Review of Lanmodo Vast Pro (1080p Night Vision System Integrated with Dash Camera)

Driving at night is a dangerous thing given the poor lighting on the roads. To ensure the safety of the drivers and enhance their vision, Lanmodo came up with an amazing night vision device. The Lanmodo Vast pro is a night vision dash camera that is designed to provide HD full-colour and clear vision at night. Let’s get straight to the review!

Unboxing Of Lanmodo Vast Pro Camera

Lanmodo Vast Pro Camera
Lanmodo Vast 1080p Camera kit

The Lanmodo Vast Pro is a device to look forward to if driving at night is inevitable for you. The camera is packed well in a sturdy and high-quality box and contains the following components.

A user manual that contains all the descriptions needed to operate the device.

  • 7.84 inch HD screen with a built-in camera
  • OBD adapter
  • A Base
  • Cigarette lighter plug-in
  • Screwdriver
  • A suction cup

How does Lanmodo night vision camera work?

The Lanmodo Vast Pro 1080P night vision dash camera is the ultimate device that you need for driving safely at night. It is a very convenient device in the sense that you can install it in a hassle-free manner.  You can choose to install it either on the windshield with the help of a suction cup or simply place it on the dashboard.

Lanmodo night vision camera fitted inside car
Lanmodo night vision camera fitment

Lanmodo Vast Pro comprises a 7.84-inch screen that reflects the images of the road in a full-HD resolution of 1080P in both the front and rear camera. The high resolution gives you a crisp and clear image of the road that helps you to spot obstacles well in advance. This night vision system with a dashcam using low-light imaging technology to illuminate the darkest objects at night. Thus, if you are driving under poor lighting then this gadget is your saviour.

Lanmodo car night vision camera overview
Lanmodo car night vision camera overview

It also gives you a broader view of the road with its 45-degree vision. This lets you view wider details on the road and take the necessary actions. Both the rear and front cameras feature vision extending up to 300m which is more than the car’s headlights.

Lanmodo has designed the Vast Pro to work like a pro under all weather conditions. Thus, besides assisting you in the dark, this gadget also stands by you on a rainy day, snowy night, and foggy weather. When bad weather makes the vision blurry, the Lanmodo Vast night vision system will guide you on your journey with a clear road image on the screen.

Lanmodo Vast 1080p modes
Lanmodo Vast 1080p modes

Moreover, the Vast pro consists of a dual recording function of both the front and rearview camera. The device supports storage of up to 128GB and comes with G-sensor too. When the storage gets full the device automatically deletes the older recording, but thanks to the G-sensor, any collision videos are locked for future reference.

Even when your car is parked at night you can rest assured about the safety as it comes with a nighttime parking function. Thus, the cam automatically records any collision.

Who needs it?

Lanmodo night vision
Lanmodo night vision capture range
  • This device is particularly useful for those who often drive at night for reasons whatsoever.
  • Elderly drivers with impaired or weak vision can also benefit from the crispy and clear image displayed by this device.
  • The rearview camera comes with an option for larger truck drivers too. Thus, people driving large trucks can also benefit from this camera. Policemen patrolling the streets at night can also use this device to ensure their safety.

How to buy it?

No doubt, Lanmodo Vast 1080p is one of the best aftermarket night vision for cars. So, if you are floored by all the wonderful features of this device you can reserve it online. You can easily reserve it on Lanmodo’s official site or you can check the latest price with offers on Amazon.

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