Top Ford Endeavour Modified SUVs In India (Pics)

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Can you tell a favourite feature that you would love to in your modified Ford Endeavour? Just curious to answer for Ford Endeavour Modified SUVs

Ford Motor has been manufacturing the Endeavour since 2010 or maybe less in other parts of the Globe. The SUV has been appreciated and recorded an excellent sale to the Ford.

But we as greasy heads want some extra that these automobile manufactures are not able to deliver to the mass. Guess what? We have a substitute, and we called them modification garages and workshops. Today, we will cover a few of the insane modified Ford Endeavours. We will know the modification parts and how they look like after the job. So, let’s get started! 

Best Ford Endeavour Modified Ever:

1. Darkseid

Darkseid is one of the most excellent examples of modified Ford Endeavour in India. I think you have guessed; the name of this modified masterpiece has been taken from DC Comics Supervillain – Darkseid. In terms of customization, the bulky SUV has received the job from Autobacs India. They are a small bunch of greasy heads based in Kerala and own a good portfolio of modified cars. Don’t trust me? Check out their modified Toyota Fortuner, and you will get to know how a clean modification looks like!

Ford Endeavour Modified

This Ford Endeavour is a top-specs variant carrying 3.2-litre engine with 4×4 functionality. In first overview, the SUV looks dope and runs on the best-in-class Fuel Assault 20x10j alloys (same size can be used in Toyota Fortuner) with wide off-road tyres. The SUV uses a set of aftermarket suspension kit, Black Rhino by Profender Mono Tube 2.5 subtank (15 steps adjustable) for the front while the rear has been adjusted with Hotbits MotoTube 2.5 subtank (multi-adjustable with 19 steps). Thanks to these kits, the SUV now holds an excellent ground clearance.

Additionally, the SUV has been loaded with more significant 4×4 Ironman coil springs with Sun 4×4 upper arm, Sun 4×4 dropkit, and 4WD/Unicorn front as well rear shock spacers.

Enough mechanical customization now let’s jump to the cosmetic changes of the SUV. Shall we? As the name suggests, the owner wanted his Endeavour as a synonym of monster. Guess what? Autobacs done exactly same.

The modified Ford Endeavour comes fitted with Raptor X series body kit. This body kit includes a list of items like Ford grille etc. Other modification includes Mustang type headlights with changeable devel eye via an Android device, Rhino bonnet Scoops, MCC Off-Road Snorkel, Aftermarket rear foglamps, F-Series roof lights, RIGID cube lights, Bushwacker fender flares, GME UHF heavy duty antenna by ARB, Dash Cam

Hats off to the finishing done by Autobacs, one can’t even find a single mistake. Saying of finishing, the SUV shines hell of out of gloss black paint, and the Everest logo on the side is the topping in all. SUV’s handle bowl, covers, door visors, tail lamps, headlamps guards, tailgate covers and fuel tank cover has been covered by rhino custom matte black stickers making the SUV look a real monster.

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