for Devel Motors. Let me present you with a few proofs which show that the Devel Sixteen car is real.

Proof 1: Alex also known as Supercarblondie checking out Devel 16 in Dubai. Most of you might don’t know. Supercarblondie is the world’s first person to drive the Devel Sixteen prototype on the road.

Supercar blondie driving Devel Sixteen
Supercar Blondie during a test run of Devel Sixteen

Proof 2: Drake, a Canadian rapper, also featured this hypercar in his song – I’m Upset. Skip to 1:59 seconds to see the 5000 hp car.

Proof 3: Snoop Dogg, an American rapper, singer & writer had posted Devel 16 Car on this Instagram wall with the caption “My. Xmas gift. To me.”

Devel 16 Car Pics
All black Devel Sixteen

These are enough proofs to tackle several rumors around the web saying that the Devel 16 is a fake car. Do not believe it until the manufacturer releases it in press. So far you were reading about Dubai’s ultimate sports car, don’t mind checking Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 interior pics.

Devel Sixteen Release Date

The manufacturer has promised to launch the supercar in the next 8-10 months after showcasing in 2013. They showcased a prototype model for a trial run and press.

However, a production model still remains a mystery.

Devel Sixteen Pictures

Below are the official pics of Devel outside, steering, seats, and other elements.

Additional images from different angles, as well as a 360°-view, can be seen on the Devel Sixteen 3D model from the Hum3D team.

Above 360° will give a better perspective about the vehicle. Now, let’s jump to images!

Devel Sixteen’s Interior

As of now, it gets this UFO-type steering wheel with a large screen and 2 seats.

steve morris racing engines
Devel Sixteen futuristic steering wheel
v16 engine cars
Devel Sixteen cockpit

Devel Sixteen’s Engine & Powertrain

Totally handcrafted and peace of art and engineering.

devel sixteen engine
Devel Sixteen engine
v16 engine
Devel Sixteen testing unit
car with 5000 horsepower
Devel Sixteen engine’s head
devil 16 car
Devel Sixteen engine cover

Devel Sixteen’s Exterior

Inspired by a Jet engine, the Devel 16 is a true supercar grabbing eyeballs on the road.

5000 hp car
Devel Sixteen
5000Hp Devel Sixteen
Devel Sixteen on Dubai desert
devel sixteen car
Devel Sixteen twin exhausts
devel sixteen price
Devel Sixteen pic

Devel Sixteen Contact Details

  • Address: Lamar, AI Wasel Road, Al Safa, Dubai, UAE
  • Contact Number: +91 43366434
  • Email:

Is it possible to make 5000 horsepower? My observations are below.

As per the brand, it is real.

However, a 5000-horsepower supercar would be highly unusual and would require significant advancements in mechanical technology.

Currently, the highest horsepower production car is the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport which develops a raw power output of 1578 horsepower. Whereas the Devel Sixteen claims to have a 5000 hp engine, but that’s under development.

Well, building a 5000-horsepower engine is quite possible but many mechanical engineers/automakers raised their concerns about materials, technology, and heat management.

Please note: Many supercar brands first claim on paper rather than developing the machine. They simulate or test on softwares rather than making actual products and testing on the road.

Surprisingly, Devel Motors sported testing 16 on Dubai roads. Let’s wait for the final product or launch date. Devel 16 can be a game-changer in the supercar world.


How much horsepower does a Devel Sixteen have?

If we see the stats given by the manufacturer, the Devel Sixteen has 5,007hp in total. This massive raw power comes at 6,900 rpm.

How fast can the Devil 16 go?

According to Devel Motors, the Devel 16 has a top speed of 560 km/h or 348 mph which is the highest in any supercar. Know the reason why Devel Sixteen will be the fastest supercar in 2020!

What is the launch date of Devel 16?

The car is set to launch in mid of 2024. It will compete with rivals like Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Agera, and the list goes on.

Which company makes the Devel 16 engine?

Steve Morris Engines, a USA-based car engine manufacturer, makes the Devel 16 engine. The company has designed and manufactured this powerful V16 engine from scratch.

What is the price of the Devel Sixteen prototype?

The Devel 16 comes in three variants and prices. The first variant ‘Devel 16 V8 (2000 hp)’ has priced at $1.6 million, the second and more powerful ‘Devel 16 V16 (3000 hp)’ comes with a price tag of $1.8 million. The most powerful 5007hp model ‘Devel 16 V16’ starts from $2.2 million. 

Note: This is the ex-showroom price, it can vary up to the customization and etc.

How many Devel Sixteen were made?

As of now, the manufacturer has not revealed any figures about the production numbers. Considering the price, Devel 16 is expected to build on order with limited production numbers.

Who manufactures the Devil 16?

The company behind this supercar is Devel Motors. Although, the engine has been manufactured by Steve Morris Engines, a USA-based engine manufacturing company.

What is the top speed of the Devel Sixteen car?

The Devel Sixteen can go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.8 seconds with a top speed of 560 km/h. According to the manufacturer, once it launches, the Devel 16 will be the fastest road-legal supercar in the world.

Is Devel 16 the fastest car in the world?

Yes, according to the Devel motors, the Devel 16 is capable to hit a top speed of 348 mph. So officially, the manufacturer has a proof of concept vehicle which recently got tested on roads. So, non-officially yes! Devel Sixteen is the fastest car in the world. As of now, we can see supercars like Koenigsegg Agera RS, Bugatti Chiron, etc are one of the fastest cars.

Is the Devel Sixteen real?

Yes, no doubt at all. Devel Sixteen is a real supercar designed and developed in UAE. As of now, the manufacturer is working on the engine and the project is on hold.

Is Devel Sixteen Street legal?

Yes, Devel Sixteen is designed and manufactured for streets as well as Expressways. Just like any supercar like the Bugatti Chiron, the owner of Devel 16 will be able to drive on city roads and test the top speed on highways.

Image Source: Supercar Blondie & Steve Morris Engines

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