Top 11 Car Modification Companies In The World For 2023

There’s a quote saying, “Money can’t buy happiness”. Well, I don’t believe so. Ask any petrolhead, and you will get your answer with lots of reasons as evidence.

Earlier, I wrote about D.C. car modification and how a famous car designer from India created a successful business in the custom car design space.

Well, thanks for the love you showed. That post has received 110 comments, and you guys asked lots of questions about the best car modification company or shop in your country, city, or even area.

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Don’t worry, I got this. Today, I’m going to note down the best car modification companies near you.

Did you know?

The global automotive aftermarket, aka modified car spares, and related things were valued at USD 390.10 billion in 2020. Not just that, this market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8% from 2021 to 2028.

Automotive aftermarket growth
Expected growth of aftermarket car spare parts in the world

Modified cars in the USA, India, and other countries have a huge market, and enthusiasts constantly look for the best solution to enhance their car performance and look. In this article, I’ve listed one of the best car modification companies across the Globe. Let’s get going!

Top Car Modification Brands In World

  • Brabus
  • Mansory
  • Hennessey Performance
  • Dreamworks Motorsports 
  • Shelby American Inc.
  • D.C. Design (DC2)
  • Bimbra 4X4
  • Ashish Modifications
  • S.D. Offroaders
  • Modsters Automotive
  • Wicked Wheels

1. Brabus

Founded in 1977, Brabus is a 40+ years old car customization company. The German-based high-performance car customization deals in aftermarket tuning for Mercedes-Benz, Smart & Maybach vehicles.

Brabus logo
Brabus logo

In the 1990s, Bodo & Klaus Brackmann collaborated with Mercedes-AMG (Mercedes’s special division for performance cars). It was a 50-50 joint venture and currently operates in more than 100 countries.

Except for custom body kits and cosmetic changes, Brabus holds specialization in the tunning engine. Resultant, every modified car gets a state-of-art design, more displacement, and more torque with better safety.

Brabus Modified Cars
Brabus Rocket

Brabus Models:

Brabus 900 Rocket EditionMercedes-AMG G 63
Brabus 900 RocketMercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+
Brabus 900Mercedes-Maybach S 650 L
Brabus 900Mercedes-AMG S 65 L
Brabus 900Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet
Brabus 800Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+
Brabus 800 Adventure XLPMercedes-AMG G 63
Brabus 800 Black & Gold EditionMercedes-AMG G 63
Brabus 800 Shadow EditionMercedes-AMG G 63
Brabus 800 Black OPS EditionMercedes-AMG G 63
Brabus 800Mercedes-AMG G E 63S 4MATIC+
Brabus Invicto Luxury – Armoured VehicleMercedes-AMG G 63
Invicto Mission – Armoured VehicleMercedes-Benz G 500
Invicto Pure-Armoured VehicleMercedes-Benz G 500
Brabus 800Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 S 4MATIC
Brabus 800Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC
Brabus 800Mercedes-AMG E 63S 4MATIC+
Brabus 800Mercedes-AMG S 63
Brabus 800Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe
Brabus 650Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 SUV
Brabus 550 Adventure 4×4Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×4
Brabus Ultimate Esmart EQ fortwo cabrio
Brabus 92Rsmart EQ fortwo cabrio
  • Modification Price Of Brabus: According to Brabus, there is no actual estimation for car modification. The estimation varies on the type of upgrade or car model. Usually, it Brabus car range starts from 34.369 EUR.
  • Location: Brabus-Allee, D-46240 Bottrop, Germany
  • Contact: You can fill out the contact form and ask the Brabus team for the price, cars, or any query.

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2. Mansory

Mansory is another well-known German luxury and sports car modification brand in the Throttlebias list.

Mansory Logo
Mansory Logo

You must have seen the Mercedes and Lamborghini Mansory editions. If yes, then this is the brand behind those super-expensive modified vehicles.

The brand was founded by Kourosh Mansory in 1989. It was started in a workshop with car modifications such as Rolls Royce and Ferrari. However, thanks to quality work, the brand became vocal and later focused on kits and other big customizations. Below are more details!

List of vehicles brand modified by Mansory

  • Aston Martin
  • Audi
  • Bentley
  • BMW
  • Bugatti
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Lotus Cars
  • Maserati
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Tesla
Mansory Lamborghini Urus
Mansory Lamborghini Urus
  • Modification Price of Mansory: There is no actual estimation for car modification. However, you get a variety of cars for sale. Apart from vehicles, you can also shop for different performance spares like wheels, etc.
  • Location: Germany
  • Contact: You can look for Mansory dealers here.

3. Hennessey Performance

Hennessey Performance logo
Hennessey Performance logo

Founded by John Hennessey in 1991, Hennessey Performance is one of the best car modification companies in the USA. The company deals in tunning and modifying sports cars from brands like Ferrari, McLaren, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, etc.

Hennessey is located in Sealy, Texas, and focuses on performance upgrades. As of today, Hennessey has modified over 10k vehicles from their 51k square foot workshop. Below is the list of modified vehicles offered by Hennessey Performance:

Hennessey Performance Modified Cars
Hennessey Performance Modified Ford

Hennessey Performance Models:

30Th AnniversaryThe Exorcist
CadillacCTS V
DodgeRam TRX
GMCYukon Denali
HennesseyVenom F5
HennesseyVenom GT

The company has a dedicated R&D facility with a state-of-the-art design studio. Moreover, it has ¼ mile dragstrip and test track with various measurement equipment. As of today, Hennessey has 40+ dedicated employees with a combined 100+ years of experience in high-performance cars.

  • Modification Price Of Hennessey Performance: You can visit the “vehicle sales” page on Hennessey’s website and look for your dream custom vehicle. Moreover, the car customization company also offers on-demand features or specs. You can contact – for more info.
  • Location: Hennessey Performance, 9281 SW I-10 Frontage Rd, Sealy, Texas 77474
  • Contact: 9798851300 or

4. Dreamworks Motorsports

Dreamworks Motorsports logo
Dreamworks Motorsports logo

From Bulldozers to Bentleys, Dreamworks is capable of customizing everything related to wheels. The company is an excellent alternative to Hennessey Performance but offers end-to-end customization.

The USA-based car customization company works in numbers and delivering quality work since December 1996. In terms of portfolio, Dreamworks has delivered customized cars to the biggest athletes in the world like Michael Jordan, Jeff Gordon, Justin Thomas, Zion Williamson, Coach K, Mario Williams, Kyrie Irving, and more!

Below is the list of services offered by Dreamworks Motorsports:

  • Work
  • Off-road & lift kits
  • Graphic & vinyl warps
  • Window tint
  • Paint & body
  • Car & Truck Accessories
  • Interior & upholstery
  • Wheel & tires
  • Colour change wraps
  • Audio with custom systems
  • Electronics
  • Heavy equipment
Ford modified by Dreamworks Motorsports
Ford modified by Dreamworks Motorsports
  • Modification Price Of Dreamworks Motorsports: There is no certain price for customizing a car via Dreamworks. You can contact the sales team and ask for a quote.
  • Location: 707 Leasburg Rd, Roxboro, NC 27573, United States
  • Contact: (336) 599-3388

5. Shelby American Inc.

Shelby American
Shelby American logo

Shelby is next my favorite car modification brand after Hennessey Performance. Shelby specializes in Ford Mustang and Shelby Cobra models. The company was founded by legend Carroll Shelby in 1962.

Shelby modifies Ford Mustangs by adding performance upgrades such as superchargers, suspension kits, and brake upgrades. The company also offers cosmetic modifications such as body kits and custom wheels.

Shelby Ford
Shelby Ford

The modifications are designed to improve the performance and handling of the car, and to give it a more aggressive and sporty appearance on the roads.

During the research, I found that the Shelby modification is a bit expensive but worth it in the end because it also increased the value of your vehicle.

Below is the list of services offered by Shelby Motors:

Shelby GT500SE Signature EditionShelby GT500H
Shelby GTShelby F-150 Super Snake Sport
Shelby GT-HShelby F-150 Super Snake
Shelby GT500KRShelby F-150
Shelby Wide BodyShelby Raptor
Shelby GT500 CODE REDShelby F-250 Super Baja
Shelby GT350SE Signature EditionShelby 427 Cobra
Shelby Super SnakeShelby 289 FIA Cobra
Shelby Super SnakeShelby 289 Street Cobra
Shelby GT500Daytona Coupe (CSX9000)
Caroll Shebly Centennial Edition MustangGT40 Shelby Edition
“Diamond Edition” Carbon Fiber Shelby CobraShelby Mustang Mach-E
Shelby Dragon Snake Concept 

Apart from car modification, Shelby also offers performance parts developed in their R&D facility. The brand covers parts for Ford Mustang, Shelby GT, and Shelby GT500.

  • Modification Price Of Shelby: There is no certain price for customizing a car via Shelby American Inc. You can contact the sales team and ask for a quote.
  • Location: 6405 Ensworth St. Las Vegas NV, 89119
  • Contact: 702-942-7325

6. D.C. Design (DC2)

DC2 logo
DC2 logo

The list of best car modification companies in India is incomplete without mentioning one of the best car modifiers in India – Mr. Dilip Chhabria. Recently, the brand house redesigned its online presence by changing the name from D.C. to DC2. Moving to the products, DC2 offers different kinds of car work:

  • Concept: Mostly varied by limited numbers, concept vehicles are used to imagine a real scenario and design accordingly.
  • Standard Vehicles: This range includes – Hatchbacks, MPVs, SUVs, LCVs & HCVs. Max. of these designs are available to implement in any kind of car category.
  • Custom: The designer also offers a custom range where you can opt for any specifications features, and D.C. will provide them accordingly. Not to mention, every customization will be an addition to the bill.
  • Sports Cars: The designer also offers an in-house made sports car named Avanti. You can purchase and customize Avanti acc. to your choice.
DC Modified Thar In Black Color
DC Hammer

In terms of services, DC2 has a lot to offer. It all depends on your requirements. Below are some of their specializations:

  • Conceptualizing
  • Styling
  • CAS
  • Engineering
  • Low-volume engineering of sports cars
  • Low-volume production of sports cars
  • Homologation
  • Custom sheet metal bodies
  • Custom carbon composite bodies
  • Metal chassis and structure elements
  • Woodwork patterns
  • Paint systems
  • Upholstery

You can request the team for any type of car customization. The designers at DC2 will evaluate and quote your best solution. In the list, DC2 is the only brand that focuses on luxury.

Modification Price Of DC2: The price of D.C. car modification starts from 2-3 lacs and ranges up to customization. Below are some estimations of car modification:

DC Hammer TharRs. 6-8 lakh
DC VW PoloRs 2-5 lakh
DC XUV 500Rs 5-7 lakh

Location: Keytuo industrial area, Maharashtra 400069

Contact: Below are contact details for standard, custom, and specialty vehicles:

  • Nihal Bajaj –
  • John Colaco –
  • Business Email –

7. Bimbra 4X4

Bimbra 4X4 logo
Bimbra 4X4 logo

Want to modify your Thar, Fortuner, or any other vehicle involved in 4×4 activity? Unlike other car modification companies in the world, Bimbra 4×4 focuses on the rigidity and integrity of the vehicle.

Resultant, your vehicle gets flexible modification without any compromise to the original body frame or any other electronic components, even wiring.

Bimbra 4×4 was started by Mr. Taran Bimbra with the aim to build reliable, innovative machines. The 4×4 in Bimbra defines the niche of their car modifications. Your car gets upscale modifications to tackle any off-road, even rallying. The company quality works to ensure that there is no road that your 4×4 will say No.

Bimbra 4X4 Thar
Bimbra 4X4 Thar

As per stats, the company has modified over 5k vehicles and sold over 14k car accessories. That’s not all, Bimbra has dedicated state-of-the-art retail showrooms and workshops for Thar and Isuzu SUVs. As of today, Bimbra offers products and services for a given range of vehicles:

  • Force Gurkha
  • Ford Endeavour
  • Isuzu V Cross
  • Land Cruiser
  • Mahindra Bolero
  • Mahindra Gateway
  • Mahindra Scorpio
  • Mahindra Thar
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Tata Xenon
  • Toyota Fortuner

So, if you are an owner of any of them and you stay in Delhi & NCR. No doubt, you should contact or visit Bimbra.

  • Modification Price Of Bimbra: At Bimbra, the price of Mahindra Thar modification accessories starts at Rs. 6000 and there is a wide range of items/designs to choose from the car catalogue.
  • Location: 37B and 41B, HSIIDC, Udyog Vihar, Phase V, Gurgaon
  • Contact: +91 8567-8567-38 or

8. Ashish Modifications In Ahmedabad

Ashish Modifications logo
Ashish Modifications logo

Founded in 1991, Ashish Motors is an Ahmedabad-based car modifier shop. The workshop deals in all kinds of modification with heavy car bodybuilding works.

Ashish motors is specialized in Mahindra Thar modification. Not just that, the company deals in food trucks, special purpose vehicles, and luxury bus modifications with different car body kits.

As of today, Ashish Motors has modified over 1200 vehicles. In terms of special-purpose car modifications, below is the list of categories offered by Ashish motors:

Ashish Modifications
Mahindra Thar modified by Ashish Modifications
Advertisement Vehicle ModificationDog Grooming Conversation
Ambulance CustomizationDog Transport Conversation
Mobile VanCommercial Work Conversion
Atm VanCommercial Interior Conversion
Election Campaign VanCart Racing Conversion
Automobile Service VehicleVanity Van Modification
Mobile Supermarket TruckCar Denting Services
Led Display VanPhysically Challenged Modification
Parlour On WheelsAmbulance Interior Fabrication
Cash Van ModificationAudio Visual Van
Mobile ToiletDj Van
  • Modification Price Of Ashish Motors: Please contact at 9825021898, 9574785262 for a personal price quote.
  • Location: 24, Jalaram Park Society, Near Pranshankar Hall, Pushpunj, Kankaria, Maninagar, Ahmedabad
  • Contact: 9825021898, 9574785262

9. S.D. Offroaders

S.D. Offroaders logo
S.D. Offroaders logo

Want to change your vehicle into a true off-road beast, then I suggest you check S.D. Off Roaders modified cars. The SD Offroaders is a Punjab-based car modification company that is famous for building muscle and out-of-box custom cars.

Famous Modified Cards By SD Offroaders:

  • Nissan One Ton
  • Jonga G60
S.D. Offroaders
Nisan 4×4 Truck modified by SD Offroaders

Moreover, SD Offroaders specializes in Thar, Jeep, Fortuner, and other kinds of SUVs. The brand has successfully delivered special customized cars to celebrities like M.S. Dhoni, Babbu Maan, Satinder Singh Sartaj, etc.

The most exclusive car was the Nissan 4×4 truck which received tons of customization and was delivered to the former Indian cricket team captain M.S. Dhoni.

  • Modification Price Of SD Offroaders:: Price of S.D. Offroaders depend on the car’s other modification factors. You can contact the team by calling on 9216724790 or mailing to
  • Location: SD Offroaders Bus Stand Road, Nakodar Distt Jalandhar, Nakoder, Punjab 144040
  • Contact: 09216724790 or

10. Modsters Automotive

Modsters Automotive logo
Modsters Automotive logo

Modsters is a Chennai-based car modification shop that focuses on body kits, design customs, and related things. Sai Shanmugam, founder, and designer at Modsters holds a master’s in automotive design. He started in 2013 with a small garage, a team of enthusiasts, skillful designers, and craftsmen to turn your car from nothing to OMG!

Modsters Automotive
Hyundai Verna modified by Modsters Automotive

The design team believes in 100% customer satisfaction, reflecting how they understand, handle, and deliver work. Their famous customized cars include Hyundai Verna, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ambassador Contessa, Honda Civic, etc. Moreover, Modsters deals in the following works:

Classic car builderCustom car build
Custom body kitsCustom paint job
Lighting workRemap performance
Auto upholsteryPremium wheels
Detailing & ceramicVinyl & print wrap
  • Modification Price Of Modsters Automotive: The price of basic customization like a Vinyl wrap or ceramic coating starts around 20-25k and goes up to 5 lacs or even more. You can also explore car wrap companies in India with additional details.
  • Location: Modsters Automotive, No. 77/78, 4th Street, Sri Nagar Layout, Pallikaranai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600091
  • Contact: +91 9962599491 or

11. Wicked Wheels

Wicked Wheels logo
Wicked Wheels logo

Founded by Pawan Datta, a true petrolhead, Wicked Wheels is a one-stop destination for all your performance auto upgrades and repair work in Gurugram or NCR.

The workshop offers various vehicle performance tuning, styling, off-road tuning/accessories, and general maintenance for all kinds of cars. That’s not all, you can also ask for engine modification, interior leatherwork, and audio upgrades.

Wicked Wheels
Wicked Wheels

In terms of performance enhancements, Wicked Wheels offers different kinds of upgrades:

  • High-flow air filters
  • Body kits
  • Performance exhausts systems
  • ECU remapping
  • Turbo kits
  • Alloy wheels
  • Tires
  • Performance brakes
  • Racing clutch
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Sunroof installation
  • Car wraps
  • Body lift kits

The workshop focuses on quality rather than quantity. They offer great service with a high level of customer satisfaction at the best prices.

  • Modification Price Of Wicked Wheels: You can contact Mr. Pawan Datta or the Wicked Wheels sales team for modification or spare part prices. However, the price of modification varies as per the customer’s requirements and budget.
  • Location: Wicked Wheels 38, Silver Oak Farms Road No 2, Ghitorni, M.G.Road New Delhi 110030
  • Contact: 9560338182  or

Hope you loved the list of best car modification companies in the world. Please don’t forget to drop your suggestions or any addition to the list.

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