21 Best DC Modified Cars With Modification Price In 2023

Today we gonna talk about the best DC Modified Cars in India. This list includes varieties of cars from the outdated Ambassador to the 4×4 Mahindra Thar, etc.

Well, wait! Before moving to the list of modified cars, let’s know what DC Design is and the man behind this automobile company in India.

Dilip Chhabria, also known as DC or DC2 is one of India’s renowned Indian car designers. After completing his graduation, Dilip Chhabria went to the US to pursue his passion. He learned to design cars at the Art Center College of Design and worked for several years.

Dilip Chhabria
Dilip Chhabria

Mr. Chhabria established DC Design in 1993. The primary focus was to design & manufacture custom kits for the Automobiles. Later on, he designed & manufactured cars as well as motorcycles under the DC brand. Let’s see the list of DC Modified cars and the customisation they offer in the name of luxury!

Dilip Chhabria Modified Cars Price List

DC Modified CarsModification Price*
DC Maruti Brezza SUVRs 3-4 lakh
DC Ford EcosportRs 5-7 lakh
DC Hammer TharRs 6-8 lakh
DC AvantiRs 48.0 lakh
DC Nissan Evalia MPVRs 3.95 lakh
DC Hyundai CretaRs 4-5 lakh
DC Toyota MR2 (Tarzan Car)Rs 2 crore
DC Volkswagen PoloRs 2-5 lakh
DC Toyota FortunerRs 7-12 lakh
DC Maruti Suzuki SwiftRs 2-3 lakh
DC Hyundai ElantraRs 1-3 lakh
DC Honda CityRs 1.5-3 lakh
DC AmbassadorRs 3-5 lakh
DC Mahindra XUV 500Rs 5-7 lakh
DC Renault DusterRs 4-7 lakh
DC Thar Urban ModRs 2-4 lakh
DC Lounge Innova Crysta Rs 8-12 lakh
DC ScorpioRs 2-5 lakh
DC CaliforniaNA
DC2 Kia CarnivalRs 10-15 lakh
DC2 Volvo XC90Rs 15-18 lakh

List Of 21 DC Modified Cars In India

1. DC Modified Maruti Brezza SUV

Modified Maruti Brezza SUV
DC Modified Maruti Brezza SUV In Golden Color

Specifications: Brezza is Maruti’s one of the bestselling cars in India. The capable SUV comes bolted with a tried and returned 1.3-litre leader-class diesel engine. It gets a manual 5-speed gearbox which helps to deliver a good fuel efficiency between 19 to 23.0 kmpl.

Features: The first thing you would notice in the SUV is color. It comes wrapped in metallic yellow paint that grabs eyeballs. Not to grab attention, but this helps the modified Brezza to stay exclusive on the road.

In front, the SUV gets muscular bumpers that come paired with an LED light strip. The front chrome grille is now replaced with the solid DC black grille. Above the grille, you will find the DC logo. On the side, the designers have added muscle as side skirts. Alloy wheels remain the same except for the Suzuki badge, which is now replaced with DC.

The back of the modified Brezza has been tweaked with chunky & wide bumpers. Also, the rear chrome Maruti Suzuki badge plate is now turned into a black-tone DC badge plate.

Inside, the designer has matched color contrast with the exterior. Now the cabin offers yellow accents on AC vents, door trims, and steering wheel. Seats remain in black color but receive a touch of yellow in the form of stitching.

Price: The modification cost of the Brezza SUV ranges between Rs 3-4 lakh.

2. DC Modified Ford EcoSport

DC Ford Ecosport
DC Modified Ford EcoSport In Black Color

Specifications: This modified Ford comes bolted with 2 Petrol and 1 Diesel engine. The Petrol variant gets a 1497 cc and 999 cc motor while the Diesel comes with a 1498 cc engine. Both fuel types come with a Manual and Automatic transmission. Talking of economy, it depends on the engine and fuel type, the Ecosport has a mileage range between 14.8 to 23.0 kmpl.

Features: At first glance – it is mind-blowing. As expected, DC’s designers have done a fantastic job on the capable crossover. You get a bigger and more aggressive bumper with 4 aftermarket fog lamps.

At the center, there’s a big black grille that helps to breathe the engine and looks good to me. There’s a set of custom full LED front lamps that also hold the side indicators.

You also get a new set of automatic OVRMs. The regular rim has been replaced by new 6-spokes with DC badging in the center. In multimedia, Ford Ecosport has a new SYNC central console with 8+ surround speakers. There is a set of 2 LCD displays for rear-seat entertainment.

In Interiors, it gets types of ambient lighting to enhance your mood while cruising on the roads. Unlike regular EcoSport, it gets a 2+2 seating arrangement with a host of features. This list includes – refrigerators, massages and etc.

Price: The modification cost of the Ford EcoSport ranges between Rs 5-7 lakh.

3. DC Modified Hammer Thar

Hammer Thar Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Hammer Thar In Black Color

Specifications: This modified Thar by DC comes with 2-diesel engine options. The Diesel comes in 2523 cc and 2498 cc (mentioned model in the above pic has a 2523 cc motor). To add more driving fun, the off-road SUV is available in Manual transmission only. Depending on the engine and variant of the SUV, the Thar modified car has a mileage of 16.5 to 18.06 kmpl.

Features: What’s the first thing you have noticed about this Modified Thar? Well, let me present you with my thoughts. First thing first, the alloy wheels are amazing. Whether it’s front, side or back profile, everything looks concrete and stable. In front, the grille looks identical to the Jeep and carries the conventional lamps.

Wheels get a new cladding which adds more muscle to the character of the DC Thar. The engine bonnet comes with an aftermarket Scoop. You get lots of chrome which looks nice and also enhances the SUV’s looks. At the back, there is a solid top which now offers more storage space. Also, gives protection from the kind weather. Besides modified, are you a fan of racing cars? Check out the list of Lewis Hamilton cars.

In my opinion, it is one of the best custom-modified Thar in India. DC design has made Thar better than Mahindra itself. This one is my personal pick among the list of DC Modified Cars. What do you think?

Price: The Modification cost of DC Hammer Thar in India ranges between Rs 6-8 lakh.

4. DC Avanti

Dc Avanti in Red Color
DC Avanti In Red Color

Before reading further information. Did you know? DC Avanti is the first Made In India Supercar.

Specifications: This supercar comes with a 2000 cc Petrol engine and features a manual transmission. Generally, supercars don’t have a direct relationship with a word called fuel economy. Well, not in the case of Avanti, as it provides a fuel efficiency of 10.8 kmpl.

Features: In the exteriors, its looks wow. It attracts eyeballs. Everything is designed to keep it as sporty as it can be. The front of the car comes loaded with dual projector headlamps and a strip of 5 LED DRLs. There’s a big black grille that helps in condensing the heat as well as enhances the spottiness of the Avanti.

Look side, you get sharp curve lines that go throughout the end of the car. Also, there’s a big side air intake to meet good aerodynamics. The supercar runs on these big 5 dual-spoke Alloy wheels, which look nice.

Come to the rear, you will get stunned. There are lots of things to discuss. You get a floating roof design that goes to the rear end. The twin triangular-shaped exhaust pipe looks well-proportioned with the back profile. In the center front, DC Avanti offers a honeycomb textured grille that also features the DC logo.

Step inside, there’s nothing like a sports car. You get a simple 3-spoke steering wheel that doesn’t even have audio controls. The infotainment unit holds a big screen with Apple/Android car play, reverse camera and etc.

Also, you get USB chargers and other space to keep your candies. The digital instrument cluster looks good in design and gives information at a time. No need to mention that the manufacturer has wrapped everything in leather. So, you get wide and comfortable seats too.

Price: The price of DC Avanti starts from 48.0 lakh. You can customise the supercar according to your needs.

5. DC Modified Nissan Evalia MPV

Modified Nissan Evalia MPV
DC Modified Nissan Evalia MPV In White Color

Specifications: You haven’t heard the name of this spacious MPV by Nissan India. Right? This was one of the cars in Nissan’s stable, but it looks like it didn’t work for the manufacturer. Yes, they stopped production a year back.

Meanwhile, many Indian buyers purchased the Evalia and maintained it well. What if I tell you that DC has a lot more to offer and figured out a luxury version of this MPV? Yes, the brand has showcased a fantastic variant of the MUV called DC Evalia Lounge. The DC-modified Nissan Evalia still comes packed with a tried and tested 1.5-litre K9K diesel motor, which churns a good 85 PS of power with a peak torque of 200 Nm.

Features: The DC designers have turned a 7-seater MPV into a 6-seater luxury lounge. Resultant, cabin space has become groomed up. There are 4 pilot seats with individual recline functionality. If we talk about extra features, then the list is quite impressive.

The MUV gets an electronically controlled Moon Roof with a new infotainment system. Also, there is a big LCD with a dual-tone (beige & black) interior at the rear.

If you look at the front row, there is a dual-tone combination of red and beige, which doesn’t look pleasant to the eyes. Exteriors that include the paint, sliding doors, etc., remain the same. DC always replaces the manufacturer badges from their DC logo, but not in the case of Nissan Evalia.

Price: This modification of the Nissan Evalia MPV comes with a price tag of 3.95 Lakhs.

6. DC Modified Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Hyundai Creta In Pearl White Color

Specifications: The Creta is a flagship model from Hyundai. It gets 2-diesel and 1-petrol engine options. The Diesel SUV comes in a 1396 cc and 1582 cc engine while the petrol motor gets a more powerful, 1591 cc. You can pick between a Manual and Automatic transmission. Depending on the engine and variant of the SUV, Creta pops out a good fuel economy of 14.8 to 22.1 kmpl.

Features: As you can see, there are no drastic changes as we have seen in other modified vehicles by DC design. The front gets a custom-made DC grille. DC has replaced the manufacturer’s logo as usual. Now, comes glued to the front edge of the bonnet.

The fog lamps unit has been re-designed and now syncs with the profile. Also, gives the Creta a bold front appearance. What do you think? You can tell me in the comment section!

Alloy wheels come polished in metallic grey. Coming to the back profile, oh man, much better as compared to the front profile. You get the same Creta except for the DC’s badging and the rear bumper work, which holds the exhaust in the middle.

Don’t know how they have managed to fit exhaust into the rear bumper. Well, I loved it.

Note: This is the first SUV from Hyundai’s stable to become part of DC Modified Cars.

Price: The Modification cost of a DC-designed Hyundai Creta ranges between Rs 4-5 lakh. Here, I suggest you read about 10 facts about Lamborghini Urus SUV.

7. DC Modified Tarzan Car (Toyota MR2)

DC Toyota MR2 (Tarzan Car) by DC Design
DC Modified Tarzan Car In Blue Color

Specifications: The Toyota MR2 offers a 1587 cc petrol engine only and comes fitted with a manual transmission. Most of you don’t know, it’s Japan’s first mid-engined production sports car. DC2 had used a 1991 MR2 model to make this car, which later on got picked in Tarzan the Wonder Car movie.

Depending on the engine and variant of the mid-engine sports car, the Toyota MR2 has a mileage of 8 to 12 kmpl.

Features: Whether it’s front or rear, each element in this sports car is handmade. Talking of the front, the bumper is simple and merges with the wheel’s cladding.

The custom-designed headlamps are one of a kind. They offer an-built functionality to close the lens if you have seen it in the movie. At the rear, you get a big and wide spoiler that ends in the engine compartment. The rear bumper design is identical to the front, which holds the rear twin exhaust in a smart way. This modified car gets 7-spoke Alloys as standard. Love sports cars? Don’t forget to read the list of top automobile magazines In India.

Price: The Modification cost of the DC-designed Toyota MR2 is Rs 2 crore. Although, the Toyota MR2 Tarzan price in India is way more costly than expected.

8. DC Modified Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Volkswagen Polo In Black Finish

Specifications: DC modified Polo comes with 2 Petrol and 1 Diesel engine. The Diesel variant offers a powerful 1498 cc engine while Petrol has 999 cc and 1197 cc engines to offer.

The powerful hatchback is available in both manual & automatic transmissions. If we talk about fuel economy, it solely depends on the type of engine and variant of the hatchback, the DC Polo offers fuel efficiency of 17.21 to 21.49 kmpl.

Note: This custom variant is based on a 1.6-liter petrol engine that belts 105 bhp of power.

Features: Noticeable, 3-door inspiration has been picked up from the Polo GTI. You get wide-body kits with bold custom tires. The headlamps got a makeover and now have a new LED strip which adds sharpness to the overall profile of the hatch.

The front bumper is redesigned, which comes fitted with conventional fog lamps and merges in with the wheel’s cladding. This Looks bold, isn’t it? At the rear, there are drastic changes. The tail lamps have gone under heavy cosmetic surgery, resulting in a much wider and bolder look There’s a DC badging below the tail lamp. Look slightly down, you will see twin exhausts fitted into the rear bumper, which looks extremely stunning to the eyes.

Price: The Modification cost of the DC Volkswagen Polo ranges between Rs 15-28 lakh, which is ridiculously expensive for a hatch like this.

9. DC Modified Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Toyota Fortuner In Black Color

Specifications: DC modified Fortuner has two engine options: 1 Diesel and 1 Petrol. The Diesel variants offer a powerful yet economical 2755 cc engine, while Petrol has a 2694 cc engine. You get both Manual and Automatic transmission options to pick from. Depending on the fuel type and transmission, the mileage of the Toyota Fortuner ranges from 10.1 to 14.24 kmpl.

Features: Oh man, just look at this beast. The front ordinary grille has gotten bold and covers half of the headlamps. Front projector headlamps get a new set of LEDs which includes 1 big and 4 new DRLs. The overall design of the bumper has been revised, which holds the grille and also merges with the front wheels arches.

In the center of the grille, you get company badging surrounded with plastic finished in metallic grey. At the rear, you get a sleek proposition of tail lamps and DC badging.

Just like the front bumper, the rear bumper has gotten cosmetic surgery. Now, it holds the twin exhausts with a number plate in the middle and chrome finishing. Talking of Interiors, the DC-modified Fortuner comes loaded with varieties of Interiors features. Ordinary seats are replaced with Leather Captain Seats with automatic reclining up to 150 degrees.

  • Aircraft-inspired ambient lighting system.
  • Rear folding tables with glass holders.
  • Two 10.4” LDC screens with USB, a 7-liter chiller (refrigerator), and reading lamps.

With all of these features, there’s an inverter to run all electronic appliances while the engine is switched off. Looks like you are a fan of Fortuner. Consider reading about modified Toyota Fortuner SUVs in India.

Price: The Modification cost of the Toyota Fortuner DC Lounge ranges between Rs 7-12 lakh, which is considerable for the features list, and the OMG looks.

10. DC Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift In White Color

Specifications: DC-modified Swift offers 1 Diesel and 1 Petrol engine. The tried and tested Diesel motor offers 1248 cc while the Petrol engine comes bolted with 1197 cc. Both engines come with an option for Manual and Automatic transmission. The fuel economy is really good. It depends on the fuel type, the mileage of the Maruti Swift ranges between 18 to 25 kmpl.

Features: Let’s review some basic changes which have been made by DC. In front, it has received some basic modifications change and looks identical to the ordinary model.

These basic modifications include a front grille & bumper, fog lamps & LED DRLs, etc. If I talk in detail, you get a whole new bumper. The fog lamps have shifted to a new location which is now just below the headlamps. You also get a new set of LED DRLs that holds 6 LEDs in total. The dual-tone bumper now holds an inbuilt body kit which is awesome. Have you seen the wildest Maruti Omni modified in India?

Look at the back, you get the same story. Nothing has been touched except the bumper, which now gets a wide grille with no practical approach (Just to make it bolder). Look inside, you will get to see a different world. Every element has been reworked. You get a sporty dual-tone dash, seats, and some small elements like air vents. Everything still remains the same.

Price: The modification cost of DC Swift ranges between Rs 2-3 lakh.

11. DC Modified Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Hyundai Elantra In Black & Red Color

Specifications: The Hyundai Elantra comes with 2 engine options. The Diesel engine gets a 1582 cc motor, and the Petrol offers a more powerful 1999 cc engine. Both engines come with an option between Manual and Automatic transmission. The fuel economy is not so good in petrol variants. Depending upon the fuel type, Hyundai Elantra has a mileage range from 14.59 to 22.54 kmpl.

Features: The first thing I have noticed in this sedan is the sticking black color. Amazing, isn’t it? In exteriors, the front of the sedan has been reworked and now gets a dual-tone bumper with a new grille.

The DC badging is placed in the center of the carbon black grille. Headlamps and fog lamps are still the same. Thinking of buying a new car? Check the most fuel-efficient cars in India.

Look at the side, you get a new set of multi-spoke Alloys with colored brake calipers. There’s DC badging in the lower body kit. At the rear, the bumper has been revised, which now holds twin triangular exhausts with a red diffuser in the middle.

The interior gets a dual-tone dashboard, door sills, and pads, sports seats, and the center of the wheels. Unlike the VW Polo and Fortuner, Hyundai Elantra remains the stock model.

Price: The modification cost of the DC Hyundai Elantra is between Rs 1-3 lakh.

12. DC Modified Honda City

Honda City Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Honda City In White Color

Specifications: India’s most loved sedan, the Honda City, comes with two engine options. The DC design Honda City comes with a 1498 cc diesel engine, while the Peppy Petrol has a 1497 cc engine. Depending on the fuel type of the vehicle, the Honda City has a mileage range from 17.4 to 25.6 kmpl.

Features: OMG, this is an amazing transformation. Well, Honda City is one of the best-looking sedans in its segment. Every car buyers love the design and overall package.

The front widebody kit, which includes a wide dual-tone bumper with integrated LED DRLs, looks bold. The shiny black grille behind the kit holds the company badging. On the engine hood, you get a faux air scoop which looks nice but useless.

If you look at the side profile, the designers have changed the lower body kit with red finished stripes with DC badging on it. Alloy wheels are the same. At the rear, everything is a stock unit except the bumper. Here, you will see a widebody dual-tone combination bumper with chrome-finished twin exhaust.

Inside the cabin, there are no such changes. You get a dual-tone finish with leather upholstery and a few gadgets.

Price: The price of Honda City modified by DC varies between Rs 1.5-3 lakh.

13. DC Modified Ambassador

Ambassador Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Ambassador In Pearl White Color

Specifications: The DC Modified Ambassador comes with 2 Diesel and 1 Petrol Motor. The two Diesel engine gets a 1489 and a more powerful 1995 cc engine while the Petrol gets an 1817 cc engine. There’s no automatic option. You get a 5-speed Manual transmission. Depending on the fuel type, the mileage of the Ambassador ranges between 10 to 14 kmpl.

Features: At the front, the Designers have replaced the conventional headlamps with a projector and parking indicator inside.

Everything looks neat and clean. The front bumper has been reworked, which now packs a new black and chrome finished grille with a new set of fog lamps. The side profile of the Ambassador remains untouched except for the dual-tone finishing and a new set of Alloys.

The rear of the car follows the same theory to look minimal and gives Ambassador a rich look. The tail lamps and the bumper has received a new job. You get a reverse gear light on the bumper, which is nicely worked.

Price: The Ambassador car modified by DC price ranges between Rs 3-5 lakh.

14. DC Modified Mahindra XUV 500

Mahindra XUV 500 Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Mahindra XUV 500 In White Color

Specifications: Mahindra XUV 500 offers 1 Diesel and 1 Petrol engine. Both engines come with the same engine capacity of 2179 cc. The SUV is available in both Manual and Automatic transmissions. Depending on the fuel type, the mileage of the Mahindra XUV 500 ranges between 13.8 to 16 kmpl.

Features: In the exteriors, there are a few noticeable changes. Like, the front bumper got reworked, which adds more aggressiveness to the SUV. Look down, you will find a new set of fog lamps. The big black center grille provides the necessary ventilation and also adds a sporty touch.

You would have noticed a set of extra grilles just below the headlamps. If you haven’t noticed yet. Let me tell you more, designers have provided a faux ventilation grille that was supposed to cool down the front tires/disc brakes, but here it ends, just adding a bit of sportiness to the front profile.

At the rear, except for the bumper and chrome pipe, there are no such changes. Coming to the Interiors, here you will spend most of the time.

There is a dual-tone dashboard that you can customise according to your favorite color or texture. The seats are wider and offer more comfort than the stock model. You get a few best features that are equivalent to a business-class airline.

These features include pilot seats with massage and heat function, a chilling box with a different sizes on offer, 2-LCD for your entertainment needs, multiple reading lamps, an Ambient mood lighting system, etc.

Price: The modification cost of DC Mahindra XUV 500 is between Rs 5-7 lakh.

15. DC Modified Renault Duster

Renault Duster Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Renault Duster In Brown Color

Specifications: The DC-modified Duster comes fitted with 1 Diesel and 1 Petrol engine. Diesel variants get a 1461 cc engine, while the Petrol variants come with a more powerful 1498 cc engine.

The SUV is available in both Manual and Automatic Transmission. Well, both variants are good in fuel economy. Depending on the fuel type, the Renault Duster has a mileage range between 14.1 to 19.8 kmpl.

Features: Well, at first look. One won’t be able to identify the name of the car. Am I right? The DC Design has done a fabulous job on the exteriors of the Duster. The front profile of the SUV is completely changed. The front projectors have been replaced with a strip of 10 LEDs.

Here LEDs are not just to enhance the looks, they offer practicality too. The front grille looks neat and holds the DC badging in the center above.

Front fog lamps have changed. Now offers 2 sets of fog lamps which come surrounded by a chrome finish plastic. At the rear, there are a few minimal changes, like the tail lamps have gotten the black finish, Renault logo has been replaced with the DC text logo on the back lid door. You get a new set of custom-designed 10-spoke Alloy wheels.

Inside, there are a lot more changes. The front of the SUV comes with a wood gloss finish, which includes the dashboard, steering, door panel, etc. Coming to the back seat, here you get a lap of luxury.

Everything you see has covered with premium leather. You get feature-rich piolet seats with lots of tech features. There’s 1 adjustable LCD screen to watch movies. Rest all things come standard, like a table for a laptop, a chiller box, reading lamps, ambient lighting, etc.

Price: The modification cost of the DC Renault Duster is between Rs 4-7 lakh.

16. DC Modified Thar Urban Mod

Thar Urban Mod Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Thar Urban Mod In Bright Yellow Color

Specifications: The DC-modified Thar comes bolted with 2 Diesel engine options. The first Diesel comes with a 2523 cc engine while the more economical one has a 2498 cc motor (This mentioned model in the above pic could have any type of engine). The true off-roader SUV is available in Manual transmission only.

Depending on the engine capacity of the SUV, the DC Thar Urban has a mileage of 16.5 to 18.06 kmpl.

Features: Have you identified the original mode behind the modification? Trust me, I haven’t. The Thar has gone through major cosmetic surgery, and the result is magnificent.

The front of the SUV has received a few drastic changes, like the front headlamps with chrome plates, a new radiator grille, a more flexible plastic bumper that holds a set of fog lamps, and the number plate of the Urban SUV.

At the rear, cosmetic changes have gone continued. You get the new fixed roof with the proper seating arrangement for 2 passengers. The spare wheel sits between the rear center of the Thar and is aligned with the rear bumper. There’s a set of new Alloy wheels with wide-profile tires.

In interiors, there are no such mind-boggling changes. You get a few standard modification changes like the dual-tone dash with a new steering wheel, a colorful gearstick cover, a chilling box, wider seats with leather touch, etc.

Price: The modification cost of DC Thar Urban Mod is between Rs 2-4 lakh.

17. DC Modified Lounge Innova Crysta

Innova Crysta Modified by DC Design
DC Modified Lounge Innova Crysta

Specifications: The DC Innova Crysta comes with 2 Diesel and 1 Petrol engine. The Diesel engine offers 2393 cc, on the other hand, the more powerful Petrol has a 2.694 cc engine. The SUV is available in both Manual & Automatic transmissions.

So, the next question is – Kitna deti hai? Talking of fuel efficiency, the Toyota Innova Crysta has a mileage range between 10.7 to 14 kmpl which is good considering the size, weight & power of the engines.

Features: This is the most luxurious SUV by DC Design I’ve ever seen. In exteriors, there are a few changes, like wide-body kits and chrome-finished exhaust pipes. Overall you will get to see minimal modifications outside.

Step inside, and you get a whole new arena. Everything you see has been finished in detail. The first row of the SUV has received a few changes like the dashboard got wooden work, leather-wrapped seats, door inserts, and a steering wheel.

Let’s check the rear, the first thing you would have noticed is that 3rd row has been removed. As a result, you get enough legroom to stretch your legs. There are two bigger and wide seats with a host of features like an automatic footrest, neck support, an infotainment system with 2 LCDs, and several speakers. Except for all these, you also get some of the basic features like ambient lighting, a reading lamp, an inverter, and massage functions.

C’mon, what else do you need? You have gotten a never-ending business-class experience in just a few lakhs. You should also check the Ford Endeavour modified SUVs.

Price: The modification cost of DC Lounge Innova Crysta is between Rs 8-12 lakh.

18. DC Modified Mahindra Scorpio

DC Modified Mahindra Scorpio
DC Modified Mahindra Scorpio

Specifications: DC, also known as DC2, is famous for its cosmetic and functionality changes. You can expect the same with this modified Scorpio. This model comes powered by a 2.2-litre diesel motor, which is quite good for pushing 140 bhp of raw power and a healthy 320 Nm torque. There is a manual 6-speed transmission system that helps in transmitting all raw power to the wheels.

Features: On the outside, the DC-modified Scorpio gets an all-black matte finish. The bonnet has been tweaked and gets a scoop as an accessory (not functional). The front stock grille has been redesigned and replaced with a cross grille which gives it more muscle.

At the rear, everything remains similar except for the muscular bumper and DC logo. Not just that, designers have covered all chrome things with a black finish. The front bumper and grille get LED lights that function like DRLS, though headlamps are stock units.

Saying of modification, the DC2 has not changed a lot. The side profile is similar to the stock variant. Although, the SUV gets a new set of alloys and roof-mounted LED lamps.

Inside, this modified Scorpio has not received any significant changes. Basic light features and seat covers were changed to match the exterior color theme.

Price: The basic modification price of Scorpio ranges between 2-5 lakh. Although, it depends on the features and types of equipment you want to fit in an SUV.

Finally, you are aware of all DC Modified Cars. We all have to appreciate the designs and prototypes made by Dilip Chhabria. Everything is extraordinary and sets new benchmarks in the Automotive Industry. With that said.

Did you know?

DC Design is one of the best car modification Companies in India. So, which one is your favorite car on the list of DC Modified Cars? Also, if you have any suggestions or in case I missed something, please let me know in the comment section.

19. DC California

DC California
DC California

Specifications: Don’t go on looks. This designed model is based on BMW E64 6-Series two-door sports coupe. In terms of capacity, petrol & diesel motors come with a 3.0-liter capable of propelling between 255 to 282 hp. The first model came into existence in 2005 as a coupe and convertible body style.

Features: DC California was inspired by Ferrari California. It got lots of curves – bonnet, side & back. The front and rear are striking, in any case. You can see minute details with slim-looking LED headlamps and the DC logo in the middle.

Due to design, as it is not a convertible, DC California misses the windshield & pillars. However, you get a silver-finished F1-like rollover structure. Step inside, and there is orange upholstery, sporty seats, and door-mounted speakers.

Price: The brand hasn’t disclosed the modification cost.

Below are additional features in DC California:

  • Multi-spoke silver alloy wheels
  • Scissor doors
  • Centrally mounted trapezoidal exhaust pipes
  • Sporty rear diffuser

20. DC2 Kia Carnival XLLounge

DC2 Kia Carnival XL-Lounge
DC2 Kia Carnival XL-Lounge

Specifications: DC Kia Carnival comes packed with a 2.2L BS VI diesel engine. All power is transferred to the rear set of wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. In terms of power, the modified Kia Carnival offers 200 ps and a max torque of up to 440 Nm. By default, factory-made Kia Carnival has 7, 8, 9, and 7 VIP seats.

Features: Similar to Innova & Fortuner, car modifier has converted Carnival into an XL-Louge for four adults. On the outside, you get 2 major changes – Tripple projector headlamps that now come fitted on the lower grille/front bumper & revised front headlamp spaces with mesh DC2 logo. In addition, DC2 has also implemented side skirts all around the SUV.

Inside, the whole color theme has been changed. The new beige color looks roomier and feels premium – DC2 can design any color combination for your Carnival. There are wooden trims, 2 custom-made electronically adjusted recliners with armrests & a big screen. The inner roof line has been revamped using leather wrapping/Chrome plating and now gets updated ambient light.

Price: The Modification cost of the DC2 modified Kia Carnival is 15 lakh.

21. DC2 Volvo XC90

DC2 Volvo XC90
DC2 Volvo XC90

Specifications: The capable SUV is powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged and supercharged engine. This engine develops up to 316 horsepower via an 8-speed automatic transmission. Here, all power is sent to all wheels.

Features: This modified version of the Volvo XC90 features some notable design changes. The most noticeable modifications include the bulky front and rear bumpers, which give the vehicle a more aggressive and muscular look. Additionally, the car has been fitted with scissor doors, which add a touch of exoticism to the car’s overall appearance.

Inside, it features a new seat design that is both comfortable and supportive, making it an excellent option for long drives. The front and rear lamps have also been revised, giving the vehicle a more modern and sleek look.

One of the most surprising features of this modified Volvo XC90 is that it only has two doors – Usually a Volvo XC90 sits 7 passengers. This design choice further adds to the car’s unique and exotic appearance.

This modified Volvo is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of the XC90 platform. By making some strategic design changes, DC2 transformed into a one-of-a-kind vehicle that stands out from the crowd.

DC Car Customer Care Details

Below are updated DC car modification contact numbers & e-mail details:

For Concepts and OEMs (Valid for all of India)

  • Vinod Patel – (+91 9325079017) vinod@dc2.co.in

For standard packages, custom vehicles, and specialty vehicles (Valid for North India)

  • Nihal Bajaj – (+91 8826600131) nihal@dc2.co.in

For standard packages, custom vehicles, and specialty vehicles (Rest of India)

  • John Colaco – (+91 9870133333) john@dc2.co.in
  • Business Email – kanchan@dc2.co.in (Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 6:00 pm)
  • Press & Media Queries: kanchan@dc2.co.in


Who is Dilip Chhabria or DC?

Dilip Chhabria, also known as DC, is an Indian car designer and the founder of the world-class car design studio – DC Design. He is the man behind DC Avanti (India’s first sports car). That’s not all, he has designed several vanity vans, airplane interiors, and utility vehicles for Celebrities and Industrialists.

How to contact Dilip Chhabria?

One can contact DC Designs via their website or a nearby DC design showroom in your city.

What is the net worth of Dilip Chhabria?

In 2018, the net worth of DC design was more than ₹800 crore. Source: Outlook

What is the full form of DC cars?

The DC stands for Dilip Chhabria. He is the man behind this iconic Automobile design company.

Who is the best car modifier in India?

No doubt, DC Design is the best car modifier in India. He has designed different cars & buses for various Indian as well as International celebrities/businessmen. Some of the clients of DC Design are Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, etc.

How much does it cost to modify a car?

Truly speaking, there is no limit. It depends on what type of customization you want and the quality of it. You can start with a few thousand and end with lacs.

What is the most sold DC car?

According to Throttlebias, DC Avanti is the most sold car of DC design. They have designed and manufactured India’s first sports car in collaboration with Toyota.

Are DC cars legal?

Yes, all DC Modified cars and vehicles are 100% road legal. DC Design major works on the beautification of the vehicle. They change the colors, features & other gadgetry parts that don’t come under RTO rules and regulations.

Does DC still modify cars?

Yes, DC still modifies cars, but the company has rebranded and changed its name to DC2. You can find varieties of car and modification services on their new website – dc2.co.in.

How to buy DC-designed cars?

You can buy a DC car the same as you experience a new car with any brand. All you need is to visit their facility and ask them for the best modification quote. However, I recommend you check different used car dealerships such as BBT and buy low-cost.

What celebrities or persons own DC vehicles?

Indian Bollywood celebrities such as Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, John AbrahamSanjay Dutt own DC tuned Vanity vans or other vehicles.

What kind of vehicles are offered by DC in India?

Currently, DC only offers customization of all kinds of cars, travel trailers & buses (Vanity Vans).

Image copyright belongs to respective owners & the DC Design. You can contact me to remove the watermark. 

Again, there is no limit to customization. The cost of modification may be varied on the make, model, variant, and type of features you want.

Written by Shailesh Thakran

Hi, I'm think tank behind Throttlebias. I love blogging, mainly about Automobiles. Via Throttlebias, I want to educate & share in-depth articles about Car Detailing and related areas. Outside Throttlebias, I love to write marketing & stuff.

119 thoughts on “21 Best DC Modified Cars With Modification Price In 2023”

  1. Hello,
    Superb collection n information. Looking at the pictures, I am thinking to mofify my Duster. Where can I get the direct contact details.

    • Hi Vivek,
      Thanks for your feedback man. Coming to your query, below is the list of the best car modifiers in Delhi & NCR.

      1. Motor Concept
      2. Autopsyche
      3. Crave Design
      4. Performance Zone–K & N Air Filter
      5. Wicked wheels
      6. Autotude
      7. SKG Modifiers
      8. Fine Auto Electric Works
      9. Performance Auto
      10. Avcardesigns

      You would find relative & contact information just by searching their names.

      • Hi Jagathes, thanks for the query. Sorry to tell you that Throttlebias is just an automobile blog, not a car modify company. You can contact the nearest car modification company or garage to modify your HM Ambassador.

  2. Hi,
    I am fan of DC design, I would like to buy car which was modified by DC. I would like to know if DC would be selling modified cars. Where I can get or check for DC modified cars. Can you please suggest me here.

    • Hi Darshan,
      Good to know that you a BIG fan of DC designs. Answering your query, DC designs has their dedicated showrooms in different cities where you can directly purchase your custom modified car (like – Toyota Fortuner, VW Polo, and etc). They also offer modified services, in case you have any car and want to pimp it up, you can contact them directly by reaching to their showrooms or through the website. 🙂

  3. I want to modify my honda accord 2001 model. I don’t need sporty looks but relatively good bussiness class sophisticated design.

    • Hello Vimal, there are many authorised workshops to modify your Honda Accord (2001). To do so, I need your location to give you the best suggestions.

  4. Sir, I have 2014 model Fortuner and 2016 model Scorpio, I just wanted to update their interior with a 10-inch infotainment system and leather(say artificial leather) wrapping on the dashboard and door panels and other places where it is done. Sir, live in Jhansi place approx 450 km from Delhi. Sir suggest a stop shop where these modifications can be done in my cars. Anxiously waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Ashwarya,
      Thanks for your query. Below is the list of the best car modifiers in Delhi & NCR with Location.

      1. Motor Concept – Kailash Park, Kirti Nagar
      2. Street Devils Customs – Tri Nagar, Delhi
      3. Autopsyche – Silver Oak Farms, M.G.Road (Gurugram)
      4. Crave Design – Near Arjunghar Metro Station, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road
      5. Wicked Wheels – Wicked Wheels, Ghitorni, M.G.Road (Gurugram)
      6. Bhagwati Motors – Nai Walan, Karol Bagh, New Delhi
      7. Jai Auto – Karol Bagh

      You can search these stores as well as their owners respectively and ask for your need with a price quote. That said, there are many shops in Karol Bagh (Delhi). You should visit once.

  5. Jai Shri ram sir, If I want DC modified Volkswagen Polo or swift (diesel model), from where can I buy. My location is shahdol (MADHYA PRADESH).

    • Hello Himanshu, DC design is not available in your city. However, you can send your query to the company’s website or reach out to any showroom located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and etc.

  6. Hello, I have 118NE 1994 model and I belong from Ahmedabad. I want to modify this car. So kindly provide me nearest car modifiers address

    • Hi Anand, thanks for reaching out. There are many car modifiers in Ahmedabad. You can content like – Bhavani Motors, Ashish Motors or any nearby DC showroom.

    • Hi Mehboob, you can go to the official DC design website to see more Images of Modified DC Thar. That’s not all, on the website, you can send them a query for the same. Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi, I have Ford Figo Aspire (Black Colour). I want to modify my car. Can you please suggest for modification or have you any workshop in Odisha.

    • Hi Subodh, as of now, DC doesn’t offer any service in your location. However, you can contact them via their Facebook page.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for the details. Can you please share list of contacts in Bangalore, as I am currently looking for one. I searched for DC, but could not get it.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Prashanth, the company had only one showroom in Bangalore which was opened in 2013. You can look in other cities like Mumbai or Pune.

    • Hello, Debasish. Here are one of the best car modified workshops in Kolkata.
      1. DC Design Kolkata – Contact number (9163895393)
      2. Mad Metal Auto Works – Contact person with number (Susil Panigrahi – 9836210497 & 9432280497)

      • Sir i am from madhya pradesh and have no idea about nearest dc showroom. I want to modify my ciaz. Kindly suggest any option in jabalpur.

        • Hi Swapnil, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, DC Design doesn’t offer any service in MP. You can look for any reputed car modified company for your Ciaz.

  9. Hey, good to read you. I have a seemingly weird query but I hope you’ll be of help.
    I want to connect with someone who can use an electric rickshaw to transform it into a car. In Lucknow.
    Basically a quadricycle.

    • Hello, Nishant. Thanks for the query. Well, there is no such authorise workshop or showroom for this type of work. However, you can contact some of the famous car modifiers or designer outside Lucknow.

  10. I want to modify my tuv 300 PLUS Seating position please provide me contact details else revart me as soon as possible I am from Ahmedabad

    • Hey Shibu, thanks for the query. Here are the top 3 best car modifiers in your location.
      1. Bhavani Motors (Contact number 7698001095)
      2. Ashish Motors (Contact number 9825021898, 9574785262)

      And if you want something premium then you can contact the DC Design Lounge in Ahmedabad.

    • Hello Pradeep, DC design deals in complete car modifications and custom jobs. The company doesn’t sell any kind of accessories online & offline market. Thanks for the query 🙂

    • You can find and contact an authorised workshop like – O2 Garage, Road Rage Custom Builds, Executive Modcar Trendz and etc in your city.

    • Hello Sagar, you can contact – Tutu Dhawan or Patel Cars, both are situated in Delhi. Tell any of them your requirements & get your Padmini restored. Thanks for the query 🙂

  11. I have seen many modified cars, but DC is the best. I want my Mercedes E 200 Petrol WP211, 1998 model, my first owned car which I drove 100,000 Km. to be converted into an extended Limousine. Please quote your standard price.

    • Hi Arun, great to hear that you are one of the auto enthusiasts. I’ve to say, 100k Km is really a commendable job. Well, DC is a top-notch facility to modify your 1998 Mercedes E200. You can contact your nearest DC showroom or modify workshop.

  12. Hello, I was keen to know if an Matador can be modified with good seating arrangement, have an AC and good looks. I need to move my Hockey kids around and would like them to travel in comfort. How do I contact the relevant person and how much would it cost???

    Best Regards, Edgar

    • Hello Edgar, I’m glad that someone still loves – Matador. Coming to your question, of-course, a Matador can be modified. Whether its an AC or anything else, you just name it and car modifiers can arrange that for you. To give you best suggestions, I want to know your location.

      Thanks, Shailesh

    • Hi Rosesh, thanks for the query. It depends on the car and the list of customization you want. However, the average time to modify a car from DC is between 20-30 days.

  13. Hi, I have a Duster 2017 4×4 110PS and I am based in Bangalore. Please suggest me the best workshop, designer for modification. Much of a exterior work and less interior. I might want to look upon for car racing modifications.

    • Hi Kanwal, thanks for the query. You can reach to Motormind Automotive Designs. They are experts in both exteriors as well as the interior. Motormind can do cosmetic changes as per your budget and requirements.

      • Hi shailesh,
        I’ve a Tata Tigor sedan. I want to modify to convertible roof top. Is this possible? Also I need to know the approx price range. Also I live in Bengaluru. I need to know whether you will do at your workshop or you’ve branches or any one you know here.

        • Hi Ifteqar, thanks for the query. Everything is possible in the mechanical world. You can consult from one of the best car workshops like – Pro Kitz Car Modification, Modsters Automotive and etc. These workshops will guide you better in pricing and other requirements.

  14. Hi, whether DC service is available anywhere in Kerala. Please comment. Best workshop to modify force Gurkha seating arrangement.
    You can suggest any best place near Kochi or Alappuzha

    • Hi Anoop, thanks for the query. Yes, DC is available in Chennai. Here’s the registered address – (No-91 Fuso house, Poonamallee High Road Dr.Nair bridge signal corner, Opposite To Wesley Church, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu). You can contact (Phone: 09952925248) their workshop to modify your Force Gurkha. Thanks 🙂

      • I am looking for some mod to my Honda BRV..I went to that place in Chennai today but I think the Showroom is no more there. Neither does the phone number respond. FYI and update..I am now planning to send an enquiry to dc2.co.in..

    • Hi Pratap, these are estimated prices of each model. Actual price may vary depending on the features list and etc.

    • Hi Vimlesh, you can contact few car modification shops in Vadodara, Gujarat – Bhavani Motors, Ashish Motors and last DC Design. Thanks

    • Hi Yatendra, there is a DC Design Showroom near to the Shivaji Stadium (Delhi). In case you find that close, you can visit to DC Design
      (Unit 1 ABW Towers, Gurgaon) office

    • Hi Kuldeep, glad to know. Can you please tell me the city so that I can suggest the best car modification shop or showroom?

    • Hi Sanjay, thanks for the comment. Can you please tell me the city so that I can suggest best modification workshop nearby you. Thanks 🙂

  15. Hi Shailesh,
    very informative article !
    I am living in Hyderabad, I want to modify my 1 year old KWID, can you Please suggest a good car designer in hyderabad.
    is DC presence in hyderabad? can you share their website address.

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

    • Hey Sarath,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      By the way, I’m glad that you picked Kwid for the modification. Coming to your query, yes there are many reputed car designers in your city. Please find the list of few best workshops:

      1. Razen customs
      2. Xenex Automotive
      3. Newmars

      Yes, DC design has a showroom in Hyderabad. Their web address is not working for long time but you can try to reach physical address – Gamet square, 8-2-686/b/55/, Road # 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, 500034.

    • Hi Vishal, thanks for your query. Feel lucky, DC has showroom 165, Shroff House, Dr E Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018. You can visit or contact them for a price quote.

  16. Hi Sir, can you please suggest us any DC showroom in Noida as we have ford Figo 2010 model, we want it to be modifiy


    • Hello Prerna, thanks for the query. Sorry to say but DC showroom is not available in Noida, but you check in Gurugram – Unit 1 ABW Towers, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001.

    • Hi Chetan, thanks for the query. Below are few best car shop/studios in NCR.

      1. Jai Auto (Address – 15/10158, Karol Bagh New Delhi)
      2. SKG Modifiers (J3-8 DDA Flats Kalkaji, New Delhi)
      3. AV Car Designs
      4. DC Design (Delhi & Gurugram)

      Moreover, for the sunroof, I would like to suggest DC. These guys are best in these kinds of custom things.

  17. Hi, I’m in Rourkela, Odisha. I want my Mahindra Xylo customized modify…
    Plz, contact number or address nearest my city or state…

    • Hi Rupali, you can contact for custom modifications:
      1. North India region – Nihal Bajaj (+91 8826600131) nihal(@)dc2.co.in
      2. Other parts of India – John Colaco (+91 9870133333) john(@)dc2.co.in

  18. I used to like it at one time. Now that I look at any of these designs, to be honest I’m truly and utterly disappointed. Neat, clean, minimalistic, simple yet sophisticated is completely missed by miles (or kilometers)!

    No need to have all these cuts, puffy, beefed elements, to make it look muscular. Too many bits and pieces of stuck together and protruding out. If you take a ‘5 Second’ test, it looks fairly good. The more time u spend looking at it, the flaws are obvious, in terms of size, shapes, angles, elements. All these are just overkill.

  19. Hello, I have VW pasaat highline from 2013 and I want to modify it from u. My budget is 3 to 4 lacs and it’s more than it depends on the modification. So please contact me

    • Hi Amit, thanks for reaching out. This blog post is all about information about DC cars. I don’t modify any car. Please contact your nearby DC dealer for the modifications.

  20. I want to Modify Hindustan Motors Contessa to Dodge charger. What will be the cost I have to pay? Want all wooden interior with Nos and White to Black colour with small starring Please update me Asap

    • Hi Surjeet, thanks for showing interest but the configuration you mentioned is impossible. Please try to import a new car instead.

    • Hello Vipul, thanks for reaching out. Below is the list of POC:

    • Automods – 18001234567
    • Ashish motors – 9825021898, 9574785262
    • SP Craft car accessories & modified – 96011 06879
    • You can search for these workshops for the modification.

  21. I would like to modify Innova in Gurgaon. But DC design has closed all their operation except Mumbai. Kindly advise other designers in Gurgaon or Delhi

    • Hello Rakesh, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, there are no such designers that can beat the quality of DC designs. The company has changed the brand from DC to DC2. You can Google or search them on Facebook for the modification work for your Innova.

  22. Dear Shailesh,

    I like all your responses and suggestions.
    I own a Mahindra Verito – 2012 model. I have this thought in my mind since long time, may be after a couple of years, I would like to convert it to a mini-estate model without disturbing it’s length and width only altering the sedan (rear/boot) part of it. It might become something similar to TUV300 but with dimensions equal to Verito. I will also go for some interior enhancements.
    Hope you might have got the design of my thoughts by now!
    Please suggest me if my idea is worth proceeding and good modification consultant in Hyderabad (alternate to DC if possible, I like all DC models but it’s a bit expensive for me).

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi Sivaram, thanks for your query.
      Answering your query, converting Mahindra Verito to a mini-estate is not a good idea. No doubt, this will cost you good. I’m not sure how these car designers tackle structural changes. Resultant, you might face mechanical issues in future. Hope you got your answer, please let me know in case you need any assistance.

  23. Hello sir, I am from Srinagar(JK). I want your franchise. Actually, I want your company’s franchisee to open in Srinagar.
    Can you please tell me the procedure and the requirements?

    • Hello Maarij, you can contact their business person – kanchan(@)dc2(dot)co(dot) between Monday to Saturday (9:30 am to 6:00 pm).


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