Free RV Gas Trip Calculator For Accurate Planning In 2023

Planning your next RV adventure but stuck in finalizing the budget? Well, I’ve sorted your gas requirement. This RV trip fuel calculator is the perfect online tool to get an estimate. 👇

RV Trip Cost Calculator

Please fill the MPG (Average MPG is 6 to 10 for gas RVs and 8 to 14 for diesel vehicles)
Please fill the price/gallon (National average is currently $2.87 for Gas & $3.09 for Diesel)

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An RV gas cost calculator is a tool that allows you to estimate the cost of fueling your RV based on the distance you plan to travel and the current price of gas. To use the calculator, you will need to input the following information:

  • Distance: The distance you plan to travel in miles
  • Gas price: The current price of gas in your area (per gallon)
  • RV MPG: The miles per gallon (MPG) of your RV.

Once you have entered this information, the calculator will provide an estimate of the total cost of gas for your trip. Some calculators also allow you to input other variables such as the number of people traveling, the type of RV you have, and the type of roads you will be traveling on.

A typical RV Gas Cost Calculator would work as follows:

  • Distance: 3000 miles Gas price: $3.00/gallon RV MPG: 10
  • 3000 miles / 10 mpg = 300 gallons 300 gallons x $3.00/gallon = $900
  • The total cost of gas for this trip is $900

Please note that these are just estimates and the actual cost of gas may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of RV, the route taken, the traffic, and even the weather. Throttlebias has also created a random car brand generator.

5 Best Ways To Save Money On Your RV Trip

Saving money on gas is a good habit & I think you should keep track of it. However, if you have noticed a drastic change in your RV fuel economy, I suggest you follow the given checks to increase the average mpg of your RV.

Gas Station
Shell Gas Station

1. Drive Slow

The number 1 rule to improve gas mileage is to control speed and drive in the economy range. Depending on the manufacturer and engine, each vehicle offers the best fuel efficiency at a different speed. Here, the average economy speed is between 35 to 50 mph. The fuel economy usually breaks when you exceed 50 mph. According to, you pay an extra $0.23/gallon for each 5 mph in the speedometer.

Note: You should also avoid instant acceleration & braking. This activity burns excess fuel and adds to fuel wastage.

Suggestion: Use cruise control and set an average speed of 45 mph to get the best fuel economy.

Savings: If you slow down 5 to 10 mph, you can cut fuel costs by $3.31/gallon.

2. Don’t Carry Excess Weight

Whether it’s roof-box, extra cargo, or towing, driving overweight is not recommended. So, what are the mechanics behind this? Excess weight or resistance requires extra power, which burns extra fuel. Given below is the useful data:

  • Case 1: A roof-top and rear-mount cargo box can easily reduce the fuel economy up to 8% in the city & up to 17% on highways. This is caused due to extra wind resistance, also known as drag.
  • Case 2: Towing weight like a container or anything with wheels needs extra power. So, when not necessary, try to remove it to save money on gas.

Tip: I don’t recommend traveling with filled water tanks and anything that can be availed on your campsite.

Savings: If not required, you can save up to $0.56/gallon by not carrying extra weight in terms of roof box and cargo.

3. Use Apps For Fuel Prices

Don’t calculate your fuel cost for an RV trip before checking fuel prices in different parts of a country. The next useful tip to save money on RV gas is to use mobile apps to find better gas prices on the go. You can download mobile apps like GasBuddy to check the nearest gas station price. Here, you can also check the best RV navigation apps for a safe & fun adventure.

4. Keep Mechanical Check

Before planning an RV trip, it is recommended to get your RV checked with any authorized service station or mechanic. Spare parts like an old air filter or spark plug can affect the gas mileage and lead to more expenses. You can also check RV maintenance tips & tricks for more details.

5. Check Tire Pressure

Air pressure is one of the most important factors for a good and bad gas economy. How much does it affect? My answer – It can ruin the entire economy. A study by National Traffic Safety Administration (USA) did research and found that every 1% of air pressure decrease leads to a 0.3% in fuel economy. Below are a few checks:

  • Check the owner’s manual before filling the air.
  • Check air pressure for all tires and keep them at the same level.
  • Keep the pressure at desired level – neither too high nor too low.

I’m pretty sure the RV gas mileage calculator will help you to check and plan your next RV trip. Please let me know If you have any questions about this tool or any RV fuel economy issue in the comment section given below.

Average RV Gas Mileage Chart

RV TypesAverage Mileage
Class A7-13 mpg
Class B18-25 mpg
Class C14-18 mpg
RV mileage cost

List Of Most Fuel-Efficient RV Models

  • Newmar Dutch Star – 8 to 11 MPG
  • Roadtrek Sprinter RS Adventurous – 20 MPG
  • Thor Palazzo – 10 MPG
  • Winnebago View – 16.5 MPG
  • Winnebago Travato 59G – 20 MPG
  • Winnebago Navion Motorhome – 18 MPG

Other models:

  • Roadtrek SS Agile
  • Winnebago Travato
  • Overland Beast MODE 4×4
  • Thor Motor Coach Compass AWD B+

Class A Motorhome Gas Mileage Examples

Class A MotorhomeMileage
Fleetwood Bounder8.5 mpg
Tiffin Open Road Allegro 32 SA7 mpg
Thor Palazzo10 mpg
Forest River Berkshire9 mpg
Newmar Dutch Star8 mpg
Fleetwood Excursion10.1 mpg

Class B Motorhome Gas Mileage Examples

Class B MotorhomeMileage
Winnebago Travato 59G20 mpg
Airstream Interstate Grand Tour Ext19 mpg
Midwest Automotive Design Passage
170 Ext MDP4 Lounge
19 mpg
Roadtrek CS18 mpg
Airstream Grand Tour Twin17 mpg
Winnebago Rialta19 mpg

Class C Motorhome Gas Mileage Examples

Class C MotorhomeMileage
Thor Freedom Elite 24FE13 mph
Forest River Sunseeker 2420 MSF7.4 mpg
Winnebago View 24V16.5 mpg
Tiffin Wayfarer14 mpg
Fleetwood Pulse 24A15.2 mpg
Itasca Navion Motorhome18 mpg

Some Facts Related to RV Mileage

Below is the list of the latest RV facts to gas:

  • On average, an RV owner travels about 4,500 miles per year.
  • Around 60% of RV owners don’t care about fuel economy.
  • During camping, an RV owner travels around 190 miles/day.


How much gas does an RV use?

Depending on the RV class, length & weight, the average gas economy ranges between 13 to 18.6 mpg. Here, Class A delivers 7 to 13 mpg, Class B offers between 18 to 25 mpg & Class C delivers around 18 to 25 mpg.

How to figure out how much gas you need for an RV trip?

To check RV gas requirements. You can calculate the total fuel cost by a simple calculation – Gallon price x Miles / MPG or use the calculator

Which RV Class offers the best mileage?

With an average fuel economy between 18-25 mpg, Class B RV offers the best mileage.

How long should you drive an RV in a day?

Driving an RV vs a normal car is quite different. Be it ultra-luxury or any class RV, it can’t match the driving quality of a car. Resultant, it is recommended to drive no more than 500 miles (800 km).


The future is electric, and the RV industry is going to witness this too. Winnebago RV is working on a plug-and-go RV. This will give more freedom to RV owners compared to gas-powered RVs.

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