10 Best 3 Wheeler Companies In India

The demand for 3-wheelers in India has been increasing significantly over the past couple of decades! Consequently, the rise in demand for three-wheeled transportation today has led India to be the largest producer and exporter of three-wheelers in the whole world.

This demand for three-wheelers gave rise to many 3 wheeler manufacturers in India, and with time, these companies came up with better and newer models to give owners equivalent comfort as a hatchback car.

Resultant – An increase in the total sales of three-wheelers in India and other countries like Bhutan, Nepal, etc.

Other perks such as performance and fuel efficiency added more fuel to the already increasing demand for three-wheelers in the country. Furthermore, three-wheelers are very practical and ideally suited for Indian roads. Today numerous people living in both urban and rural areas rely on three-wheelers for their daily commute.

However, with so many choices available in the market, it can be challenging for business owners to find the ideal fit. Therefore, I have compiled this list of three-wheeler manufacturers in India to help you find the ideal fit for your business requirement.

Hence let’s get started.

List of Top 3 Wheeler Companies In India





Atul Auto



JS Auto

Force Motors


1. Bajaj Three Wheelers

Bajaj Three Wheelers
Bajaj Three Wheelers

Bajaj is one of the most preferred and top 3-wheeler companies in India as they provide customers with a plethora of choices. In fact, Bajaj’s market share in India’s three-wheeler sector is 50.56%, meaning that half of the three-wheelers that we see on the streets of India are sold by Bajaj. The love that Indians have for Bajaj can be credited to two different reasons: the comfortable driving experience and performance found in these vehicles.

Today, Bajaj is one of the largest manufacturers of three-wheeler commercial vehicles in the world, with an operational capacity of exporting three-wheelers to over seventy countries. Some of the most iconic three-wheelers sold by the brand include Bajaj Maxima C, Bajaj Compact RE, Bajaj Maxima X Wide, and Bajaj Maxima Z. Like other electric vehicle manufacturers, Bajaj has tested electric versions of 3-wheelers, but haven’t said, anything official.

2. Piaggio Three Wheelers

Piaggio Three Wheelers
Piaggio Three Wheelers

Piaggio is one of the oldest brands on this list which was first established in the year 1884. Today Piaggio is the second-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters in Europe. Furthermore, the brand has three different business arms, including light commercial vehicles, scooters and motorcycles, and robotics.

However, in India, Piaggio sells only three-wheelers with different products such as Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX, Piaggio Ape City, Piaggio Ape City Plus, Piaggio Ape DX, Piaggio Ape E City, Piaggio Ape Plus, Piaggio Ape DXL, and Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus. The main reason Indian business owners love using Piaggio three-wheelers is because of the advanced features found in these vehicles leveraged from European technology. On top of that, the creative design that can be found in Piaggio’s three-wheelers is ideal for catching everyone’s eyes on the road.     

3. Mahindra Three Wheelers

Mahindra Three Wheelers
Mahindra Three Wheelers

Mahindra has always been known for manufacturing some of the best three-wheelers for the Indian market. You must have heard about Mahindra Champion, right?  Mahindra’s three-wheelers vehicles are utilized for different commercial purposes in India. Some use these vehicles to transport cargo, while there are also others who use Mahindra three-wheelers for daily commutes in both rural and urban areas of India.

The main reason Indian business owners/drivers prefer using Mahindra three-wheelers is because of the service/parts, comfort, and safety these vehicles offer to customers. Furthermore, every three-wheeler manufactured by the brand is equipped with some of the most excellent features and elevated technology. Some of the leading three-wheelers manufactured by the brand include Mahindra Alfa and Mahindra Alfa Plus.

The automobile manufacturer is progressively working towards the electrification of 3-wheelers in India.

  • Mahindra Treo: Mahindra’s 1st low-maintenance lithium-ion battery-powered 3-wheeler.
  • Mahindra e-Alpha Mini: Mahindra’s electric solution for last-mile connectivity.

4. Kinetic Three Wheelers

Kinetic Three Wheelers
Kinetic Three Wheelers

Kinetic is one of the leading three-wheeler manufacturers in India that was established in the 60s. Over the years, Kinetic has never failed to deliver high-quality products to Indian customers. With further consistent efforts to deliver better products to customers, the brand’s name can now be found even in the list of electric three-wheeler manufacturers in India.

Kinetic has experienced augmented growth over the years by providing amazing products such as the Kinetic Safar Smart, Kinetic Safar Shakti, Kinetic DX, and Kinetic Safar Jumbo. One of the main reasons Kinetic has become one of India’s most preferred three-wheeler brands is that all their vehicles are noise-free and environment-friendly with zero emissions. On top of that, these three-wheelers are ideally designed for the Indian population as they are both spacious and available at affordable prices.

5. Atul Three Wheelers

Atul Three Wheelers
Atul Three Wheelers

Atul is a famous three-wheeler manufacturer in India that has been serving the Indian market for over five decades. Furthermore, Atul is among the fastest-growing three-wheeler manufacturers in the country, with operations spread across 21 different states in India and 600 different touchpoints spread throughout the world. Most people who use Atul three-wheelers enjoy more satisfaction in terms of performance, comfort, and even maneuverability. You will find Atul’s three-wheelers in rural areas such as UP, Bihar’s village district, etc.

In addition, the brand’s pricing is very affordable compared to other competitors in the market. Atul also offers three-wheelers with different fuel types: CNG, Electric, LPG, Diesel, and even Petrol. Popular three-wheelers manufactured by the brand include Atul Shakti Cargo, Atul GEM Cargo, Atul Elite Cargo, Atul Gen Paxx, Atul Rik LPG, Aul Elite Plus, and Atul Rik CNG

6. TVS Three Wheelers

TVS Three Wheelers
TVS Three Wheelers

TVS is the second-largest exporter of commercial vehicles in India as they export their vehicles to over sixty different countries around the world. In terms of three-wheelers, the brand offers a wide range of options to customers. Some of these popular three-wheelers include TVS Deluxe, TVS King Duramax, and TVS King Kargo.

Over the years, TVS has managed to win customers’ trust in India with advanced features, amazing performance, durability, versatility, and reliability that can be found in their three-wheeler vehicles. In addition, the price charged by the brand for their products is very budget-friendly, making it very easy for customers to buy TVS three-wheelers. This is one of the reasons there is always a huge demand for TVS three-wheelers in the market.

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7. Lohia Three Wheelers

Lohia Three Wheelers
Lohia Three Wheelers

Lohia is one of the leading electric three-wheeler manufacturers in India. The brand is registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The brand is relatively new in the market, yet many Indians love their product because every Lohia three-wheeler is designed to address the customers’ unique requirements.

Furthermore, the swift driving experience, affordability, safety, and comfort featured in the Lohia products have won the confidence of the general Indian customers. Some of the most popular three-wheelers offered by the brand include Lohia Humsafar Cargo, Lohia Narain Cargo, Lohia Humsafar, and Lohia Comfort. The manufacturer has enabled their products with some of the most advanced features and functionalities loved by the country’s three-wheeler owners.  

8. JS Auto

JS Auto
JS Auto

JS Auto is another budding three-wheeler manufacturer from India that is one of the most prominent manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of top-notch three-wheelers. The main USP of the brand is the enhanced innovation, performance, and quality that can be found in all their three-wheeler products, making it one of the most preferred three-wheeler brands in the country.

JS Auto provides the Indian market with a wide range of goods carriers in the three-wheeler segment, including JSA NV DSL BS-VI, JSA NV CNG BS-VI, JSA E-CART, and JSA 1360 D-IV 3-WHEELER LOAD CARRIER, VICTORY PLUS LOAD CARRIER, and more. Furthermore, JS Auto has the JSA 1360 D-IV CNG Passenger Carrier, NV 3-Wheeler Passenger Auto Rickshaw, E-Rickshaw, and more in the passenger carriers segment.        

9. Force Motors Three Wheelers

Force Motors Three Wheelers
Force Motors Three Wheelers

Force has been supplying numerous different types of vehicles for the Indian market for a very long time. Today the brand is mainly known for producing high-quality commercial vehicles at a very affordable price range. Most business owners who have used Force three-wheelers love their products mainly because of the unique design and high-performing engine that is ideal for Indian roads.

Furthermore, Force puts a lot of resources and energy into research and development in an attempt to come up with the best innovative vehicles for their customers. However, Force Motors shut down its 3-wheeler operations and currently focusing on the passenger cars segment.

10. Tempo Hanseat

Tempo Hanseat
Tempo Hanseat

Tempo Hanseat is one of the most commonly found three-wheelers in many different regions around the world. Initially developed in Germany, Tempo Hanseat has always been the most preferred choice for farmers and small businesses. The vehicle made it to India at the beginning of the millennium and was manufactured through Bajaj and Tempo’s collaboration.

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Most northern and central states of the country were quick to adopt this mode of transportation and turn it into a passenger carrier with benches. People tend to love this vehicle as it is ideal for both urban and rural roads of the country. Furthermore, the distinct looks of this vehicle with a snout bonnet were ideal for winning over customers in India.


Which auto-rickshaw is best?

With 50% of market sales, Bajaj RE, Bajaj Compact RE is the best auto-rickshaw in India.

Which is the best mileage auto-rickshaw in India?

Bajaj RE delivers an average of 35 km/kg of CNG, making it the best mileage auto-rickshaw in India.

What is a 3-wheeler?

A 3-wheeler in India is a type of vehicle that has three wheels instead of the four wheels typically found on cars. They are commonly used as taxis, delivery vehicles, and personal transportation.

What types of 3-wheelers are available in India?

There are several types of 3-wheelers available in India, including auto-rickshaws, cargo carriers, and passenger carriers.

How much does a 3-wheeler cost in India?

The cost of a 3-wheeler in India can vary depending on the type and brand, but they are generally less expensive than cars. Auto-rickshaws, for example, can cost anywhere from 2 to 7 lakhs (INR).

What is the maximum capacity of a 3-wheeler?

An Auto-rickshaw is capable to carry up to 3 passengers in addition to the driver.

What are the popular brands of 3-wheelers in India?

Some of the popular brands of 3-wheelers in India include Bajaj, Piaggio, Mahindra, and TVS.

What is the average fuel efficiency of a 3-wheeler?

The fuel efficiency of a 3-wheeler in India varies depending on the type and model, but average fuel efficiency varies between 30-40 km/liter of CNG.

Hope you got your answer about the best three-wheeler companies in India. Please let me know your suggestions or query in the comment box below.

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