11 Tata Owned Car Companies You Should Know In 2023

Tata Motors Limited, previously known as Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company (TELCO), is part of the Tata Group.

The India-based multinational automobile was innovated in 1945 by Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata (J. R. D. Tata). Today, Tata Motors is India’s 2nd largest automobile manufacturer (including commercial & passenger), which deals in passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, coaches & buses.

With over a $35 billion valuation, Tata group holds strong global subsidiaries and associate companies in the automobile industry, including JLR, Tata Daewoo, etc. Moreover, it has over 104 direct and indirect subsidiaries, 9 associate brands, 4 joint ventures, and 2 global operations.

Today, it is headquartered in Mumbai and operates multiple manufacturing plants spread over 125 countries.

The first commercial vehicle was launched in 1954 in collaboration with Daimler-Benz AG. In 1988, Tata introduced the Mobile, followed by Sierra & Indica (1st Indian passenger car) between 1991 – 1998. Later, as a dream of Ratan Tata, TML launched Nano as India’s, or I can say World’s most affordable vehicle.

During the 20s, Tata Motors started acquiring other car makers from UK & South Korea for tech & business enhancements. To date, Tata group has acquired over 104 direct and indirect subsidiaries. Let’s go through the details one by one, shall we?

List Of Car Companies Owned By Tata Group

  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Tata Motors Passengers Vehicles
  • Tata Passenger Electric Mobility
  • Tata Motors European Technical Centre
  • TMFL Holdings Limited
  • Tata Daewoo
  • Tata Marcopolo
  • TML Distribution Company Limited
  • Tata Technologies Limited
  • Tata Motors Insurance
  • Trilix Srl

1. Jaguar Land Rover Automobile PLC

Jaguar Land Rover Logo
Jaguar Land Rover Logo
Founded18 January 2008; 14 years ago (as Jaguar Land Rover)
HeadquartersWhitley, Coventry
Key peopleAdrian Mardell & Gerry McGovern
BrandsJaguar, Land Rover, Rover, Daimler, Lanchester
SubsidiariesJaguar Land Rover Holdings Limited, Jaguar Land Rover Limited, Chery Jaguar Land Rover (50%), Jaguar Land Rover India, Bowler Motors

Tata acquired Jaguar & Land Rover from Ford in 2008. Both brands merged the manufacturing process as Jaguar Land Rover Limited and were renamed JLR Automotive PLC.

JLR is the British’s largest & multinational automobile producer focusing on the design, production, and sale of luxury and sports vehicles globally. The brand is headquartered in Coventry, UK.

Jaguar Land Rover has six main facilities for production and automobile assembly, groundwork study, and development. Five of them are in the United Kingdom, and one is in India.

Vehicles Offered By JLR:

Jaguar VehiclesLand Rover Vehicles
F‑PaceThe New Range Rover
E‑PaceThe New Range Rover Sport
I‑PaceRange Rover Velar
F-TypeRange Rover Evoque
Jaguar XFDiscovery
Discovery Sport

2. Tata Motors Passengers & Commercial Vehicle Ltd.

Passenger vehicle is the next division operated by the Tata group of companies. J. R. D. Tata founded Tata Motors Ltd. in 1945.

India’s most trusted and fastest-growing automobile brand deals in regular passengers, luxury, commercial, SUVs, Pickup, and spare parts.

Tata Motors Logo
Tata Motors Logo

Regarding passenger vehicles, Tata Motors focused on 3 segments – compact, midsize & SUVs. The company manufactures for Indian and other markets in Jamshedpur, Pune, Lucknow, and more plants.

With over 3,500 touchpoints, Tata Motors comprises a wide network of dealerships, services, etc. Apart from India, Tata Motors functions in 26 countries and 4 continents.

Vehicles Offered By Tata Motors:

  • Tiago
  • Altroz
  • Tigor
  • Punch
  • Safari
  • Harrier
  • Nexon

Trucks Offered By Tata Motors:

Tractor TrailersRigid TrucksTippers
Tata Ultra 3021.S Bs6Tata Ultra 1918.TTata Signa 1923.K
Tata Signa 4018.S & LPS 4018 CowlTata LPT 1918 CowlTata Signa 1918.K
Tata Signa 4021.S, 4625.S, 4625.S Esc, 5530.S 4X2, 5530.STata LPT 1918 5L Turbotronn & Turbotronn CowlTata Signa 2823.K Hd 9S
Above is the sample list of commercial vehicles offered by Tata

Website: cars.tatamotors.com

3. Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd (TPEM)

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited is a subsidiary completely owned by Tata Motors. The company unveiled Nexon EV in Dec. 2019 and became 1st mover in the Indian passenger EV market – Thanks to technology, it became a best-selling electric car. Like the IC division, TPEM handles EVs’ designing, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing.

Did you know which software is used by Tata in design? Well, I’ve covered all of them in an article on popular automotive design softwares in the market. Do explore!

Vehicles Offered By Tata Electric Motors:

  • Tiago EV
  • Tigor EV
  • Nexon EV (Jet Edition, Prime, Max, Dark Edition)
Tata EVs
Tata Tigor EV & Nexon EV Prime

Website: ev.tatamotors.com

4. Tata Motors European Technical Centre PLC (TMETC)

Tata Motors European Technical Centre PLC, also known as TMETC, is a subsidiary responsible for advanced engineering, design, and product engineering.

This division was launched in 2005 and is currently headquartered in Coventry, UK. TMETC, the center point of brilliance for locomotive projects and engineering, plays an important and active part in brands such as Land Rover, Trucks, etc.

As per the image, TMETC started from research & development with Tata Sumo, Xenon & lead the launch of Tata Nexon. In addition, TMETC focused on low-carbon, hybrid, and electric vehicle technology for future and light marketable automobiles.

Website: Tmetc.com

5. TMFL Holdings Limited

Tata Motors Finance Limited (TMFL), earlier known as Rajasthan Leasing Private Limited, is an NBFC brand known as Tata Motors Finance Holdings Ltd (TMFHL).

It was launched in 2015 and is currently headquartered in Thane, Mumbai. The company focuses on the “Used Vehicle” finance business and maintains a loan ecosystem of dealers and vendors. Currently, TMFL is working across India & operates from 260+ branches.

Services & Products Offered TMFL:

  • Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicle Loan
  • Small & Light Commercial Vehicle Loan
  • Used Vehicle Loan
  • Passenger Vehicle Loan
  • Fuel Loan
  • Corporate Lending

Website: tmf.co.in

6. Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company Limited

Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle (TDCV) is the most-reputable & 2nd largest heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer in South Korea. The brand was founded in 2002 and acquired by Tata Motors in 2004.

Tata Daewoo designs & manufactures different types of trucks. Though many products of the company were discontinued, some products can still be seen in the marketplace. Currently, it exports to over 92 countries and counting.

Tata Daewoo Logo
Tata Daewoo Logo

Vehicles Offered Tata Daewoo:

  • Novus Series
  • Prima Series
  • The CEN

Website: tatadaewoo.com

7. Tata Marcopolo Motors Limited (TMML)

Tata Marcopolo, also known as TMML or Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd.), is a 49:51 joint venture company of Tata Motors & Brazilian bus manufacturer Marcopolo S.A.

Marcopolo is responsible for manufacturing ready-to-drive buses and coaches. In addition, thanks to the old partnership, Marcopolo helps with future concepts and technology.

This partnership helps with India’s increasing demand for world-class built buses for inter-city and intra-city transportation. Here, the Tata bus division is focused on international quality, comfort, standard, and safety.

Currently, the TMML office & manufacturing plant is headquartered in Karnataka, India. Let’s go through the list of manufacturing vehicles!

Tata Marcopolo EV Bus
Tata Marcopolo Fuel Cell Bus

Vehicles Offered By Tata Marcopolo:

  • City Ride: City bussed with 24 & 45 seater options
  • Starbus ULTRA: New generation buses with efficient engine & operating costs
  • Starbus: Normal BS VI buses, Starbus Skool, Starbus EV

Below are the practical use case of Tata Marcopolo buses;

  • Tata Marcopolo CNG bus in Delhi, India
  • DTC Tata AC Buses
  • Staff & contract buses
  • The Tata Marcopolo CNG hybrid bus (Mumbai)
  • Tata Marcopolo purple AC bus series in Kolkata
  • Tata DTC old bus and Tata Marcopolo DTC new bus side by side rear view

Website: buses.tatamotors.com

8. TML Distribution Company Limited (TDCL)

Tata Motors Limited also owns a subsidiary in a distribution network. The brand was incorporated in the year 2008 & backs the standard support for the distribution of the products through India.

9. Tata Technologies Limited

Tata Technologies is the core & responsible subsidiary of Tata group. This division helps in engineering, product lifecycle management, IT, automotive, digital manufacturing, and more businesses.

Tata Technologies was founded in 1989 and focused on major front-line technologies. Today, it is the 15th largest IT company (as per Fortune India) and focuses on automotive, industrial heavy machinery & aerospace. Currently, TTL is active in 27 countries & 3 continents.

Website: tatatechnologies.com

10. Tata Motors Insurance Broking & Advisory Services Ltd

The following subsidiary of Tata group is an Insurance Broking & Advisory division. TMIBASL is a fully-owned brand that offers end-to-end insurance products for different properties – especially for Automobiles. With 550 operating locations, TMIBASL has a wide presence.

Website: tatamotorsinsurancebrokers.com

11. Trilix Srl.

Tata Motors acquired Trilix in 2010 by purchasing an 80% stake. Launched in 2006, Trilix is an engineering & design company that helped Tata to enhance its automobile styling and design standards in detailed engineering.

Talking about the brand, Trilix is an Italian brand with expertise in architecture, packing, and surfacing macro & micro feasibility.

That’s not all, Tata is one of the few Armor truck companies that back different forces in India and other countries.


Who owns Tata motors?

Tata Motors is owned and run by Tata Group under the supervision of N Chandrasekaran, Venu Srinivasan, Ajay Piramal & other board of directors. This leadership team also runs other Tata group businesses, including telecommunications, steel, and others.

How many car companies does tata own?

Tata group runs over 10 automobile companies, including JRL, Tata Daewoo, Marcopolo, and others. In addition, they also operate 104 direct and indirect brands, including 14 associate or joint ventures.

Does tata own Land Rover?

Tata Motors acquired Land Rover in 2008 and now operating its design, planning & manufacturing process globally.

What’s the role of Ratan Tata in building Tata Motors?

Ratan Tata is an Indian businessman and philanthropist who served as the chairman of Tata Sons, the holding company of the Tata Group, from 1991 to 2012. He played a crucial role in the growth and development of Tata Motors during his tenure as chairman of Tata Sons.

Who are the main rivals of Tata Motors?

Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Hyundai are among the leading automakers in India and compete with Tata Motors in the passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, and SUV segments.

In addition, Tata Motors also faces competition from international automakers such as Toyota, and General Motors.

Why are TATA cars so undervalued?

It is difficult to say why Tata cars may be considered undervalued by some people. I think that the value of a car is ultimately determined by the market and can vary depending on a number of factors, such as demand, supply, brand reputation, quality, and competition.

Tata Motors is a leading automaker in India and has a strong presence in the domestic market, as well as in international markets. However, like all companies, it faces competition from other automakers and may be perceived as undervalued by some people compared to its rivals.

Why are Tata cars cheaper than the competition?

Tata cars may be considered cheaper than some of their competitors because of the pricing strategy, zero dependencies on OEMs, cost of production and materials used in the cars.

Additionally, the competitive market for cars in India may also play a role in determining the prices of Tata cars.

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