4 Best Car Wrap Advertising Companies In India

I’ve gone through all the most-searched car wrap advertising companies available in India and listed them by their trust, brand visibility, and the service they offer.

In this post, I will share my findings with additional details to help you pick the best brands before placing your ads on vehicles.

Before you jump to the brand’s list, let’s understand more about car wrap advertising.

Like each startup or brand owner, we all want visibility or sales. What should be the ideal option when we want to place our brand in the maximum eye at less cost? Well, there could be any medium, but why car wrap?

Maximum spenders are Genz or Millennials & you’ve to think out of the box before making an impact. Today, millions of brands are live on digital media.

There is a top brand in almost every category. Then how do you advertise your new brand so that it catches the attention and sits in their minds? The answer is, through Car Wrap Advertisements.

Users nowadays are too busy to sit in front of the TV and watch ads, they always skip them. So, if people are not at home, where are they? They are on the roads, markets, etc. and that’s where you have to bring your brand.

What Is Car Wrap Advertisement?

Car Wrap Advertisement is a creative and eye-catching way to gain potential customers for whatever you’re advertising through vehicle stickers or banners.

The cars on the roads are fully covered with your brand or service advertisement, it would look great, wouldn’t it?

It will be seen so many times by millions of people that your stats will surely be increased. People stuck in traffic will surely be caught by colorful wraps. Here, you can also try the most-trusted car color change applications for more info.

The companies which offer you to do your ad campaigns, make sure to take the car through all the possible geographical locations where they can find the possible customers for you.

Benefits of Car Wrap Advertising

Now, if you are thinking to opt for a new way then you must be thinking about ROI. Down below, I’ve listed some benefits you get through car wrap branding.

For brands or marketers

  • Increased brand awareness and exposure: The stats say that a single car wrap catches the eyes of 30k-80k people per day bringing you a wide range of customers.
  • Targeted advertising: You can pick your target audience and the locations.
  • Increased credibility & professionalism: This method gives a comprehensive outlook to your brand.
  • Cost-effective advertising: It is cost-effective as the high-quality wraps too are not that expensive and come in great quality. Plus, it brings you a higher ROI (Return on Investment) than other methods.

For fleet or vehicle owners

  • You get passive income at zero cost.
  • Vinyl is easy to remove and doesn’t affect our vehicle’s paint, etc.
  • There are different offers on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Now, you are aware of different terms, let’s check the list of companies with additional details!


  • Co-Founder & CEO: Raghu Khanna
  • Founded: 2008
  • Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

CASHurDRIVE, registered as CASHurDRIVE Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the initial companies that initiated car advertisements in India. The company has been endorsing unique wrap solutions on all kinds of automobiles such as cabs, autos, regular cars, and buses.

Additional Details:

  • Along with the no-traditional wrap method, the brand also offers traditional media, digital marketing, and brand alliances with partnerships.
  • Full and partial wraps are provided.
  • Over 2k customers served and 5k+ projects successfully done.
  • 100k car wrapped by CASHurDRIVE.
  • Apart from regular vehicles, you can also ask the brand to wrap on Trucks, Shuttles and electric Rickshaws, etc.
  • Trusted by big brands like Amazon, Zomato, NETFLIX, PhonePe, Airtel, and different cab companies in India.

2. Wrap2Earn

  • Founder & CEO: Elmer Dsilva
  • Cofounder & CTO: Manuel Fernandes
  • Founded: 2017
  • Location: Maharashtra, India
Wrap2Earn Logo
Wrap2Earn Logo

Wrap2Earn is a technology-driven (AdTech) car advertising brand. They are headquartered in Mumbai and provide a disruptive media marketplace in sync with ride-sharing vehicles – usually on cab brands such as Lyft, Uber, Ola, etc.

Along with static banners on vehicles, Wrap2Earn also offers dynamic advertising campaigns. The brand promised customers the best return on investment through its vibrant mobile advertisement campaign.

Currently, W2E is located in all metro cities and offers better reach/visibility, low CPMs/high ROI with meaningful insights.

Additional Details:

  • It offers creative designs to catch the eyes of potential customers on the road.
  • You can choose your pick among four-door wraps, partial wraps, and full cab wraps.
  • They provide you access to the “customised campaign dashboard” so you can check the going-on progress.
  • Budget-friendly ad campaigns along with productive initiatives.
  • Wide domination of the Taxi market.
  • Offers first in segment – Taxi Top Advertising.
  • Different client segments – Food & Beverages, Infrastructure, Sports & Entertainment, etc.
  • Backed by investors.
  • The list of their clients includes Colours (TV channel), Himalaya, Ultratech cement, Zepto, Swiggy, Zee5, GoMechanic, and others.

3. Lorry Zone

  • Cofounder: Dharam Chand Patel
  • Location: Noida, UP, India
Lorry Zone Logo
Lorry Zone Logo

Lorry Zone is the next fastest on vehicle advertising agency in India. Thanks to a wide network of GPS-enabled vehicles (over 5L+ vehicles), the Lorry Zone deals in advertisements on vehicles – especially on commercial vehicles Buses, Trucks, Tata Ace, Mobile Vans, Auto Rickshaws & Cabs (Ola cabs, Uber Cabs, EasyCabs, Mega Cabs, Meru, Gold Cabs and Mega Cabs).

Lorry Zone has an extensive network of 20k+ trucks in India. Similar to Wrap2Earn, Lorry Zone assures brands to give maximum ROI.

Unless other brands in the list, Lorry Zone also offers a painting service. You can start a campaign for Truck painting, logo painting, Truck body painting (arts), etc. Guess what? Painting a commercial vehicle costs between 6,000 to 120,000.

Additional Details:

  • Offers services in over 86 cities.
  • In paint, Lorry Zone has 148 clients and painted over 1k Trucks.
  • Apart from the wrap, you can advertise any brand, service, or product using outdoor adverting services.
  • Through their GPS-enabled trucks, you can control city targeting and other related data.
  • Innovative design and campaign ideas for maximum impression on people’s minds.
  • The wide networks support the highest visibility of your advertisement from rural to urban.
  • The data and analytics reports are additional features for you to review the covered areas.
  • Famous brands collaborated – Castrol, Airtel, Tata, Wipro, Reliance, etc.

4. BrandOnWheelz

  • CEO: Mohammed Asghar
  • Founded: 2016
  • Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
BrandOnWheelz Logo
BrandOnWheelz Logo

Unlike other brands for on vehicle advertising in India, BrandOnWheelz offers a wide range of opportunities. The company believes in thinking out of the box and I see the same with their offerings. In terms of services, below is the list you can opt for.

  • Advertise your brand
  • Ola car branding
  • Uber car branding
  • Tata ace advertising
  • Vogo advertising
  • Auto branding
  • Ola play advertising
  • Ola in-app advertising

And many more different ways apart from automobiles.

Through car wrap advertising, they help their clients to advertise their brands to the maximum crowd and drivers or individuals to earn passive income from their vehicles.

Additional Details:

  • Located in 75+ cities like Delhi, Noida, Mysore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, and Kolkata.
  • Total 89.7 billion ad impressions for far.
  • 448800000 total campaigns (Kms).
  • You can track your brand and see real-time progress.
  • The company ensures the “Highest Brand Visibility”
  • BrandOnWheelz has worked with brands like Swiggy, Bata, Honda, Godrej, Emami, Sleepwell, and others.
  • Fleet owners and individuals can register their vehicles and earn money.

Car Wrap Advertising Facts

  • Car advertising has a recall ratio of up to 97% by the customers.
  • These cabs cover more than 250 KMS on daily basis.
  • A creative on taxi makes it an avoidable, eye-catching medium that delivers more than 1L*+ impressions in a day.
  • In India, wrap advertising is often used by brands in the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries, as well as by ride-sharing companies.

Car Advertising Examples

Car Advertising Examples
Car Advertising Examples


How does car wrapping advertising work?

Wrapping advertising works by wrapping (full, semi, or minimal coverage) a vehicle with vinyl graphics that display a brand’s message or logo. These vinyl graphics are designed to be attention-grabbing, making them an effective way to promote a brand or product. Max of wrapped vehicles are taxis, cab brands, or individual owners’ fleets.

How long does car wrapping last?

Depending on several factors like the quality of the vinyl, driving conditions, etc. A car wrap can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Please note that vinyl can be removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint.

How much does car wrapping advertising cost?

Depending on the size of the vehicle, design complexity, message type, and quality of the vinyl. On average, a full wrap can cost anywhere from $300 to $5,000. I’ve noticed that full coverage caught more eyeballs.

Is a vehicle wrap good advertising?

Yes, vehicle wrap advertising can be highly effective in reaching a large audience, making it a good advertising option.

What car is best for advertising wrap in India?

Any vehicle can be wrapped, but larger cars like Swift Dzire, Honda Amaze, Honda City, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, and similar cabs are often used for advertising wraps due to their larger surface area.

What are famous car wrap brands in India?

Some famous car wrap brands include 3M, Ceramic Pro, etc.


Be it a brand or any marketer, no one can promise you 100% optimisation.

In addition, car wrap advertising is a growing trend with its unique selling and effectiveness. With the increasing number of vehicles on Indian roads, I think this can be a game changer for brands if planned and implemented correctly.

Compared to other expensive campaigns, wrapping vehicles is also a cost-effective way to increase visibility and branding.

Both CASHurDRIVE & Wrap2Earn are doing excellent business for brands. For different or more local targeting, you pick other companies to form the list.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ask below in the comment section.

Written by Shailesh Thakran

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