5 Best Gas Stations That Accept Google Pay Near You

Exploring Google pay gas stations near your location? Let’s say you are using an Android person and trying to find well-known gas station brands that take Google Pay.

Well, I researched and listed Google Pay gas stations with best-in-class fuel quality, in-app features, offers and much more.

Please note: Max of gas station brands are based in the United States, and the same brand might not offer facilities in different countries.

List of 5 Gas Stations Where You Use Google Pay

Google has partnered with different fuel aggregators across the USA and other countries where you can use or scan GPay to pay your fuel bills.

1. Shell Gas Stations

Shell Gas Stations
Shell Gas Stations Logo

Shell is a UK-based multinational oil & gas refining/station provider company. Not only Google Pay, but you can also utilise PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards directly to the app.

To make a payment, you need to visit the profile section on the official app and select among payment methods to pay. In addition, Shell also offers a TapUp feature that delivers fuel to your location. You can explore other fuel delivery companies with their features, pros/cons, etc.

App: Android | iOS

2. Mobil Gas Stations

Mobil Gas Stations Logo
Mobil Gas Stations Logo

Next on the Google pay gas station list is an American oil company – ExxonMobil, also known as Mobil.

The company deals in car lubricants, fuel refining and distribution. In addition, Mobil is well known for the latest innovations, such as credits & payments systems. ExxonMobil became the first company to introduce payment at gas stations and mobile payment systems.

You can explore Mobil’s official app to explore Google payment with many other features. With fuel stations, I also suggest you check the Gas calculator for RVs & other vehicles.

App: Android | iOS

3. Phillips 66 Gas Stations

Phillips 66 Gas Station Logo
Phillips 66 Gas Stations Logo

Serving over 150 years, Phillips 66 is well-positioned energy generating and logistics company in the USA. The company is located in Houston, Texas and holds expertise in refining and marketing oil products.

In terms of payment, you can utilise Google Pay or Philips 66 official app for payment and other exclusive offers. That’s not all, you can also avail vacuum service to clean your vehicle or RV.

App: Android | iOS

4. Conoco Gas Stations

Conoco Gas Station Logo
Conoco Gas Station Logo

Like Mobil, ConocoPhillips is an American hydrocarbon exploration and production company. The brand works in Petroleum, Natural Gas & Liquids, Liquid gas, etc.

According to the brand, Conoco focused on “Quality Fuel”, as recommended by major car manufacturers. This help in reducing deposits around fuel injectors, intake valves, etc.

Conoco offers all kinds of payments. You can also install their app and explore other features with payment benefits.

App: Android | iOS

5. 76 Gas Stations

76 Gas Station Logo
76 Gas Stations Logo

76 is another gas station brand to accept Google pay. The brand is owned and operated by Phillips 66 and runs a chain of gas stations in the United States.

In products, 76 offers TOP TIER gasoline, E85 & Renewable Diesel. You can also explore 76’s official app for additional offers and payment.

App: Android | iOS

How to find Google Pay participating gas stations?

  • Open the Google Pay app on your mobile device
  • Scroll down, explore and tap the Get Gas option
  • Select the nearest station you want to explore and then tap on Directions.
  • Once reached, you can fill in and pay for gas.

How to pay for gas?

  • Open the Google Pay app once you reach the nearest gas station
  • Scroll the screen
  • Now, tap on Get gas. Google will ask your device’s location (required to use this service)
  • Select pump by scrolling left/right. You can enter the pump number using the keyboard
  • Tab Continue and select your payment method.

You can download Google Pay to find nearby gas stations, check fuel prices, and pay all in one place.

Google Pay Logo

App: Android | iOS | Website


Why use Google Pay for gas services?

Wallets and cashless payments are super convenient. They are efficient, fast, 100% safe, and offer many discounts. You can also escape the cash queue by switching to online payment methods.

Would you use your phone to pay at gas stations?

Seeing the security and convenience of online payments. Yes, I would recommend that we all should switch to phone/online payment methods.

Which payment platform is safer; Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Both payment methods are safe. Google & Apple Pay security team ensure that your payments are 100% secure. It’s just the audience, some of them are using Apple products, while others rely on the Google environment.

Are Google Pay services available worldwide?

Most developed countries are using Google Pay as a standard online payment gateway. For example, India uses various wallets system, but with the help of a universal QR code, a user can choose among payment apps to scan and pay.

Is Google Pay safe?

Google is a global leader in the Internet revolution. The company makes sure that your data, personal & data is protected on high priority. Details such as your payment info, activity, and address are 100% secured with top-level encryption.

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