9 Best Wheelchair Accessible RV Manufacturers In 2022

Disability shouldn’t put a full stop to your dream of enjoying campsite travel that an RV lifestyle promises. There is no need to become an additional burden on your family while planning a trip. Yes, I’m saying that for a reason!

Today, automotive technology has made it possible for some handicapped RV manufacturers to obtain approvals on recreational vehicle components. A few years back, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was only applicable to buildings and facilities, but not RVs.

These wheelchair accessible RVs are engineered and designed under the direct guidance of wheelchair users. But, of course, safety and comfort are the top priority of these handicapped RVs to provide a memorable trip for a lifetime. In this article, I have done in-depth market research to help you discover the best handicap accessible RV brands that check all the criteria.

This post will review many suitable wheelchair accessible RVs for sale today and the facilities it accommodates. In addition, I’ve noted some essential guides on the features that will help you select the best model.

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Features Of Wheelchair RVs

What makes a good Wheelchair Accessible RV?

Accessibility & modifications make an RV great for any disabled person. Manufacturers should focus on giving convenience for maximum features with minimum task effort. But, at the same time, these RVs or Motorhomes should be cost-effective. Given are some features an RV should offer:

  • Powered wheelchair lift or ramp for easy access inside RV or Motorhome
  • Wider pathways or floor plans to travel inside RV without any issue
  • Safety handles & bars
  • Height adjustable counters (tables & dining) adjusted to the wheelchair-seated position
  • Power enabled adjustable headrest for comfort
  • Roll-In shower & wet baths, which also includes shower seats & sealable doors
  • Accessible power switches
  • Kitchen appliances accessible from a wheelchair seat

& other features

Features of Handicap Accessible Motorhomes

List of 9 Best Handicap RV Manufacturers in 2022

1. Harbor View HV-36C KBB Travel Trailer

Harbor View HV-36C KBB Travel Trailer
Harbor View HV-36C KBB Travel Trailer

Camping just got better with this travel trailer that incorporates dual doors with access with a width of about forty-four inches and a lift for wheelchair. In addition, the 2021 version of Harbor View with the model number HV-36 COBB also offers a central passageway that allows seamless areas to occupy wheelchairs, providing them complete access to different portions of this well-designed vehicle.

The at-home features of this travel trailer are designed with large windows, laminate countertops, residential furniture, and appropriately installed switches that are easy to reach through the wheelchairs. The bathroom features get a brilliant Roll-in fibreglass shower with an adjustable showerhead and assist bars made of good quality stainless steel. There’s a lifted thirty-two-inch bunk bed on the rear, and a double bed on the front, accommodating around six people. Designed with endless opportunity, it has genuinely kept in mind the needs of disabled people.

Harbor View HV-36C KBB Specifications:

Ext Width8 ft
Int Height7 ft
Gross Weight10400 lbs
Cargo Weight2470 lbs
Grey Water Capacity40 gals
Furnace BTU35000 btu
Refrigerator TypeDouble Door
Axle Weight7110 lbs
Water Heater Capacity10 gal
AC BTU13500 btu
Shower TypeStandard
Ext Height11 ft 7 in
Hitch Weight920 lbs
Dry Weight7830 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity35 gals
Black Water Capacity40 gals
Available BedsFull
Cooktop Burners3
LP Tank Capacity60 lbs
Water Heater TypeGas/Electric DSI
Axle Count2

2. Dune Sport H-2 28-Foot Custom Wheelchair Accessible Toy Hauler

Dune Sport H-2 28-Foot Custom Wheelchair Accessible Toy Hauler
Dune Sport H-2 28-Foot Custom Wheelchair Accessible Toy Hauler

Dune Sports has designed wheelchair accessible campers toy haulers with the special needs and requirements of individuals with disabilities. There’s a host of features that are customizable according to the needs. The interior sections offer a wide floor plan, paired with minimal furniture settings, including a couple of flippable sofa beds measuring up to six feet and a dinette table.

The rear part accommodates an electric queen bed deployed for a comfortable sleep. In comparison, the front part is designated for the kitchen and bathroom. It features a thoughtfully created large bathroom with an ADA shower measuring up to thirty-nine inches installed with a splash guard and assist bars for maximum safety. Moreover, lower trailer stance, wide access doors, and ramp gap covers are some practical additions to these trailer RVs.

Dune Sport H-2 28-Foot Specifications:

Sleeps4 to 6
Dry Weight6981 lbs
GVWR10400 lbs
Payload3419 lbs
Freshwater100 gal
Gray Water50 gal
Black Water50 ga

3. Winnebago Adventurer AE Class Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

Winnebago Adventurer AE Class A Motorhome
Winnebago Adventurer AE Class A Motorhome

Winnebago is a well-known motorhome brand in the USA & Canada. The escalating popularity of RVs across the U.S has enabled Winnebago Industries to launch an updated version in 2021. The new Winnebago wheelchair accessible RV has outstanding features like platform wheelchair lifts, wheelchair tie-downs, expanded hallways, and bathrooms. In addition, this modified RV offers a spacious bathroom with an Aria Deluxe 20-inch toilet, an accessible shower with a roll-in facility, and fold assist bars.

This latest iteration also gives you convenient folding doors and handicap accessible furniture. There’s a queen-size master suite in the rear section where up to 4 people can sleep. This is a completely modified version, making it one of the best Class A motorhomes.

Winnebago Adventurer AE Class A Motorhome Specifications:

Exterior Length31′
Exterior Height12’1″
Exterior Width8’5.5″
Exterior Storage118 ( cu.ft.)
Awning Length19′
Interior Height6’8″
Interior Width8.0’5″
Freshwater Tank Capacity78 gal 
Water Heater Capacity6 gal
Black Holding Tank Capacity41 gal 
Gray Holding Tank Capacity42 gal 
LP Capacity76.14 lbs.
Fuel Capacity80 gal 
GCWR23000  lbs
GVWR 18000 lbs.
Front GAWR 7000 lbs.
Rear GAWR 12000 lbs.

4. Newmar Kountry Star 4011 Class A Handicap Accessible Motorhome

Newmar Kountry Star 4011 Class A Handicap Accessible Motorhome
Newmar Kountry Star 4011 Class A Handicap Accessible Motorhome

Since the debut of Newmar’s Kountry Star 4011, it has been a classic addition to the luxury Class A motorhomes for the disabled. These handicap campers have all the stellar features with a plush interior designed for the utmost comfort of disabled people. In addition, it comes powered by a Braun wheelchair lift that provides seamless entry to the motorhome’s interior.

Getting inside, you can locate a vast floor space for unhindered access to different areas. The mid-space is devoted to the bathroom featuring exceptional modifications like a shower with enhanced capabilities to roll in, a handheld showerhead, a giant toilet seat with the availability of assist bars, and a roll-under sink. It also has a queen-sized bedroom, wardrobe section, and entertainment TV.

Newmar Kountry Star 4011 Specifications:

Dry Weight29000 lbs
Payload Capacity9000 lbs
GVWR38000 lbs
Fuel Capacity100 gal
Length40.83 ft
Width101.5 in
Height154 in
Fresh Water Storage 105 gal
Gray Water Storage65 gal
Black Water Storage45 gal
BTU Furnace54,000
Air Conditioner BTU30,000

5. Newmar Dutch Star 4311 Class A Handicap Accessible Motorhome

Newmar Dutch Star 4311 Class A Handicap Accessible Motorhome
Newmar Dutch Star 4311 Class A Handicap Accessible Motorhome

Newmar Dutch Star 4311 is meticulously engineered to deliver uncompromising accessibility to wheelchair users. The entrance leads towards the remotely activated Braun Ability lift. In the central interior of this wheelchair accessible campervan, there’s an extensive corridor providing easy movability across the coach.

Looking forward to its master suite, it’s thoughtfully designed with a queen size bed with ample storage space. It also features a bedside wardrobe along with a sliding mirror door enabled closet. The spacious galley accommodates a huge pantry with a three-burner stove, oven, and microwave. This motorhome provides the ultimate luxury and convenience for wheelchair users.

Newmar Dutch Star 4311 Specifications:

Sleep4 to 5
Dry Weight39000 lbs
Payload Capacity12000 lbs
GVWR51,000 lbs
Towing Capacity15,000 lbs
Fresh Water Storage 105 gal
Gray Water Storage75 gal
Black Water Storage55 gal
BTU Furnace54,000
Air Conditioner BTU45,500

6. Newmar Canyon Star 3911 Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

Newmar Canyon Star 3911 Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome
Newmar Canyon Star 3911

This new founding member of Newmar Mobility Lineup has everything that a wheelchair person can easily rely upon. Its entrance is powered by a Braun Ability wheelchair lift with extra-wide aisles that offer seamless interiors. This wheelchair accessible RV with hand controls facilitates a 30-inch wide passageway from front to back.

It gets you wheelchair-friendly seating with an L-shaped dinette along with height adjustable switches and appliances. The master bedroom is a luxuriously spaced nestling wardrobe and dresser. Also, it’s outfitted with an ADA-approved roll-in shower, shower seat, moulded drainage system, and height-adjustable shower head.

Newmar Canyon Star 3911 Specifications:

Dry Weight26,000 lbs.
Payload Capacity3,900 lbs.
GVWR30,000 lbs.
Towing Capacity15,000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity80.0 gal.
Fresh Water Storage 75.0 gal.
Gray Water Storage60.0 gal.
Black Water Storage40.0 gal.
BTU Furnace40,000
Air Conditioner BTU27,000

7. Newmar Ventana 4311 Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

Newmar Ventana 4311
Newmar Ventana 4311

This Ventana Class A diesel handicap motorhome is arranged with a set of exciting features exclusively meant for handicapped people. There’s a remote control powered lift conveniently designed by the doors to provide swift access. Several bathroom features accommodate a 62” x 36” roll-in shower with a seat, spacious toilet floor, and roll-under vanity.

The rear private bedroom includes a massive pillow-top queen size bed for maximum comfort. It also gets you a wardrobe with a mirror sliding door, a dresser, and above it a Samsung LED 4K TV. This wheelchair-friendly RV is dedicated to making the trip worthwhile with flexible furniture configurations, a well-appointed kitchen with a fine dining area.

Newmar Ventana 4311 Specifications:

GVWR44,700 lbs.
Towing Capacity15,000 lbs.
Fresh Water Storage 105.0 gal.
Gray Water Storage65.0 gal.
Black Water Storage45.0 gal.
BTU Furnace50,000
Air Conditioner BTU30,000

8. Winnebago Forza AE Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

Winnebago Forza AE Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome
Winnebago Forza AE

Winnebago has put some real effort into its design for wheelchair users in all its AE models. This luxury class motorhome is equipped with a power rolling lift door capable of lifting an eight hundred pound wheelchair and a stepwell to smooth access inside. It’s designed with well-thought spacious hallways to move from the rear to the back of the driver’s area.

The bathroom is equipped with faucet controls with an extended lever, adjustable showerheads, sinks that can be coiled under, and raised toilet seats. Kitchen countertops and key appliances are easily accessible from a wheelchair seat. There’s a queen-size adjustable master bed in the rear corner to raise the head as you watch TV.

Winnebago Forza AE Specifications:

GVWR26,000 lbs.
Towing Capacity10,000 lbs
Fresh Water Storage 84 gal
Gray Water Storage54 gal
Black Water Storage48 gal
BTU Furnace27000
Air Conditioner BTU35,000 

9. Winnebago Intent AE Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

Winnebago Intent AE Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome
Winnebago Intent AE

This modern motorhome by Winnebago offers you an easy-to-drive size that readily fits into every National Park campsite. Don’t go by the size, as this compact wheelchair accessible RV gets you some of the best features. The entrance way is engineered with a Braun Ability wheelchair lift door with a remote control that provides entry to a wider aisle.

The interior accommodates a murphy master bed, powered bunks above the lower drivers, and front pull sofas. The entertainment front keeps you glued with two 39 inch TVs. There’s also a dinette with a Hi-Lo table and storage, monitor panels, and assist handles.

Winnebago Intent AE Specifications:

GVWR16,000 lbs.
Towing Capacity10,000 lbs
Front Gross Axle Weight Rating6,500 lbs.
Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating11,000 lbs.
GCWR23,000 lbs.
Fresh Water Storage 51 gal.
Gray Water Storage42 gal.
Black Water Storage 36 gal.

The demand for wheelchair accessible motorhomes is on the rise for offering a better ride to disabled people. Winnebago and Newmar are the major RV manufacturers that brag about their extensive range of models providing top-class facilities.

Also, Dune Sports and Harbor View are the new players to offer handicap motorhomes for sale with modified handicap accessibility additions. So, that’s a wrap with some of the best RVs for the disabled.

Best Websites For Rent Wheelchair Accessible RVs

Glad you decided to try renting specialised RVs. Out of all RV rental companies, Outdoorsy & RV Share offers the best-maintained RVs directly from owners.

In addition, Outdoorsy also mentioned the best way to find a wheelchair-accessible RV and other tips on their blog, or you can also search on Outdoorsy.


How much does a wheelchair-accessible RV cost?

An average wheelchair accessible RV & Motorhome starts at $200,000 and goes up to $350,000.

What are the best-handicapped RV manufacturers?

Newmar & Winnebago are the best selling and famous wheelchair accessible manufacturers in the USA.

What are the best luxury handicap accessible motorhomes?

2020 Winnebago Forza 34T AE and the 2021 Newmar Kountry Star 4011 are the best luxury and comfortable RV you can buy for the family.

What is the size of an RV wheelchair accessible door?

The doorways of any wheelchair designed RV range between 24 to 32 inches. This size is quite enough to travel any standard wheelchair.


  • Winnebago ranked one of the best RV brand for wheelchair accessible users.
  • Winnebago is the only RV manufacturere using Senix sensors to detect obstructions on the floor. This is pretty usefull feature for all users. Not just RV, Senix sensors has been widely used in the automobile Accessibility Industry.

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