How To Attach A TV Mount To An RV Wall Safely?

Wandering on how to mount TV in RV? Let me guess! You can’t miss a daily dose of entertainment, even while RVing with family. Am I right?

Don’t worry, I got this solved for you. There are many RV TV mount ideas online, but you need to make sure the right RV TV mount, required tools, and process to mount a TV in a travel trailer safely.

Earlier, I answered about a list of RV maintenance tips that will help you make your RV last long and don’t get you in trouble during camping. Today, I have listed 5 easy methods on how to mount TV in RV, travel trailers & motorhomes. Let’s get going!

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Position TV Mount
Check Wall Studs
Drill RV Wall
Install Mount Brackets
Connect TV & Mounting Plate
Mount TV To RV Wall

Items You Need To Attach A TV Mount To An RV Wall:

1. RV TV Mount

RV TV Mount
RV TV Mount

Unlike regular TV mounts, the RV TV mount is a specially designed RV accessory. This lockable TV mount is used to get an upgrade viewing experience. Many manufacturers offer a lockable mechanism with a lock or unlock feature for any specific viewing angle. So, whether it’s 20 degrees of tilt, extend front or 90-degree swivel, you can adjust your RV mount of optimal view and watch movies with your family or friends.

2. Cordless Drill Set

On average, a wall plate of RV TV mount comes with four screw positions. Depending on the TV size, you would require to drill 4 to 5 places to hang the RV TV mount plate.

Guess what? You can’t use a regular screwdriver for this job as it will require lots of effort, time and might be harmful if your hands lose grip (I personally DON’T recommend).

Cordless Drill Set
Cordless Drill Set

That being said, I suggest Black & Decker cordless powerful drill/driver. This is the more intelligent and straightforward process to drill an RV wall and requires minimal effort. Also, this drill-set can be utilised in other RV or home requirements.

3. Drill & Screw Bits

After the drill set, you will require combinations of drill bits. First, you need to check the structure or surface where you want to create pilot holes. You can use masonry bits in case of blocks, metal sheets, etc. Once you drill pilot holes on the RV wall, you can drive the mounting screws using a Black & Decker cordless machine.

4. Leveler Tool

Leveler Tool
Leveler Tool

Leveler looks a little small in size but is probably an essential RV accessory in the list. Compared to a measuring machine, a human eye can’t judge up to perfection. Without a Leveler, you can make a mistake that results in unnecessary holes in the RV wall.

5. Stud Finder

A stud finder is basically an electronic sensor machine. It is used to detect or locate a strong pillar behind the RV wall to mount an object. Depending on budget, this detector comes with an LCD, visual indication or buzzer, which lets you know the proximity of the stud.

Stud Finder
Black & Decker Stud Finder

If you don’t know, an RV wall is just a decorative layer on studs or pillars. It is not advisable to use for handing heavy items. This can damage your RV wall if you want to mount heavy items such as TV, shelves, etc. Unable to find a stud? Don’t worry, there are few methods to check for RV stud.

6. Tape

Tape is an optional tool and can be replaced with a pencil or marker. Once you identify an RV stud, you can mark using tape, etc. This will make it easy to see during the pilot drill.

7. Helper or Friend

Although RV TV installation doesn’t require help, but I still recommend as we have fragile items like a TV. This helper or friend can help you carry the TV or get you the needed tools/accessories on the go.

8. Screw Glue

A screw adhesive works as a thread locker. It repairs the remaining gap between screw thread and stud by improving holding power. Because RV is on constant move and requires extra care, I recommend using screw glue as an additional stability factor to mount TV in RV.

9. Cable Cover

I am not too fond of messy wires moving inside an RV. Well, there is a neat solution – cable cover. You can cover, tie, and route all cables through the RV wall and hide behind any object.

Cable Cover
Cable Cover

There are varieties of cable covers available on Amazon. Depending on your RV infrastructure or plan, you can go with a paintable cable cover.

How To Mount TV In RV?

Finally, we are about to install an RV TV. Just to check, we have tools and required items handy. Installing a TV mount in RV is quite an easy process, you can follow 5-simple steps with images.

Mount TV in RV
TV Mount in RV

First, you can place your TV and check if that fits on the mount. If holes are in sync, you are ready to mount otherwise, you should find another RV TV mount.

1. Plan & Position TV Mount

An RV owner should plan and make sure the position where they want to hand a TV. This condition changes or varies if you have bought an adjustable mount. The reason being, with a non-adjustable RV TV mount, it is impossible to change TV angle position like life-right or up-down.

Also, you can’t play with view angle. So, what should you do next? As suggested above, get your friend’s help holding your TV at the ideal place. Try to watch from your RV bed, chair or cosh and adjust on the go.

2. Check Wall Studs

Now, you have locked the position to mount the TV. It can be in the central area or inside your RV bedroom. Let’s check for studs to drill and mount the stand.

Some travel trailer brands like Forest River comes with a sticker saying, “mount or drill here”. If your RV comes with the same, then I suggest you check again. Also, you might not like the location indicated by the manufacturer. So, it better to looks for studs via a stud finder. As described above, this electronics machine helps identify joints, and once you locate them, you can mark that using a pencil or paper tape.

Sometimes, this machine also fails to detect any stud. So, what’s next? We will use other simple methods to check for studs.

  • Knock on the RV wall and notice background sound. Keep moving and knocking and notice a change in sound. Stop when you see the difference in sound – Basically a hollow sound should have changed into a solid sound.
  • Notice any overlap of wallpaper on the RV wall. There should be a stud behind the wall.
  • You can contact the RV manufacturer and ask for identifiers for stud as a printable guide.
  • Other than a stud finder, you can consider using an infrared thermometer. This can diagnose as the temperature difference between insulation and studs (it doesn’t come wrapped with insulation).
Infrared Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer

3. Drill RV Wall

Finally, you succeed in locating studs. It’s time to drill the required holes and mount. First, you need to hold the mount up (I suggest taking help). Now, place the mount on the RV wall and drill the first pilot hole using recommended bits earlier.

Now, adjust the mount and use level to keep it straight for the next pilot holes. Mark location using pencil and drill for final holes.

Pro Tip: Always go with pre-drilling holes. It prevents the wall from extra cracking. Also, you should tighten the upper screws first. Once both are done, you won’t need to hold the mount and quickly drill the remaining holes.

4. Install Mount Bracket On RV Wall

Everything is ready to set up. Now hold the TV mount and drill screws to fix RV TV.

5. Connect TV & Mounting Plate

It’s time to connect the mounting plate to your TV. As I suggested above, mounting plate holes must sync with your RV TV. Using required hardware like a screwdriver, you can attach the plate back to your TV.

6. Mount TV To RV Wall

At last – lift, sync and connect your RV TV with a wall bracket.

Pro Tip: TV mount design depends on brands, please check instructions before setting up mounting RV TV.


Can I use a regular TV mount in my RV?

Yes, you can use any regular TV mount for RV. However, it is recommended to de-attach the TV during travel as it doesn’t get a lock mechanism. Constant moving suspension can harm the TV, or it can fall from the mount too.

What is RV stud?

An RV stud is an upright solid wood log or timer used in the structural design of an RV. This makes RV strong and also used to mount objects like RV TV, selves, etc.

Do I need a special TV mount for my RV?

Yes, every RV TV size requires a different TV mount. Depending on your RV TV size, you need to measure the dimensions and buy a proper TV mount size accordingly. Also, every RV TV mount comes with a specific weight carrying capacity.

Can you screw into RV walls?

It depends on the purpose and item you want to hand on the RV wall. Whether it’s a motorhome, travel trailer, and fifth wheel, the manufacturer uses lightweight thin material sheets made to hold heavy items on screws. Hence, it is recommended to check the purpose and then drill on RV walls.

How much weight can an RV TV mount hold?

The weight holding capacity of an RV TV mount goes between 3 to 32 pounds.

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