10 Car Rental Companies That Offer Unlimited Mileage 

Do you want to rent a car for your next big road trip? One of the key factors to consider when renting a car from a car dealer is the mileage policy they offer. Does the company offer limited or unlimited mileage?

Most car rental companies offer limited mileage, limiting your travel miles per day, week, or month. However, there are some companies that offer unlimited mileage on standard cars, such as the Toyota Avalon and BMWs but may have limited mileage on exotic cars.

You can have a customized plan with the car rental company and get unlimited miles, even on exotic cars. With unlimited mileage, you can enjoy endless road trips within your state at a flat rate without any restriction on the miles you will cover.

The following is a list of car rental companies that offer unlimited mileage on their rental cars.

1. Thrifty Car Rental

With Thrifty car rental company, you can choose the option for unlimited mileage and the capped mileage option. The capped mileage is less expensive compared to the unlimited mileage option. 

Additionally, the company allows for out-of-state travel but at additional charges depending on the destination. Also, they have the one-way rental option, which comes at a customized price.

2. Hertz

The Hertz car rental offers unlimited mileage & also allows towing SUVs, Trucks & Pickups. Also, they have capped mileage options which you pay for exceeding the mileage limit daily, weekly, or monthly. The company allows for one-way travel but at a higher rate than standard rates. Additionally, Hertz provides for out-of-state travel but at higher rates depending on your destination. It has a royalty program where you can earn points that you can spend on future trips.

3. Avis

The Avis Rent a Car offers unlimited mileage for in-state rentals. If you rent a car for out-of-state travel, you can get unlimited or limited mileage, which is a pre-designated number with the miles restriction per day, week, or month depending on the rate structure. If you exceed the mileage, you pay the additional charges based on the miles you have exceeded. Additionally, the company offers one-way travel, but the rates differ from the standard rates. 

4. Turo

Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental which allows car owners to rent out their private cars. The car owners create the mileage limits for their vehicles and charge the renters if they exceed that limit. The owners of the car also have an option to create an unlimited mileage option. However, the company does not offer one-way rental services. If you travel out of state, you can get customized rates and policies from the owner, depending on your destination.

5. Alamo

Alamo Rent a Car is a well-established and trusted car rental service. It offers both unlimited and capped mileage services at competitive prices. The only limitation is that it is only available in a few places. The company provides one-way travel with drop charges. However, the drop charges do not apply for airport to airport rentals. Also, it allows for out-of-state trips at customized rates. 

6. Rent-a-Wreck

Rent-a-Wreck is a rental company that offers both limited and unlimited mileage options. With the unlimited mileage option, the rates vary with the destination or location. The limited mileages have limits of 150 miles per day, 900 miles per week, and 3,000 miles per month. The extra miles you cover come with additional charges. 

Also, the company offers one-way rental services with one-way rental charges and drop fees. They allow for out-of-state rentals, but different rates apply depending on location and destination.

7. Fox

Fox-Rent-a-Car is another company that offers both unlimited and limited mileage rentals. As long as you are renting from the corporate office, you get unlimited mileage across the US.

You can get unlimited mileage for one way only if you are travelling between the corporate locations, which are Utah, Arizona, California, Washington, and Nevada. However, drop charges applies for one-way travel. Also, state rentals are allowed but subject to some conditions. Check their website for additional information. 

8. Budget Rent a Car

The Budget Rent a Car company has an unlimited mileage policy for standard cars and in-state travel. Also, the company offers both the pre-designated number of miles per day, week, and month and unlimited mileage options. The rates depend on where you pick the car. You pay additional charges if you exceed the mileage limits. 

The company offers a one-way rental travel option, but this will limit you from enjoying the unlimited mileage option. Also, they allow out-of-state travel. Visit their website for additional information.

9. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a trusted company with exceptional services in the car rental business. The company has an unlimited mileage policy for all in-state travels. Also, you get unlimited mileage for all airport locations. One-way travel is allowed, but it comes with a drop charge. You can get a customized plan for out-of-state travels depending on the location. 

10. National Car Rental

The National Car Rental has an unlimited mileage policy, but it is not standard. However, unlimited mileage is always available to the associated members of National and an additional 20% discount. The company offers a one-way option, and the drop charges apply if you fail to indicate a one-way rental when booking. The drop charges vary depending on the location and the season. Also, they offer out-of-state rental travel, although the rates are higher. Check the website for their policies and rates. 


With unlimited mileage, you will not have to worry about paying additional costs when you exceed the mileage limit. You can go on a road trip across the country as far as you want at a flat rate. Check with the car rental company near you to get the best rates and the most favourable unlimited mileage policy for your next road trip. Most car rental companies do not have an unlimited mileage policy on exotic and certain types of cars.

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