DC Modified Mahindra Thar: Price, Specs & Video

The Hulk is a newly modified Thar by DC Design. Mechanically, DC2 Hulk still comes with the same engine provided by Mahindra. However, DC2 has customised the exteriors as well as the interior.

According to DC2, designers wanted to maintain Mahindra Thar’s rawness with a touch of luxury.

Earlier I showed you a list of modified cars by DC & you guys flooded the comment box. Before I show you DC-modified Mahindra Thar, let me give you a glimpse of Dilip Chhabria.

DC Design now rebranded as DC2 is a well-known car modification house in India. The company specializes in customising cars, bikes, and motorhomes. That is not all, DC2 also designs and manufactures a range of concept vehicles, Vanity Vans as per request. Let’s check the details about DC2 Hulk, shall we?

Interior Modifications

Mahindra Thar Hulk’s Luxurious Interiors
DC2 Hulk top view of bucket seats and front dashboard view showing updated interiors with red-leather work

Inside DC2 Hulk, you get new luxurious skin. The dashboard & other inside components have been wrapped with red-colour leather upholstery. Compared to the ordinary Mahindra Thar cabin, the DC2 Hulk cabin is upmarket and comes with newly designed bucket seats for all the passengers which is pretty exclusive.

Usually, I’ve seen similar car interiors in luxury car brands like Bentley.

In terms of features, DC2 Hulk comes fitted with a massive sunroof (1200 mm x 980 mm) covering the entire roof, blue ambient lighting on air-con vents, ceiling lights, and lots of chrome/metal finishing.

Exterior Modifications

Mahindra Thar Hulk’s Exteriors
Mahindra Thar Hulk’s side profile with big wheels and fenders

The exterior is the most unique part of the DC2 Hulk. The car modification company has added more rugged elements to the exteriors. On the side, you see massive fenders covering wheel arches which give bulky looks to the off-roader.

In the front, it has all LED triple-beam headlamps with 9 spoke soft finish grille and new wide-body panels. Here, I loved the LED design and combination with the front facia of the Hulk.

Hulk has a redesigned bonnet with scoops to add aerodynamics and provide more air to cool down the engine. In addition, DC2 Hulk also gets a retractable sidestep. Usually, you see this feature inexpensive SUVs like Range Rover but it is indeed a nice feature seeing the effort passengers might face while going in-out of the vehicle.

Thar Hulk’s Exteriors
Thar Hulk’s off-road wheel and big front grilles

Engine & Specifications

Mechanically, Hulk’s engine remains the same.

DC Design is known for cosmetic and body changes. They usually don’t take part in engine mechanics. Under the hood, Hulk offers the same ongoing Mahindra’s 2-engine option – a 2.2-litre diesel engine and a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine. Both engines come paired with a choice between a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission.

With the help of DC2 design and comfort after customization, you can enjoy all-terrain all-say flawlessly.

Price Details

DC2 Thar customization costs around Rs. 10.75 lakhs. Of course, it doesn’t cover the cost of Mahindra Thar (new or used). To give Mahindra Thar owners different choices, DC2 offers different packages for exterior and interior modification.

The exterior pack of Thar Hulk costs Rs. 4.5 lakhs which includes a body panel kit, big 26-inch wheels, multibeam headlamps, blacked A-pillar, and all aluminum auto-retracting footsteps. In terms of interiors, DC2 charges around Rs. 2.5 lakhs which cover red-leather upholstery, metal finishing, and lighting.

DC Thar Hulk’s Walk Around Video

Source – DC Design

Individual package includes:

Sports SeatsRs. 1.5 lakhs
SunroofRs. 2.5 lakhs

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Thar Hulk rear looks
Thar Hulk rear looks with redesigned LED tail lamps and a big spare wheel.


The exterior of Hulk is pretty good.

At first impression, I loved the multi-beam lighting and side profile with big off-road wheels, adding muscle looks to the Mahindra Thar.

Inside, Hulk comes packed with a luxury cabin – adding practicality by the manufacturer. I felt the modification price of this DC modified Thar was a bit overpriced.

What do you think? You can drop your suggestion about modification cost or design in the comment box below.


Should you modify your Mahindra Thar like Hulk?

Whether or not to modify a vehicle, including a Mahindra Thar, as a “DC Hulk” is ultimately a personal decision that depends on individual preferences and priorities. Some Thar owners may enjoy the unique and aggressive styling of the “DC Hulk”, whereas others are fine with stock Thar. In addition, if you think to modify then prefer only DC for similar looks. Though it’s expensive, but this cost will you quality work.

What’s the warranty on DC modified Hulk?

As per DC2 design, the owner gets excellent service with a standard 1-year warranty.

Is there any sales number for the DC Hulk SUV?

So far, the brand has modified over 50 Mahindra within the HULK theme but with different interiors and little changes as per the customer.

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