15 Crazy Facts About Bugatti Veyron In 2023

Did you know these Bugatti Veyron Facts?

Bugatti Veyron was first and the fastest street-legal production super sports car in the world.

The manufacturer “Bugatti Motors” had launched the Veyron back in 2005, and if you check the stats of that particular time, it surely would have hit the overall Internet.

Everyone was talking about the engine, specifications, looks, and how can we forget the top speed. Well, the launch of the Bugatti Veyron made new records that were yet to break.

Talking about the supercar, everything is extraordinary, whether it’s in engineering or design. I must say, there’s no limit to science.

I liked the team spirit, who has made this impossible thing possible. What’s your favorite thing in Veyron, let me know in the comments!

Well, we know that the manufacturer is well known for its performance-oriented, mind-boggling supercars, but the “bitter truth” is you can’t afford it. Trust me. 😜

List Of Top 15 Bugatti Veyron Facts You Should Know

Here, I had sat for some time to bring you the best and crazy car facts about the Veyron you haven’t heard before. Without further wait, let’s dive into it.

1. The Top Speed Of Bugatti Veyron Is 254.04 mph or 408.84 kmph

Top speed of Bugatti Veyron

If you could provide a long stretch, then Bugatti Veyron can hit 0 to 254.04 mph or 408.84 kmph in under 1 minute.

Bugatti Veyron Top Speed:

  1. 0-100 kph or 62 mph – 2.5 seconds
  2. 0-200 kph or 124 mp – 7.3 seconds
  3. 0-300 kph or 186 mph – 16.7 seconds

Now you know the top speed of Veyron, but let me ask you one thing. Do you know the exact speed? Let me allow you to put the real figures.

Mechanically, if you switch off the electronic limiter, which is not hackable, Bugatti Veyron is capable of touching a top speed of 267.8 mph or 431.0 kph. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. Bugatti Veyron Has 10 Radiators In Total

Yup, you read that right. Well, I’m sure you haven’t seen more than 2 or 3 radiators in any car, and if you have seen one, then do let me know the make-model of that car in the comment section.

Maybe you don’t know, the total amount of total heat that comes out of the engine of Veyron is adequate to heat 100 family homes in winter. Isn’t that insane?

Coming to the point, cooling the Veyron was one of the biggest concerns for the engineers at Bugatti.

To cope with this, they did something out of the box and bolted a total of 10 radiators to function in each practical operation.

List Of Radiators With Their Functions:

  • The first 3 do their duty to cool down the massive intercoolers.
  • Next, 3 radiators are used to circulate the water inside the engine’s vein known as general engine radiators.
  • One is to maintain the air conditioning system.
  • You need a separate radiator to cool down 15L of engine oil, right?
  • At last, we’ve one radiator for transmission and differential system each.

3. Bugatti Veyron Uses 2 Types Of Brakes

Bugatti Veyron brakes - Throttlebias

High power needs excellent brakes. Well, you get that in a Bugatti. The manufacturer bolted 2 types of brakes in total.

Mechanical brakes: It uses cross-drilled, air-ventilated carbon fibre reinforced silicon carbide composite brakes. The front caliper holds 4 brake pads and comes loaded with 8 pistons while the rear brakes manage 4 brake pads and 6 pistons.

Air brakes: Well, most of you guys would have noticed the rear wing at the end of the Veyron, right? This rear wing performs like an air brake, providing 1/3 of the total brake support.

It is a perfect example of air and mechanical engineering. Proper alignment, high-speed, precise sensors, and hours of man force have made it possible to stop 1001 hp in a limited time and surface.

4. It Costs More Than $30,000 For A New Set Of Wheels

Seriously, I guessed that joke. Any idea why they cost this much?

Let me tell you. These are special handmade tires designed and developed by Michelin. And anything that adds a custom/handmade tag to the brand gets expensive. The same things happened to Bugatti Veyron’s tires.

By the way, you could buy a whole new sedan or hatchback for $30k.

5. Bugatti Veyron Can Do 0 – 100 – 0 In Just 5 Seconds

Did you know? Bugatti Veyron can stop faster than accelerate, and there is no other supercar to touch this potential.

Adding to this, 0-100 comes in a lightning 2.5 seconds, whereas 100-0 comes even faster in just 2.2 seconds. So, this all happens in just 5 seconds. That’s ah-mazing. Another thing you should know is that it takes only 10 seconds from top speed to complete stationery.

6. Combined Fuel Economy Of the Bugatti Veyron Is 11 MPG/4.5 kmpl

Bugatti Veyron Fuel Economy

The mileage of the Bugatti Veyron automatic variant is 8 miles per gallon/6.8 kmpl on the highway and 14 miles per gallon/2.3 kmpl in the city.

  • Highway mileage of Bugatti Veyron: 14 miles per gallon or 2.3 kmpl
  • City Mileage of Bugatti Veyron: 8 miles per gallon or 6.8 kmpl

7. Fuel Motor Pumps 8 Times More & Faster Fuel Than A Normal Car

Let me explain it to you.

Here are some factors why this supercar needs 8 times faster fuel than a normal car:

  • The engine size and capacity to churn the required amount of fuel when it runs at its max speed.
  • Well, speed is another factor. As you know, Bugatti Veyron has to fight gravity to feed the high-pressure fuel to the injection system.

8. The Water Pump Circulates 55 Litres Of Coolant

First, let me tell you what’s coolant.

A coolant is a green/blue color liquid mixture of glycol and water. This works as an antifreeze, which prevents the engine from being anti-rust and helps to maintain the engine’s temperature.

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The Bugatti Veyron is powered by a W16, 64 valves quad-turbocharged petrol engine which needs proper cooling management. No doubt, Bugatti has done their best-of-best job. Here, they implemented 3 handmade radiator which is responsible for the inflow of 50 liters of coolant.

The regulation helps to settle down the anti-rust of the massive engine and maintain the optimum temperature.

9. Front Horseshoe Grille Is Made Up Of Titanium

Bugatti Veyron Titanium horseshoe grille -Throttlebias

Why Titanium?

As you know, Bugatti Veyron has excellent top speed. The very first thing that faces the speed is the front of the supercar, which is the traditional horseshoe grille.

This grille is also responsible for cooling down the front disc brake system, another responsibility added.

In order to perform better under several conditions & responsibilities, Bugatti Motors fitted a full Titanium grille that resembles the shape of a horseshoe.

10. The Engine Sucks 47k Litres Of Air/Minute

Bugatti Engine sucks 47k litres of air per minute -Throttlebias

How? Big cubic capacity needs air to churn out the power. The Veyron, at its top speed, sucks almost 47,000 litres of air per minute.

To give you a general idea, this air can fill 10k balloons or 3 healthy adults can live for 3 days.

11. It Takes 15 Hours To Make A Single Radiator Of Veyron ( Handmade)

Bugatti Motors believes in beyond the ordinary.

They find precision in hand, not in machines, and since they are not into mass production, they make everything with hands, whether it’s the engine, paint job, or anything.

A dedicated person is assigned to make radiators, and this process includes welding, polishing, and testing, all with hands.

12. At Full Speed, Bugatti Veyron Tyres Can Stay Up To 15 Minutes Only

Bugatti Veyron Top Speed

Now, you have read much about Veyron’s engineering and performance, so no doubts about the capability, right?

World’s one best tire manufacturer Michelin and Bugatti developed these first-ever hyper-performance tires which are capable to run at insane speeds, but we know everything has a limit and particular range, and so does Michelin tires.

Bugatti conducted several tests and found that these tires would not be to stand after a continuous drive of 15 minutes at full speed.

I guess there would be a few customers who might like to test the real capability of their Bugatti, the rest of them are just rich.

13. The Fuel Tank Capacity Of Bugatti Veyron Is 100 litres/26.4 Gallon.

Who would believe that this supercar gives a not-good fuel efficiency? Frankly, fuel efficiency is not a point of concern here.

Thanks to its massive 100 liters/26.4-gallon tank, you can drive it on highways or take a ride in the city to show your richness.

14. At Full Speed, Veyron Can Drain The Fuel Tank In 12 Minutes.

Well, thanks to its W16 petrol engine that intakes massive air volume to break petrol and pops 1001 hp of power.

15. Bugatti Veyron Is Bolted On Just 14-Titanium Bolts

It seems impossible but Bugatti knows how to make impossible things possible.

Bugatti Veyron Bolts

Bugatti Veyron’s frame is divided into 3 major segments:

  1. The front compartment which is the trunk.
  2. The middle compartment which holds the passengers and interiors.
  3. Last is the engine and transmission compartment.

These three compartments are held together with 14 Titanium bolts and each bolt costs a good amount of $100.

Bugatti Veyron Facts Summary:

Since the acquisition of Bugatti Motors by VW group, the first and last priority of the company was to make something extraordinary.

With the launch of the Veyron, the manufacturer made new records, which were later on broken by its sibling Chiron.

Adding to the section, Bugatti Veyron is a hyper-performance machine that is a perfect combination of engineering and art. Apart from these best 15 Bugatti Veyron facts, I would like to add that this is not an ordinary supercar it’s a living example of craftsmanship.


How fast is a Bugatti Veyron?

Bugatti Veyron is a fantastic beast on road. In terms of top speed, Veyron can hit 0 to 254.04 mph or 408.84 kmph under 60 secs.

When was the Bugatti Veyron made?

The first production-ready Bugatti was manufactured in September 2005. Bugatti continued it for 10 years and then replaced the supercar with a faster and updated Bugatti Divo.

Is a Bugatti faster than a Lamborghini?

Straight and straightforward answer – YES. Bugatti is way faster than a Lamborghini. Many YouTubers did the faceoff between both supercars and found that Lamborghini can’t beat Bugatti Veyron.

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