Ultimate Guide To Car Lengths: Choosing Right Size In 2023

Sometimes we discuss random things in our day-to-day conversation, and one of them I encountered is – what is the average length of a car?

But before measuring the average vehicle length, you need a pro-data to evaluate or measure the car length. Here, I’ve taken 3 cars of each category (car segments or body types) to calculate the average length of a car in feet or mm. So, before you head straight to the list of average car dimensions.

Average Length Of A Car
Car Model as Toy

Let’s get familiar with the definition or answer first, shall we?

What Is The Average Length Of A Car?

The average car length measures around 4523 mm or 14.83 ft. The data has been calculated by measuring 31 cars from different body types or segments. From hatchbacks to station wagons, this comprehensive data will provide you in-depth analysis of average car length in feet or mm scale.

So, I’ve divided the standard car length into 11 categories named as – Hatchback, Sedan, Mid-size SUV, Large SUV, Luxury SUV, MUV, Convertible, Coupe, Pick-up Trucks, Vans, and last Wagon.

If you look at the segments, then the average length of Hatchbacks is 3252 mm. Coming to others, Sedans measures an average of 4143 mm, SUV (mid, large, and luxury) measures around 4571 mm. Below, you can find the breakdown of average car length based on car segments.

Average Length Of A Car Based On Body Types

Segments Length (mm) Length (ft)
Mid-size SUV 399513.1
Large SUV 471815.4
Luxury SUV 500216.4
MUV 460615.1
Convertible 436914.3
Coupe 4759 15.6
Pickup Truck 4319 14.1
Van 4633 15.2
Wagon 4955 16.2

So, as discussed in the starting, I’ve taken 3 three cars from each segment, or you can say body types to justify the average length.

Average Length Of A Car In Feet

Body TypeCarsLength (ft)Length (ft)
Hatchback Kwid12.210.7
Hatchback Kia Rio8.5NA
Hatchback Alto11.3NA
SedanSwift Dzire13.113.6
SedanHyundai Aura13.1NA
SedanHonda City14.6NA
Mid-size SUVTata Nexon13.113.1
Mid-size SUVHyundai Venue13.1NA
Mid-size SUVFord Ecosport13.1NA
Large SUVMahindra Scorpio14.615.5
Large SUVFord Endeavour16.1NA
Large SUVToyota Fortuner15.7NA
Luxury SUVAudi Q816.416.4
Luxury SUVLand Rover Range Rover Sport16NA
Luxury SUVBentley Bentayga 6.016.9NA
MUVToyota Innova Crysta 15.515.1
MUVMahindra Marazzo15NA
MUVRenault Lodgy 14.8NA
ConvertibleFerrari Portofino 1514.3
ConvertibleMini Cooper Convertible12.6NA
ConvertibleAudi A515.3NA
CoupeMercedes Benz CLS16.415.6
CoupeFerrari 488 Spider15NA
CoupeAudi RS515.5NA
Pickup TruckIsuzu D Max V Cross17.417.5
Pickup TruckFord F15017.4NA
Pickup TruckChevrolet Colorado17.5NA
VanMaruti Eco12.115.2
VanHonda Odyssey16.8NA
VanKia Sedona16.8NA
WagonMercedes Benz E Class All Terrain16.216.3
WagonVolvo V90 Cross Country16.2NA
WagonAudi RS6 Avant Performance16.3NA

So now you are aware of the average car length based on the body types. Now, I have got a question for all of you! What if you want to know the length of your car?

Below, I’ve mentioned the best possible ways to find the exact length of your vehicle. Let’s head straight to the solution, shall we?

How To Find The Exact Car Length For My Car Model?

1. Owner’s Manual

Measure car length using Owner Manual
Measuring Car Length Using Owner’s Manual

Every car comes with a bundle of manuals that include guides like service guidance, accessories, and last about car info.

Maybe the car you own offers a different type of manual. In this case, you have to look for the basic manual and find the dimension details.

Whether it’s length, weight, or other relevant details, this manual will guide you for every tiny piece of information regarding the length of your car.

2. Ask The Dealer

In case you haven’t found the details using the car manual then “ask the dealer” is the method for you.

You can contact the local car dealer or showroom via a call. The best part is that you don’t need any document or identity for this. Just call via the number given in your service book. In case you are unable to find the number, you can always visit the dealer’s or showroom’s website.

I think that you will find this method easy and reliable over any given options. If not, then you try the next method given below!

3. Online Car Length Calculator

There are multiple websites available on the World Wide Web. They have repositories of all car make and models. Your next question would be – How to use those websites and measure the length of my car?

Well, visit a website like – Automobile Dimension and put your input in the form of car model, make, and year of manufacture and press on the Next button. Soon after, you will get the details of all related dimensions like length, width and etc. on the screen.

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I personally like this method a lot. You need a few clicks, and your car’s average length will be on the front of you. Thanks to websites like Automobile Dimension, your process to measure the car length is now quite an easy task. Well, let’s move to the next method to know how long is the average car is!

4. VIN Decoder

Free VIN Decoder and Lookup
Measuring Car Length Using VIN Decoder & Lookup

The next easiest method you will find to measure a car is the VIN Decoder. I know, the next step you gonna do is search for the VIN number on your car, but stop. I will tell you the exact place to look for. Before heading to the locations, let’s know the procedure to know the length of your car using the VIN number.

So, the steps are pretty simple. You need to put the number in the input box of the VIN number checker and press the next button. Now, coming to your most apparent query – How to find a VIN number?

Here are the basics to follow before looking for the VIN number in your vehicle:

VIN character count 17-digits in a capital case
First digitCode of the country (country of the manufacturer)

Places to find the VIN number:

  1. Under the right side of the dashboard of your vehicle
  2. On the documents of your car
  3. There might VIN number stamp on your vehicle’s doc

Once you find the VIN number, you can search on Driving Test Org AutoZone to know the length and other details.

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You can’t agree more that knowing the average length of a car is not a practical thing. Every car measures differently in unique proportions. By churning the information related to car length, you just got useful insights into what an average car length looks like. Well, that’s not all. I’ve tried to give you additional information based on all car body types.

In case, I’ve missed something, or you want to know about anything related to a car length and etc. You can drop your question in the comment box below. I will try to revert to the same in less than 24 hrs. Till then, keep loving Throttlebias.


How long is a car’s length in feet?

According to the Throttlebias, the average length of a car measures about 4523 mm and 14.83 ft. This data has been calculated by evaluating 3 vehicles in 11 different body types.

What is the average length of a family car?

It depends on the number of members in a family. On average, the average length of a family car measures between 13 feet and goes up to 17 feet. Under this dimension, you can get any mid-size sedan like Hyundai Aura/ Honda City or a full-length SUV like Toyota Fortuner/ Ford Endeavour.

What is the car measurement standard in countries like the USA, Canada?

MM also known as a millimeter, is a defined standard to measure the length of the car in the USA and other countries.

What’s the average length of a Sedan vehicle?

A normal sedan vehicle measures around Sedan 4143 mm and 13.5 in feet.

Does the length of a car affect its performance?

The length of a car alone does not directly determine its performance as it is influenced by engine power, weight distribution, aerodynamics, suspension, etc. However, vehicle length affects points like maneuverability and turning radius.

How can I find the exact length of a specific car model?

You can refer or visit to the manufacturer’s official website and check the vehicle’s specification sheets, or the owner’s manual. In addition, you can also visit Automotive review websites like CarDekho or Car & Driver for detailed information about various car models, including their dimensions.

Can you provide examples of mid-size cars and their average lengths?

Examples of mid-size cars include the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Ford Fusion. On average, mid-size cars generally range from 16 to 18 feet (4.9 to 5.5 meters) in length.

What are some examples of full-size cars and their average lengths?

Examples of full-size cars include the Chevrolet Impala, Ford Taurus, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300. On average, full-size cars can be around 18 to 20 feet (5.5 to 6.1 meters) in length.

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