How Much Does A DoorDash Driver Make In 2023?

The amount a DoorDash driver can make varies depending on several factors, such as the number of deliveries they make, the distance they travel, and the time of day or week. According to reports, DoorDash drivers can make around $12 to $25 per hour on average.

However, some drivers have reported earning more or less than this amount. Additionally, DoorDash also offers incentives and bonuses which can increase a driver’s earning potential.

Let’s understand in more detail!

How Do DoorDashers Make Money?

Let us understand how the drivers make money with DoorDash. The total earnings of a DoorDasher are divided into three scales, base pay, promotions, and tip.

DoorDashers Payment System
DoorDashers payment system
  • Base pay: DoorDash base pay amount for Dashers is about $2 to $10 per delivery taking distance, estimated duration, and profit of the order into consideration. Higher base pay is provided to the Dashers when there are deliveries that take longer than usual. These kinds of orders are not very popular with Dashers as they have to travel for a long, so the amount is increased.
  • Promotions: Another chance for making more money with DoorDash is to earn some extra bucks through promotions. It includes Peak Pay and Challenge Bonuses we plan to start within the following months. Dashers can make some extra money through Peak Pay per delivery when it’s busy. Challenge Bonuses credits better rewards to the highly active Dashers which backs them up for meeting their weekly or monthly earning goals.
  • Plus Tips: The tips given by the customers directly go to their Dasher’s pocket as extra dollars. Customers tip the Dasher as soon as the delivery is done or at the time of finalising the order. The tip amount given doesn’t affect the Promotions and base pay amount of the Dasher. The tips credited to the Dashers are displayed in a breakdown of the Dasher’s earnings before or after the delivery are shown.

Factors Involved In Earning Potential:

The amount a Dasher makes includes various factors. Mainly, we can divide earning factors into three parts, the Dasher, timings, and the location.

It depends on the Dashers how much they know about this market, what kind of time they are devoting to this job, and whether they want to make a living out of it or just some extra dollars. It also depends on the orders they pick; the relationship they have with the company staff and the kind of services they provide to the customers.

  • Timing: It is a very important factor. The amount of time you are giving to your job plays a significant role in deciding what you make. Morning hours can be slow and on the other hand, lunch can be your peak time for delivering orders and you will earn more during that time. So, your availability at the right time is essential.
  • Location: It is another significant factor. Some places are densely populated and drivers get orders quickly in an hour or two while other places might not have a large number of orders and of which drivers in those places might not make a good income out of it. On average, the stats says that a DoorDash driver can make somewhere from $15 to $25 per hour. Dashers get paid a set delivery fee amount. The amount of time the Dasher has worked on the services and the total fee calculates the hourly wage.

How Do You Get Paid With Doordash?

  • Weekly: Get paid automatically every week to your claimed bank account.
  • Daily: Drivers can select Fast Pay to get earnings once per day for a small fee. You can read the official T&C for more info.
  • Instantly: Get instant deposits for no fee, plus 2% cash back on gas.*

What Does A Doordash Driver Do?

DoorDashers Make Money
A DoorDasher with a delivery bag

Millions of people are ordering food daily to save some time, to have fun, or to show their care towards someone. When a customer makes an order with DoorDash, the delivery is done by the Dashers. DoorDash drivers are called Dashers. They earn their money by picking up the order and delivering it safely. I also suggest you read more about riding earning potential such as Uber, Lyft & Ola.

Is DoorDash Beneficial For Drivers?

How beneficial DoorDash can depend on the three main factors we talked about earlier, but on a safe scale, we can say that DoorDash is a good way to make some extra money in your free hours.

Can one make a full-time living out of it?

Well, again it depends on the knowledge you have about this market, your availability and timing, and your location. If you are well aware of how the services work and you are working a dedicated job or choosing peak hours then yes, you can make a full-time living out of it.

You should consider the orders giving you good tips as some generous tips which go directly into your pocket is a good way to earn extras in less time.

Things To Be Considered Before Being A Dasher

Being a Dasher means you should be smart enough to know that you are earning more than your expenses, otherwise what’s the point of doing this hustle when you are cutting high from your wages?

  • Mileage expenses: Your profit as a Dasher will be fluctuating with the national per-gallon gas amount. It also depends on how many miles you can make per gallon. A thorough record kept by you of the distance you travel can help you save money on fuel by filing Schedule C but if you are up for the standard deduction then you won’t be able to deduct distance expenditures.
  • Taxes: Being a Dasher you will have to pay local, state, and federal income tax on your earnings. You will also need to pay self-employment tax on your earnings for social security and Medicare.
  • Vehicle Upkeep: You will have to maintain the maintenance cost of the vehicle too. You will have to pay for the wear and tear and all kinds of repairs needed by the vehicle.

About DoorDash

About DoorDash

DoorDash is a firm connecting people with the best customer services providing companies in their neighborhood. The company is generating more ways for people to earn conveniently. The service is available in countries like Germany, Japan, Canada, the US, and Australia. While focusing on the needs of customers and local services they are endorsing the economy on the local scale.


Dashers believe that DoorDash has become the king of this market.

People making orders for deliveries with DoorDash are satisfied with the customer services and people make a decent amount of money out of it depending on the time they are available for their work.

It might not work well for every Dasher but if you want to make some money during your free hours then some little research and dedication might help you with it.

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