Jeep Grilles Through The Years With Identification & Pics

Radiator grilles are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. When it comes to Jeep, a grille is the most highlighted accessory. Since the launch, Jeep has seen different types of grilles and guess what? The Jeep’s grille shape has remained the same through the years.

In the blog post, I’ve listed several Jeep grills by year with their identification, year of manufacturing and pics. Let’s get started!

List of Jeep Grills By Year With Pictures

Jeep CJ Grilles

Jeep CJ Grilles
Jeep CJ Series

1904 is the year when Jeep came into existence. With a motto of Go Anywhere & Do Anything, Jeep also introduced a small and vertical frame on the front of each Jeep model manufactured between 1940 to 1949. Earlier, this grille came fitted in Jeep Willys, Jeep Jeepster VJ, Jeep CJ-2A, Jeep CJ-3A, and more models. Well, later on, the CJ grille got pretty famous and started printing in a range of toys or even clothes.

Jeep SJ Grilles

Introduced between 1966 to 1969, the Jeep brand introduced a full-size SUV. The luxury vehicle was based on the Wagon platform and came fitted with a long rectangular grille with circular headlamps. These models came with features like a tilt steering wheel, tinted windows, full wheel hubcaps and a powerful four-barrel V8 engine which used to generate 270 hp.

Jeep YJ Grilles

Jeep YJ Grilles
Jeep YJ Series

Introduced between 1950 to 1959, Jeep restrengthened as an SUV brand with better engineering facilities. However, the Jeep grille changed to a square unit of headlamps. In addition, the manufacturer only focused on better machines and unique models.

Jeep TJ Grilles

Better design continues towards a modern Jeep. From 1960 to 1969, the manufacturer added new features, engine refinement and the latest innovations. In terms of grille design, TJ grilles returned with round headlamps and bigger air intakes. From pick-up trucks to normal passengers Jeeps, the manufacturer continued this design language to 14 models.

Jeep JK Grilles

JK is the 3rd generation of Jeep becoming an iconic brand in off-roading and SUV space. This new JK grille continues the modern Jeep look which has been taken from the TJ grille. These models came fitted with round parking lamps and a minimal looking bumper.

Jeep ZJ Grilles

Jeep ZJ Grilles
Jeep ZJ Series

Introduced between 1993 to 1995, Jeep ZJ is an award-winning series of 4×4 Jeeps. This model replaced the Wagon based Jeep SUV and become one of the best mid-size luxury SUVs. Coming to the grille, it came fitted with chrome finished rectangular grille with inbuilt square headlamps and parking lamps. That’s not all, the ZJ series also received several motor awards like Truck of the Year, Off-Road magazine’s 4×4 of the Year for 2003 and many more.

Jeep KJ Grilles

Modern engines with modern features, Jeep KJ was all about rivals in the market. Jeep KJ arrived and stayed in the market between 2002 to 2007. It featured time tested plastic grilles with round headlamps and a 7-slot grille.

Jeep JL Grilles

Jeep JL is the next Jeep grilles by year. Introduced in the 2017 LA auto show, Jeep JL is the 4th generation of off-road vehicle brand. In terms of innovation and capability, Jeep JL is got everything that a 4×4 vehicle required. All models in the JL series come fitted with big and minimal grilles with the same old round headlights with LED and light features.

What Is Jeep Grilles?

In the auto industry, a grille handles an opening in the engine part to allow extra air to exit or enter. The Jeep grille allows extra air gives a natural atmosphere to the engine by allowing airflow to the engine and protecting it from overheating.

What Is The Purpose Of Grilles?

Grilles are also known as the face and front of your vehicle. Furthermore, if you want to add personality to your vehicle then this is one of the most famous ways to make your car fit your personality. The grille plays a critical role to any vehicle, below are most important roles are as follows:

  • Grille also works as a safety device for your vehicle. It protects your vehicle from the different elements and flying detritus.
  • The grilles allow airflow to the engine and your engine will protect from overheating. The Grill gives a normal atmosphere to the engine by allowing airflow and keeping it always protected. If there is no space for air, then your engine will be overheated, and this is bad for your car or jeep. Also, you will have to spend more money to repair the engine.

Build the Jeep you want to show others


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Hence, a grille of a vehicle or Jeep is one of its most outstanding components. Below is one of the bestselling and rated modified Jeep grilles available online.

1. Xprite Front Grille Matte Black Grill with Monster Look

Monster Jeep Grille
Monster Jeep Grille


  • Aggressive design.
  • Made from the highest quality ABS material, making it durable and more impact resistance Jeep grille in the market.
  • The manufacturer has designed to install in easy steps. You just need to replace your old grille and fit the Xprite grille using original mounting holes.
  • Good finish quality.

2. American Modified Front Jeep Shark Grille

 Modified Jeep Shark Grille
Modified Jeep Shark Grille


  • USA design patent.
  • Provides more air.
  • Injected moulded ABS material.
  • Easy to install – no extra hole required.
  • Easy to replace for 2007 to 18 2&4 door Jeep Wranglers.

3. Gladiator Mesh Jeep Grille

Gladiator Mesh Jeep Grille
Gladiator Mesh Jeep Grille


  • Angry Bird face design, which is compatible with Jeep Wrangler TJ, LJ from 1997 to 2016 models.
  • Aggressive design gives your Jeep different looks and makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Superior construction quality with the highest quality ABS plastic.
  • Matte black colour finish.

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