7 Best Japanese Car Auction Sites You Must Know In 2023

Japan is known to be one of the major car manufacturing & ricer car hubs in the world.

Many well-known car brands on the road today are manufactured in Japan.

The country is also the place where over 100 auction houses exist and thousands of used cars are being offered at affordable prices. To avoid difficulties among different brands at such auctions I’ve researched and listed below only well-known auctions seen in the Japanese automobile market.

Before we move forward, let’s understand why an auction happens & what are the benefits!

List Of 7 Best Japanese Car Auction Sites

  • TAU Corporation Auction House
  • AUCNET Auction House
  • USS Auction House
  • TAA Auction House
  • ARAI Auction House
  • Honda Auto Auction
  • Kyushu Chuo Auto Auction House

Why do car auctions happen?

Car auctions happen for various reasons. As per research by different govt. Auction provides a better and quicker way to sell different kinds of automobiles in bulk.

Usually, a car auction often performed under state government agencies, big car dealerships, and independent auction houses – as I’ve listed below.

In addition, government agencies sell their seized vehicles, car dealerships sell as trade businesses, independent auction brands sell on the behalf of individual sellers, insurance companies sell to recover their money, etc.

What are the benefits of a car auction?

Whether it’s owner, buyer, organization, or government – a car auction provides benefits to all. I’ve listed the types of benefits in detail!

  • Quick and efficient sale: Thanks to a fast-dealing & competitive environment, a vehicle auction allows sellers to quickly sell their cars to interested buyers. This also includes all kinds of documentation and legal work.
  • Wide audience: You get a wide range of buyers inside an auction. This includes individual buyers, dealerships, business houses, etc.
  • Competitive pricing: Thanks to the bigging price system, Auction helps buyers to save money too.
  • Transparency: Car auctions are transparent, and buyers can inspect vehicles before bidding. Being a buyer, you get all the necessary details about the vehicle.
  • Different cars & brands: A car auction is a nice place to visit (especially when you are into cars) because you see a wide range of vehicles and makers under a roof. You see vintage to sports cars and more.

Types Of Auctions In Japan

Japan has three different kinds of car auctions:

  • Online car auctions: For this, you are often required to join a membership program so you can participate in the real-time auction. Members get access to many tools for smooth participation.
  • On-site car auctions: During on-site bidding, vehicles are set up with computer terminals. You must know what type you are looking for because these auctions end in seconds.
  • Satellite car auctions: With the help of satellite terminals, members can participate in on-site car auctions. One can enter direct bids and also have information about vehicles put in the auction.

Let’s check the auction site in detail!

1. TAU Corporation Auction House

TAU Corporation Logo
TAU Corporation Logo

TAU Corporation was established in 1996 in Saitama, Japan. This is one of the leading companies dealing with used and damaged cars worldwide. According to the TAU Trade, high-quality Japanese used cars to make “Japan Quality” which is the heart of Japanese technology.

The company pays attention to each and every detail – From preparation to the auction. Among all well-established auction brands in Japan, TAU is the most famous corporation as an exporter of damaged cars.

TAU Corporation Auction House

It has also earned its name for having built up good connections with importers across the world. Today, TAU Corporation deals in:

CarsSUV | MUV | hatchback | wagon | sedan cars | used cars | coupe | mini vans | long vans | vans | jeeps | pickups | used vehicles | used saloon | damaged cars
EngineUsed gasoline engines | used diesel engines
PartsEngines parts | body parts | car parts | electric parts | truck parts | bus parts | mechanical parts | accessories | half cut | nose cut | auto parts | container load parts | used & new spare parts
Commercial VehiclesMini trucks | light duty trucks | used heavy duty trucks | freezer trucks | special purpose trucks | used garbage trucks | cargo trucks | container trucks | trailer trucks | box body trucks | trailer head | flat trucks | tankers, etc.

The company also deals in heavy engineering, motorcycles, farm machines, boats, etc.

2. AUCNET Auction House

AUCNET Auction House Logo
AUCNET Auction House Logo

AUCNET (Auction + Network) started as the first TV auction of used cars in 1985 and during the last 3 decades, the company has come up with several finest and well-organized auction styles.

The brand is available in 30+ countries and promises as Industry’s lowest commission as well as the largest number of “SHARED” car holder.

The company doesn’t have a physical location for the auctions but still stands firm as Japan’s largest B2B used car online auction. AUCNET has a network of 111 auction sites & 77 real-time auction sites which allows you to bid without worrying about getting a location

As per the website, AUCNET is unveiling 100,000 cars per week with the help of a satellite auction system in Japan. With AUCNET, you won’t be paying any middle-man charges and will get 24/7 customer support along with quality. Apart from used vehicles, AUCNET also deals in other businesses:

  • Used motorcycle business: It includes retailing motorcycles including purchasing, selling, rental, and advertisements.
  • Pre-owned luxury brand items: This division offers an auction of bags, accessories, etc.
  • Used digital product business: AUCNET digital product deals in smartphones, consumer electronics, etc.
  • Used medical equipment business: Similar to products, it is used for medical equipment online auctions.

3. USS Auction House

USS Auction House Logo
USS Auction House Logo

USS Auction House came into operation in 1980. USS is an abbreviation for Used Car System Solutions (USS). USS is well-known as the finest used car dealer in the automotive marketplace.

They have gradually opened many auction sites like Tohoku, Osaka, Fujioka, Shikoku, and many more. They have a network of approximately 1500 firms. USS offers new solutions and improves its management to create a better marketplace based on free market principles for its customers. It covers almost 30% of the Japanese used car marketplace. Transparent auctions are performed with innovative technologies and high-quality service is provided.

4. TAA Auction House

TAA Auction House Logo
TAA Auction House Logo

TAA is an abbreviation for Toyota Auction House which was established in 1967. It is one of the oldest Auction Houses in Japan and has a strong network across the world. TAA is reputed as the first-rate Auction House in Japan.

Currently, they have at least 10 popular locations nationwide like Hokkaido and Shikoku, which attract dealers from the country and the whole world to buy the best auto brand. Around 15,500 cars are exhibited per week. All the vehicles in the auction are well-maintained and offer a car-friendly environment. The bidding happens on all days except Sunday.

5. ARAI Auction House

ARAI Auction House Logo
ARAI Auction House Logo

ARAI or AAA has been putting top-grade vehicles in the auction for customers for the last 35 years. They maintain a strong network with around 35k registered dealers. They bring the latest stock to the platform along with transparent information about the vehicle at affordable rates.

It is one of the most reputed auction houses in Japan that deals in motorcycles, commercial vehicles, vans, cars, etc. Approximately 8k vehicles are traded every week by AAA. The brand is also associated with NAA (National Auto Auction Association).

ARAI allows people to join the auction per year through “membership communication” with business partner sites and the “mutual entry of the Internet services” with them. The team members themselves visit the site to inspect the vehicle comprehensively confirming its condition.

6. Honda Auto Auction

Honda Auto Auction
Honda Auto Auction Logo

The cars unveiled by Honda dealers get into the Honda Auction House. The auction house was established in 1992. There are 6 locations in Japan where these internet-based auctions are held every Monday, which are Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kansai, Nagoya, Kyushu, and Sendai. Using the internet, one can join the auction from anywhere in the world.

HAA prioritises their customers first on the list so they are very popular among the masses for their research and user-friendly system.

HAA has this system of alert function that alerts you about the vehicle when approaching so you can use your time wisely. You can also have a reservation for the bidding. High-quality cars are put to auction at affordable prices. If you have any queries about the reservation you can get in contact with the team to get them solved.

7. Kyushu Chuo Auto Auction House

Kyushu Chuo AAH Logo
Kyushu Chuo AAH Logo

Kyushu Chuo Auction House was established in 1989. The brand provides standard cars to Japanese dealers and many other countries worldwide. Its efficient and user-friendly way of letting customers buy their desired vehicles through the online auction makes it popular among the masses.

Customers get to buy the vehicle without any complications and with good rates. All the necessary information is provided by the team at the time of the auction. South Kyushu, Fukuoka, and Yamaguchi are the three auction sites of KCAA where all the top-grade cars from popular brands like Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, etc. are revealed.

All the vehicles up for auction happen to be in sync with the latest trends and technologies with no hidden policy or price. So, you can participate in the auction without being worried about any kind of fraud.


Japanese cars are popular and most used cars in the world because of their looks, technology upgrades, and features. As the people in Japan are fond of new changes, the car resale market in Japan is thriving. I’ve also covered top Indian automobile companies to check before buying a new vehicle.

Many top-notch cars are being revealed for auctions on a daily basis. You just need to gather a little information and a membership for being a part of these auctions and have your desired vehicle.

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