13 Best Cars For Camping & Overlanding In India

Planning to go overland but confused about a perfect camping car, SUV/truck?

Overlanding apps allow you to explore remote travel locations and live surrounded by nature. All you need is a location, a reliable car with some modifications, and accessories such as  – a pop-up tent, food, etc.

Well, it’s nice to plan before making any investment. Depending on the activities and priorities, you can have a vehicle with different requirements, such as 4×4, high ground clearance, cargo space, etc.

In this article, I’ve noted the best vehicles that can be converted into a camper with a minimum of 3 people accommodation. Before we move forward, below is the list of conversion categories based on the vehicle in India.

  • Hybrid Vehicles – As the name suggests, a hybrid vehicle can be utilized for occasionally camping. You can use the rear storage compartment for your gear and goods.
  • Micro Vans – This includes all under 4-meter vehicles with huge rear space, such as Maruti Van, Omni, Tata Venture, etc.
  • Overlander Vehicles – Overlanders are big SUVs with a cabin and rear flatbed for storage, such as Isuzu Dmax, Tata Xenon, Tata Yodha, Bolero Pickup, and Force Trax. etc.
  • Minibus – Minibuses are larger and wider than a microvan and can easily accommodate up to 5 people fully loaded. It majorly includes Force Traveller, Tata Winger, Toyota Hiace, Matador, etc.

Table of Contents

What is the criteria used for choosing a vehicle list?

Before researching, I categorized different requirements during a camping adventure. In addition, I’ve put 10 hours into researching and analyzing different requirements given by ARAI India and noted a few important answers in the FAQs section.

  • Affordability: Probably the most important buying factor for all beginner travelers
  • Capability: Budget decided, what’s next? It includes performance, 4×4, ground clearance, and other important features required while driving in different terrain across India
  • Maintenance: On average, an SUV costs around 10-15k per service. The price might vary depending on the make and model, but what about discontinued vehicles and their parts/services?
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List Of 10 Best Vehicle For Camping In India

  • Isuzu V-Cross
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Mahindra Thar
  • Mahindra Scorpio Getaway
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Force Gurkha SUV
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Mahindra Bolero Camper
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Matador
  • Force Traveller
  • Tata Winger

1. Isuzu V-Cross

First camping car on my list is a Japanese-built SUV – Isuzu V-Cross. Like Toyota, Isuzu is quite famous for its reliable engine and solid build quality. The SUV tackles any kind of terrain without compromising the comfort of passengers.

Isuzu V-Cross Camper
Isuzu V-Cross Camper (Image Source – XS Overland)

Isuzu V-Cross comes fitted with a powerful and efficient 1.9-liter diesel engine with a VGS turbocharger, generating a good 163hp of power and a peak torque of 360Nm. This engine comes mated to a 6-speed automatic & manual transmission with a sequential shift for super-smooth gear shifts. According to the manufacturer, V-Cross is tested for the toughest trails, including roads, rivers & mountains.

V-Cross offers a huge cargo bed that can easily fit a canopy camper or leaves for your storage while fixing a rooftop tent using a fixed steel bar. In addition, Isuzu motors also offer a wide range of off-roading and camping accessories.

Who Should Consider Isuzu V Cross?

  • People looking for upmarket style & statement pickup vehicles
  • You want excellent ride quality, ground clearance of 225mm, and 4×4 ability to climb the most challenging terrains
  • With its long and wide body dimensions, V Cross grabs eyeballs. So, you get attention on the roads

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The cost of an Isuzu V-Cross pickup vehicle starts from Rs 16 Lakh & goes up to 19.99 Lakh.

2. Toyota Fortuner

Need a commanding driving position, 4×4 capability, and solid road presence? Be it Overlanding or camping, Toyota Fortuner is a perfect SUV for anything that comes under adventure. You get a high-ground clearance of 221mm, Toyota’s reliability, and excellent off-road features.

Toyota Fortuner Camper
Toyota Fortuner Camper (Image Source – Camper Travel Africa)

Fortuner can sit up to 5 adults with comfort, while the rear can be used for camping gears in terms of space and accommodation.

Mechanically, Fortuner comes with 2 engine options. The 2755 cc diesel engine churns a good 201bhp max power, whereas the petrol motor generates 163bhp. The off-road expert comes with automatic and manual transmission with an average fuel efficiency of 12 kmpl.

Similar to Isuzu V-Cross, you can fix a rooftop tent and enjoy camping in the Luxury of your own mobile bedroom.

Who Should Consider Toyota Fortuner?

  • Unmatched road presence
  • Excellent off-roading capability with immense space for your camping gears
  • Reliable engine, brands offering pocket-friendly maintenance

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

Fortuner is slightly on the expensive side; it starts from Rs 31.79 Lakh & goes up to 48.43 Lakh.

3. Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar, also known as off-road king, is a perfect gateway for camping for 2 adults. The India automobile manufacturer offers a good range of modifications like a convertible, and hardtop with different configurations inside. It is the cheapest off-road SUV in India, which looks quite familiar to the Jeep brand.

Mahindra Thar Camper
Mahindra Thar Camper (Image Source – XS Overland)

In terms of capability, Mahindra Thar is pretty capable of dealing with any terrain. The most selling mHawk diesel engine offers a 2184 cc motor that generates 130bhp of max power with a peak torque of 300Nm. You get an iconic design, modern off-road mechanicals, improved chassis, and a solid road presence that can’t be ignored.

Camping is really fun with Thar as you get enough space for your camping gear, and you can install a Thar rooftop tent.

Who Should Consider Mahindra Thar?

  • Couples planning for adventure or camping trips
  • Uncompromised Off-roading capability with a good ground clearance of 225mm
  • The owner can pick among different configurations offered by Mahindra automobiles

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

Updated Thar is a blockbuster for M&M as it’s getting daily new customers. The SUV comes with a starting price of Rs 13.53 Lakh.

4. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway

Launched in 2006, Getaway is another utility vehicle on the list of camper cars available in the Indian market. The SUV uses a powerful 2.6-liter diesel engine, which churns 109bhp @3800 rpm and 270Nm @1700 rpm. This power is sent to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission system.

Mahindra Scorpio Getaway Camper
Mahindra Scorpio Getaway Camper

The Indian SUV maker has discontinued Getaway because of limited sales, but you can look for a used Getaway model for camping requirements or modify it according to requirements. Except for the Getaway model, you can also use Scorpio as it offers an improved engine, 4×4 variants, and better design, the only thing missing would be a storage bed.

What makes Getaway a great camping vehicle in India is the good off-road capability and an enormous amount of storage space in form of a flatbed.

Who Should Consider Mahindra Scorpio Getaway?

  • Mahindra SUV experience, reliability & sold service network in India
  • People who are restricted to a low-budget pickup SUV
  • You love the design

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The cost of Mahindra Scorpio Getaway pickup starts from Rs 8.99 Lakh. However, a good condition used Getaway model comes between 4 to 6 Lakh.

5. Toyota Land Cruiser

After Fortuner, Land Cruiser is Toyota’s most expensive camping car on the list. The legendary 4×4 SUV comes with exceptional off-road performance with a lap of luxury inside.

Toyota Land Cruiser Camper
Toyota Land Cruiser Camper

I’ve not seen anyone using such an expensive vehicle for anything related to adventure. Powering the camper SUV is a huge V8, 5000 cc engine that produces 262bhp and 650Nm of peak torque.

This raw power is sent to all wheels via a 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox. Owners can use a wide variety of rooftop tents or a flat box kit to convert into an overland camper vehicle.

What makes a Toyota Land Cruiser a great camping vehicle is its ultimate drivetrain, heavy-duty tow power, space & luxury.

Who Should Consider Land Cruiser?

  • Looking for a perfect combination of power & Luxury
  • You enjoy high-tech vehicles
  • You have deep pockets to spend on a luxury SUV that’s an all-rounder
  • With many world records, you will get a bullet-proof SUV for anything that comes under the adventure

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The price of a Toyota Land Cruiser starts from Rs 1.50 Cr and goes up to Rs 2 Cr.

6. Land Rover Defender

The LR Defender stands for durability, capability, design & technology. The Land Rover offers 4 accessories packs for different lifestyles and goals.

Land Rover Defender Camper
Land Rover Defender Camper

For adventure lovers, Land Rover offers Explorer & Adventure pack. The owner gets an exterior side-mounted gear carrier, a roof rack that can lift up to 132 kg, raised air intake for dusty, water, or sandy conditions, an air compressor, a portable rinse system, and a lot more.

Here, the carmaker has taken care of all your adventure requirements. You just need to carry your external or roof tent with pantry items, and you are ready to track any terrain.

Mechanically, Land Rove Defender comes with multiple engine options. The most-selling 3.0-liter diesel engine makes 296bhp and 650Nm of peak torque, which comes mated to an advanced 8-speed automatic transmission.

The SUV maker also offers 90, 110 & 130 models with a seating capacity of up to 8 adults.

Who Should Consider Defender?

  • You often go Overlanding and want to face the toughest terrains.
  • Can’t compromise with Luxury and need more practical options.
  • Need high ground clearance of 291mm, which is pretty good to tackle any road.
  • You love big brands over regular Indian automobile brands.
  • You enjoy high-tech features.

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

Range Rover Defender comes with a starting price of Rs 80 Lakhs & goes up to Rs 1.2 Cr.

7. Force Gurkha SUV

Inspired by German’s G-Wagon, Force Motors offers a capable 4X4 vehicle for all adventure seekers. With a price starting from Rs 14 (ex-showroom), you get a 2.6-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine that produces 91hp and 250Nm of peak torque, which I think is a little underpower considering the size of the SUV.

Force Gurkha SUV Camper
Force Gurkha SUV Camper

In terms of capability, Force motors offer unmatched features:

  • All-terrain ability: It offers 4×4 high & low with actuated differential locking
  • Metal Body: The metal body ensures best-in-class safety for all passengers
  • Water Wading Capability: Gorkha offers the best-in-class water-wading ability of up to 700 mm
  • Maneuverability: At a low radius of up to 5.65 meters
  • Air Intake Snorkel

Moreover, Force motors also offer multiple adventure accessories like a windscreen bar, roof carrier, rear ladder, roof rails, alloy wheels & all-terrain tires.

Who Should Consider Gurkha SUV?

  • You are looking for a rough & tough SUV
  • Overlanding is your prime focus
  • You want to modify Gurkha specifically for camping

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The price of the Gurkha SUV starts from Rs 14 Lakh and goes up to Rs 16 Lakh.

8. Toyota Hilux

Hilux is a perfect blend of adventure and Luxury. Be it city, mountains, or any difficult terrain, Hilux is capable of taking you there with ease. With a starting price of Rs 33* Lakh (ex-showroom), you get the Toyota engine’s reliability and the same platform that has been used by segment leaders like Innova & Fortuner.

Toyota Hilux Camper
Toyota Hilux Camper (Image Source – Toyota India)

Under the hood, Toyota Hilux comes powered by a massive 2.8-liter diesel engine that churns 201bhp and a peak torque of 420Nm. This power is transferred to all wheels via an auto limited-slip differential 6-speed auto/manual gearbox. Like other Toyota SUVs, Hilux offers top-notch safety features for you and other passengers. According to the manufacturer, Hilux will go against Isuzu V-Cross & you can modify it into a practical camper using official accessories.

Let’s check what else Hilux has to offer while facing different campsites:

  • Electronic differential lock
  • Active traction control
  • Auto limited-slip differential
  • Rigid frame structure
  • 7SRS Airbags
  • Hill-start assistance control
  • Front parking sensors with a MID indication
  • Vehicle stability control
  • Approach/Departure Angle: 0.51 rad/0.46 rad

That’s not all, you get exclusive camping accessories like Tent with Canopy, Roll Bar & Over Fender, TPMS & Air Compressor, Tonneau Cover, etc.

Who Should Consider Toyota Hilux?

Toyota is a good synonym for reliability. The manufacturer has been building Hilux for over 5 decades and has made total of 8 generations. You are purchasing reputation, power, luxury, performance, and a rival of V-Cross at this price. A couple or a small family can be a perfect fit for this camping vehicle.

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The price of a Toyota Hilux starts from Rs 33.00 Lakh & goes up to Rs 36.8 Lakh.

9. Mahindra Bolero Camper

As the name suggests, Mahindra offers a camper version of their most-selling SUV in India. You get two different wheel drive options – 2WD & 4WD with a powerful 2.5-litre diesel engine. This engine comes mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox and transfers 200Nm of peak torque to the wheels.

Mahindra Bolero Camper
Mahindra Bolero Camper

Like Isuzu V-Cross, you get a flatbed to keep your language, attach a canopy tent or build a hardtop detachable body by any caravan manufacturer. A well-converted Bolero caravan can easily accommodate 4 adults and offers a home away from home. Moreover, Mahindra Bolero provides low maintenance and a wide service station network.

Who Should Consider Mahindra Bolero Camper?

  • A family who loves to travel and enjoys camping in different locations.
  • Believes in person-specific customizations.
  • Require extra space to carry motorcycles/scooters.

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The price of the Mahindra Bolero Camper starts from Rs 8.9 Lakh & goes up to Rs 9.4 Lakh.

10. Mitsubishi Pajero

As the manufacturer says, experience the off-road thrill. Proving the confidence is a powerful 2.5-litre diesel engine that generates a pretty good power of 178PS. In 2020, the Japanese manufacturer shut their Indian operations, but adventure lovers still fell for the Pajero. So many people I know purchased used Pajero and converted them into beautiful campers cars. So, what do you get under the hood?

Mitsubishi Pajero Camper
Mitsubishi Pajero Camper

The Pajero offers a 2.5-litre diesel engine, mated to an optional automatic or manual transmission. If not converted to a camper, you can easily sit 7 passengers; otherwise, 5 adults are good for Overlanding.

In terms of capability & safety, Mitsubishi Pajero offers quite extensive features such as Impact bars, ABS with EBD, SRS Airbags, limited-slip differential, etc.

Who Should Consider Mitsubishi Pajero?

As you are completely aware, Mitsubishi is out of production. You should consider Mitsubishi only for 2-3 years of Overlanding and then sell it. Otherwise, you might face spare parts issues.

  • You are looking for muscle looks with performance.
  • Modify Pajero into a full-time camper.

I have seen multiple modified Pajero used for Overlanding, and trust me; those look dope. You can also check used modified Pajero on used car platforms. People with a family of 4 can comfortably go adventure camping in Pajero.

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The Mitsubishi sold Pajero at Rs 28. Lakh.

11. Matador

Matador, also known as Force Matador, can be your next perfect camping vehicle. The Van was introduced by Tempo India and then got acquired by Bajaj and Force Motors. Earlier, Matador production stopped in the 90s. Today, you know Matador as Tempo Traveller.

Matador Camper
Matador Camper

Powering the Vanis a 1.8-liter D 301 engine that belts only 48hp and 105Nm of peak torque. Matador’s machine is poor in performance compared to other vehicles but offers best-in-class space for your camping accessories and goods.

Inside Matador, you don’t get power steering, air conditioning, ABS, and other important off-roading features. With that, you get the opportunity to customize Matador according to your specific requirements. There are only a few people using Matador as their camping car.

Who Should Consider Matador?

Matador is an attention seeker vehicle. I think it’s for space and 100% customization lovers. Moreover, people who often travel with family or friends and a good mechanic friend because of maintenance and spare parts issues.

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

Today, you can only buy old Matador using any used car platform like OLX.

12. Force Traveller

Earlier known as Tempo Traveller, Force Traveller is one of India’s most reliable and practical vehicles for commuting passengers in quantity. If modified into a camper, it can easily accommodate a kitchen, washroom, storage tanks, motorcycle & sleeps up to 4 adults.

Force Traveller Camper
Force Traveller Camper (Image Source – OLX)

The manufacturer offers multiple variants, but the 3350 is the most selling among all models. Mechanically, Traveller comes powered by a Mercedes 2.6-litre power train that produces 115hp and 350Nm of peak torque. The power is sent to the rear set of wheels via a manual synchromesh 5-speed gearbox. Below are more specifications:

  • Ground clearance: 200 mm
  • Fuel tank: 70 litres
  • ABS with EBD with front disc
  • Air condition with climate control

In addition, Force motors also offer 4×4 models, but I don’t recommend them for caravan conversions.

Who Should Consider Tampo Traveller?

  • You have many things to carry
  • You travel with a family or friend group of 4-8 adults
  • You have good space to park the Traveller

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The price of Tampo Traveller ranges between Rs 14 to 16 Lakh or above.

13. Tata Winger

The Winger is a more advanced and updated vehicle than Force Traveller. It offers a reliable engine, excellent styling, and interiors, making it a perfect minibus for camping. The only downside of Tata Winger is the low ground clearance of 180mm, which is 20mm lower than Force Traveller.

Tata Winger Camper
Tata Winger Camper (Image Source – Overdrive)

Powering the Winger is a 2.2-litre fuel-efficient engine that produces a power of 99hp and 200Nm of peak torque. This comes mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The manufacturer has focused on driver and passenger comfort by adding comfortable seating for long travel. That’s not all, Tata has given some special safety features such as side-impact beams, a sugged engine subframe, and an anti-roll bar for the front and rear.

Who Should Consider Tata Winger?

  • Looking for an alternative to Tampo Traveller
  • Tata’s reliability
  • You need a good internal height of 1900mm

Price (Ex-showroom India)*

The cost of Tata Winger starts from Rs 7.2 Lakh & goes up to Rs 7.5 Lakh.

Hope I’ve covered all cars in India that can be converted into a camper. Please let me know if you have other suggestions in the comment section below.

List Of Camper Conversion companies in India

As more Indians start camping, you might need good conversion shops in India. Below is the list of best camper conversion manufacturers:

  • Camper Conversion – Sonipat Haryana
  • Pinnacle Vehicles
  • Azad Camper Body Makers – Ghaziabad
  • Motorhome – Sonipat Haryana


What is a camping car?

A camping car is a motorized vehicle with ample cargo space to enjoy camping with your family and friends in a remote location in India.

Is camper Van legal in India?

Yes, you can customize your regular car into a camper and travel anywhere in India. Today, the Indian Government hasn’t confirmed any objections to this category of travelers.

How much does a caravan conversion cost in India?

Depending on the vehicle type or model, a camper conversion can start from Rs 3 Lakh & goes up to 35 Lakh.

Which car is best for camping in India?

The Mahindra Bolero, Thar, and Toyota Fortuner are India’s three most popular camping cars in India.

Which car/truck can I use in India to build a campervan?

Depending on passenger numbers, you can convert Tempo Traveler, Tata Venture, and Maruti Eco into a campervan. You can remove the last seats and try DIY for camper conversions such as lighting, furniture, etc.

To convert into a camper van in India, which is the biggest vehicle that I can legally register for personal use, to convert into a camper van in India?

You can pick any vehicle under the “M” and “M1” categories. Here, M refers to a vehicle with 4 wheels used for carrying passengers. Another hand, M1 vehicles offer not more than 8 seats, including a driver’s seat.


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