What Is A Loaner Car & How To Get From Dealership?

A Loaner car, also known as a demo or courtesy car, is offered as an alternative vehicle by your car dealership, an insurance company, or a workshop. You can use Loaner cars for the time your personal car is getting fixed or any other issue. Usually, Loaner cars are rental-free, but you have to fill gas to use.

What Is A Service Loaner Car?

A service loaner car is offered by your car’s workshop/garage to drive your day-to-day routine while your vehicle is getting serviced or fixed. A workshop uses Loaner cars to give you a good smooth experience and get more business in the form of online reviews or word of mouth for other customers.

Please notice that not all workshops offer Loaner cars.

What Is An Executive Loaner Car?

An executive demo or loaner car is registered in the dealership’s name. These vehicles are used as demo cars for interested customers. Not just that, various dealership uses executive loaner car to showcase in shopping malls, roads, or at different public attraction points.

What Is An Insurance Loaner Car?

An Insurance Loaner car is a replacement for your accidental vehicle. Usually, an Insurance company offers this facility in a change of small money with your car insurance. You can use their car until they approve and process your claimed car insurance without paying a car rental company any extra fee.

How To Get A Loaner Car From Dealership?

A Loaner car is not available for all customers because of the limited number compared to the number of vehicles getting serviced. However, you can request your car dealership manager to arrange a Loaner car. He will listen to your issue/requirements, or if you are a loyal customer, you will get within 1 or 2 hours. Here, depending on the car’s availability, you can get any car from the brand. All you need to do is clear some formalities – Id proofs, licence copy, etc. and you are ready to use your Loaner car from a dealership.

Please notice – Big brands like BMW & Mercedes usually mostly offer the same Loaner car as you already drive. However, you can ask them for a different model. I recommend checking the list of different types of cars with body types.

What Loaner Cars Does BMW Give?

BMW dealership offers all kinds of sedans like 3 Series, 5 Series & 7 Series. That’s not all, they also provide X3, X5 or even X7 loaner cars to their loyal customers.

What Is The Difference Between A Loaner Car And A Rental Car?

A Loaner car is issued for some time by your car dealership, workshop, Insurance, etc. It is used as a facility vehicle until the vehicle gets serviced or gets an insurance claim.

Whereas a rental car comes in exchange for money. You can rent any vehicle for any time, such as hours, days, or even monthly subscriptions. Here, rental prices depend on the rent duration and car model.

Do Dealerships Care About How Much Mileage You Put On A Loaner Car?

Dealerships don’t care about the mileage of a Loaner car. Depending on the utility and allotted period, you can drive your Loaner car anywhere. Usually, a Loaner car comes in good condition.

What Loaner Cars Does Mercedes Give?

Mercedes-Benz offers GLA, GLE, and GLS as a Loner vehicles in SUVs. Moreover, you will see Mercedes-Benz E-Class, C-Class, CLA, etc.

If A Loaner Car From A Dealership Involved In An Accident, Whose Insurance Pays?

Claiming Insurance for a Loaner car depends on case to case basis. In this case, the Dealership is directly involved in claiming the Insurance. If the accident claim is above the Dealership insurance coverage, then you will be an added person to pay the accidental damage.

Is It Advisable To Buy A Loaner Car?

Depending on the miles and car condition, you should consider buying a Loaner car. A Loaner car, more often, comes in good condition and at low prices compared to any used car in the market.

What Happens If You Crash A Dealership Loaner Car?

As the Dealership is the direct owner of the Loaner car, they will claim for the vehicle’s Insurance, and max of damage will be covered. If the car’s damage is above the Dealership’s coverage, you will be the second party to pay for accidental damage. You can also read about Immediate steps to follow after a car accident.

What Loaner Cars Does Audi Give?

Audi offers their best-selling cars and SUVs such as A4, A6, A7, Q2, Q5, Q7 and so on.

Do Loaner Cars Have Trackers?

Yes, most Dealerships use GPS trackers on their Loaner cars. As per companies, trackers are used for safety and security.

Do Loaner Cars Have Cameras?

No, a Loaner car doesn’t come fitted with a camera. However, a rental company like Hertz uses a dashcam or other cameras.

I hope you got your answers about what is a Loaner car and related queries. Please drop your feedback or more question in the moment section below.

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