Top 11 Doorstep Fuel Delivery Companies In India

A fuel delivery company functions similarly to Amazon or Target, where you get quality fuel delivered to your home, office, or any preferred location.

Imagine standing in a long queue to fill fuel tanks for personal or commercial use. Although, I can understand it for a personal case, but it’s a time and efficiency management issue for commercial usage such as industries/hospitals.

Now, think about ordering diesel or any other fuel using a mobile app or website. Isn’t interesting?

Introducing doorstep fuel delivery companies for your service. These on-demand delivery first started in the US markets and emerged globally, thanks to the Internet.

In this article, whether residential or commercial, I’ve covered well-known on-site fuel delivery brands that can surely save time and cost with add-on efficiency.

I will also cover the brand’s features such as served locations, service timings, payment methods, clients, addresses, pros/cons & reasons why you should use them over regular services.

Automotive fuel delivery system market

By 2021, it is valued at $3.77 billion in 2021 and expected to reach $5.29 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 5.8%.

Automotive fuel delivery system market growth

List Of Doorstep Fuel Delivery Companies in 2023

  • FuelBuddy
  • The Fuel Delivery
  • Humsafar India
  • Pepfuels
  • Ropos Energy 
  • MyPetrolPump
  • Indian Oil Fuel Delivery
  • Booster USA
  • Cafu 
  • Shell TapUp
FuelBuddy4.1 stars with 10+ downloads
The Fuel Delivery4.1 stars with 1k downloads
Humsafar4.2 stars with 100+ downloads
Pepfuels3.2 stars with 5k+ downloads
Ropos Energy4.5 stars with 10k+ downloads
MyPetrolPump3.9 stars with 10k+ downloads
Indian Oil Fuel Delivery2.9 stars with 10k+ downloads
BPCL – DIESEL DOOR DELIVERY (DDD)4.3 stars with 5M+ downloads
Booster4.0 stars 50T+ downloads
Cafu4.0 stars with 1M+ downloads
Shell TapUp4.5 stars with 1M+ downloads

1. FuelBuddy

  • App: Android | iOS
  • Average Rating: 4.1 with 10k+ downloads

About: FuelBuddy is a well-known brand for distributing diesel to your doorstep. Whether you are an organization or an individual, FuelBuddy delivery starts with a minimum order value of 20 litres.

FuelBuddy Logo
FuelBuddy Logo

The brand was founded by Sumit Kumar Narvar and a team with over 50+ years of experience. Thanks to service quality and dedication, FuelBuddy has become India’s largest doorstep diesel delivery service.

In addition, it offers 100% quality fuel with personalized solutions to improve your productivity, convenience & savings.

Below are other products and services by FuelBuddy:

  1. Diesel on Tap: It is a smart & tech-enabled fuel solution to store diesel in 500L, 1000L, and 2000L capacity.
  2. Smart Tanks: FuelBuddy Smart Tank technology-enhanced and automated storage tanks. You can replace current drum usage for safety and automated process.
  3. Buddy Cans: Like any portable fuel tank, Buddy Can has a 20L capacity. These cans are pretty affordable and provide an easy fill-and-pour process.

Below are the pros and cons of Fuel Buddy based on my experience & user reviews:


  • Trusted & well-established brand in the fuel delivery space
  • The team is appreciable and improves on feedback


  • Service can be better
  • App slows down sometimes
  • Faced issue with payment updating
  • Location Served: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Ahmedabad, Nasik, Lucknow, Kanpur, and a few tier 2 cities. Fuel Buddy is planning to expand in the next years.
  • Service Time: 24×7
  • Payment Method: COD, NEFT, Card, UPI & Cheque
  • Trusted By:, Drivezy, Let’s transport, DLF, Delhivery & many more.
  • Delhi Office Address: Treis Solutions LLP A-41, Mohan Co-operative Industrial New Delhi 110044.
  • Bangalore Office Address: Treis Solutions LLP 1st Floor, Urban Vault, #591, 15 Main 22 Cross Road, Sector-3, HSR Layout, Bangalore-560102.
  • Email: or
  • Contact Number: 8088994444

2. The Fuel Delivery

  • App: Android | iOS
  • Average Ratings: 4.1 with 1k+ downloads

About: Fuel Delivery is the next quick & easy on-demand doorstep fuel delivery company. It is headquartered in Powai, Mumbai, and covers many cities. Here, FuelBuddy has a wide presence compared to TFD.

The Fuel Delivery Logo
The Fuel Delivery Logo

Rakshit Mathur started it along with Dr. Rajiv Mathur and Gaurav Adlakha. Similar to FuelBuddy, TFD is trying to fill the gap between B2B sectors:

  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Infrastructure & Development
  • Healthcare & Hospitality
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • Agriculture & Heavy Machinery

You get a wide range of industries, however TFD hasn’t highlighted B2C business. I checked the app, and it asks for personal/business details, so it looks like they cover B2C too.

In addition, the brand focuses on cost-effectiveness and safety as a high priority with other state-of-the-art technologies such as:

  • Highly trained staff
  • Quality & quantity guaranteed
  • Automated service

Below are the pros and cons of The Fuel Buddy based on my experience & user reviews:


  • Good service and staff
  • Professional, on-time delivery
  • No option for petrol


  • Slow in-app experience
  • The app shows multiple technical popups, such as API & Billing errors.
  • Screen keeps loading
  • Location Served: Currently, The Fuel Delivery covers metro cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Pune, etc.
  • Service Time: 24×7 service with convenience, compliance, and cost-effectiveness
  • Payment Method: COD, NEFT, Card, UPI & Cheque
  • Corporate Office Address: Solaris II Unit 106, Saki Vihar Road, Opp. L&T Gate No. 6, Powai Mumbai – 400076
  • Registered Office Address: B 1701, Lake Castle CHS Ltd, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra – 400076
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: 1800-123-2206

3. Humsafar India

  • App: Android | iOS
  • Average Ratings: 4.2 with 100+ downloads

About: You can pick Humsafar service for a smooth experience, state-of-the-art technology, best customer service & wide 24×7 presence in India.

Humsafar India Logo
Humsafar India Logo

Humsafar is a project of Samridhi Highway Solutions Pvt Ltd. The Indian diesel delivery service was started in 2016 by the duo of Mayank Aggarwal & Sanya Goel. Like other brands, Humsafar connects energy suppliers with a wide range of consumers.

Compared to other brands, Humsafar wants to become the biggest player in doorstep diesel delivery and 1st choice for Indian consumers. So far, Humsafar has delivered 15,000KL+ diesel with 500+ browser fabrication and 350+ partnerships.

In addition, the brand works for DMRC, Larsen & Toubro, Mahindra group, Delhi IGI airport, etc. Below are the Industries served by Humsafar India:

  • Construction sites
  • Manufacturing & mining industries
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Automobile industry
  • Earthmoving & equipments & gensets
  • Agricultural

Other services offered by Humsafar India:

  • Safar 20: Similar to Fuel Buddy Cans, Humsafar provides a “Safar 20” service where you can order 20 litres of fuel. The brand delivers it to your doorstep via bike delivery.
  • Safar Smart Storage Tank: These smart tanks are equipped with advanced IoT and other sensors. This provides a good amount of storage with safety.

Below are the pros and cons I discovered about Humsafar India’s service:


  • Excellent ease of use
  • Provides good help & support
  • Features and functionality are good compared to other brands
  • Wide network
  • Refunds and different types of policy


  • Currently restricted to limited locations
  • Location Served: Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Meerut, Hapur, Bawal, Palwal, Kundli, Manesar, Hodal, Dharuhera, Tarawadi, Nilokhedi & many more. In addition, Humsafar has planned to launch all services in other regions.
  • Service Time: 24×7 service with convenience, compliance, and cost-effectiveness
  • Payment Method: COD, NEFT, Card, UPI & Cheque
  • Office Address: Samridhi Highway Solutions Pvt Ltd Plot B09 Office Number 310, ITL Tower, Netaji Subash Place Delhi 110034
  • Email:
  • Diesel Door Delivery Number: 76450-76450
  • Browser Fabrication Number: 76460-76460
  • Contact Number: 76450-76450

4. Pepfuels

  • App: Android
  • Average Ratings: 3.2 with 5k+ downloads

About: Like Humsafar India, Pepfuels is a Delhi-based on-site diesel fuel delivery company. The brand offers good quality and quantity fuel at the right price.

Pepfuels Logo
Pepfuels Logo

Initially, Pepfuels was started to cut down the wastage of fuel, time & money and fight CO2 emissions. It was founded by a trio of Tikendra Yadav, Sandeep Thakur & Pratik Kathil. Currently, Pepfuels is serving limited cities.

List of industries served by Pepfuels:

  • Big Industries
  • Transportation
  • School & Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate offices
  • Malls

Below are my observations for Pepfuels & users:


  • Mobile application lags – like you don’t get OTP on time, etc.
  • Consumer complaints about – City options
  • Users are not able to log in


  • Min order quantity – 200 litres
  • Currently, Pepfuels is focused on B2B solutions
  • Limited work hours whereas you get 24×7 in other companies
  • Location Served: New Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Manesar & Bilaspur. I didn’t see any other information related to growth plans.
  • Service Time: 24×7 service with convenience, compliance, and cost-effectiveness
  • Payment Method: Cheque, NEFT, POS Machine, RTGS, and Cash on delivery
  • Office Address: 316/274, 2nd Floor, Saidullajab Westend Marg, Saket New Delhi – 110030
  • Email:
  • Customer Care Number: 8800 313 626

5. Ropos Energy

  • App: Android | iOS
  • Average Ratings: 4.5 with 10k+ downloads

About:  I suggest Repos Energy if you are looking for the best customer service & brand value.

Repos Energy Logo
Repos Energy Logo

Ratan Tata backs the company as a mentor. It was started by Chetan and Aditi Walunj in 2017 with a vision to change energy distribution in India. Currently, Ropos has the world’s largest mobile petrol pump facility. Below is more data:

  • Total covered cities: 188+
  • Mobile petrol pumps: 2000+
  • Total sold diesel: 4 Cr
  • Partners acquired: 1000+
  • Petrol pump capacities: 3KL, 4KL & 6KL

Below are my observations on the Ropos Energy fuel delivery ecosystem:


  • Reliable brand and working on better customer experience
  • Quick & convenient
  • Managed to improve fuel management in different brands and industries
  • Excellent mobile app – actually way better than other Fuel Buddy, etc.


  • Currently, B2B is the only focus areas
  • You can’t explore app functionality without registering in the app
  • Location Served: New Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and other
  • Payment Method: COD, NEFT, Card, UPI & Cheque
  • Office Address: Repos Towers, Range Hill Rd, Bhoslenagar, Ashok Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411020
  • Email:
  • Customer Care Number: 9922919009

6. MyPetrolPump

  • App: Android
  • Average Ratings: 3.9 with 10k+ downloads

About: MyPetolPump, now a part of FuelBuddy, is another fuel delivery company – Diesel, specifically. However, they operate only in Bangalore, Pune & Hyderabad.

MyPetrolPump Logo
MyPetrolPump Logo

Like FuelBuddy, MyPetrolPump focuses on B2B & B2C, making it a powerful brand in the mobile energy space.

MyPetrolPump maintains a fleet of specialized refuellers that can visit tough terrain locations.

  • Min fuel capacity: 20 litres
  • Industries: Schools, Hospitals, Apartments, Commercials steps, etc.

Since it is a part of FuelBuddy, I observed the same features. Below are my observations:


  • Handled by a well-known brand – Fuel Buddy


  • The mobile app is not up to the mark
  • Address identification issue
  • Location Served: Bangalore, Pune & Hyderabad only
  • Payment Method: COD, NEFT, Card, UPI & Cheque
  • Office Address: Treis Solutions LLP 1st Floor, Urban Vault, #591, 15 Main 22 Cross Road, Sector-3, HSR Layout, Bangalore-560102
  • Email: or
  • Customer Care Number: 8088994444

7. Indian Oil Fuel Delivery

  • App: Android
  • Average Ratings: 2.9 with 10k+ downloads

About: We all know Indian Oil as one of the Fuel station providers in different parts of India. Like other private door-to-door fuel providers, Indian Oil also offers fuel delivery on demand, known as Fuel@Call.

Indian Oil Fuel Delivery Logo

IOC has developed a cloud-based on-demand fuel delivery service that offers fuel for industrial and commercial purposes only.

Other features:

  • It offers loyalty program benefits
  • Excellent delivery management with multiple delivery location orders
  • Good tracking facility with constant communication via SMS & app
  • RFID/Geo-fencing/OTP-based authorization
  • Easy tracking & excellent weight as well as measurement (Dispensing unit by govt.)

IOC is a government organization and usually operates for Govt. departments. Below are my observations:


  • Backed by the Indian Government
  • Excellent fuel measurement & quality


  • App crashing issue
  • You need to select location – latitude/longitude for the final location
  • Loads white/blank page sometimes
  • Location Served: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, and West Bengal. IOC is planning to expand the network across all major industrial and commercial markets.
  • Payment Method: Debit/Credit Card, UPI & IndianOil’s XTRAPOWER Loyalty program
  • Registered Office: IndianOil Bhavan, G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg, Bandra (East),
  • Mumbai – 400051
  • Corporate Office: 3079/3, Sadiq Nagar, J B Tito Marg, New Delhi – 110049
  • Email: NA
  • Toll-Free Number: 1800-2333-555


  • App: Android
  • Average Ratings: 4.3 with 5M+ downloads

About: Like Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum started retailing high-speed diesel as a doorstep service in 2019. The Bharat Petroleum company announced selling this service under FuelKart.


FuelKart started delivering fuel to generators, heavy companies, mobile towers, construction sites, etc. Later, as in competition, BPCL added Mining, Infrastructure Projects, Hospitals, Malls, and Factories to their service list.

BPCL increased its profitability by providing good customer support, adding more B2B customers & optimizing delivery time.

Currently, BPCL FuelKart operates over 650 mobile dispensers and is planning to strengthen them. Like FuelBuddy & Humsafar, BPCL offers Zip Fuel service to deliver diesel in 20 ltr cans. Below are pros and cons based on my observations:


  • Backed by the Indian Government
  • Excellent fuel measurement & quality
  • Both B2B & B2C are available


  • No dedicated app for fuel delivery – you need to download a universal app of BPCL
  • Consumers often complain about payment failure
  • Location Served: NA
  • Payment Method: Debit/Credit Card & UPI
  • Registered Office: Bharat Bhavan, 4 and 6 Currimbhoy Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 40000
  • Email:
  • Toll-Free Numbers: 022-22713000 & 022-22714000

9. Booster USA

  • App: Android
  • Average Ratings: 4 with 50T+ downloads

About: Booster USA, also known as TryBooster, is a well-known mobile gas station service provider. Whether you are a Business or an individual, Booster can fill your fuel tank.

Booster USA Logo
Booster USA Logo

Ex-NASA person Frank Mycroft started it. The company is targeting to be a leading on-demand gas delivery company in the USA.

Below is the list of features:

  • Fleets: Booster provides fuel to over 300+ fleets, such as Amazon, UPS, etc.
  • Corporate campus: This program benefits employees by saving and providing high-quality fuel. In addition, Booster empowers the disabled community to remove the difficulty of fueling.

In terms of product, Booster provides a wide range of fuel, which is a major missing in other brands. With Booster, you can order Gasoline, Diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), and Renewable Energy with other Technology & Safety equipment.

  • Location Served: Austin, Dallas-Forth Worth, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle
  • Payment Method: Debit/Credit Card  
  • Registered Office: Booster Headquarters 1840 Gateway Drive STE 200 San Mateo CA 94404
  • Email:
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-888-938-3563

10. Cafu

  • App: Android | iOS
  • Average Ratings: 4.0 with 1M+ downloads

About: Use Cafu if you want multiple service options under a single app.

Rashid Ghurair started the brand in 2018 to provide convenience to individuals and business owners. Cafu offers fuel delivery, car wash, tyres, battery, fleet fuels & engine oils brands.

Cafu Logo
Cafu Logo

Cafu is tagged as the UAE’s leading fuel delivery and vehicle service platform. The company believes in innovation and making daily driver life easy. In addition, Cafu helps you save time while giving 24×7 access to petrol and diesel at the best price.

Cafu has received multiple recognitions:

  • The Global Economics Awards
  • LinkedIn Top startups
  • Most Outstanding Voluntary Work – Sharjah award for voluntary work

And many more

Other features of Cafu:

  • On-demand: You can book anytime & anywhere in a given location
  • Contactless & convenient
  • Free-of-cost delivery

Below are the pros and cons based on my observations:


  • Sometimes users see – failed to refuel your vehicle – issue
  • Not impressed by the customer support


  • Service is limited to a few cities only
  • User-friendly & ad-free app
  • Excellent and on-time service
  • Location Served: Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al
  • Payment Method: In-app payment, Credit & Debit Cards
  • Registered Office: Emaar Square Bldg 2, 5th Floor Dubai, Dubai 92502 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Email: NA
  • Toll-Free Number: 800 692238
  • Customer Care Number: NA

11. Shell TapUp

  • App: Android
  • Average Ratings: 4.5 with 1M+ downloads

About: Shell is a well-known engine oil & gas station that accepts Google pay. The brand started in 2014 and operating under Shell PLC to provide mobile delivery of high-quality fuels.

Shell TapUp Logo
Shell TapUp Logo

As a user, you save more time and money by keeping your fleet on the road. Below is the list of services offered by Shell:

  • Fleet: Shell mobile service make sure that your fleet doesn’t stop
  • Machinery: You can leave your complexities up to Shell to run your machinery
  • Bulk Tank: You can call Shell service and ask them to fill up your tanks to run machinery, etc.

List of products offered by Shell TapUp:

  • Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline
  • Shell Gasoline
  • Shell Diesel
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • DEF

Below is my list of observations for Shell TapUp:


  • Well-known and settled brands
  • Easy-to-use service
  • Super reliable


  • Limited to a few regions
  • Location Served: USA & other regions
  • Payment Method: In-app payment, Credit & Debit Cards
  • Registered Office: Shell Retail Convenience Operations Shell TapUp 150 N. Dairy Ashford Houston, TX 77079 United States
  • Email:
  • Customer Care Number: NA

Other brands that shut down:

  • Zebra Fuel
  • 51 Auto Go
  • FuelKart: Only available in Hyderabad & Secunderabad

Pros & Cons Of Mobile Fuel Delivery


  • Convenience: Mobile fuel delivery saves customers the time and effort of going to a gas station to fill up their vehicles.
  • Efficiency: Mobile fuel delivery can be more efficient than traditional fuel purchase methods, allowing customers to schedule deliveries and minimize downtime.
  • Accessibility: Mobile fuel delivery can be useful for individuals or businesses with vehicles that cannot easily access a gas station, such as in rural areas or during emergencies.
  • Save time & cost: In some cases, mobile fuel delivery may be less expensive than purchasing fuel at a gas station. It also service reduces times, vehicle wear/tear & fraud during filling at stations
  • Maximize labor & efficiency: Using online fuel service can significantly reduce wasted labor hours.
  • Simple setup with reliability: This service ensures you start your day with a full fuel tank.
  • Consistent delivery: You get regular delivery on your standard set times.


  • Limited availability: Mobile fuel delivery is unavailable everywhere and may not be an option in some areas.
  • Higher costs: In some cases, mobile fuel delivery may be more expensive than purchasing fuel at a gas station.
  • Dependence on a third-party provider: Customers who use mobile fuel delivery are dependent on the availability and reliability of the service provider.
  • Environmental concerns: Mobile fuel delivery may generate additional emissions, depending on the type of vehicles used for delivery and the distance traveled.

Easy Steps To Order Fuel Online

  • Step 1: Pick an online fuel delivery brand according to your convenience.
  • Step 2: Download the mobile app or use the website.
  • Step 3: Now, select your location using the drop-down or map with the pin code.
  • Step 4: Give your preferred fuel delivery time and date.
  • Step 5: Select the payment method & wait for delivery.


How is fuel delivery quantity ensured?

Fuel measurement & quality is maintained by different department of the Government of India. The dispensing and measurement unit comes configured so that fuel companies can sell orders in bulk or small units.

Can you order fuel in bulk?

Yes, you can order diesel or other fuel types up to a certain limit or as per the standard set by fuel delivery companies. For example, FuelBuddy accepts 500L, 1000L, and 2000L capacity quantities.

How much does it cost to get fuel delivered?

The average fuel delivery fee ranges between $2 to $5 for orders less than 200 litres. However, brands charge a nominal fee/litre if an order exceeds the minimum limit.

What fuel brands are available in India?

India has Indian Oil, HP, BP, Essar, and Shell Petrol Pumps.

Can you get gasoline delivered to your house?

You can get fuel delivered to your house 24×7 with excellent quality, quantity & safety. This condition varies on the location and type of delivery you want.

Does Uber deliver fuel?

Currently, Uber doesn’t deliver any fuel.

How to track your fuel order?

Your order details can be checked on the app & website. It shows all details under the “My Order” section.

How safe are fuel delivery companies?

Fuel delivery companies take various measures to ensure the safe handling and transportation of fuel, including regular maintenance and inspections of their vehicles, proper training for their employees, and adherence to industry safety regulations.

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