27+ Car Number Plate Designs In India For Car Lovers

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We take our car for servicing and other mechanical tweaks, but how often do you check into a car accessories showroom and look for the best accessories for your vehicle?

There is a plethora of accessories available both offline and online, but today we will dig deep into the best car number plate designs in India and their types. Customising a number plate is an excellent option to give your car a distinct look without hampering the default setting of the front and rear of the vehicle. Wait, before we jump to the significance of the number plate, let’s have a look at the best designs. Shall we?

Table of Content:
Car Number Plate Designs
What is Vehicle Registration Number
Types of Vehicles Registration Plates In India
Number Plate & Looks
Types of Car Number Plate Designs 
Price of Car Number Plate Design
List of RTO in India

27+ Car Number Plate Designs In India

Car Number Plate Design Ideas
Yellow Ford Mustang
Registration plate design
VW Polo
No plate design for car
Green VW Polo
Car no plate design
Audi RS 5
Toyota Innova car no plate design
Toyota Innova
SUV car number plate design
Luxury car number plate design
Fancy car number plate design
White BMW
Lamborghini car number plate design
Orange Lamborghini
Fortuner car number plate design
New Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner car number plate
Toyota Fortuner
VW Polo number plate
Red VW Polo
Mercedes G Wagon fancy number plate
Black Mercedes Wagon
Audi RS10 car number plate
Audi R8
Fancy number plate
Classic car
Range Rover number plate
White Range Rover
small car number plate
Green Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
Muscle car number plate
Black Mustang
Vintage number plate
Lamborghini Urus car number plate
Lamborghini Urus
Bugatti number plate
Bugatti Cheron
Alto number plate
Alto Number Plate
SUV number plate design ideas
Toyota Land Cruiser
Skoda number plate design
Skoda Rapid Number Plate
Best car number plate design in India
Red VW Polo
Best number plate design with keychain
White VW Polo
Mustang car number plate inspiration
Red Mustang with Logo

What Is Vehicle Registration Number?

A number plate, also known as vehicle registration number or licence plate is an official identity number allocated to a vehicle during purchase.

Whether it’s a car, bike, truck, tractor or anything that’s running on wheels requires a registration number. A vehicle registration number consists of a combination of a numeric and alphanumeric digit. This number comes sub-divided into state-code, district/area code and the last is the series or unique vehicle number.

Vehicle Registration Number
Vehicle Registration Number

Here, state code starts from A to Z. While the last 4 unique identification code contains 1000 numbers in each series that starts from 0000 and ends with 9999.

Types Of Vehicle Registration Plates In India

There are six different types of car number plates available in India. It depends on the car type, position and a few other parameters that decide what kind of number plate you can use for your vehicle. Let’s dig down all of them in detail. Shall we?

Types Of Vehicle Registration Plates
Types Of Vehicle Registration Plates
  • White number plate with black lettering

 This type of number plate is only used for a private vehicles.

  • Black number plate with yellow lettering

This type of number has been allocated to self-driven or rental commercial cars.

  • Yellow number plate with black lettering

They are only for commercial vehicle purposes like regular taxis etc.

  • Blue colour number plate white lettering

These types of numbers are used on Diplomate’s cars

  • Number plate with National Emblem

The president of India and state governors travel in official cars with a red number plate fitted with a gold Emblem.

  • Black number plate with upward pointing arrow

 This number plate system has been used by India’s military vehicles.

  • Red colour number plate with white lettering

A red colour number plate is used as a temporary number on new vehicles with only 1-month validity.

Now, as we have discussed about the vehicle registration number and its types. Let’s move forward to know more about the car number plate design and ideas.

How Car Number Plate Design Enhances The Looks & Make Any Vehicle Distinct?

To me, a number place of a vehicle is like the final touch-up for any car. Just like other mechanical work, you should also give the maximum attention to the number plate design to make it appealing and reflects your personality.

There are tons of design variations like style, size, car model and budget available for a car number plate. But, before you decide to pick any design, you should understand the basic rules and regulations for the car’s number plate. So, what are they?

  • Dimensions
  • Both front and rear must have the number plate
  • The number plate should follow the colour scheme which is white for private cars and else we have discussed in the car number type (above).
  • The font character on both number plates must have followed the black lettering pattern

Types Of Car Number Plate Designs

3D Gel Plates
Types Of Car Number Plate Designs

Considering the rules and regulations as well as the looks, there are various styles of number plates you can pick both from the online and offline market. Some of the popular styles and design features 3D Gel Plates (engraved colour engrave with font), aluminium embossed number plates, acrylic number plates, custom number plate designs, number plate with backlit, model-specific number plates, etc. These type of number plates designs comes in budget and offers durability.

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Price Of Car Number Plate Design

Depending on the size, car and the style you pick, the average cost of a number plate starts from Rs 400 and goes up to Rs 2000 and above.

List Of Vehicle Registration (RTO) Codes In Indian States & Union Territories

List Of States RTO Codes In India

NameRTO Code
Andhra PradeshAP
Arunachal PradeshAR
Himachal PradeshHP
Madhya PradeshMP
Tamil NaduTN
Uttar PradeshUP
UttarakhandUK, UA
West BengalWB

List Of Union territories RTO Codes

NameRTO Code
Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAN
Dadra and Nagar HaveliDN
Daman and DiuDD
Jammu and KashmirJK
National Capital Territory of DelhiDL

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