10 Best RV Maintenance Tips To Make Your RV Lasts Long

Looking for some effective RV maintenance tips?

Here in Dallas, RVs are more than just recreational vehicles. Some consider it as offices, houses, kitchens, reader’s nooks & some make it their home. That said, it’s pivotal to pay attention to the maintenance of your RV.

RVs are not cheap – some of them can cost upwards of $100,000. Besides, the upfront costs are not the total amount you need to pay. You also have to spend thousands of dollars on the proper maintenance of your RV.

As it’s a luxurious vehicle, the maintenance costs can quickly add up. Paying close attention to your RV’s condition is crucial if you want to skip paying hefty prices for maintenance. The below-mentioned RV maintenance tips can help you evade hefty costs:

List of 10 RV Maintenance Tips

1. Roof Covering

RV roof is one of the most crucial fields that most people overlook. That’s because we don’t climb up the top to check frequently.

But your RV’s roof tackles the harshest conditions. As the roof is always susceptible to the scorching sun & other environmental damages, you need to pay proper attention to the roof regularly.

Summers in Dallas are the absolute worst because of the scorching heat, and it can certainly put a dent in your RVs lifespan. If you don’t take preventative measures for roof protection, you will end up paying thousands of dollars to replace it. In such cases, the best option is to buy an RV cover. These RV covers are of steel & can last up to 40 years. If you have to replace it, you can always visit your local auto repair to get the best deals.

2. Check The Generator

The generator is crucial to keep your RV functioning properly. But this electric device requires regular run-time; otherwise, it wears down. If you don’t run the generator for 30 days, chances are you are damaging some major parts of your RV.

Gasoline powers the generator, but it breaks down after 30 days or so. As a result, the generator’s internal components can get badly affected by it. If you fail to maintain the generator, you may end up having a damaged carburettor.

So, be sure to run the generator at least two hours per month at a 50% load to keep it performing effectively.

3. Seal The Doors & Windows Properly

It’s pretty common for the door & window sealers to deteriorate from exposure to harsh weather and UV. Breakdown of the sealers can result in moulds growing inside your RV. Also, you may have a wet, damaged surface as water can seep through these faulty seals.

Therefore, you need to check the door & window seals every three months to ensure they are in top condition. Similarly, check the roof seals every six months to prevent any possible deterioration.

4. Slide Lubrication

If your slide-outs make squeaky sounds, something isn’t right. You shouldn’t ignore it, or the situation might get worse and costly. Apart from that disturbing sound, a squeaky slide-out means corrosion or rust has accumulated over time.

Hence, proper Lubrication is essential to maintain the tip-toe condition of the slide-outs. You can either use a lubricant oil or spray, depending upon your need & RV. Lubricating the rails & slide-outs once or twice a year is enough.

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5. Inspect The Tires

Tires come in contact with the road while riding. As a result, the wearability of tires is a pressing concern. If you keep your RV stationary most of the time, make sure you cover the tire with RV tire covers.

Otherwise, the UV rays of the sun can deteriorate the longevity of the tires. Also, replace if your tire is over four years old. Tire replacement costs here in Dallas start from $1000, depending on the model.

Use an infrared temperature gun to check the tread & sidewall temperature. On long rides, it’s an excellent way to track your tire’s health. Don’t forget about the spare ones too because they need proper care as well. Here, you can also explore more details on RV Tires maintenance & safety tips.

6. Water Heater Check-Up

Typically RV water heaters come in three types: namely propane-based, electric, or a combination of both.

For a propane burner, clean the burn chamber periodically so that rust or dirt can’t accumulate. Keeping a close eye on the flame while igniting is also necessary. If the flame is not blue or shows an orange tone, something is wrong in the burn chamber. For your own safety, you must look into this problem immediately.

Again, your heater may not work efficiently after a while. That may occur because of the accumulation of sediments. So, drain the tank & flush out everything once a year to maintain the water heater’s proper condition.

7. Check The Battery

It is essential to check the battery to ensure it all works fine before you take your RV out on the road. Effective battery maintenance depends on which type of battery you have got.

For instance, if you have a traditional RV battery, you need to maintain a moderate temperature. Also, you need to focus on the sulfation signs. Checking water levels is also crucial.

For a marine-style battery, you can skip the water level checking. For an upgraded lithium battery, you shouldn’t keep it in a colder temperature. Otherwise, the battery will drain faster.  

8. Inspect The HVAC System

Proper RV furnace & AC maintenance is vital if you want the RV to last for the foreseeable future. Regular checking of the filters & swapping them if they become dirty is another crucial aspect of your RV’s HVAC maintenance system. 

9. Pay Attention to Oil & Oil Filters

RVs require changing their oil & filters regularly. Without regular checkups, your engine may seize suddenly. Such failures may cause paying hefty prices at around $10,000.

So, if you want to save yourself from such hassles, change your oil after every 3000-4500 miles. However, before taking any drastic steps, check your owner’s manual.

10. Regular Documentation

It’s always essential to maintain proper documentation of any maintenance work you have undertaken. This way, you will have a better idea of when the next maintenance is due.

You can also use an online maintenance tracking tool so that you always remain updated about the necessary maintenance required.

Final Thoughts

Hope you liked the list of RV maintenance tips. Well, not all RVs are the same. Each model and make is unique & requires different maintenance. Therefore, you need to perform a routine maintenance checkup. These simple upkeep costs will keep your overall RV repair and maintenance costs low and extend the life of your RV  Good luck!

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