Top 6 Modified Ford EcoSport SUVs In 2022

Modified Ford EcoSport sounds CRAZY but these mods dominate and grabs eyeballs on roads. Well, I know that you love modified SUVs and that’s kind of obvious. I mean, who doesn’t loves extra toppings?

So, are you ready to see the best handcrafted and modified Ford EcoSport available across the Web? And if it’s a “YES” then you landed at right place.

Meanwhile, I am going to say it loud that Ford EcoSport is one of the best crossover available in India. Yes, there is no bias.

Ford EcoSport Modified
Ford EcoSport Modified

Since its launch, the crossover has created a new segment which is a subcompact SUV. And guess what? It became a big hit in the Indian market.

Now, I have a query, do you really need to modify your Ford EcoSport? Well, there could be many opinions. The modification comes with its own merit and demerit as well but today our prime focus would be merits only.

There are many reasons to invest your money in the modification of EcoSport, which we will figure out later. Now, let’s head to the best collection of modified EcoSport. Excited? Hell yeah!

Top 6 Modified Ford EcoSport SUVs In 2022

1. Red Modified Ford EcoSport

One word, just awesome. Isn’t it? The beauty holds the bold red and black paint job with wide-body kits. Well, the paint job is just a starting.

red modified ecosport front look

The front has been revised, which now holds a shiny black grille. The front bumper has gotten wider and comes with 3 front air diffusers.

In headlamps, you would see, halogen lamps have been replaced with projectors and have LED DRLs.

red modified ecosport

There are no changes in alloys wheels, which is default blacked painted. If you look at the rear, here you would notice a few changes like blacked tail lamps with LED, a rear diffuser, and a new LED tailgate strip.

red modified ecosport photo

Giving the credit, this Crossover is designed by Evo Customz based in Kerala. These guys have a good portfolio and have been worked on tonnes of customizations.

2. Black Modified Ford EcoSport With Wide Tyres

As you can see, this version of EcoSport is carrying lots of mods, which looks fantastic, isn’t it?

Black Modified Ford Ecosport

First, let’s talk about the paint job. This Ford EcoSport gets a black chrome coating that goes same to the bumper and grille.

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Talking of front, you get a pair of projector headlamps with DRLs, more prominent and influential fog lamps electronically operated OVRMs, and a new black Raptor styled grille with FORD badging on it. Have you noticed a red stripe on the grille?

Black Modified Ford Ecosport With Wide Tyres

The crossover runs on unconventional multi-spoke wider tires, which looks damn scary.

On the Inside, there are a lot of changes. You get a three-tone interior of yellow, grey, and black. You would notice a new entertainment unit, which now includes a new touchscreen with 12 speakers and 2 woofers. The upholstery has revised and now comes in leather. Seats are more comfortable now, which come wrapped in brown leather.

At the rear, you get a blacked tail lamps with LED fittings. Everything looks so neat and well finished.

3. Blue Modified Ford EcoSport With Wide Kit & Bold Grille

According to me, the synonym of modified is equivalent to feasibility.

Blue Modified Ford Ecosport With Wide Kit & Bold Grille

This leads to me this neat and clean modified model of EcoSport. First impressions, this modification looks elegant and gives a nice feel to the eyes.

The bold front black Raptor styled grille gives it a muscle car looks. Look below the grille, you would notice a new black and silver wide kit which looks ah-mazing, which also doubles as a guard for the critical engine elements down below.

There are no changes with the lighting electronics except the OVRMs, which are colour coated.

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Look side, there are black wheel arches that go straight to the rear end and merge with the bumper. Have you noticed the sticker work yet? It looks damn cool!

The Crossover runs on 5 single spoke alloy wheels, which comes coated in black colour.

On the inside, you get a dual-tone interiors of blue and black. Of course, there’s leather upholstery that adds a richness to the cabin. Talking of infotainment unit, you get an upgrade of a new touchscreen with all modern features to it.

Last, but not least, there’s a feature of mood lighting that comes with different colour options.

Overall, this modified EcoSport feels rich from the exteriors and interiors as well. One should get hints from this before planning to modify their Ecosport.

4. DC Modified Ford EcoSport

Modern, bold, and one of a kind.

That said, this is modified ford EcoSport, oh sorry. It’s not an ordinary modification, this is handcrafted by DC designed.

Let’s get straight to looks, the front says itself.

You get wide body kit with redesigned fog lamps, headlamps, and the front grille. The factory unit headlamps have been revised, which now come bolted with 10 more prominent and powerful LEDs. You get two more fog lamps on each side, which now four in total.

DC Modified Ford Ecosport

In the center, there’s a big black grille that doubles up as it helps to cool down the machine and also makes it bold in looks.

Well, we have discussed a lot about the exteriors, let’s get inside.

First thing you would notice is the seating arrangement. Here you get a 2+2 seating as compared to a stock model which comes with 2+3 seating. Apart from that, you get a built-in electronic mechanism to adjust the individual seat according to your comfort.

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Step inside, here’s what makes make it different from the rest. You get lots of luxury as compared to other modified EcoSport models.  

In features, you get two electric rear seats, 4 LCD screens, and rear AC vents. Adding to this, it gets a small refrigerator to chill your cold drinks while travelling, roof-mounted mood lighting, massage function, reading lamps for rear occupants, and etc.

I think looks are subjective, DC design has done a fab job here. Overall, the Crossover looks premium and offers excellent value for money. Do let me know if this modified variant appeals more to you than others?

5. Black & Yellow Ford EcoSport Modified

At first appearance, this particular model doesn’t look modified, but when you look at the front, especially the headlamps, things get change.

Yellow Modified Ford Ecosport

The front looks simple yet attractive. The combination of black and yellow paint job gives it a vibrant look. Overall, the whole package looks nice.

You get a new pair of projector headlamps with DRLs. The wide front grille has painted black and doesn’t carry any extra badging of the Ford. There are no such changes with fog lamps and front grille except the body kit, which is coated in black colour.

Black & Yellow Modified Ford Ecosport

The capable Crossover runs on five-spoke stock model alloy wheels which come with black paint scheme. 

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Coming to the rear, here you see the same story. There are no drastic changes. You get a pair of black wrapped tail lamps and a spoiler.

Inside, I didn’t expect this, you get a dual-tone interiors of yellow and black, which looks damn cool. There are no such modifications and accessories, but yes, you get an excellent infotainment unit with 6 speakers and 1 woofer.

Yellow Modified Ford Ecosport  With Wide Kit

Last but not the least, apart from all these stuff. I forgot, you also get leather upholstery. There’s the fitment of LED lights right under the dashboard to illuminate the cabin with different colour options. Looks cool, isn’t?

Well, we have come to an end. I have tried to show you the best, and the latest Ford EcoSport modified models available across the globe. Hope you liked them all! Please let me know your valuable suggestions in the comment section. See you in the next blog, till then ride safe and wear your helmets/ seatbelts.

6. Ford F150 RAPTOR Inspired EcoSport

Next modified Ecosport in the list is based on Ford’s one the best seller and the badass – F150 Raptor.

In case you don’t know, Ford F150 Raptor is a high-performance street-legal pick-up designed and developed to dominate the roads.

Inspired by F150, this modified Ecosport looks dope and grabs eyeballs at first sight. The car is Trend (Diesel) variant and comes fitted with a host of modification which includes electronics & cosmetic changes. So, let’s discuss all of them in detail. Shall we?

Ford F150 RAPTOR Inspired EcoSport

Let’s take exterior first; there are lots of things going on at the front. So, let’s discuss the striking part, which is the front grille. It has replaced with FORD (emblem) grille which looks friendly yet aggressive. Down below the grille, you will see a set of Jumbo LED lights and a muscular crash guard. In terms of wrapping, every small or large element has covered using Avery Dennison tape.

It gets a new set of alloy wheels which has been inspired by the BMW X range of vehicles. However, tires remain the same, which is a stock unit of Good Year (194/65 R15).

Now, let’s move forward and see one of the coolest accessory in this car – side-view mirrors. These mirrors are inspired by Ford 150 Raptor, and guess what? They cover blind spot too. Hmm…impressive though! If you look at the rear, then you will see smoked pillar lights and some stickers work.

Inside, there is a whole new world of customisation. Open the door, and you will see running scuff plate, which looks good to me and comes in attractive pricing too.

RAPTOR Inspired Modified EcoSport

Music system has taken care by 12″ JBL 1500 & JBL 1400 woofer with 2 Infinity Primus MonoBlock & 1 Hamaan Four Channel Amp. This system works in sync with the company’s fitted music system and pops a massive bass with excellent sound quality.

There is a set of the interior lighting system which can be controllable with a quick remote interface. Also, you will see stripe piping on the dashboard. Personally, this looks dope to me, and I recommend to give it a try.

Last but not least, the Modified EcoSport gets a camera installation. Yes, there is 70 MAI dashcam fitted just behind the rearview mirror which records and captures excellent quality images. Also, this can be controlled by a mobile app. Isn’t it cool feature?

This modification has been done by FAADUCAR in case you want to modify your Ford Ecosport or any other car.

Ford EcoSport Modified FAQs

What is the price of EcoSport modified by DC Design?

Well, it depends on the type of modification you want to add to your Ford EcoSport. Usually, DC Design charges around 3-5 lacs for the basic package of modification of the EcoSport.

Are modified EcoSports are street legal?

Yes, but to a certain extent only. You can customise any car to a given limit only after that you can drive that vehicle on roads. So, make sure to follow the rules and modify according to that only. For example: You can’t play with engine, chassis, and etc.

Can we modifiy Ford EcoSport into a Ford Raptor?

Yes, there are several modification workshops that hold expertise to modify EcoSport or any other car into Raptor. You can look such workshops in your city to make changes in your EcoSport.

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