12 Best Armored Truck Companies In 2023

Security is essential – Especially when it comes to individuals.

The period of globalisation has awakened many possible threats to the world – especially big businesses, VIPs, etc. The need for security by the authorities and high-end people has given a surge to a new sector.

This also involves top-notch tech.

To assist with the security of both people and valuable assets, companies are offering Armored vehicles along with additional features. These Armored vehicles are designed in various forms and sizes and are also customised to meet the customer’s satisfaction.

All manufacturers are certified by global authorities. In addition, all vehicles go through several tests to mark the safety of the client or package. Despite being bullet and blast-proof, the vehicles also contain different safety features to ensure safety 24/7 given any circumstances.

Enough information, let’s jump to the brand’s list.

List Of 12 Best Armored Truck Companies In 2023

  • Loomis Armored Services
  • Lenco Armored Vehicle
  • International Armored Group
  • GardaWorld
  • RUAG
  • JCBL Armouring Solutions
  • INKAS Armored Vehicle
  • The Armored Group
  • Tata Defence Mobility Solutions
  • Mahindra Armored
  • Rezvani Motors
  • W Motors

1. Loomis Armored Services

Loomis Armored Services Logo
Loomis Armored Services Logo

Loomis was founded in 1897 by Lee Loomis. The brand has been serving different industries for 2 centuries with a secure and economical way of completing their business’ cash or other management cycles.

On a daily basis, the company syncs with brands to collect/delivers cash and valuables across ATMs, Banks, and stores.


  • Nationwide network along with over 4000+ vehicles operating.
  • Top-notch technology and well-trained staff.
  • The process is transparent and complete reports are accessible through a mobile or PC.
  • Smart safes like Titan C, Titan S, and Titan X are used for auditable cash management lowering the risk of any sort of break-in.
  • Services provided are cash forecasting, cash management, cash-in-transit, cash exchange, ATM services, and safepoint
  • Locations include Austria, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Portugal, Norway, France, Finland, Spain, and Switzerland.

2. Lenco Armored Vehicles

Lenco Armored Vehicles Logo
Lenco Armored Vehicles Logo

Lenco Armored Vehicles was inaugurated in 1981. It is the prominent manufacturer of Armored police vehicles for State Police and Law Enforcement Agencies. The US Army, US Marines, US Air Force, and IPF use Armored military vehicles manufactured by Lenco.

The vehicles are perceived to be used for Counter Terrorism, National Defense, and Homeland and Private Security.

Lenco Armored Vehicles
Lenco Armored Vehicles


  • Since its establishment, it has produced more than 6k vehicles in 40+ countries.
  • The trucks are built with Mil-Spec steel Armor plate that defeats multi-hit attacks and the ceiling and floor are shielded against blast.
  • Updated equipment and customised design to fulfill particular necessities of the undertaking.
  • Lenco vehicles are authorised by the agencies for high-risk warrants, Bomb Detection, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal among many others.
  • 100% customised as per the client’s requirements.
  • It offers bulletproof vehicles for 5 significant industries including Fire, Police, Military, etc. Apart from this, you can also explore the list of armored car companies for individual security.
  • All vehicles are maintained and serviced by the brand.

3. International Armored Group

International Armored Group Logo
International Armored Group Logo

With a background of over 3 decades, International Armored Group is a distinguished manufacturer of Armored vehicles in the United States. The firm specialises in modeling Armored components, ballistic glass, prototyping, and engineering. The engineering team with over 60 years of combined experience is eligible enough to re-design any vehicle into a solely protective vehicle.

Categories Offered By IAG

  • Armored personal carriers and MRAPs
  • Law enforcement tactical vehicles
  • Armored SUVs
  • Armored pick-ups
  • Armored sedans
  • Armored ambulances
  • Armored buses and vans
  • Cash in transit vehicles
  • Anti-riot vehicles
  • Special purpose vehicles


  • Their client list includes NATO, US Military, and many other government and non-government organisations.
  • It is the first company to obtain VR7 certification for its Toyota Land Cruiser 300.
  • IAG has well completed its STANAG Level 2A, 2B, and 3A blast certification for its Guardian Xtreme MRAP.
  • Some of their vehicles are Cash-in-Transit vehicles, Armored SUVs, Armored Ambulances, and Anti-Riot vehicles.
  • Regions include Bulgaria, the United States, Arab Emirates, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Turkiye
  • Currently, IAG offers vehicles to the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Turkey, Pakistan, Italy, Bulgaria, and South Africa.

4. GardaWorld

GardaWorld Logo

Similar to Loomis, GardaWorld is a well-recognized firm for providing Armored and security assistance by experienced professionals.

The GradaWorld is considered the world’s largest privately owned integrated security and risk company. Currently, it provides vehicles and security services to over 30,000 brands.


  • To secure the assets of the clients, the company provides physical security, Security equipment, and updated technology.
  • Security planning, vehicles, and assistance are also provided.
  • Smart safes, ATMs, and Vaults are installed for hassle-free cash management vehicles.
  • Their clients are based in Africa, North America, and the Middle East along with government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.



RUAG is a security establishment giving rise to its name for providing security to the Swiss Army and its customers. Being the partners of the Swiss Armed Forces, the availability of military operations, updated technology, and management are given great emphasis. On a daily basis, they focus on satisfying the necessities of their clients.


  • The service portfolio of RUAG covers unique subsystems and tools for fighter jets, air defense, and military vehicles.
  • The provided information can be relied on.
  • Repair services, communication solutions, and extensive maintenance are provided.
  • Trusted by national and international armed forces along with civil security and government agencies.

6. JCBL Armouring Solutions


JCBL is one of the reputed Armored vehicle manufacturers in India. The corporation is backed up by a team having 25+ years of experience in several sectors which assures the secure manufacture of Armored vehicles.

The team stands upfront when it’s tasked to design Security Vehicles for the Indian government – Bulletproof Military Vehicles, Bulletproof Civilian Vehicles, and Troop Carriers.

Categories Offered By JCBL

  • Luxury Armored
  • Armored SUVs
  • Armored Sedans
  • Military Armored
  • Special vehicles


  • All the materials and the vehicle are positively tested before the final delivery.
  • Authorised by many government authorities like Otabu, GFSU, and KVQA to ensure safety.
  • Their product chart covers Armored SUVs and Sedans, Luxury and Military Armored along with personally customised vehicles.
  • Delivery is supplied all over India and Abroad too.
  • The warranty is provided for 2 years or 25k miles, whatever comes first.

7. INKAS Armored Vehicle

INKAS Armored Vehicle Logo
INKAS Armored Vehicle Logo

Based in Canada, INKAS is a promising establishment that specialises in the manufacturing of Armored vehicles – SUVs, Sedans, etc. I will focus on trucks only.

All Armored vehicles are designed using a standard framework. This comes with sync with top-notch innovation keeping sustainability in mind. INKAS makes sure that all vehicles provide the highest quality of security.

In addition, the brand aims to provide excellent customer service with quick turn-around and knowledgeable recommendations.


  • Wide network across the globe.
  • INKAS has been delivering bulletproof vehicles for 20+ years.
  • Cash-in-transit vehicles, luxury Armored Sedans, executive SUVs, and tactical Armored vehicles are some of the vehicles included in their list.
  • The brands offer unique components to provide additional details such as special tires, grills, etc.
  • Apart from sales, you get service, maintenance, spare parts, and exclusive warranty packages.

8. The Armored Group

The Armored Group Logo
The Armored Group Logo

Established in 1992, the company has attained a big name in the security management profession across the world. Their flexible management permits them to fulfill a wide range of services.

  • Passenger protection
  • Law enforcement Armored vehicles
  • Cash in transit
  • Armored personal carriers
  • Special and custom Armored vehicles
  • Used Armored vehicles
  • Parts and services

In terms of business, the Armored Group works with a wide range of private and individuals. TAG has recently started to provide its services to the military sector too.

The Armored Group Vehicles
The Armored Group Vehicles

No doubt, TAG has a world-class engineer and design team to make bullet-proof trucks without compromising essential features.


  • TAG specifically specialises in three categories of vehicles that are personal protection vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, and cash-in-transit vehicles.
  • Their diversity entitles them to customise the vehicles differently to satisfy the customer’s requirements.
  • Their integrity is endorsed by several world-class certifications.
  • The vast service area includes North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  • TAG conducts aggressive tests on vehicles. Check out the sample images given below.
  • It is also a member of the Independent Armored Car Operator’s Association (IACOA).

9. Tata Defence Mobility Solutions

Tata Defence Mobility Solutions Logo
Tata Defence Mobility Solutions Logo

Tata is one of the largest automobile companies in India. The brand focuses on passengers & commercial vehicles – especially trucks, buses, etc.

Apart from the multiple car brands, Tata also contributes to the Indian Army by developing exceptional Armored trucks. In addition, you can also check a wide range of combat support vehicles with all-terrain features and power.

Categories Offered By Tata

  • Armored SUVs
  • Light Armored troop carriers
  • Mine protected vehicles
  • Riot control vehicles
  • Patrolling vehicles
  • Battlefield vehicles


  • With over 78 years of automobile experience – you see the top-notch quality
  • Aggressive testing of all kinds of vehicles
  • Big exporter to different countries
  • Special units to manufacture and design these vehicles in associated with govt. agencies.
  • The backbone of all kinds of Indian forces.

10. Mahindra Armored

Mahindra Armored Logo
Mahindra Armored Logo

M&M is another Indian automobile manufacturer in the list of Armored truck brands. The Indian automaker is also known as SUV king and it holds major SUV sales in India.

Apart from regular SUVs, Mahindra is also engaged in Armour SUVs & truck manufacturing. The brand claims to world’s leading Armored vehicle manufacturer in designing and manufacturing high-quality military vehicles – thanks to the wide range of SUVs.

Categories Offered By Mahindra

  • Armored personal carrier
  • Armored SUVs
  • Armored Pick Ups
  • Armored Bus & Vans
  • Armored CIT
  • Armored Ambulances


  • Mahinda design and manufactures these vehicles in India, UAE & Jordan.
  • Provides separate sales, spares, service, and driving program.
  • Customer for life program
  • Similar to Tata, Mahindra syncs operations with VIPs, Government officials, Army, the Military, and other forces.
  • All products are quality certified by different organisations.

11. Rezvani Motors

Rezvani Motors Logo
Rezvani Motors Logo

When it comes to luxury and military, Rezvani leads all brands listed above. The brand was

founded by Ferris Rezvani and operates in California.

Currently, Rezvani offers 5 trucks for individuals and any kind of agency. As per the brand’s website, you can configure your model as per your interest and requirements. Below is the list of products offered by the brands.

Truck Offered By Rezvani

  • Vengeance
  • Tank
  • Tank Military Edition
  • Hercules 6×6
  • Hercules 6×6 Military edition


  • Rezvani is quite popular for making extreme & luxury vehicles.
  • Jamie Foxx, Rampage Jackson & Chris Brown are a few of Rezvani’s customers.
  • Currently, Rezvani is located and offering its dealership in a single location – California.

12. W Motors

W Motors Logo
W Motors Logo

Based in Dubai (UAE), W Motors is quite popular for performance cars.

The brand was founded by Ralph R. Debbas in 2019 with a focus on building UAE’s own supercar brands. Dubai Police already using their sports cars range – Lykan Hypersport. However, with time, requirements changed and W motors also opted to build trucks. Designed in UAE, W Motors offers a comfortable and bulletproof truck known as GHIATH.


  • W Motors claims to offer high-tech defense and security systems.
  • Unlike other brands, W Motors offer rare tech advancements such as a 360-degree periscope camera, an in-built command center, and many more items.


What is an Armored truck?

An Armored truck is a specialized vehicle designed and manufactured to protect human beings and valuable goods from theft or damage.

What kind of materials are used to make an Armored truck?

Generally, an Armored truck is designed with a combination of materials, including steel, aluminum, and ballistic materials, such as Kevlar.

What kind of security features do Armored vehicle offer?

Armored vehicles are equipped with a variety of security features, including bullet-resistant glass, reinforced steel, locking mechanisms, GPS, alarms, emergency service options, etc.

What types of companies use special build trucks?

An Armored truck is commonly used by individuals, VIPs, banks, jewelry, and other businesses that handle large amounts of cash or high-value items.

Are Armored trucks bulletproof?

During testing different vehicles, there is nothing known as 100% bulletproof. Armored trucks are not completely bulletproof, but they are designed to protect against most small arms fire and other types of attacks.

Can Armored trucks be customized?

Depending on requirements or order size, a special truck can be customised. Usually, customisation includes specialized security features, custom interiors, and more. Brands such as Rezvani offers customisation offers for individuals too.

How do security trucks transport large amounts of cash?

These trucks are equipped with secure compartments and safes that are designed to transport large amounts of cash and other valuable items.

Can we rent security trucks for short-term use?

Yes, some truck companies offer short-term rental options for businesses that need to transport valuable goods for a specific event or occasion.

What are some Indian companies that manufacture Armored trucks?

Brands such as Tata, Mahindra & Ashok Leyland design and manufactures special build trucks.


Money solves all security problems.

So, depending on the country, budget & operations, picking the best company can be tricky. I suggest you check the previous client and ratings.

I hope you find my guide on Armor trucks helpful. Please let me know your favorite USA & Indian brand.

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