10 Best Motorhome Brands In The World

Thinking to buy a new Motorhome for the family?

Well, researching before spending your dollars becomes necessary. Today, as the market is growing, there are various Motorhome brands & types. Generally, Motorhomes comes on the expensive side compared to travel trailer and offers hots of home amenities.

Earlier, we checked the best camper van brands in the world, and you guys asked for Motorhomes brands. To help in your decision, I’ve listed down the best Motorhome brands that you need to know.

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Coachmen Motorhomes
Forest River Motorhomes
Thor Motor Coach
Tiffin Motorhomes
Winnebago Motorhomes
Newmar Motorhomes
Airstream Motorhomes
Entegra Motorhomes
Midwest Automotive Designs
Fleetwood Motorhomes

List Of 10 Best Motorhome Brands In The World

Coachmen Motorhomes

Coachmen Motorhomes
Coachmen Motorhomes

Next on the list is an Indiana based Motorhome manufacturing brand. The Coachmen is a division of Forest River, which was earlier acquired by Forest River. Today, Coachmen designs and manufacturers Class A, Class B, Class C Motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers. Here, you can check the list of best trucks for towing 5th wheel.

Do you know?

The Coachmen has sold 600,000+ units so far.

The company believes in “Dedicated to the enrichment of your life”, reflecting the number of units sold above. Resultant, the Coachmen offers long term value and excellent customer support for their owners. Not just that, to make your buying journey, the company provides online RV tools like dealer locator, how-to videos, payment estimator, guides, etc.

As I told you, the company focuses on after and service. Depending on the Motorhome Class, Coachmen customer service is available via call or email.

Best Motorhomes by Coachmen:

  • Encore Class A Motorhome
  • Nova Class B Motorhome
  • Sportscoach SRS Class A Motorhome
  • Prism Class C Motorhome

Why should you consider Coachmen Motorhomes?

  • Experience – Owns multiple brands with a wide range of Motorhomes, toy haulers, 5th wheels, etc.
  • Brand association & trust – Coachmen owned by Forest River, one of the largest RV groups.

Forest River Motorhomes

Forest River Motorhomes
Forest River Motorhomes

Founded in 1996, Forest River is 2nd largest RV design and manufacturing company in the US. The brand comes under Berkshire Hathaway, which also own other popular RV brands like Coachmen, Dynamax, Palomino, Prime Time, and Shasta. Not just that, Forest River has more than 100 plants and 11k+ employees. This gives an idea about the size of Forest River and the number of products they offer in the USA and worldwide.

Forest River believes in No. 1 customer satisfaction, that’s why they come in our top Motorhome brands list. The Forest River offers Motorhomes and other products depending on your interest, budget, and lifestyle needs.

Like Coachmen, Forest River has a strong group of owners called FROG (Forest River Owner’s Group). The group is made up of 135,000+ Forest River owners and other associated brands. By joining, you can attend RV events, Rally and much more.

Today, Forest River offers RV, Cargo Trailers, Ponton boats, buses, and commercial trucks. You can contact Forest River customer service for any query related to buying and in case of doubt.

Best Motorhomes by Forest River:

  • Berkshire XLT Diesel Class A Motorhomes
  • Georgetown 7 Series GT7 Gas Class A Motorhome
  • Sunseeker MBS Class C Motorhomes

Why should you consider Forest River Motorhomes?

  • Wide range of features – With so many brands and type of Motorhomes, you get various features, floorplans, etc.
  • Buyer Guide – Forest River provides an RV finder that helps to compare different Motorhomes depends on the feature and budget.
  • Brand reputation – Forest River has acquired many RV brands and became a strong rival to other reputed manufacturers.

Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach
Thor Motor Coach

Are you looking for the best collection and quality in Motorhomes? Well, you should definitely check Thor Motor Coach’s collection. It doesn’t matter if you have a budget issue or want to take your pet along, Thor Motor Coach has solutions for you.

Thor Motor Coach was founded in 2010 and became the No. 1 Motorhome brand in North America. In the collection, Thor Motor Coach offers a wide range of Motorhomes – Class A, Class B, Mercedes, etc. Not just that, the manufacturer has a wide range of floor plans which are specially designed for different lifestyles, pets, and budgets.

The company offer excellent sales and support. You can contact customer care, check service location, etc.

Like other Motorhome brands, Thor Motor owners can join the free Thor Diesel Club to enjoy different benefits and meet Motorhomes enthusiasts.

Best Motorhomes by Thor Motor Coach:

  • Tellaro
  • Quantum Class C RV
  • Omni Super C RV
  • Delano Sprinter RV

Why should you consider Thor Motorhomes?

  • Sales & Trust – As per Thor, nearly ¼ Motorhome is by Thor Motorhome. This stat is enough to understand why you should consider Thor.
  • Right fit for everyone – From Class A to C diesel, Mercedes Sprinter to Motorhomes with bunkbeds, Thor offers something for every need.

Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes
Tiffin Motorhomes

Started by the family in 1941, Tiffin is a leading luxury Motorhome brand situated in Red Bay, USA. Being a family running business, Tiffin operated differently from rival manufacturers.

The company is obsessed with quality and takes this as a matter of pride. Tiffin joined the Thor industry in 2020 and majorly built Class A and Class C Motorhomes.

Like Newmar Motorhomes, Tiffin focuses on structural quality. Adding to this, Tiffin has a custom-built chassis that comes with a limited 3-years or 50,000 miles warranty. That’s not all, each chassis is built using precision engineering like dynamometer testing, towing capacity, etc., to check durability, reliability, and performance. What’s about checking the list of cars towed flat behind motorhome easily.

You can shop parts, join Tiffin Allegro Club or contact Tiffin service depending on the type of query and Motorhome.

Best Motorhomes by Tiffin Motorhomes:

  • Tiffin Wayfarer
  • Tiffin Allegro Red

Why should you consider Tiffin Motorhomes?

  • Innovations – Tiffin uses top-of-line technology to stay competitive in the industry. Features like Climate Control, LED lighting system, Multiplex wiring, Smart slides, fibreglass one fitted roof, etc.
  • Brand value – Being a family business, Tiffin takes care of its reputation by serving the best quality and service to the customers.

Winnebago Motorhomes

Winnebago Motorhomes
Winnebago Motorhomes

Winnebago is a 63+ year old and leading Motorhome manufacturer based in the USA. The company was incorporated on February 28, 1958, and builds best-in-class Motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheel travel trailers and boats.

Like Airstream, Winnebago focuses on becoming the 1st RV lifestyle solutions provider by implementing the best technology solutions with incredible customer experience. As of today, Winnebago offers Class A, unique Accessibility Motorhomes and Class C under 25 feet or more.

And being a Winnebago owner, you get an option to buy different outdoors accessories and apparel. The company offers a WIT club, you can join and enjoy plenty of benefits like outdoor adventures, events, and grand national rallies.

Best Motorhomes by Winnebago Motorhomes:

  • Winnebago EKKO
  • Winnebago Journey

Why should you consider Winnebago Motorhomes?

  • Quality – Focused on quality and working every day to improve the product.
  • Innovative – Committed to best in class features. For example, Winnebago offers a wheelchair-accessible RV.
  • Brand Trust – Winnebago Industries is serving for more than 60 years, the company owns several other RV brands and manufactures one of the best-rated Motorhomes.

Newmar Motorhomes

Newmar Motorhomes
Newmar Motorhomes

Newmar was founded in 1968 and now operates from Indiana, USA. The luxury Motorhome manufacturer specializes in Class A & Class B Motorhomes. However, the brand was acquired by Winnebago Industries in 2019.

Started over 50 years ago, Newmar continued involving and designing the most exclusive luxury Motorhomes. They have taken safety and comfort to the next level and installed a list of gadgets like cameras, electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, lane departure, etc. Inside, Newmar Motorhomes gets Wi-Fi connectivity, Navigation, Bose music system, etc.

Newmar Motorhomes emphasises structural built quality that uses the world’s best chassis by Freightliner Custom Chassis and Spartan Motors to ensure that each coach comes out with a rigid, strong framework.

Except for luxury, Newmar offers diesel, gas, super c, mobility, horsepower, and length Motorhome classes. In terms of customer support or any query, you can contact them via toll-free number – 1-(800)-731-8300 or email customerservice@newmarcorp.com.

Best Motorhomes by Newmar Motorhomes:

  • 2022 London Aire
  • 2021 Super Star
  • 2021 Bay Star

Why should you consider Newmar Motorhomes?

Being top 10 Class A Motorhome manufacturers, Newmar comes with certain features and qualities that make the Motorhome special. Let’s check why you should buy Newmar Motorhomes!

  • Company Mission – To give a customer a seamless experience and offer the best-in-class product in the category
  • Kountry Klub – Free of cost membership for all Newmar owners. Kountry Klub helps you up-to-date with latest news, upcoming event or rally and other club benefits.
  • Premium features – Except for ongoing models and Mobility special Motorhomes, Newmar 2022 collection comes fitted latest tech.

Airstream Motorhomes

Airstream Motorhomes
Airstream Motorhomes

Airstream is one of the leading RV brands in the world. The company was founded by Wally Byam around 1920 and specialised in all-aluminium construction.

Today, Airstream operates from Ohio, United States and offers different kinds of travel trailers and coaches. Technically, Airstream doesn’t provide any Motorhome.

Instead, the company has a “touring coach” that matches with Motorhome requirements and come with good pricing. Noticeably, Airstream doesn’t have the option to compete with any touring coach against Class B, B+ and above. Learn more about Motorhome options by Airstream industries.

Best Motorhomes by Airstream:

  • Airstream Interstate 19
  • Atlas
  • Interstate 24GT

Why should you consider Airstream Motorhomes?

  • Design – Airstream is world-famous for its smart and durable design & themes.
  • Quality – No doubt, Airstream Motorhomes are made to last for generations. The brand is manufacturing since 1930, and generation over generation are still using.
  • Community – Known as Airstreams, people associated with the brands are passion-driven and enjoys meetups and events

Entegra Motorhomes

Entegra Motorhomes
Entegra Motorhomes

Based in Indiana, Entegra Motorhomes focus on luxury Motorhomes. The Motorhome brand was founded 50+ years ago and got acquired by Jayco in 2008.

The company promises “Adventure in comfort,” and soon after the acquisition, Entegra is working to make Motorhomes feel like the next home by adding tons of amenities, floorplans, and features. Today, the brand offers Luxury diesel, Gas Class A, Class C and Class B Motorhomes.

Entegra by Jayco offers a 2-year limited warranty or 24,000 miles, whichever completes first. Not just that, Entegra offer Bontrager Family promise, you get honesty, reliability, accessibility, responsiveness, and thoroughness without compromise. You can contact them for sales and service by visiting their website given below.

Best Motorhomes by Entegra Motorhomes:

  • 2022 Cornerstone

Why should you consider Entegra Motorhomes?

  • Peace of mind – Entera offers best-in-class interiors and a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Residential Amenities – Features like LED HDTV, big refrigerators, bunkbed are few amenities offered by the brand, making it one of the luxury Motorhomes brands.
  • Smart Floorplans – Have complete privacy with multiple bathrooms, bunk areas, etc. You can enjoy the best-in-class storage space too.
  • Brand Trust – The band promises unmatched service and repair ownership.

Midwest Automotive Designs

Midwest Automotive Designs
Midwest Automotive Designs

After Entegra, Midwest is the second luxury Motorhome brand on the list. The company specializes in Sprint Van custom modifications and offers best-in-class options. Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, Midwest design started its customising operation when Sprinter Van came into existence.

Depending on your requirements or lifestyle, Midwest can offer you lots of customization options like wheelbase, colours, fabric, lighting, etc. Once you pick, Midwest’s in-house craftsmanship team will tailor-make your Motorhome or Sprinter Vans. You can contact Midwest by calling at (574) 522-4878 or drop a line at sales@midwestautomotivedesigns.com.

Best Motorhomes by Midwest Automotive Design:

  • Lux-cruiser
  • Luxury Mobility Sprinter Van
  • Signature Custom Conversion Sprinter Van

Why should you consider Midwest Automotive Design?

  • Good range of conversions – Setup like a luxury mobile office, professional, athletics, luxury mobility sprinter van, etc.

Fleetwood Motorhomes

Fleetwood Motorhomes
Fleetwood Motorhomes

Fleetwood is another reputed motorhome manufacturer founded by John C. Crean in 1950. The company has provided consistent quality and reliability to new motorhome consumers for the last 65 years.

Owned by the REV group, Fleetwood offers Class A & B motorhomes with best-in-class quality and prices. The company is headquartered in Decatur, Indiana and operates 18 manufacturing plants. Total 7,400 employees are producing more than 20,000 vehicles per annum.

Best Motorhomes by Fleetwood Motorhomes:

  • Class A Motorhomes: Bounder, Storm, Southwind, Terra, Terra SE
  • Class B Motorhomes: Irok

Why should you consider Fleetwood Motorhomes?

  • One of the oldest & trusted RV manufacturers
  • Fleetwood uses state-of-art material & innovations for RV & motorhomes
  • Multiple solutions such wheelchair accessible, customised interior & etc.
  • Limited warranty of 1-year/15,000-mile coach warranty & 3-year/45,000 mile structural warranty.
  • Excellent service & repair network in Oregon/Indiana

Noticeably, Fleetwood is one of the top-selling RV manufacturers in the market.

Hope you like the list of best Motorhome brands. Don’t forget to tell your fav. Motorhome brand and why?


Which Motorhome manufacturers are rated best?

According to sales, customer service, and users, Forest River, Coachmen, and Winnebago are rated best.

Who makes the best quality Class A Motorhomes?

Coachmen, Thor, and Winnebago are considered the best quality Class A Motorhome manufacturers.

What are the top 10 Class A Motorhome manufacturers?

1. Coachmen Motorhomes
2. Forest River
3. Thor Motor Coach
4. Tiffin Motorhomes
5. Winnebago Motorhomes
6. Newmar Motorhomes
7. Airstream Motorhomes
8. Entegra Motorhomes
9. Midwest Automotive Designs
10. Keystone Motorhomes

Is motorhome reliable?

Yes, an average motorhome is good for 15-20 years. The reliability of any motorhome or RV depends on the brand and its periodical maintenance such as parts replacements, servicing, etc. If you maintain properly, then it will run smoothly.

Which is better, diesel or gas motorhome?

Compared to gas, diesel motorhomes are more fuel-efficient. An average diesel motorhome gives between 8 to 18 mpg, whereas a gas motorhome limits to 8 to 10 mpg only. You can plan your next trip by calculating your RV mileage online.

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