Top 6 Fastest BMW Cars In The World 2023

Which is the fastest BMW in the world?
Do they even exist?

Yes, they do exist and even getting better day after day!

The world’s fastest BMW is not a dream anymore. The German luxury & sports car manufacturer has been working for a long. They have a special division that is specialised in performance cars – //M Performance. Here’s a quote from Chris – Chief of Design for BMW Group. This shows perfection, dedication & passion for their cars.

We at BMW do not build cars as consumer objects, just to drive from A to B. We build mobile works of art.

– Chris Bangle

That said, BMW has always been in the race to be the fastest car or motorcycle in the world. And, so far, I’m not surprised, the automaker has performed tremendously and achieved a lot. So, what was missing from their plate? There is a saying – “Performance is a never-ending story.” But how does this relate to BMW?

Agree or not, BMW consistently improved its technology. This can be measured in their new breed of M Performance sports cars.

Whether it’s a coupe, sedan, or even an SUV, the manufacturer has the best solution in every segment. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the list of the fastest BMW ever made. Shall we?

List Of Fastest BMW In The World

BMW i4 M50

X6 M Competition Edition

M4 DTM Champion Edition

M5 Competition Edition

M5 Drag Car

0 to 60 List

6. BMW i4 M50

BMW i4 M50 is the latest & all-electric performance car in the brand’s stable. As per the brand, it offers up to 465 km range with 0 local CO2 emissions. The brand offers a high-power charging capacity that can charge the car from 10 to 80% within 31 minutes. In addition, you get an impressive cabin space with top-notch luxury and intelligent connectivity features.

Electric Motor Specifications

The i4 M50 offers a powerful 400 kW & 795 Nm of max torque via 2 eDrive motors, making it accelerate from 0 to 62 in 3.9 seconds – a microsecond slower than the BMW X6 M Competition Edition.

BMW i4 M50
BMW i4 M50
Motor2 eDrive
Battery Capacity83.9 kWh
Charge Speed50 km/h with fast charging support & type 2 spot
Fuel TypeElectric
Max. power output400 kW
Max. torque output795 Nm
Drive TypeAWD M xDrive

Top Speed

BMW i4 M50 offers an acceleration of 0 to 62 mph in under 3.9 seconds and limits up to 140 mph. Since it’s an EV, BMW has fitted an iconic sound to enjoy the thrill of driving an //M version creating zero noise/air pollution.

BMW i4 M50 All-Electric Performance Gran Coupe
BMW i4 M50 All-Electric Performance Gran Coupe
Top Speed140 mph
0 to 60 mph3.9 seconds
0 to 124 mph13.2 seconds

Price: The BMW i4 M50 ranges between $68,395 to $82,670.

5. BMW X6 M Competition Edition

Luxury/performance is what defines the BMW X6 Competition edition. The Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) M edition was launched in 2009, and this is the 3rd edition. According to BMW, X6 M is the first vehicle that features both xDrive & AWD with a powerful engine.

BMW X6 M Competition Edition
BMW X6 M Competition Edition

As expected, the SAV performed well in the automotive market. Soon after its launch, SAV became popular among rivals – Mercedes, Volvo, etc. Well, enough discussion! Let’s get straight to the engine hood and see what makes X6 M one of the fastest BMW X series stock models in the World.

Engine Specifications

The big-bulky SAV packs a high-revving 4.4-litre V8 engine with custom-designed M TwinPower turbochargers. This engine churns a max. power output of 625 hp and a peak torque of 750 Nm, which is little more than the ordinary X6 M series, making it one of the best off-road vehicles available on the road.

Engine4.4-litre, 4-valve 8-Cylinders
Engine TypeM-TwinPower tech with M TwinsScroll turbochargers, High-pressure injection, VALVETRONIC tech with variable camshaft tech.
Fuel TypePetrol
Max. power output447 kW/625 hp @6,000 rpm
Max. torque output750 Nm/553 lb-ft between 1,800-5,800 rpm
Drive Type4WD with M xDrive and M Differential
Transmission8-speed Automatic Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic system

This raw power gets transferred to all-wheel through an 8-speed Steptronic intelligent M xDrive gearbox. You also get a host of suspension features like Active roll stabilisation, DSC, Electronically controlled dampers with an M dynamic system, and a set of light-in-weight alloy wheels.

A person testing the top speed of the BMW X6 M Competition Edition in Germany

Top Speed & Performance

You can’t ignore an X series BMW in speed, and that too when it’s an M Competition Edition. That said, BMW X6 M is capable of putting some severe numbers on charts. Yes, according to the manufacturer, BMW X6 M Competition Edition can do 0 to 62 mph in under 3.8 seconds. Wait for the next 5.6 seconds, and it will reach 124 mph with a top speed of 290 km/h or 180 mph.

Top Speed180mph
0 to 60 mph3.8 seconds
0 to 124 mph9.4 seconds
Power-to-weight ratio186.8 watt/kg

Price: This is a limited edition SAV vehicle with a price tag of $117,600 for a starting variant.

4. BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

The next BMW on the list is an M4. Well, not a regular sedan, I researched and listed the M4 Champion Edition. It was first launched to celebrate the victory of Marco Wittmann’s Championship 2014. Well, the manufacturer didn’t stop there and again participated in 2016. And guess what? The BMW M4 won again. Let’s see what made this beast win two championships straight in a row! Also, did you know the fastest Mini ever? Powered by the same group of engineers, here’s the list of Fastest Mini Cooper ever.

BMW M4 Champion Edition
BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

Engine Specifications

The BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition holds some uncompromised skills to tackle rivals. It comes bolted with a 3-litre, V6 petrol engine with a turbocharger. Power delivery is spot on, this engine churns an outperforming 500 hp of power and a massive 600 Nm of max. torque.

Engine3-litre, 4-valve 6-Cylinders In-line
Engine TypeM-Twinpower with 2 mono-scroll turbochargers with VALVETRONIC tech.
Fuel TypePetrol
Max. power output368 kW/500 hp @6,000 rpm
Max. torque output 600 Nm/443 lb-ft between 1,400-5,800 rpm
Drive TypeRWD
Transmission7-speed Automatic M-DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) system

This raw power gets transferred to the rear set of wheels with the help of a 7-speed M-Dual Clutch Transmission. To tackle sharp corners, the manufacturer has fitted top-notch tech. Things like variable M-sport rack, DSC, CBC, DBC, and Active M Differential come as standard. Not only do these features control the car but they also help the driver to dominate the car to its max. potential.

BMW M4 DTM Engine
BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition Engine

Top Speed & Performance

According to the BMM //M division, the BMW M4 DTM does 0 to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds and reaches the top speed of 305 km/h or 190 mph. If we dig down, the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition can do 0 to 124 mph in 11.9 seconds and 0-300 km/h in 67.3 seconds. Did you know a similar car has been featured in NFS? You can check the list of Need For Speed Payback cars.

BMW M4 DTM Top Speed
BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

Here, if you believe the number, this sports car looks promising! Isn’t it? Being one of the fastest BMW sedans in the world, BMW has bolted every single required component, which was important to beat rivals.

Top Speed305 km/h or 190 mph
0 to 62 mph3.8 seconds
0 to 124 mph11.9 seconds
0 to 186 mph67.3 seconds
Power-to-weight ratio243.7 watt/kg

Price: BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition is limited to 200 units only with a good price ticket of 148,500 euros or about $163,350.

3. BMW M5 Competition Edition

Another fastest BMW sedan on the list is M5 Competition Edition. The M5 is a high-performance variant of the 5 series. The first edition of the performance car had launched back in 1985. Guess what? It was the fastest at that time too. Variant by variant, BMW continued improvement and work until they crafted this variant.

Fastest BMW In The World
BMW M5 Competition Edition drifting on track

Yes, auto-enthusiasts, this sports car you see in the picture is the fastest BMW M5 ever. It brings an exceptional performance that also works in everyday hustle. And as you press the gas paddle, it shows the wonders of a V8. Let’s check what’s underneath the hood.

Engine Specifications

BMW M5 Competition Edition comes fitted with a tried and tested 4.4-litre V8, M TwinPower VALVETRONIC engine. It is capable of belting out 460 kW/625 hp of power at 6,000 rpm. In Torque, the engine develops a massive 750 Nm/553 lb-ft at 5,400 rpm.

BMW M5 Competition Engine
BMW M5 Competition Engine
Engine4.4-litre, 8 Cylinders In-line V Shape, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC configuration
Engine TypeM Twin-Scroll Twin turbocharger with VALVETRONIC tech.
Fuel TypePetrol
Max. power output460 kW/625 hp @6,000 rpm
Max. torque output750 Nm/553 lb-ft between 1,800-5,800 rpm
Drive TypeAWD
Transmission8-speed Automatic M-Steptronic system with Drivelogic configuration

BMW M5 Competition comes mated with an advanced eight-speed M-Steptronic transmission. It gets xDrive & active M-Differential which enables the sportscar to stick on roads during higher speeds. Also, provides confidence to the driver during corners. Well, things don’t stop here. You also get the option to pick RWD, which means the engine can propel raw power to the rear set of wheels only. Can you imagine this much raw power? I’m telling you, one will need years of experience and a good skill set to handle this kind of power.

Top Speed & Performance

Time of most important clause! What’s the top speed and acceleration of the BMW M5 Competition Edition? According to the manufacturer, BMW M5 Competition Edition can sprint from 0 to 62 mph in under 3.3 seconds. Wait! The sports car has just started, keep the accelerating peddle down, and it will be reaching 0-200 km/h in 10.8 seconds. Mind you, this is 0.3 quicker than that standard M5 model. Wait another 30 seconds, and it will hit the top speed of 305 km/h or 190 mph making it the fastest BMW M5.

BMW Performance
Top Speed305 km/h or 190mph
0 to 62 mph3.3 seconds
0 to 124 mph10.8 seconds
Power output/litre104.7 kW
Power-to-weight ratio4.1 kg/kW

Please note: According to BMW, the sports car is limited to a top speed limit of 155 mph or 250 km/h. The owner has to pick the optional M Driver’s Package to have the top speed of 305 km/h. You can also read similar fast cars in the form of Fastest Mercedes Benz car ever.

Price: Excellent packages come at a good cost. That said, the BMW M5 Competition Edition comes with a starting price of $110,000. Of course, one can customise via BMW Individual package. This package offers tons of customising options – Carbon-ceramic brakes, M Alloy Wheels, etc.

2. BMW M8 Competition Edition

BMW Global launched the most anticipated M8 on May 8th, 2019. This is the second-fastest BMW production car in the company’s stable.

BMW M8 Competition Edition
BMW M8 Competition Edition

After the M5 Competition, M8 is the only model which drives exceptional power to all sets of wheels. The M8 Competition Edition has used the most powerful/tuned engine ever made by BMW M Division. Let’s see what comes under the hood!

Engine Specifications

This Fastest BMW coupe offers lots of familiar stuff that you might have seen in other performance BMWs. It has a high-performance V8 motor which is already performing in the M5, X5M and X6M. That’s not all, this fantastic engine comes mated to an M-tuned TwinPower Turbocharger.

Engine4.4-litre, BMW S63 Twin-Turbocharged, 8 Cylinders In-line V Shape, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC configuration
Engine TypeM Twin-Scroll Twin turbocharger with VALVETRONIC tech.
Fuel TypePetrol
Max. power output441 kW/600 hp @6,000 rpm
Max. torque output750 Nm/553 lb-ft between 1,800-5,800 rpm
Drive TypeAWD
Transmission8-speed Automatic M-Steptronic system with Drivelogic configuration

Combining both, the BMW M8 Competition develops 441 kW/600 hp of raw power. This humongous power is handled by an 8-speed torque converter auto. transmission with BMW’s Drivelogic. That’s not all, being an M series, the M8 Competition gets XDrive AWD.

BMW M8 Competition Engine Specs
BMW M8 Competition Engine

Top Speed & Performance

M8 Performance Edition has a top speed of 310 km/h or 192 mph, which makes it a bit faster than the M5 Competition Edition & fastest M Series production BMW so far. Thanks to the precise synchronization between powertrain, chassis, turbo-chargers and aerodynamics. Talking of acceleration, the BMW M8 Competition Coupe can do 0 to 100 km/h or 62mph in under 3.2 seconds. Whereas, the convertible model does the same in 3.3 seconds.

BMW M8 Competition Top Speed
BMW M8 Competition Top Speed
Top Speed310 km/h or 192mph
0 to 60 mph3.2 seconds
0 to 124 mph11.4 seconds

Price: The BMW M8 Competition Edition starts at $350,000 ex-showroom.

1. BMW M5 Drag Car

This modified BMW M5 is the rarest, quickest and fastest BMW model in the world. The ultimate machine has used a 2017 model M5 with some customization. Although, it is not a production car then still manages to beat all BMWs. This model is built by a South African BMW specialist – Budler Motorsport.

BMW M5 Drag Car
BMW M5 Drag Car

Everything you see in this modified BMW is reverse engineered and built to perform. For instance: the engine has been borrowed from E34 M5 and reworked. Talking of the engine, let’s see what has changed under the hood and how much power it transfers to a set of wheels.

Engine Specifications

As you are familiar, the Boetie Budler has used ‘S38’ engine, which is already performing in E34 M5 models. To make more power out of it, Budler Motorsport has tuned the inline-six motor. It has custom billet camshafts, aftermarket connect rods/pistons and a high-performance Precision ProMod turbocharger. That’s not all, there is a FuelTech FT600 ECU to control the amount of horsepower.

BMW M5 Drag Car Engine
BMW M5 Drag Car Engine
EngineStraight-six E34 M5 Engine
Engine TypePrecision ProMod turbocharger with High-pressure injection and VALVETRONIC tech with variable billet camshafts.
Fuel TypeHigh Octane Petrol
Max. power outputNA
Max. torque outputNA
Drive TypeRWD with custom Differential

Top Speed & Performance

This extreme engine made it possible to achieve a top speed of 348 km/h. Although it is not a regular production sports car and none of us would be able to buy it.

BMW M5 Drag Car
BMW M5 Drag Car testing top speed on a race track
Top Speed348 km/h or 216 mph
0-134 mph6.52 seconds

Price: Boetie Budler is not a legal car on regular streets. Budler Motorsport designed and built a single unit that is not available for sale.

Hope you liked the list of quickest-accelerating BMWs. In case of missing out on something, please drop your comments. It will help me to make this content even better and stand out from the junk. Well, I’ve also made a list of BMW car captions and a few interesting BMW memes, make sure to check both of them.

List Of Other Fastest BMW 0-60 MPH

M5 Competition3.1 seconds
BMW 6 Series ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe3.6 seconds
BMW 7 Series M760i xDrive Sedan3.6 seconds
BMW 8 Series M850i xDrive Coupe3.6 seconds
M4 Coupe Competition Package3.8 seconds
BMW i4 M503.9 seconds

List Of BMW M Series Cars 0-60 MPH

M ModelsTime
M2 Competition Coupe4.0 seconds
M3 Sedan3.9 seconds
M4 Coupe Competition Package3.8 seconds
M5 Competition3.1 seconds
M6 Gran Coupe4.1 seconds
X5 M4.0 seconds
X6 M4.0 seconds

List Of BMW Series Cars 0-60 MPH

2 Series 4.2 seconds
3 Series5.3 seconds
4 Series4.6 seconds
5 Series M550i3.9 seconds
6 Series3.6 seconds
7 Series M760i xDrive3.6 seconds
8 Series M850i xDrive3.6 seconds
Z4 sDrive 30i5.2 seconds
i84.2 seconds

List Of BMW X Series Cars 0-60 MPH

X Series are most loved BMW globally. They offer excellent performance with comfort. Below is the list of all BMW X Series SUVs with their 0 to 60 times.

X1 xDrive28i6.6 seconds
X2 xDrive28i6.3 seconds
X3 M40i4.6 seconds
X4 M40i4.6 seconds
X5 xDrive50i4.6 seconds
X6 xDrive50i4.6 seconds
X7 xDrive 50i5.2 seconds

List Of Top 3 BMW Models With Highest Top Speed Ever

2017 BMW 4 Series M4 GTS F82190 mph
2015 BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition F10190 mph
2006 BMW Alpina B5 V8 Switchtronic E60195 mph

So, What Makes A BMW Car Powerful?

Performance starts with weight cutting and using the right material for construction. BMW M Performance division researched a lot to bring the best of engineering.

BMW Logo
BMW Logo (Image Source: Wikimedia)
  • Materials: The manufacturer has used lightweight materials such as carbon fibre, aluminum, lightweight leather, etc.
  • Compact, Light & Powerful engines: BMW’s mechanical designers crafted super compact engine blocks and other items with light materials such as Titanium, Aluminium, etc.
  • Performance Upgrades: BMW offers a wide range of performance upgrades such as BMW M kits (brakes, aerodynamics, etc.)


What is the fastest BMW road car?

BMW M8 Competition Edition is the fastest and most exclusive production car in the world. The sports car has a top speed of 310 km/h or 192mph, which is generated using BMW’s most powerful engine.

Which BMW has the most horsepower?

BMW M5 Competition Edition delivers 460 kW/625 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, making it one of the most powerful BMWs in the world.

Which BMW series is the best in terms of power?

BMW //M Series is the best BMW series both in terms of power & performance.

What is the top speed of a BMW M5?

According to the Throttlebias, BMW M5 Competition Edition can do 0 to 100 mph in under 6.6 seconds with a top speed of 305 km/h or 190mph.

Which is the fastest-production BMW?

BMW M5 Competition Edition is the fastest production model BMW Motors ever manufactured.

Are these BMW cars AWD OR RWD?

It depends on the variety of BMW models. Most of the mid/top range of BMW sports come with both options. On the other hand, the high-performance //M series comes with AWD as standard.

How fast is a BMW i8?

BMW i8 is one of the electric cars manufactured by the German carmaker. The electric car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

What is the top speed of the BMW 7 Series?

The BMW 7 Series comes in both petrol and diesel engine. Both engines come mated with an Automatic transmission. The luxury sedan has an electronically limited top speed of 250kmph.

How fast can a BMW go?

Depending on the model, a BMW is capable of touching a top speed of 216 mph.

Image Source: BMW M

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