13 Best Engine Oil Brands In India For 4 & 2 Wheelers

Engine oil is an essential requirement of any vehicle. It provides lubrication to every moving part inside the engine and keeps running smoothly. That’s not all, lubrication oil is used to maintain the engine’s temperature, reduce friction, clean, and corrosion prevention.

Noticeably, every engine oil has an expiry date – depending on the time or kilometers driven by a vehicle. Hence it is recommended to replace the engine oil before it loses its viscosity. In case of ignorance, it can cause serious damage to the engine block and other costly parts.

Well, it is also important to MAINTAIN a vehicle’s engine oil level and quality. Below is the list of the best engine oil brands in India to pick for your vehicle’s next service.

List Of Best Engine Oil Brands In India

1. Castrol Engine Oils

 Castrol Logo
Castrol Logo

The Castrol lubrication brand was founded in 1899 by Charles Wakefield. In 1966, Castrol got acquired by Burman Oil and managed till 2000. British Petroleum, an oil & gas company, bought Burman and merged operations to run multiple businesses, but Castrol remained a separate brand.

The famous engine oil brand is headquartered in Pangbourne, United Kingdom, and serves the world’s lubricant requirements from different oil manufacturing/filtering plants across the Globe.

Talking about products, Castrol manufactures a good range of motor oils and grease types. Be it an engine, brake, transmission, or any other oil, Castrol sells everything.

Today, Castrol is established in 150+ countries and serves brand lubricants for big automobile companies like VW, Audi, BMW, etc. That’s not all, Castrol is India’s leading car engine oil distributor and holds a good market of engine lubricants in India.

The Castrol is famous for its high performance and brand value among users. You must have seen the brand sponsoring F1 players, motorsport events, etc. That’s not all, many supercar manufacturers like Bugatti & Audi use Castrol Edge Supercar oil in cars like Chiron, R8, etc.

Apart from 4 & 2-wheelers, Castrol also offers a wide range of lubricants for marine, air, and agriculture machines. Below are the most-selling brands under Castrol:

Castrol Engine Oils
Castrol Engine Oils
  • Castrol Edge Oil: Edge is the most expensive and advanced full synthetic motor oil. It is used in high-performance cars.
  • Castrol Magnatec: Magnetic is the most used Castrol oil brand across the Globe. It is used in most modern cars and gives extra protection to the engine. Castrol Magnatec offers two oils – Castrol Magnatec Ordinary & Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start.
  • Castrol GTX: GTX oil series is a premium conventional motor oil by Castrol. The brand was introduced in 1968 and used under *1300cc engines. Under the GTX Castrol brand, you get GTX ordinary, GTX diesel, GTX Ultraclean, GTX essential & GTX SUV.

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2. Shell Engine Oils

 Shell Logo
Shell Logo

Shell is 2nd best engine oil brand on the list. The oil & gas brand was founded in 1912 and headquartered in Huston, Texas. After Castrol, Shell is the second oldest company in the oil & gas business, especially lubricants.

Today, Shell oil company delivers in over 100 countries and is considered the No. 1 lubricant supplier globally. It is also one of America’s largest oil and petrochemical manufacturers.

Shell plays an important role in Indian fuel & oil needs. The brand has collaborated with IOL & Reliance Oils to fulfill oil requirements in India. So, why Shell engine oil brand is best for your vehicle?

It’s all about oil quality and research. The brand continues leading the oil research and innovation segment to provide the best oil solutions for your car’s engine. Well, it’s not just caring, Shell oils also work to provide superior protection and efficiency, giving extra life to your vehicle’s engine.

In terms of trust, Shell has been the No. 1 choice for the world’s top racing teams. Not just that, the American engine oil brand has led many technical partnerships with several motorsport companies such as Scuderia Ferrari, Ducati Motors, NASCAR, etc.

The Shell oils are designed to keep your vehicle’s engine clean and with better performance. Currently, Shell offers car, bike, and heavy-duty engine oil with a wide range of coolant range.

  • Shell Helix Fully Synthetic Motor Oils: It is the most expensive production range engine oil by Shell. The Oil is manufactured from a 100% synthetic base with some high-quality additives. This oil brand is used by high-end performance or sports cars.
  • Shell Helix Semi-Synthetic Motor Oils: Helix Semi-Synthetic is one of the selling synthetic oil brands in the world. It is manufactured by taking both synthetic and mineral as base oil.
  • Shell Helix Mineral Motor Oils: A mineral is the basic yet quality engine oil by Shell Petroleum. It is used by entry segments of cars, making it one of India’s highest-selling engine oil. The Oil is manufactured from naturally extracted crude Oil.
Shell Engine Oils
Shell Engine Oils

Coming to the 2-wheelers, Shell offers a wide range.

  • 4-Stroke Engine Oil: Shell’s Advance range of 4-stroke oils. Depending on the 2-wheeler, you can pick among synthetic, semi-synthetic, or mineral base oils.
  • 2-Stroke Engine Oil: Shell 2T or 2-stroke engine oil is designed to protect, and lower exhaust smoke.
  • Scooter Engine Oil: Modern scooters require modern engine oils. Shell Advance 4-stroke oils help to reduce friction and improve performance. Considering a list of quality oils, Shell is the best synthetic motor oil brand in the world.

3. Mobil Engine Oils

Mobil Logo
Mobil Logo

Managed by ExxonMobil Corporation, Mobil is the next American engine oil brand on the list of Throttlebias. The company was founded in 1911 as Standard Oil Company of New York but later merged with Exxon to become a new oil & gas brand known as ExxonMobil.

ExxonMobil is one of the largest big oil companies in the world. Thanks to constant innovation and performance, Mobil manufactures world-class engine oils for all kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and SUVs. In terms of products, Mobil Oils offer an exclusive list of synthetic lubricants for better performance and ultimate protection. Below is the list of oil brands offered by Mobil India:

Mobil Engine Oils
Mobil Engine Oils
  • Mobile 1: Mobil 1 offers a full range of fully synthetic and high-performance engine oils for cars and bikes. Some of the best names are Mobil 1 0W-20, Mobile 1 FS 0W-30, etc.
  • Mobil Super: Get more for less with the Mobil Super oil range. The oil brand promises to protect your vehicle’s engine from unnecessary wear at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Mobil Super Moto: Super Moto engine oils ensure protection and enhance your bike or scooter’s engine life from gear to engine.
  • Mobil DelvacDelvac is the oil brand you should consider for heavy vehicles. Mobile Delvac is the global leader in heavy-duty engine oils. Many truck manufacturers recognize it around the world.

In terms of formulation, Mobil has a range of fully synthetic, blend, and high mileage motor oil. If you are confused between vehicle types, Mobile also offers engine oil by vehicle types such as cars (diesel & petrol), trucks, European, racing cars, hybrid tech, etc. Well, Mobil also offers a wide range of other car spare parts such as oil filters, gear lubricants, grease, etc.

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4. Servo Oils

 Servo Logo
Servo Logo

Servo is a product of Indian Oil (IOCL). It was launched in 1972 in collaboration with Mobil and later became an independent brand of Indian Oil. Servo owns a good 27% market share in the Indian oil market. It has over 5200 oil formulations, 1600 lubricant grades, and a wide variety of greases, making it one of the best engine oil manufacturers in India.

Like Shell engine oil, Servo believes in extensive R&D. Thanks to IOCL, Servo has a world-class facility to test and enhance engine oils for new-generation engines.

Did you know?

  • Servo is exported to over 30 countries.
  • Servo has the biggest market share in the automotive, industrial, and grease markets in India.
  • Servo is the 6th largest oil brand in the world.

Currently, Servo retails pan India using IOCL’s network of 26,000 fuel stations. In terms of products, Servo offers a good range of oils for commercial, passenger, 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, tractors (agricultural equipment), etc. Below are the most-selling Servo engine oil brands in India:

Servo Oils
Servo Oils

2-Stroke Engine Oils

  • Kinetic Ultra 2t oil
  • Servo 2w gear oil
  • Servo 2t supreme
  • Servo LML 2t oil

4-Stroke Engine Oils

  • Servo 4t Synth 10w-30
  • Servo 4t Zoom
  • Servo 4t

Diesel Engine Oils

  • Servo Raftaar
  • Servo Pride Super 15w-40, 20w-50
  • Servo Pride and xl
  • Servo Premium (cf, cg, xhp, etc.)
  • Servo Ultra 10w, 20, 30, 40, 50

Passenger Car Motor Oils

  • Servo Greenmile
  • Servo Futura synth 5w-50
  • Servo Super Mg (5w-30/10w-30/10w-40/20w-40/20w-50)
  • Servo Superior (multiple grades)
  • Servo Xee (sj, sl with multiple grades)

That’s not all, Servo also manufactures dedicated engine oils for Indian automobile manufacturers like Maruti, Hyundai, Skoda, Force Motors, Ashok Leyland, etc.

5. GS Caltex Oils

 GS Caltex Logo
GS Caltex Logo

Founded in 1967, GS Caltex is a Korean-based engine oil brand. It is a private joint venture between Chevron and GS Group. The brand is a leader in South Korea and fulfills over 75% of petroleum requirements for the country. The GS group owns some of the best refineries in the world and exports petrochemicals to other countries.

GS Caltex entered the Indian market in 2010 and currently selling some high-quality engine oils. The oil brand has already covered a good range of customers and supplies top automobile brands such as Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, Hyundai, etc. Currently, GS Caltex operates from Andheri, Mumbai, and offers engine oils for all kinds of automobiles. Below are the most-used oils by GS Caltex India:

GS Caltex Oils
GS Caltex Oils

Bike Engine Oils

  • Kixx Ultra 4T Synthetic
  • Kixx Ultra 4T POWER
  • Kixx Ultra 4T GOLD
  • Kixx Ultra 4T XP
  • Kixx Ultra 4T SCOOTER
  • Kixx Ultra FRONT FORK

Car Engine Oils

  • Kixx PAO 1
  • Kixx GOLD

Other Engine Oils

  • Kixx CNG

6. Elf Total Oils

Elf Total Logo
Elf Total Logo

Owned by Total Energies, Elf is one of the most innovative and successful French motor oil brands.

The lubricant brand was founded in 1967 and currently operates from its France headquarters. Similar to Shell and Castrol, Elf is famous for sponsoring various motorsports events. The Total Energies launched its Indian operation around 1990 and became a good brand among car owners and mechanics.

The Elf is driven by expertise, passion, and, most important – premium quality. Thanks to Total Energies, Elf has improvised technology and manufacturing special engine lubricants for modern automobiles. In terms of oil products, Elf offers over 5 ranges of lubricants.

Elf Total Oils
Elf Total Oils
  • HTX oil range
  • Elf Moto oil range for motorcycles
  • Elf heavy-duty range for diesel engine vehicles
  • Elf transmission oils

7. Veedol Engine Oils

 Veedol Logo
Veedol Logo

Owned by Tide Water Oil Corporation, Veedol Oil launched its Indian operation in 1928. The company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of a range of quality lubricants around the Globe.

The Tide Water Oil Co. acquired Veedol from BP, and currently, the brand is operating in over 65 countries through different manufacturing/refineries plants. The brand works with renowned automobile brands such as Honda, Hero Moto Corp. Yamaha, and other brands.

Veedol offers high-performance engine oils passenger cars, 2 & 3-wheelers, and heavy vehicles (off-road, buses, tractors, etc.) in terms of products. That’s not all, Veedol also offers different kinds of transmission, brake, grease, and special industrial applications. Today, Veedol India operates from multiple registered offices – Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai.

The brand has over 500 direct distributors, 50k dealers, and workshops. That’s not all, Veedol has multiple manufacturing plants and over 48 depots across India.

 Veedol Engine Oils
Veedol Engine Oils

Below are different types of Veedol engine oils for motorcycles and passenger cars.

  • Take-off series
  • Syntron fully synthetic
  • Powertron
  • Blue blood
  • Turbostar 20w50

8. Gulf Engine Oils

Gulf Oils Logo
Gulf Logo

Gulf Oil is a part of the prestigious Hinduja Group and one of the fastest lubricant providers in India. Gulf has over 350 distributors and 50k retailers for all kinds of automobile and industrial lubricants.

The brand is pretty famous for using sports players in its marketing campaigns. Currently, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is appointed as their Brand Ambassador.

Like GS Caltex, Gulf Oils has collaborated with top B2B customers and automobile manufacturers such as Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, Swaraj Volvo Penta, MAN, Bharat Benz Whitmore, Schwing Stetter, and Bajaj. Apart from the automobile sector, Gulf also supplies tuned oils for industrial and construction brands. 

Currently, Gulf manufactures from 2 state-of-art plants. First is a fully automated PLC-based plant in Silvassa. The plant has a capacity of 90000 KL with a world-class R&D center. At the same time, 2nd small unit plant is situated at Ennore, Chennai. This has a lubrication capacity of 40000 – 50000 KL. In terms of products, Gulf offers a range of engine oil for bikes, scooters, cars, and heavy commercial vehicles:

Gulf Engine Oils
Gulf Engine Oils

Car Engine Oils

  • Gulf Formula GX
  • Gulf Formula G
  • Gulf Ultrasynth X Plus
  • Gulf Max TD
  • Gulf Multi G+
  • Gulf Multi CNG
  • Gulf Super Diesel X-10
  • Gulf Tata Motors Genuine Oil

2-Wheeler Oils

  • Gulf PowerTrac 4T
  • Gulf Pride 4T Ultra Plus
  • Gulf Pride Scooter
  • Gulf Zipp 4T

Also, Gulf offers a wide range of gear, grease brands, and heavy engineering oils.

9. Motul Engine Oils

Motul Oils Logo
Motul Logo

Motul is another French oil band after Elf India. Launched in 1853, Motul manufactures and markets a wide variety of engine lubricants for cars, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles.

Except for its worldwide presence, Motul launched Indian operations in 2003 in collaboration with Atlantic Lubricants. That’s not all, Motul also runs successful operations in Sri Lanks, Nepal, Bangladesh & Bhutan markets.

Motul Engine Oils
Motul Engine Oils

Motul manufactures from the Silvassa plant situated near Mumbai. Like Castrol India, Motul successfully established its market and became a preferred brand for high-performance vehicles (cars & motorcycles). In terms of products, Motul is currently selling engine oil for 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers, and transmissions. The company also manufactures premium quality synthetic oils, coolants, and a good range of grease.

10. Valvoline Engine Oils

Valvoline Oils Logo
Valvoline Logo

John Ellis founded Valvoline in 1866. It is an American oil brand running with a 50:50 partnership with Cummins India Pvt. Ltd. The brand also holds a 10% market share of the USA engine oil requirements.

Cummins is India’s leading diesel engine manufacturer. Both Cummins & Valvoline engaged in the production, distribution, and marketing of quality lubricants for all kinds of engines in for Indian market.

Valvoline Engine Oils
Valvoline Engine Oils

Currently, Valvoline deals in a wide range of engine oils, gear oils, brake oils, coolants, etc. Thanks to production quality, Valcolie is preferred by different trucks & heavy vehicle manufacturers like Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, etc.

Did you know?

Model T, the first production car in the world, used Valvoline engine oil. With over 150 years of research, Valvoline promises excellent engine oil quality. In terms of products, Valvoline offers a good range of oil grades for motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles, and industrial use:

  • Valvoline Premium
  • Valvoline Champ
  • Valvoline Climate
  • Valvoline Synpower
  • Valvoline Universal

The brand also offers oil for transmission, gensets & heavy engineering items.

11. Honda Genuine Oils

Honda Geniune Oils
Honda Logo

Honda cars and 2-wheelers both use their own calibrated engine oils. Although, the Japanese automobile manufacturer doesn’t operate any refineries. They outsource to mentioned oil manufacturers such as Castrol, Shell, etc. These Oil brands calibrate oil according to requirements, and that’s how Honda gets their own genuine oil.

Honda recommends using their genuine oils for any vehicle. According to Honda Motors, there are various benefits of using Honda Genuine Oils over other premium quality oil brands:

  • Better lubrication
  • Sealing
  • Better cooling
  • Cleaning
  • Anti Rust protection
  • Better fuel economy

Below are some of the best 4-stroke engine oils offered by Honda:

  • Honda Engine Oil SAE 10W30 MA
  • THROTTLE Fully Synthetic SAE 10w30 Engine Oil
  • Honda Genuine 4-Stroke Engine Oil SAE 10W30 MB
  • Honda Genuine 4-Stroke Engine Oil SAE 5W30 MA

12. Suzuki Genuine Oils

Suzuki Genuine Oils
Suzuki Logo

Like Honda, Suzuki Motors also offers a wide range of premium engine oils for all vehicle’s range (cars, bikes, scooters, and superbikes).

Suzuki started R&D of lubricants in 1980.  and launched an oil brand called “Ecstar”. With growing engine performance and technology, Suzuki evolved their oil line-up to sync with other high-performance oil brands. In 2015, Suzuki opened their engine oil line-up for the global market with a new name – Suzuki Genuine Oils & Chemicals.

Ecstar is an environment-friendly high-performance synthetic engine oil. It offers superior performance and less friction than other oil brands. That’s not all, I’ve seen improved fuel economy too. According to Suzuki, Ecstar oil had the following benefits:

  • Fuel Savings
  • Outstanding Engine Protection
  • Clean Engine for Longer Life

Currently, Suzuki offers oils for passenger cars, bikes, and boat engines. The automobile manufacturing company is selling engine oils in over 26 countries.

13. Tata Motors Oils

Tata Motors Oils
Tata Logo

On 15th January 2018, the biggest and most trusted Indian automobile manufacturer, Tata Motors, launched “Tata Motors Genuine Oil” for commercial vehicles. The automobile brand targets superior quality and performance oils for LCV/HCV, etc. Tata Motors Genuine Oil is formulated and tested for commercial Tata vehicles for better economy and longer engine life.

Currently, Tata Motors Genuine Oils offers different variants:

Engine Oil NamePrice
CI4+ 15W40 & CH4 15W40Rs. 185/- per Ltr.
80W90 LL Rs. 210/- per Ltr.
80W140 LLRs. 240/- per Ltr

How To Select The Best Engine Cil For Your Vehicle?

Picking a car engine oil can be tricky.

As a car user & a workshop owner, I recommend picking the right engine oil for your vehicle to ensure optimal performance, engine life, and better efficiency.

So, what’s the best option?

When selecting an engine oil, I look for one that meets the grade recommended (viscosity) by the manufacturer (Honda, BMW, etc).

It should hold a good reputation for quality and performance and is compatible with my vehicle’s engine type.

Some oil manufacturers also promised to add factors like fuel efficiency, emissions reduction, and overall value for money. So, you can consider this while picking the best for you.

Personally, I have found that Shell and Castrol are two of the best engine oil brands for both cars and bikes. They offer a range of oils for 4 and 2-wheelers. In addition, both brands suit all automakers and climate conditions.

Market Share Of Oil Brands In India

BrandsMarket Share
Note: These market share figures are based on industry estimates and may vary depending on the source.


Hello reader, I hope you got your answer in the list of best motor oil brands. Wandering which brand to pick? And what’s my favorite?

Answering 2nd question first. I use Mobil 1 & Shell engine oil. The reason is the price, genuine products available at every retailer, and all oil grades are considerably cheaper than other high-performance engine oils. Coming to 2nd query, which engine oil should you pick for your vehicle?

First, I suggest you check if there is any genuine oil from your vehicle’s manufacturer like Honda, etc. Otherwise, you can pick between Castrol & Shell’s synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oils as per your vehicle’s engine oil grade requirements.

Tip: You can check your car manual to check engine oil grades.


Which is the No 1 engine oil in India?

As per sales and market segment, Castrol is the No 1 engine oil brand in India. The brand offers all kinds of engine lubricants for petrol, diesel, and CNG vehicles.

Is Castrol an Indian company?

No, Castrol lubricants work under the British Oil Company (BP Group). Castrol offers a wide range of oils and greases for all kinds of automobiles.

Is Mobil 1 better than Castrol?

Both engine oils are better in their preferences. If you are looking for better preservation qualities, then Mobil 1 is a good choice. Otherwise, you can go with Castrol engine oils.

Which is the best synthetic oil brand in India?

Mobil 1 is the best synthetic oil brand you can choose for any vehicle. If you are looking for a budget, then Castrol & Shell synthetic engine oil is the next pick in the market.

Who is the owner of Castrol company?

British Oil Company, also known as BP Group, is the owner of Castrol Oils.

How often should engine oil be changed?

Depending on the automaker and model, it is recommended to change the engine oil every 10,000 to 25,000 kilometers. Here, it also depends on the type of oil and other parts used in addition to the driving condition.

Can engine oil be used for both petrol and diesel engines?

Few engine oils are common to both petrol and diesel vehicle. However, max. of the engine comes specifically for petrol and diesel engine. It is recommended to use only specific types of oil for better engine life.

Which engine oil brand is best for high-performance cars?

For high-performance cars, synthetic engine oils from brands like Shell, Mobil 1, Castrol, and Motul are often recommended because they offer better protection against heat and wear.

Is it necessary to use branded engine oil or can generic oils be used?

Engine oil is the core to run your vehicle’s engine. It is generally recommended to use branded engine oil as they have undergone extensive testing and meet the engine standards.

Image source: Respective oil brands & Amazon India

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