9 Best Transportation Apps In India To Shift Cargo & Grow Business

Transportation systems are one of the most important parts of any economy. In addition, delivering your goods to the right place and at the right time is another challenge.

As a business owner or individual person, you need to solve this using different tools/systems to improve business productivity and, vice-versa, profitability.

In addition, depending on business type & country of operation, you should compare different transportation apps or websites available online.

There is HIGH Importance on the right tech services & the best transportation network.

To help you with these online logistics services, I’ve researched different companies and noted their USPs. Let’s check the list of the latest transportation platforms for a courier, packers/movers, and short/long-term distances.

What are the criteria for picking these transportation solutions?

  • Brand: Overall brand reputation of the company.
  • Reliability: Is the brand synced with the user’s review?
  • Types of solutions: This is important if you want a different range of solutions under one domain.
  • Business reach: How wide is the network? This shows several countries, and cities offer in service range.
  • Cost: What’s the average shipping price? This is considered when you deal with long-term business with the brand.
AppsAverage Ratings
Porter4.8/5 Stars
Vahak4.5/5 Stars
DHL4.2/5 Stars
FedEx4.7/5 Stars
UPS3.9/5 Stars
Gati4.1/5 Stars
Mahindra Logistics4.1/5 Stars
XPO Logistics4.6/5 Stars
VRL Logistics4.1/5 Stars

Most Trusted Transportation Booking Apps In India

1. Porter App

  • Website: Porter
  • App: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: 4.3 reviews based on 1k users on Android | 4.9 ratings based on 33.6 users on iOS

About: Porter is a last-mile logistics startup that helps you get anything delivered at the right time. It helps products or good companies deliver to the right consumers and enables lakhs of businesses to move easily.

Porter Transportation App
Porter App Logo

Since 2014, Porter has progressively grown as a successful company helping other mid or small-scale business owners. The app was founded by Pranav Goel with the aim to amplify the goods transportation business and deliver happiness.

Today, with 8 million+ customers, Porter is India’s largest marketplace for intracity logistics.

Other Features/Items:

  • The vehicles provided include 3 Wheelers, 2 wheelers, Ace (helper), 8FT Pickup, Tata 407, Tata Ace, 8 Ft 1Ton, and 3-wheelers (helper; capacity 500 kg).
  • You can book a mini truck/city tempo or a 2-wheeler online as required.
  • The brand also offers other services – Enterprises & Packers/Movers.
  • Track the delivery with the mobile app or track order tool.
  • Porter offers logistics and delivery services for both B2B and B2C sectors.
  • Intercity and Interstate services help you to get things delivered within a radius of 300 km from the city center.
  • 30 million+ trips covered.
  • 300,000 driver partners associated.
  • Services are offered in 16+ cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, Indore, Gurgaon, Noida, etc.
  • Express home courier service.
  • Real-time price estimates.

Why should you pick Porter?

  • 10M+ downloads on Play Store.
  • Faster, trusted, reliable and economical brand in the transportation space.
  • Porter provides hassle-free service whenever you need it.
  • No hidden prices. You get to have the most affordable rates with Porter.
  • Verified and trained partners keep your delivery safe.

2. Vahak: Book Online Truck

  • Website: Vahak
  • App: Android
  • Ratings: 4.5 reviews based on 6.5L users on Android

About: Vahak is India’s next leading B2B road transportation marketplace. Like Porter, it’s an online service that helps you book Lorries and trucks to transport your goods/items to the required place.

Vahak Transportation App
Vahak App Logo

Karan Shah and Vikas Chandrawat founded the platform in 2019. The app has advanced a network that covers more than 8000 places in India. As of today, the brand has been featured in TechCrunch, Nasdaq, and high-authority publications.

Other Features/Items:

  • Vahak has a 10 lakhs+ transporters network.
  • 8+ local languages.
  • 6 lakhs+ verified lorries.
  • Vahak transportation is available in 10,000+ locations.
  • Online load and lorry booking
  • You get bids from several verified transporters.
  • Directly connect with all the transporters in India and save your money.
  • You can book the correct load for your truck or select the nearest service from the several options, including trailers, trucks, containers, LCVs, HYVAs, and tankers.

Why should you pick the Vahak app?

  • India’s largest and most trusted B2B transport community service.
  • 1M+ downloads on the Play Store.
  • 100% safe and secure to use.
  • You can also promote your transport business online.
  • Truck or vehicle owners can directly build their transportation brand and grow their business. I’ve also covered best-selling Truck Manufacturers in the World.

Contact Information:

  • WhatsApp: +91-7022280000
  • E-mail: cs@vahak.in
  • For partnerships and collaboration: infor@vahak.in

3. DHL Supply Chain Solutions

  • Website: DHL
  • App: Android | iOS
  • Reviews: 4.0 reviews based on 28.9k users on Android | 4.5 ratings based on 5.1k users on iOS

About: DHL is a German logistics company founded in 1969 by Larry Hillblom, Robert Lynn, and Adrian Dalsey.

DHL Transportation Logo
DHL Logo

The company is a part of the DPDHL group, which provides services such as courier, package delivery and express mail. DHL has become a trusted partner of many companies by expanding its network in over 220 countries such as The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the US, Canada, Belgium etc.

DHL has 4 divisions: DHL Express, ECommerce solutions, DHL global forwarding & DHL supply chain.

In addition, the company operates in different industry sectors like Auto-Mobility, Chemicals, Consumer, Energy, Engineering & Manufacturing, Life Science & Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail & Fashion.

Other Features/Items:

  • DHL offers international and domestic delivery services for goods and materials.
  • Helps customers in many business divisions with logistic services and the supply chain.
  • DHL account holders get free DHL packing within 2-3 business days.
  • It also provides live shipping rates, labels, tracking, packing, etc.
  • Operates road & flight logistics services.

Why should you pick DHL Supply Chain Solutions?

  • One of the oldest trusted & globally used platforms.
  • The company provides ready-to-go solutions with updated technology.
  • Experts manage all the routes, air, surface, and ocean.
  • Increases the efficacy of product movement with a low delivery cost.
  • Offers management services that enhance your supply chain.
  • Excellent customer support.

Contact Information:

  • Corporate Office: Deutsche Post AG, Headquarters, Platz der Deutschen Post, 53113 Bonn
  • Customer Service Number:  
  • Social Contact: Facebook |Twitter

4. FedEx Corporation

  • Website: FedEx
  • App: Android | iOS
  • Reviews: 4.7 reviews based on 1.96k users on Android | 4.7 ratings based on 278.7k users on iOS

About: FedEx Corporation, formerly Federal Express Corporation, is an American multinational company dedicated to transportation and E-commerce management services.

FedEx Transportation Logo
FedEx Logo

The global shipping leader was founded by Frederick W Smith in 1971. Currently, FedEx offers a wide range of shipping & tracking services across the globe. Below is the list of additional services:

  • FedEx Custom Critical
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Logistics
  • FedEx Office
  • FedEx Services
  • FedEx Supply Chain
  • FedEx Trade Networks
  • TNT Express

The company is headquartered in Memphis and operates in more than 220 countries and territories. Regarding fleet, FedEx has over 675 aircraft and 25,000 transport vehicles (trucks, pickup trucks, vans, etc.)

Other Features/Items:

  • Termed as a global leader as it is reliable and time-bound.
  • FedEx Ground offers low-cost service to any given business address.
  • Other services of FedEx include marketing, sales, information technology, customer services, etc.
  • Numerous shipments are allowed.
  • Fulfills your high-speed shipping conditions.

Why should we pick FedEx Corporation?

  • A global leader when it comes to shipping & tracking.
  • Large percentages of shipments are done here.
  • Delivers millions of products globally every day.
  • Way more than just a package delivery partner.
  • Provides standard rates.

Contact Information:

  • Corporate Office: 942 South Shady Grove Road, Memphis, Tennessee 38120, (901) 818-7500
  • Customer Service Number:  1-888-742-5877
  • Social Contact: Facebook | Twitter

5. UPS Supply Chain Solutions

  • Website: UPS
  • App: Android | iOS
  • Reviews: 3.6 reviews based on 87.3T users on Android | 4.3 ratings based on 77.6k users on iOS

About: UPS, also known as United Parcel Service, is an American MNC for shipping, logistics, and supply chain management solutions.

UPS Logo
UPS Logo

Did you know?
UPS is the world’s largest shipping courier company.

This Fortune 500 company offers a wide range of solutions and operates in a wide range of countries. In addition, similar to Mahindra, UPS also offers air shipping and other solutions such as last mile, postal, etc.

The company was founded in 1907 by James E Casey, and currently, it is being managed by Carol B Tome.

UPS believes in customer first, sustainability, and innovation.

Other companies linked to UPS:

  • Nightline Group
  • Marken
  • UPS Logistics
  • UPS Mail Innovations
  • UPS Professional Solutions
  • UPS i-parcel

Other Features/Items:

  • Send your goods via surface, air, or ocean route with no hidden cost and safety monitoring.
  • Get your freight codes, compare, share them, and schedule your appointment.
  • Save your money and time with their warehousing and distribution service.
  • Offering services in 220+ countries and territories
  • Over 25.2 M packages delivered/day.

Why should you pick UPS Services?

  • A well-known brand for reliability and excellent transportation solutions.
  • Ranked best in the USA, Canada, and other regions
  • The team is there to worry about the complicated stuff for you.
  • You can protect your shipments with insurance services, which will pay when you would need them.
  • Easy implementation.
  • Trusted worldwide by top brands and E-commerce companies.
  • Faster and more efficient delivery services.

Contact Information:

  • Corporate Office: 55 Glenlake Parkway, NE, Atlanta, GA 30328
  • Customer Service Number:  1-888-742-5877
  • Social Contact: Facebook | Twitter

6. Gati Ltd

  • Website: Gati
  • App: NA
  • Ratings: 4.1 reviews based on 2k users reviews on Mix websites

About: Gati Ltd. is an of the oldest Indian Logistics company providing a wide range of courier and goods distribution services.

Gati Logo
Gati Logo

It was founded in 1989 by Mr Mahendra Agrawal to fuel the good delivery business in India. Today, Gati covers whole over 19,800 PIN Codes and 739 districts.

In 2020, Gati got acquired by Allcargo Logistics by owning 50% ownership. Allcargo helped for the next growth phase by making end-to-end integration, international supply chain, CFS, logistics parks, and rentals.

Moreover, Gati used the first digital-first approach, such as digital payments Chatbots & WhatsApp, for smooth operations.

Other Features/Items:

  • Gati also provides air shipment – You can get a payload of up to 5 kg via air at the rate of Rs. 90 per kg.
  • The services offered include Gati-KWE Express distribution, Gati-KWE special services, and Gati-KWE transportation services.
  • Being one of the oldest companies, Gati ships your valuable possessions without damage. So, you can trust the services.
  • Bike service is also available.
  • You can access different types of tools.
  • You can also contact them for E-commerce supply chain solutions.

Special Services Offered by Gati India

  • Premium FlexLite: Shipments upto 5kgs via air @just Rs 90*/kg
  • LAABH: Shipments upto 20kgs via surface @just Rs.540*
  • Student Express: It is designed for students with special discounts.

And there are many more services.

Why should you pick Gati?

  • Widest network across India and other countries.
  • Special services are designed for special events and occasions.
  • Used by thousands of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).
  • Students get special discount offers.
  • Choose to parcel by road or air across the country.
  • Company size doubled in the past 3 years.

Vehicles Used By Gati Transportation

  • Tata Ace
  • Ashok Leyland BADA DOST
  • Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck
  • Eicher Pro 3015, 2049, 3019
  • Tata 407
  • Tata 709
  • Tata 1512
  • Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615

The above list is a set of examples, Gati used a wide range of vehicles. You can also check the list of the most-used vehicle parking apps globally. I’ve also listed the best car rental softwares to use.

Contact Information:

  • WhatsApp: +91 7400012000
  • Customer Care: customerservice@gati.com
  • Social Contact: Facebook | Twitter

7. Mahindra Logistics

  • Website: Mahindra Logistics
  • App: Android | iOS
  • Reviews: 4.1 reviews based on 1k users on Android | No significant users on the iOS platform

About: Mahindra logistics limited is leading the path of Indian logistics and mobility. The company was founded in 2000 and is a part of the Mahindra group. Currently, this division is being managed by Rampraveen Swaminathan.

Mahindra Logistics Logo
Mahindra Logistics Logo

As a motto, Mahindra Logistics is focused on transforming the face of Indian logistics with a service-first approach. The Mahindra group functions in 21 significant countries and offers supply chain solutions to industry verticals such as Automobile, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, E-Commerce, Banking, and more.

So far, ML serves over 500 locations and 200+ operating sites and has been awarded multiple times for its excellence.

Other Features/Items:

  • Seamless logistics solutions are provided for large business companies.
  • Apart from goods, you can transport your employees with proper security and monitoring.
  • Get point-to-point services through the transportation solution offered by the company.
  • Their services include inbound transportation, secondary transportation, long haul, milk run, and last-mile delivery.
  • Similar to Gati, Mahindra also provides Freight solutions.
  • The logistics firm offers enterprise and supply chain solutions.

Why should you pick Mahindra Logistics?

  • Mahindra’s reliability and trust factor.
  • More than 10k vehicles are working every month, this shows the scale of business.
  • Get accurate information about infrastructural technology and devices.
  • Currently operating at more than 500 locations.
  • Well-established, the group is present in more than 100 countries.

Contact Information:

  • Corporate Office: 10th & 11th Floor, Arena Space, Plot No 20, Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, Near Majas Depot, Jogeshwari (East), Mumbai- 400 060, Maharashtra, India.
  • WhatsApp: +91 836 2307800
  • General Enquiries: enquiries-mll@mahindra.com
  • Business Support: basupport@mahindra.com
  • Social Contact: Facebook | Twitter

8. XPO Logistics

  • Website: XPO
  • App: Android | iOS
  • Reviews: 4.4 reviews based on 2.49T users on Android | 4.8 ratings based on 12.3k users on iOS

About: XPO Logistics is an American transportation company that offers less-than-truckload and truck brokerage services in about 18 countries. The company was founded in 2000 and is being managed by Brad Jacobs.

XPO Logistics Logo
XPO Logistics Logo

The company believes in innovation leading truck brokerage management and hence rated one of the best innovative transportation solutions for the most demanding supply chain in the world.

Other Features/Items:

  • Transport your goods successfully by surface, air, rail, or ocean with proper care and monitoring.
  • With 749 locations, XPO has a global presence.
  • Provides damage-free and on-time service along with extensive coverage.
  • Considered number one when it comes to home delivery.
  • In terms of services, you can check their truck brokerage, less-than-truckload, last mile, managed transportation, global forwarding, and expedite.
  • Get low-cost and high efficacy as it offers custom solutions for goods and materials.

Why should you pick XPO logistics?

  • Experts when it comes to international logistics.
  • Always available on demand, and management is flexible.
  • Competent and have good control over the services.

Contact Information:

  • Diver Safety: DriverSafety@xpo.com

9. VRL logistics

  • Website: VRL
  • App: Android
  • Reviews: 4.1 reviews based on 33k users reviews on Mix websites

About: VRL Logistics Ltd. operates in 23 states and 5 union territories of the country. The company was founded in 1976 by Vijay Sankeshwar with a mission to become the premier transportation firm in India.

VRL logistics
VRL Logistics Logo

This company is the largest fleet owner of all commercial vehicles in India.

Other Features/Items:

  • The company focuses on B2B service and has a varied client base of traders and corporates.
  • Amazing service quality is provided.
  • VRL owns some fuel stations on some of the busiest roads/important routes to make transportation smooth.
  • Offers 3PL and warehousing solutions throughout the country.
  • VRL also offers transport for Passengers by air.
  • Top-notch vehicle maintenance facility with the latest innovations.
  • In terms of services, VRL offers logistics solutions, travel services, air charter
  • Currently, the company has over 4000 transport vehicles, 290+ passengers transport vehicles, and 956 office networks in India

Why should you pick VRL Logistics?

  • 100k+ downloads on the Play Store. This shows the brand’s popularity and quality user base.
  • Well-established transportation player as number one in the travel industry.
  • Wide range of transportation solutions – Logistics, passengers & heavy goods.

Contact Information:

Corporate Office:

Giriraj Annexe, Circuit House Road
E-mail: headoffice@vrllogistics.com

  • WhatsApp: +91 836 2307800
  • Customer Care: customercare@vrllogistics.com
  • Social Contact: Facebook | Twitter


Seriously, it was great to know this industry.

As mentioned above, I’ve compiled the most trusted & leading transportation apps providing global services in sync with technology.

These companies offer different kinds of services, from on-demand availability to end-to-end monitoring of the goods and products. International and domestic, both parcel services are available.

Seeing the current demand curve for goods and services, we would need a stronger and more efficient transportation system.

Depending on your location, I suggest you pick any of them and finish your work easily. Also, don’t forget to mention your views or any suggestions in the comment box below.

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