Chevy Camaro Exorcist HP: Specifications, Top Speed & Price In 2021

We all love performance cars, but what I say that Camaro Exorcist is not an ordinary one! Sounds exciting?

Chevy Camaro Exorcist HP is one of a kind beast in the Automotive world. It resembles the sculpture of a black panther, which is ready to unleash! Isn’t it?

Hennessy Performance, an American car tuning and modifying company, is known for its high-performance car upgrades. The company holds a good portfolio of supercars & trucks like Ferrari, Audi, McLaren, Ford &, etc.

Camaro Exorcist top speed

The car modification company does healthy experiments with high-performance vehicles and makes them more dominating in terms of engine performance and top speeds.

Here, Hennessey Performance did same with Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and converted a standard sports car into a performance machine.

In this post, you’ll read:

Chevy Camaro Exorcist Top Speed Record

Hennessy named it “Exorcist,” the word is originated from Greek, which means devil or demons. Like every supercar, production is limited to 100 examples only. I know this sounds limited and costs around $119,950. Here is the Chevy Camaro Exorcist Specifications & Facts. 

Chevy Camaro Exorcist Specs & Engine Details

If we talk about the stock model, Chevy Camaro ZL1 is powered by a V8 engine, 1.7-litre supercharged engine that produces 650 bhp of power. In case you didn’t know, the fastest Camaro ZL1 has a top speed of 217 mph.

Whereas, the Hennessey’s Camaro Exorcist pops a massive 1000 bhp of power @ 6,500 rpm and 883 lb-ft of torque @ 4,500 rpm from the same engine. The power is sent to rear wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Chevy Camaro Exorcist Specs:

Engine V8, 2.9-litre Supercharger Engine 
Fuel Type Petrol
Power 1000 bhp @6,500 rpm
Torque 883 lb-ft torque @4,500 rpm
Transmission 10 Speed Automatic
Mileage 14.9 mpg (Combined Mileage)
Seat 2

So, what’s the reason behind this breath-taking Camaro Exorcist horsepower? Let’s find out!

Chevy Camaro Exorcist Specs (Hennessey's Edition)

The manufacturer has upgraded the 1.7-litre supercharger to a new, more powerful 2.9-litre supercharger. The Camaro Exorcist comes with a larger and high-flow intercooler system with high-performance cylinder heads, lightweight camshaft, and upgraded intake and exhaust valves. Resultant, the Camaro Exorcist horsepower has pumped up to the next level.

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That’s not all. The Exorcist has high-flow catalytic converters with high flow air induction system, upgraded engine management unit (EMU), and improved chassis.

In terms of upgrades, the Chevy Camaro Exorcist comes bolted with several Hennessey Performance parts:

Chevy Camaro Performance Parts

  • Stainless Steel Midpipes
  • High-flow Supercharger System
  • Custom High-performance Camshaft
  • High-strength valve springs
  • Lightweight Lifters & Pushrods
  • Larger Intercooler Heat Exchanger Upgrade
  • Bigger and High Flow Catalytic Converters
  • Upgraded Gaskets & Fluids
  • Improved Engine Management Calibration
  • Wider 20-inch rear-drag Radial tires
  • Lightweight & bold Monoblock wheels
  • Track kit

RECARO performance bucket seats are standard fitment with 8-way electronic adjustable support. Also, there is a set of Hennessey premium floormats with badging.

Chevy Camaro Exorcist Top Speed & Acceleration

I think performance is in the DNA of Hennessey Motors. The team modified the Chevy Camaro to Chevy Camaro Exorcist just to break records and make milestones.

Hennessey Camaro Performance

The Hennessey conducted the speed test of Exorcist at the Continental race track located in Uvalde (Texas) and achieved a top speed of 217 mph (350 kmph), which became the record of one of the fastest muscle car in the world.

Well, that’s not all. The modified Camaro has a mind-boggling acceleration of 0-60 mph under 3 seconds. Whereas, ¼ mile (400 miles) completes under 10 seconds.

Camaro Exorcist Top Speed

  • Top Speed: 217 mph
  • 0 to 60 mph: less than 3.0 seconds
  • ¼ mile (400 miles): less than 10 seconds
Camaro Exorcist drag

Thanks to the Hennessey Performance, Camaro Exorcist beats many supercars like Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren 720S, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and etc.

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Chevy Camaro Exorcist Dimensions:

The Camaro Exorcist measures 3,760 lb in weight, 110.7 inch in wheelbase, 190.0 inch in length, 75.0 inch in width and 53.1 inch in height.

Weight 3,760 lb
Wheelbase 110.7 inch
Length 190.0 inch
Width 75.0 inch
Height 53.1 inch

Chevy Camaro Exorcist Price

The Camaro Exorcist comes with a starting price of $119,950. The price may vary if you choose more performance upgrades or any other custom change. Here’s the list Camaro Exorcist price in 2021:

Variant NamePrice
Chevy Camaro Exorcist$119,950
Chevy Camaro Exorcist (Custom Editon)$119,950+

Hennessey has planned to modify only 100 units. It comes in both convertible as well as a coupe with a three-year/36,000-mile warranty. Meanwhile, if you own a ZL1 Camaro, then Hennessey can modify it for you. To know more, you can contact Hennessey Performance.

Chevy Camaro Exorcist Pics & Wallpaper

Camaro Exorcist bucket seats
Camaro Exorcist on race track
Camaro Exorcist pics
Camaro Exorcist Engine Image
Camaro Exorcist in Hennessey Workshop
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Camaro Exorcist in Workshop
Camaro Exorcist in all black
Camaro Exorcist paint job
Camaro exorcist top speed
Camaro Exorcist speed check
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Camaro Exorcist wallpaper
Camaro Exorcist photoshoot
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Camaro Exorcist in colab with penzol oil
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Exorcist Camaro FAQs:

How much does an Exorcist Camaro cost?

The Chevy Camaro comes with a starting price of $119,950 in USA market.

How much horsepower does the Camaro Exorcist have?

Camaro Exorcist offers 1000 bhp to the rear wheels.

Is the Camaro Exorcist a production car?

Yes, it’s a production car with a limited number.

What’s the world’s fastest muscle car?

Hennessey Performance’s Camaro is one of the fastest muscle cars in the world. The muscle car has a top speed of 217 mph.

What is the rarest muscle car in the world?

Camaro Exorcist is limited to 100 cars only making it one of the rarest muscle car in the world.

Who makes the Exorcist Camaro?

Hennessey Performance is the brand behind this performance Camaro. Hennessey is an American car tuning company that specializes in performance-oriented car modification.

Is the Camaro Exorcist street legal?

Yes, according to the manufacturer, Camaro Exorcist is 100% street legal vehicle. One can drive it on streets like a normal car and spin it on highways.

How much horsepower does a Hennessey Camaro have?

If we talk about stock model then Chevy Camaro produces around 650 bhp. Whereas, the Hennessey tuned has a massive 1000 bhp of power. You can read Chevy Camaro Exorcist specs details to know more.

Image Source: Hennessey Performance

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