6 Best Automobile Magazines In India

Automobile magazines and event shows are a few of the best ways to keep yourself updated on automotive news around the world.

Enthusiasts seek knowledge and hope to buy one day, whereas buyers look for research purposes or maybe ROI.

That’s said, India manufactured more than 51+ lac vehicles in the last 2 years, making it the 3rd largest automobile market in the world. This demand indicates that “Indians” have upgraded their lifestyle and may be crazy about automobiles.

Resultant, India is a good hub of different automobile news websites and portals like CarDekho, CarWale, etc., but none of them provides an automotive print magazine.

Don’t worry; I got you covered! From recent car news to in-depth articles, reviews to comparisons, these magazines in India will help you keep updated. So, without further ado, let’s jump on the list. Shall we?

1. EVO India Magazine

EVO India Car Magazine

Evo India is one of the fastest-growing automobile magazines an automobile enthusiast can buy/read in India. The magazine comes under GTO publishing and has been churning great pieces of content (blogs/videos) since 2015. Evo is headquartered in Pune, India and led by Sirish Chandran with an excellent team of 15+ auto addicts.

In terms of content, you will get unbiased reviews/news of the latest happenings in the automobile market. This includes a car, bike, or, you can say, everything related to wheels. Well, that’s not all. Being an auto psycho, this magazine/website will help you stay updated in the motorsport world too.

Also, if you use Spotify or Youtube, then I suggest checking out automobile podcasts such as EVO. You should subscribe to their channel and stay up-to-date.

Features of EVO India Magazine

  • Car News
  • Bike news
  • Comparisons (cars, bikes & scooters)
  • First rides/drive (cars, bikes & scooters)
  • Car & bike reviews
  • Motorsport news & articles
  • Long term reviews
  • Features
  • Podcast

Team of EVO India Magazine

As you are familiar, Sirish Chandran is the Editorial Director and also the man behind the EVO India publication. He holds an engineering degree in mechanical and has served in the automobile publication industry for decades.

Sirish actively participates in rallies and races. Not only participation, but he has also won many of them. Except for EVO India, he also manages two other magazines – Fast Bikes India and Motor Sport India. Well, this was an excellent intro-cum-achievements of Mr Sirish Chandra. Let’s take a look at his core team of writers and editors, Shall we?

  • Sirish Chandran (Editorial Director & Publisher)
  • Adil Jal Darukhanawala (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Abhishek Wairagade (Principal Correspondent)
  • Staff writers

Price of Evo India Magazine

The single issue of EVO India magazine comes with a price tag of Rs 180*. However, you can also subscribe for 1 year at Rs 2160 and 2 years for Rs 4320, respectively. Also, you can get free merchandise or goodies if you consider purchasing a 1 or 2-year subscription.

TermPrice* (Rs)
1 year (12 ISSUES)2160
2 year (24 ISSUES)4320

*You can get up to 36% discount on a yearly subscription on newsstand price and Rs 1000 automobile merchandise from the 100kmph store. A true automobile enthusiast should check the list of best car quotes

2. Autocar India Car Magazine

Autocar is a veteran of the automobile journalism industry. It is a British automobile magazine which is managed by Haymarket Media Group.

According to Wikipedia, it is the oldest & one of the best-rated car magazines in the world. Autocar was started in 1895 and later on started operating in other automobile markets like China & India.

In India, we all are familiar with it Autocar India.

It is a collaboration between Autocar & Sorabjee automotive communications, which was signed in September 1999. For those who don’t know, Hormazd Sorabjee is the editor and the man behind Autocar India.

Autocar India offers a variety of content on different mediums like a monthly magazine, digital version (website) and videos on their YouTube channel.

Autocar India Car Magazine

Just like EVO India, you will see the latest news related to the automobile industry of India and globally as well (limited coverage as it is the responsibility of Autocar UK). But, one particular feature that makes Autocar India different from the rest is the forum and asks Autocar section. The forum feature helps the users to discuss a particular topic related to cars and bikes.

On the other hand, in the Ask Autocar feature, you can drop any question with details like your email, name, etc., and team Autocar India will suggest you the best answer.

Features of Autocar India Car Magazine

  • News (cars, bikes, motorsports, industry, marketplace)
  • Reviews (first drive, comparisons, video reviews, long-term of cars and motorcycles)
  • Features (travelogues, blogs, interviews)
  • Galleries
  • Ask Autocar anything
  • Forum
  • Poll of the month
  • Compare cars

Team of Autocar India Car Magazine

With a team of 100+ automobile nuts, Autocar India packs impressive talent. Here are a few faces of Autocar India that you should know and definitely follow.

  • Hormazd Sorabjee (Editor)
  • Shapur Kotwal (Deputy Editor)
  • Akbar Merchant (Assistant Editor)
  • Renuka Kirpalani (Editor and Anchor of Autocar show)
  • Sergius Barretto (Managing Editor)
  • Rishaad Mody (Asst. Editor – Motorcycles)
  • Nikhil Bhatia (Associate Editor)

Price of Autocar India Car Magazine

Autocar India magazine is available at Rs 180* for a monthly copy. You can also purchase a yearly subscription offered by the publisher. The following are the prices for the subscription:

1 year (12 ISSUES)1380Via registered post
1 year (12 ISSUES)1260Via normal post
3 year (36 ISSUES)3600Via registered post
3 year (36 ISSUES)3240Via normal post

3. Overdrive Automobile Magazine

OVERDRIVE Car Magazine

Like Autocar, Overdrive is amongst the oldest and most trusted automobile content provider in India. Oldest because they have been publishing car and bike content for 20+ years and have become better and better.

Unlike Autocar & EVO India, Overdrive is owned by a well-known publication group known as Network18 Media & Investments Ltd.

Overdrive is headquartered in Mumbai and has a presence across print (magazine), web (website), television (overdrive show) and various events like racing as well as product launches.

The publisher aims to target all young buyers and automobile enthusiasts across India. The publisher delivers high-quality content in various formats like reviews (cars, bikes), first drives, road tests and comparisons (cars and bikes). Well, you also get the latest news, features, opinions and motorsports content.

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You can do extensive research on any car and bike using their find option. That said, you get all the latest updates via their just-launched and upcoming section on the magazine and website as well.

And if you are interested in watching the latest updates on TV, then you can browse their weekly episodes on CNBC TV18, CNBC Awaaz and CNN IBN. In the editorial, Bertrand D’souza is the Chief-in-Editor who makes sure that every piece of content you read is top-notch. With that saying, let’s jump to the features list of Overdrive India Magazine. Shall we?

Features of Overdrive India Magazine

  • News (cars, bikes, motorsports, opinions & press releases)
  • Reviews (car & bike reviews, first drive, road test and comparo)
  • Features (interviews, sponsored, etc.)
  • Photos (cars & bikes)
  • Trending
  • Poll
  • Mobile app (iOS & Android)

Team of Overdrive India Magazine

Overdrive features the most experienced and veteran automobile experts and journalists on board. Reading and watching the content by people like Vikrant Singh, Shubhabrata Marmar & Jamshed Patel is truly a blessed situation for all automobile enthusiasts. Well, there are so many people on the list so let’s get going!

  • Bertrand D’souza (Chief-in-Editor)
  • Bob Rupani (Features)
  • Rohit Paradkar (Assistant Editor)
  • Vaishali Dinakaran (Motorsport Editor )
  • Simran Rastogi (Principal Correspondent)
  • Tuhin Guha (Correspondent)
  • Aditya Chatterjee (Principal Correspondent)
  • Karun Chandhok (Racer & Features Writer)
  • And rest staff writers

Price of Overdrive India Magazine

Overdrive automobile magazines can be yours at only Rs 180*. However, just like other publications, Network18 also offers subscription-based on 6, 1 and 2-year issues. Not only this subscription will help you to save money but it will also keep you away from the monthly purchase schedule. Here is the updated price of Overdrive India Magazine:

TermPrice (Rs)
6 months (6 ISSUES)750
1 year (12 ISSUES)1299
3 years (36 ISSUES)3240

4. TopGear India Car Magazine

No doubt, Top Gear is the greatest automobile magazine and website in the world. Also, one of my favourites. Why so? Well, credit goes to the number of crazy people out there – Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness & Chris Harris.

Just like Overdrive, Top Gear is a part of the world’s most popular news network – BBC. Top Gear was launched in October 1993 and has headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Earlier, the publisher was limited to a few categories, but later on, after watching the potential, they started to cover things like racing, supercars, F1, motorsports, and so on.

During this article, Top Gear is publishing in top automobile markets like France, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, and the United States.

TopGear India Car Magazine

Saying of India, Top Gear launched an Indian version published in 2005. It was a brand collaboration between World Media Pvt, aka Times Internet Group and BBC Group. After churning out a fantastic piece of content both for websites and magazines, this collaboration has come to an end. Yes, you read that right, BBC has decided to wind up Top Gear India.

But no worries, you can still enjoy the subscription to Top Gear International. Let’s have a look at the best features and offerings by Top Gear.

Features of Top Gear Magazine

  • News (various sections like trending, games and much more)
  • Reviews (road test & car finder)
  • Electric cars (latest reviews on YouTube & magazine)
  • Top Gear Garage (long-term tested and verified cars, reviews)
  • Retro (retro car news and reviews)
  • Video (author’s videos, drag races, top gear magazine videos)
  • Top Gear TV
  • Big read (in-depth reives & comparisons)

Team of Top Gear Magazine

As I told you guys, Top Gear has the best and most searched automobile journalist in the world. Ok, wait! What makes TopGear different from the rest of all? The only difference lies in the way to represent and drive. It’s CRAZY, I tell you. The team members and especially Chris Harris. That’s said, here is the list of Top Gear team members:

  • Paddy McGuinness
  • Andrew Flintoff
  • Chris Harris
  • Sabine Schmitz
  • And staff writers

Price of Top Gear Magazine

You can purchase the yearly subscription to Top Gear magazine for £84.58 only. This package includes 12 print magazines, and the publisher delivers them worldwide.

If you are one who likes to save paper, then you can also subscribe to their digital magazine. You can visit the Top Gear website and subscribe for £29.99 only. This subscription includes 13 digital issues per year.

5. What Car India Car Magazine

What Car India Car Magazine

What Car is an excellent alternative car magazine of Autocar. Although, both automobile magazine belongs to the same company – Haymarket, but What Car is more like an automobile portal, whereas Autocar is a complete magazine. Both of them publish monthly automobile magazines.

What Car has been the no. 1 pick of UK buyers. The first magazine was published and issued back in 1973. That’s not all, the publisher has been delivering fantastic automobile content even before the first magazine and completed 45+ years.

After establishing his footprints in the print magazine, What Car launched its website in 1996. Seeing the growth option and being the world’s second-largest automobile market in the world, What Car launched its print edition for India in 2006.

Compared to Autocar and other rivals, What Car focuses more on car buyers than enthusiasts. Whether in-depth research or reading the latest news as well as articles, What Car has a solution for all.

This car magazine gives a tremendous amount of knowledge via different features available on their websites and magazines. Let’s see what they offer in their features list.

Features of What Car India Magazine

  • Reviews (new cars, used cars and long-term cars)
  • Car deals (new car deals and leasing)
  • News & advice (latest stores with advice)
  • Best section (top 10s, car comparisons, new car awards, used car awards)
  • Service & tools (car valuation, true MPG, car finance and warranty)
  • Vans & commercial vehicles
  • Electric & hybrid

Team of What Car India Magazine

Being a part of Haymarket, What Car and Autocar work in sync. For instance, What Car’s editorial director, Jim Holder, also work for Autocar magazine. Although it is impossible to find the detail of all editorial teams, here are a few names of the What Car team.

  • Steven Huntingford (Editor)
  • Jim Holder (Editorial Director)
  • Darren Moss (Deputy Editor)
  • Will Nightingale (Road Test Editor)
  • John Howell (Deputy Reviews Editor)
  • Alan Taylor-Jones (New Cars Editor)
  • Neil Winn (Senior Reviewer)
  • & Staff Writers

Price of What Car India Magazine

What Car subscription comes with a handy amount of £89 per year. This includes 13 issues/year, weekly e-newsletters with exclusive content, free delivery and a lot more.

For just £16.9, you can also opt. for a digital subscription which you can read anytime, anywhere on your laptop or mobile. The choice is yours.

Do you know about the types of cars? Read the list of different types of cars in the automobile market.

6. Turbocharged India Car Magazine

Turbocharged is India’s youngest car magazines house in India.

The magazine is published by SuperCharged, which operates from its Pune headquarters.

The publication was started by a duo of Sangram Pawar & Abhay Verma in 2020, focusing on performance cars, motorsports, lifestyle, and other things related to automotive.

Currently, SuperCharged has a team of 9+ auto enthusiasts that hold in-depth experience in automotive journalism and churning automotive content for a reader like you.

As of now, the car magazine has a presence as a print magazine, social media, and video platform (YouTube).

Yes, just like other car magazines, Turbocharged doesn’t offer a digital blog or website.

Turbocharged India Car Magazine

Features of Turbocharged India Car Magazine

  • Car & Bike articles
  • Comparisons (cars, bikes & scooters)
  • First rides/drive (cars, bikes & scooters)
  • Car & bike reviews
  • Motorsport news & articles
  • Long term reviews
  • Features
  • Lifestyle & gadgets

Team of Turbocharged India Car Magazine

I can sum up this in just two words – Small and capable. As I told you earlier, Turbocharged has a small team of 7-9 people. Abhay Verma, who is a Co-founder & Editor, also holds tremendous experience in auto journalism. He has worked in all major publications, such as ZigWheels, Overdrive, etc. Not just that, he served as Deputy Editor in BBC Topgear India. Trust me, I have seen his work. Ok, let’s check team members of Turbocharged!

  • Sangram Pawar (Co-founder)
  • Abhay Verma (Co-founder – Editor)
  • Benjamin Gracias (Road Test Editor)
  • Gaurav Chandrashekar (Staff Photographer)
  • Roshni Manghani (Photographer)
  • Abhishek Wairagade (Assistant Editor)
  • Glen Francis (Correspondent)

Price of Turbocharged India Car Magazine

The price of TurboCharged car magazine is pretty amazing. You can buy a single issue at just Rs 150*. In terms of a yearly subscription, there is a 1-year plan for Rs 1200*, 2 years at Rs 2640* and 3- years at Rs 3640 only. Noticeably, I have never seen an automobile magazine at such an affordable rate. That’s not all, you get a special gift on any subscription you buy.

TermPrice (Rs)
1 year (12 ISSUES)1200
2 year (24 ISSUES)2640
3 year (36 ISSUES)3240


Which is the best automobile magazine to subscribe in India?

You can’t judge any car magazine in a single shoot. You can try one thing to find out the best car magazine! Buy any 2-3 magazines among Autocar, Overdrive, etc and pick your style. You can also follow a particular author too. Once you finalize, you can stick to that certain brand and gain automotive knowledge.

Which magazine is the best for a subscription? Autocar India or Top Gear?

Autocar India, as the name suggests, covers domestic media. They focus on Indian cars, bikes and related stories. On the other side, Top Gear usually covers Global news and reviews. Now, it’s up to you, whether you want to consume Global automobile coverage or stick to the Indian automobile industry.

Should I subscribe to Autocar India, Evo India or Top Gear as a pure all-type car fanatic?

I suggest you go with EVO India Magazine. The reasons are many, but one factor is the authority and the type of content that EVO India publishes. It is just top-notch. You will see unbiased reviews, awesome car shoots and, off-course great content. Oh, by the way, did I tell you about Sirish Chandran? He has been writing for cars & bikes for almost 20 years and is an experienced rally driver.

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