6 Best Car Modification Companies In India Market

Similar to the western markets, Indian car modification has seen crazy growth. According to Auto Economic Times, the Indian auto parts aftermarket business is to reach $17 billion by 2025.

Today, Indian roads are very busy thanks to personal income growth and people looking for comfort.

The increasing number of people desiring to own a car is followed by the group of people who are spending on car maintenance/upgrades. This is where the automotive sector starts inclining towards the modification industry.

What Comes Under Car Modification?

Modification helps you to customize your vehicle as per your desire improving both the performance, appearance, or functionality. Some popular types of car modifications in India include:

  • Performance upgrades: This includes installing aftermarket performance parts such as air intake systems, exhaust systems, turbochargers, and intercoolers, as well as remapping the engine’s computer to increase power output.
  • Suspension/braking upgrades: Depending on the vehicle or automaker, it involves upgrading suspension components such as lowering springs, and sway bars. For brakes, modification offers upgrading boosters, discs, etc.
  • Exterior: It includes body kits, spoilers, custom paint jobs, and vinyl wraps. You should also explore normal and luxury car wrapping companies in India.
  • Interior: You can customize fabrics, seats, steering wheels, and gauges, as well as upgrade audio and infotainment systems.
  • Lighting: Lights are the most searched and sold item in the vehicle modification industry. You can customize headlights, tail lights, and fog lights, as well as custom lighting effects such as an ambient system.
  • Rims/tires: It includes aftermarket rims and tires with better performance, looks, and size.

There are several companies in India providing premium modification work such as interior and exterior, a comprehensive range of accessories, and efficient technology to provide a vast variety of customers.

In this article, I’ve researched and listed a few best Indian automotive modification companies which help you to make your vehicle stand out.

Benefits Of Car modification:

  • With car modification, you will be able to customize it as per your personality or taste.
  • The performance of your vehicle will be enhanced.
  • Instead of selling your old bus or van, you can get it converted into a school bus or a campervan adding a good lifestyle.
  • Premium products can add quality to both the interior and exterior of your car.

Drawbacks Of Car Modification:

  • Modifications can cost you a good amount of money.
  • You might find it difficult to resell as others might not be interested in the same modification.
  • A reliable company is required as the products might not be genuine.
  • Sometimes a specific change also causes a vehicle to break down.
  • Modifying a car can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure you check or discuss with your automaker before investing money.
  • Some modifications may be illegal in certain states or cities and may result in fines or penalties.

List Of Car Modification Categories

Car modification can be broadly categorized into several categories, including:

  • Functional Modification: this is done to add on some specifics in your vehicle like a sunroof, navigation system, or a car AC.
  • Performance Modification: this is to modify the tires, brakes, suspensions, engine, and such other things to improve the efficiency of your vehicle.
  • Aesthetic Modification: changes done to the exterior and interior of the vehicle to make it look unique fall in this category. It includes both performance and visuals of the vehicle.

List Of Car Modifications In India

1. Executive ModCar Trendz

  • Founder: Faisal Nensey
Executive ModCar Trendz

Get your car designed luxuriously at Executive ModCar Trendz. The company is driven by the motive of introducing innovative customized cars with iconic interior and exterior designs. EMT is owned by Executive Group and provides services such as modification, lounge, motor home, and vehicle detailing. The brand operates in Mumbai and offers services from Monday to Saturday.

Other details:

  • The team of pros back up the inventive designs of the company.
  • EMT has successfully modified many popular brands.
  • Whether you have a low budget or a high one, here you will get the service you desire.
  • Get your damages repaired at affordable costs.
  • Get warranty support from the company.

Sample work by EMT:

  • EMT has assembled a limited-edition car (Batmobile) for Indian filmmaker Ahmed Khan – check more details!
  • EMT’s innovative idea led them to modify a Toyota Fortuner with a new look – check more details!

EMT address:

  • Plot F-20, Marol M.I.D.C. Area Central Road, Opp. SEEPZ Complex, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 093, Maharashtra, India

Contact details:

  • Mobile:+91 98218 80163
  • Landline: – 022 4222 6800
  • Email: vinod@clubemt.com

2. SKG Car Modifiers

  • Director: Karunesh Gupta
SKG Car Modifiers

With a team holding a decade of experience in the modification business. SKG offers car modification and customization services as per customer’s requests. The brand offers

engine modifications, performance upgrades, or cosmetic upgrades. In addition, you also get graphics options with excellent customer satisfaction.

Other details:

  • SKG Modifies the interior of your car including the dashboard, lights, meter, gauges, etc.
  • Exterior modification services like LED lights, door kits, graphics, bonnet systems, and other things are also provided.
  • Along with this, SKG Modifiers take care of your vehicle’s extra requirements like a car wash or dry cleaning.
  • Body wrapping, ceramic coating, custom paint, car sunroof, and other accessories, for all your needs this is the one-stop solution you can go for.

Special offers:

  • Sunroof modifications
  • Special assisted vehicles
  • Facelifts

SKG services:

  • Caravans and vanities modifications
  • Business on wheels
  • Custom exteriors
  • Automation and hydraulics
  • Customized exhaust system

SKG address:

  • 3-8 DDA Flats Kalkaji, Block J 3, Alaknanda, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Contact Details:

  • Email: enquiry@skgmodifiers.com & skgmodifiers@gmail.com
  • Mobile: 8802001122

3. DC2 Cars

  • Founder: Dilip Chhabria
DC2 Cars

Dilip Chhabria is very popular in the automotive industry for his reputable contribution to wonderful cars. He is the one to design DC Avanti, India’s first sports car. He is also the mastermind behind some of the best cars designed in India like REVA NXR, Tata Sierra, Swift, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen Polo, Mahindra Thar, and many more. I’ve covered more about DC & list of cars modified by his brand.

Other details:

  • DC modifiers customize the look of your car in such a way that it will make your car stand out on the road.
  • From exterior to interior everything is provided attention to give the vehicle a completely different look.
  • DC2 design work is quite famous among celebrities. The brand has designed luxury vanity and office vans.
  • DC Design has been featured in several international car shows, magazines, and newspapers, and has won several awards for its unique and innovative designs. It is also one of the most popular car modification brands in the world.
  • The company has a reputation for creating one-off designs which are not mass-produced.

DC2 services:

  • Conceptualizing
  • Styling
  • CAS
  • Engineering
  • Low-volume engineering of sports cars
  • Low-volume production of sports cars
  • Homologation
  • Custom sheet metal bodies
  • Custom carbon composite bodies
  • Metal chassis and structure elements
  • Woodwork patterns
  • Paint systems
  • Upholstery

DC2 address:

  • DC2 Dilip Chhabria. Keytuo Industrial, Maharashtra 400069

Contact details:

  • Sales: Nihal Bajaj (+91-8860001712 ) or nihal@dc2.co.in
  • Business email: kanchan@dc2.co.in

4. Azad4x4

  • Head: Amit Chadha

Azad 4×4 has been modifying cars for more than six decades now. As the name suggests, Azad4x4 focuses on 4×4 vehicles such as Thar, and Isuzu SUVs.

Unlike other companies in the list, Azad works and is planted in multiple cities like Delhi, Jaipur, and Bangalore where they offer a wide of customizations.

As per my research, Azad4x4 and DC2 offer the same level of technology where each element is designed and manufactured in-house. The brand is well-equipped with modern technology and highly efficient tools to provide the best services.

You can also shop the latest & custom accessories for your vehicle on their website.

Other details:

  • Azad 4×4 specializes in the modification of cars like Mahindra Thar, Renault Duster, Maruti Gypsy, Tata Xenon, Mahindra Scorpio Getaway, etc. it also modifies jeeps and trucks.
  • The company provides a wide array of accessories for vehicles.
  • Exterior, interior, and off-road products, everything is provided for the better modification of your vehicle.
  • Not only can you get your vehicles converted or modified but they can also recondition your old vehicles.

Why Azad for 4×4 Vehicles?

  • Rated best in service and parts
  • Wide variety of hardtop solutions
  • Professional customer services and technical support.
  • High-quality accessories for your ride
  • Wide range of body kits
  • Passionate team
  • Commitment to an excellent experience
  • Pan India branches for wider reach
  • Single window solution

Azad4x4 address:

  • D-19, Sector A2, Trans Delhi Signature City, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201102

Contact details:

  • Amit Chadha: +91 9811059549
  • Email: contactazad4x4@gmail.com / azadmotor@yahoo.com

5. Bimbra 4×4

  • Founder: Taran Bimbra

Bimbra is a Gurugram-based modification company. It is a great alternative to Azad4x4 when it comes to extreme modifications. The brand is quite famous among off-road vehicle owners – especially Thar owners. At the time of updating this list, Bimbra has modified over 5,000 vehicles and sold over 15,000 off-road accessories.

They are superb when it comes to quality and clean modification. Bimbra also focused on customer satisfaction while keeping their parts in sync with safety, reliability, and flexibility.

With its top-notch technology and expertise, Bimbra offers to modify both the functions and form of your vehicle in an affordable range. You will get the quality you’re looking for and the work will be done on time.

Other details:

  • A wide range of high-class performance products and accessories are available.
  • No part of the original body will be cut for modification.
  • Some of the products are imported from countries like Thailand, China, and Dubai while some of them are their own products that have gained recognition in the market like their FRP hardtops.
  • All kinds of 4x4s can be modified here.
  • Similar to Azad, you can check special modification parts on their website.
  • It offers parts via dealer networks in different states.
  • Bimbra offers different sticker brands in sync with Thar’s design.

Bimbra address:

  • 37B & 41B, HSIIDC Phase-5, Gurugram, Haryana 122016, India+91 8567-8567-38

Contact details:

  • Mobile: 8567-8567-38
  • Email: contact@bimbra.in

6. Reddy Customs

  • Founder: Srinivas Reddy
Reddy Customs

Reddy Customs was founded in 2018 and claims as one of the world’s best automotive modifying companies with more than 20 years of experience. The company aims to fix the supply and demand in customized vehicles in India.

You can get your old car modified to stand out on the roads.

Other details:

  • Exclusive products are delivered keeping the customer’s requirements in mind.
  • The team will modernize your vehicle as per the latest automotive trend.
  • The team of extremely competent and skilled technicians customizes the car as per the customer’s desire and checks all the products multiple times to ensure quality.
  • Premium interior products are used to provide an experience like no other.
  • Competitive pricing with customer satisfaction in mind.
  • Like DC2, Reddy Customs has designed vanity vans for Allu Arjun.

Focus areas:

  • Camper van modifications
  • Vintage restoration
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Motorcycle modifications

Reddy Customs address:

  • Gate 1858 52/2, Next to Sai Sagar Hotel, Pune – Nashik Highway, Kuruli, Pune – 410 501, Maharashtra, India.

Contact details:

  • Mobile: 9022240456
  • Email: sales@reddycustoms.com, motorhome@reddycustoms.com

Rules & Regulations For Car Modification In India

List of rules and regulations that govern car modification in India:

  • Safety regulations: All modifications must comply with the Indian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (IMVSS) and the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). This includes ensuring that the vehicle’s braking, lighting, and suspension systems are not affected by the modifications.
  • Emissions regulations: All modified vehicles should pass Indian Emission Standards (IES) set by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
  • Insurance regulations: Invalid modifications can affect coverage and premium. So, it’s important to inform the insurance company about any modifications made.
  • Registration & licensing regulations: All modifications must be reported to the local Regional Transport Office (RTO), and the vehicle registration certificate must be updated to reflect the changes.
  • Noise regulations: Your vehicle should not produce unnecessary noise. All vehicles must comply with the noise regulations set by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
  • Size and weight regulations: All modifications must comply with the size and weight regulations set by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

It is recommended to keep the given standard in check before any modification.


India has a vibrant car modification industry with a variety of companies offering a wide range of services. DC Design, Auto Kraft & Executive ModCar Trendz are some of the popular brands I’ve discussed above.

These companies offer the best solutions for creating unique & stylish designs for luxury and high-performance cars. You get a wide of services such as car styling, custom bodywork, and performance upgrades

With the above discussion, you have learned that modification can enhance the beauty of your car but at the same time, it can also cause a breakdown if the companies are not reliable. So, it is important to go for certified and trusted companies as it is expensive to work and unable to revert.


Is car modification legal in India?

Car modification is legal in India, but it comes with different terms and conditions. You should follow certain rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Road Transport, Highways (MoRTH) and the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). All modifications must comply with the Indian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (IMVSS) and the Indian Emission Standards (IES) to ensure the safety and environmental compliance of the vehicle.

Is changing car color legal in India?

Changing the color of a car in India is generally legal, however, it is important to ensure that the new color chosen complies with the Indian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (IMVSS) and the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Some states in India may also have specific regulations regarding changing the color of a car, and it is important to check with the local authorities to ensure compliance

Can you wrap a car in India?

Car wrapping, also known as vinyl wrapping, is legal in India. Car wrapping is a popular & legal method of changing the color or adding graphics to a vehicle.

However, it is important to ensure that the wrap is installed by a professional and that the wrap is of good quality to avoid any damage to the paint.

Additionally, it is vital to inform the insurance company and update the vehicle registration certificate to reflect the changes. Some states in India may also have specific regulations regarding car wrapping, and it is essential to check with the local authorities to ensure compliance.

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