11 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers For Off-Road Lovers In 2022

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Are you looking for an off-road camper to traverse the unseen landscape and sleep under the sky? Perhaps hitting the roads with the best Off-road camper trailer will open the possibilities of exceptional experiences. Within the diverse camping areas, you can stretch your off-road driving skills to the maximum.

This self-reliant way to explore the isolated locations and rugged terrains is by towing the best off-road campers available in the market. These off-road RV typically incorporate sturdy materials, raised suspensions, standard safety features, and brawny off-road tires.

These latest mechanisms allow the adventurous campers to rig the foreign locations that might need muddling, water fording, or rock crawling to drive across the rugged topography.

This article will help you to select among the best off-road camper trailers models that will ease your travel experiences in the untamed land. So, without further ado, let’s jump to the list. Shall we?

List Of Best Off-Road Camper Trailers For Off-Roading Camping:

1. Schutt XVENTURE XV-3

  • Price: $12,495*
  • GVWR: 2,350 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 1,500 lbs
  • Weight: 850 lbs

The XVenture XV-3 is an exciting utility trailer equipped with a front-wheel jack and rear adjustable vertical stabilizers and more. It is a superb middle ground product that facilitates a camping kitchen with water heaters, propane systems, 360 degrees onboard lighting area, electric brakes, and a lot more.

Schutt XVENTURE XV-3 Demonstration

The off-road performance with a license plate mount on the tailgate makes it an exceptional choice within a budget-friendly range. It is completely compact and built with military-grade construction materials which makes it ideal to adhere the customer expectations.

2. Taxa TigerMoth Off-Road Camper

Taxa TigerMoth Off-Road Camper
Taxa TigerMoth Off-Road Camper
  • Price: $17,889*
  • GVWR: 2,200 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 990 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 1,310 lbs

The off-road camper from Taxa tiger Moth was specifically designed so that adventure lovers can enjoy it over 7 days without requiring to restock, refuel, or refill. It accomplishes a built-in feature with the electrical system having LED lights, a water system, solar panels, and plenty of internal storage.

The highlight is the wide side hatch that can be opened to instantly enjoy the comfort of being in nature from the cabin bed. The powder-coated steel chassis with a laser-cut aluminium skeleton are the additional features available in this model.

Taxa TigerMoth Off-Road Camper Demonstration

Taxa TigerMoth is made using all aluminium and offers off-road-ready construction, which can be towed by any 3-cylinder or off-roading SUVs like Jeeps.

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3. Airstream Basecamp X

Airstream Basecamp X
Airstream Basecamp X
  • Price: $39,100*
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 2,700 lbs

Basecamp X is the best off-road RV trailer model from the brand Airstream. This lightweight trailer is compatible to be towed with a small half-ton truck or SUV and accommodate life on camping trips.

Airstream Basecamp X Demonstration

It features larger off-road tires, road guards, lifted suspension, solar panels making it perfect as an off-road camper to sustain the wilderness. This secluded recreation vehicle facilitates amenities like a propane heater, wet bath, and other features to support winter adventures.

4. Manley ORV Explore Trailer

Manley ORV Explore Trailer
  • Price: $9,395*
  • Tare Weight: 350 Kg
  • GTM: 907 Kg
  • ATM: 975 Kg

The no-frill budgeted option highly coveted in the market is the MORV Explore Trailer. It offers a stunning clean design, a removable aluminium lid, and all-terrain tires. Sleeping has to be done on the tents on their elevated rooftop for safety in night.

Manley ORV Explore Trailer Demonstration

Even it can be pared down to get a more minimalistic version if you don’t want to spend on these fully-featured facilities. Surely, it’s the best off-road camper trailer under $10 000 to backpack for travel.

5. Opus OP-15 Off-Road Camper

Opus OP-15 Off-Road Camper
Opus OP-15 Off-Road Camper
  • Price: $45,000*
  • GVWR: 6.600 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 1,640 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 4,960 lbs

Opus OP-15 can absorb pretty much anything on the roads. The stubborn exteriors are made with welded and galvanized steel chassis and trailing arm suspension with dual shock absorbers.

Opus OP-15 X Demonstration

Integrated speaker entertainment system, bamboo interiors cabinets, heater, and hot water system with LED lighting ensure you don’t have to sacrifice on the off-road camping experience.

6. NeXtgen Hybrid X

NeXtgen Hybrid X Off-Road Camper
NeXtgen Hybrid X Off-Road Camper
  • Price: $67,990*
  • GVWR: NA
  • Payload Capacity: 661.3 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 5,039 lbs

NeXtgen Hybrid X is the best off-road hybrid caravan that put ticks on most of the off-road boxes is the NeXtgen Hybrid X. This heavy-duty caravan is built robustly with galvanized chassis and aluminium cladded frame.

It appears quite traditional but the thoughtful features like double beds, storage locker, four-seater leatherette lounge, toilet and shower bathroom, kitchen with refrigerator, sink, electric hob, etc., make it stand apart.

7. Escapod Topo Off-Road Trailer

Escapod Topo Off-Road Trailer
Escapod Topo Off-Road Trailer
  • Price: $16,995*
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: NA
  • Dry Weight: 1,600 lbs

Escapod Topo is the most affordable routes to plan your camping journey. It’s not a complete cheap entry, but the best off-road camper trailer under $20000 making it a valuable addition. Another rare aspect is that you can hire it as a rental service for $125/night on a makeshift basis.

Escapod Topo Off-Road Trailer Demonstration

It incorporates a rooftop rack for tent or gear storage. Inside it has a compact space with a sleeping area for two and a rear kitchen with an electric stove, and pull out storage.

8. Forest River R-POD

Forest River R-POD
Forest River R-POD
  • Price: $20,495*
  • UVW: 2,714 lbs
  • CCC: 1126
  • Dry Weight: 2504* lbs

Ensure your camping success with one of the best off-road RV, the Forest River R-POD. It comes with the latest configurations like the PVC rooftop, solar panelling, enclosed tank, central vacuum system, refrigerators, and many more.

The exterior has sturdy welded aluminium sidewalls and floors, LED lightings, custom tinted safety glasses, and other interesting design features. This well-equipped camping trailer maintains safety standards with a breakaway switch, smoke detector, fire extinguisher, safety chain, etc.

9. Terra Trek Trailers

Terra Trek Trailers
Terra Trek Trailers
  • Price: Starts at $34,990*
  • UVW: NA
  • CCC: NA
  • Dry Weight: NA

Terra Trek looks more like a sturdy cargo trailer or off-road pop up campers. It can give a tough competition to the best off-road truck camper that is known to keep people warm and safe. The top-mounted hardshell can be quickly accessed for sleeping quarters meant for supporting large spaces for families.

This roomy aluminium built model accommodates ample storage space with various compartments, a slide-out kitchenette, a dual burner stove and a pumped-water sink. The sturdy design is the best fit for rough adventures but offers a comforting experience to various camping expeditions.

10. Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Trailer

Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Trailer

Bruder EXP-6  is the best 4×4 caravan designed for serious outback travel purposes. This engineered model offers a revolutionary chassis that can withstand 11 times its own weight.

It makes travel supremely comfortable featuring a master bed, lounge section with HD TV, dedicated book storage, toiler, showers, and others. Interestingly, it is also the best off-road pop-top caravan with climate control and a heating system. The electrical awning can be fitted both ways and the hatch gives an instant entryway for inside shelter.

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11. BRX1-Blue Ridge Expedition Trailer

BRX1-Blue Ridge Expedition Trailer
BRX1-Blue Ridge Expedition Trailer
  • Price: $34,000*
  • UVW: NA
  • CCC: NA
  • Dry Weight: 2,450 lbs

If you are hunting for the best off-road camper van brand then the exclusively designed model of BRX1-Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers is an ideal option to explore. It is best suited for campers looking for a getaway in a small, sleek, and compact model.

However, the floor plan of the RV is quite surprising with the ample amount of space curating a small motorhome. It also includes off-road friendly upgrades likeTimberan axle-less suspension, a welded steel frame, mac-coupler hitch connector, LED lighting, solar power, AC, refrigeration and others.

Final Thoughts

Determine the strength of construction if you are searching for tough campers to survive the rugged terrain. Take sufficient time in making the decision to buy the powerful wagon for your expeditions.

Remember, to check all the specifications in both the interiors and exteriors. Possibly a buyer’s guide will accelerate the process and make it simple to arrive at a proper decision.

Hope you liked the list. Do let me know your favourite one below in the comment section 🙂

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