15 Best Automobile Parking Apps To Use In India & USA

Stressed about parking your favorite vehicle?

With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, finding vehicle parking is going to be a tough task.

The way humans hunt for parking and the way animals hunt for food are not as different as you might think.

Tom Vanderbilt

Our cities are super crowded with human beings and vehicles. Similar to human beings, our car requires some space, and that too without any struggle or waiting in lines.

Moreover, parking your vehicle somewhere safe makes you feel convenient. There are 2 broad kinds of parking systems – Unorganised or organised.

  • Unorganised: This is a locally managed area by individual landowners. This can be crowded, dirty & lacks security.
  • Organised: It is well-maintained spaces with proper parking management and security. Usually, these types of parking are maintained by big brands.

Thankfully, some good parking apps allow you to park your vehicle safely. Let’s check them all in detail! Before we go into detail, here’s a quick comparison of all.

What’s the selection process for picking these parking apps?

As you can see, I’ve rigorously compared all data points generated by real users. Be it average ratings, free vs paid, the total number of download users, publicity, and the number of parking spaces provided by brands – each app ranking is based on all average scores.

Park+ | FASTag | RTO | Parivahan App

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 3.8/5 based on 1k ratings on iOS|4.1/5 based on 1.4L reviews on Google Play
Park+ Logo
Park+ Logo

Location Availability: The park+ app (all features) is available in India, including all cities.

About App: Founded by Amit Lakhotia in 2019, Park+ is an Indian digital parking space startup. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon and aims to “simplify the process of owning a car” in urban areas.

It doesn’t only find parking spaces for you, but also offers extra services like FASTag, Car Wash, Challan payment & insurance.

In addition, Park+ is also available for Business & E.V. charging solutions.

Today, the company is trusted by top-growing startups such as Accenture, DLF, Bookmyshow, CRED, CarDekho, TCS, and many more.


  • Book your car parking in just a few easy steps in any Indian state, I.T. parks, or mall.
  • Recharge your FASTag with the app only.
  • Search vehicle owners & other kinds of information.
  • Check your challans easily.
  • Check daily up-to-date fuel prices in your cities.
  • The app also provides a car cleaning service with its “Car Wash” feature. Here, you can also check other most trusted car washing companies in the world.
  • You can check the status of traffic online.
  • You can buy zero-commission car insurance and also renew your insurance.
  • You will be shown multi-pricing for your car if you want to trade your car.
  • Reminders are there so that you never miss any insurance renewal or service.

Other Indian Automobile Parkings App Brands:

Other Indian BrandsWebsite
Show My ParkingShowmyparkig.com
Parking RhinoParkingrhino.com
My ParkingsMyparkings.com
AppsiOSAndroidPaid/FreeTotal Downloads
SpotHero – Find Parking4.8 (169.2k ratings)4.5 (7.4T reviews)Free1M+
ParkWhiz – Parking App4.8 (109.1k ratings)4.4 (18.3T reviews)Free1M+
Passport Parking4.8/5 (96.4k ratings)3.9/5 (13.6k reviews)Free1M+
BestParking App4.8 (30.2k ratings)4.5 (10.9k reviews)Free1M+
Parkopedia4.5/5 (1.9k ratings)4.4/5 (12.1k reviews)Freemium1M+
PayByPhone4.7/5 (4.7k ratings)5/5 (68.7k reviews)Free5M+
ParkMobile4.7/5 (4.7k ratings)3.8/5 (51.3T reviews)Free5M+
SpotAngels4.7/5 (8.4k ratings)4.1/5 (on 2.15T reviews)Freemium100k+
Google Maps4.7/5 (4.7M ratings)4.3/5 (16.2M reviews)Free1TCr+
The Parking Spot4.5/5 (1.9k ratings)4.9/5 (5.08T reviews)Free1L+
Way – Auto Super App4.8/5 (38.7k ratings)4.8/5 (8.17k reviews)Free100k+

Let’s see the app used by USA & Canadian drivers

1. SpotHero – Find Parking

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.8/5 based on 169.2k ratings on iOS|4.5/5 based on 7.4T reviews on Google Play
SpotHero Parking App Logo
SpotHero Parking App Logo

Location Availability: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Miami, New Orleans, Newark, Oakland, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.

About App: Based in Chicago (Illinois), SpotHero is a digital parking marketplace. It was founded in 2011 by Jeremy Smith, Mark Lawrence and Larry Kiss. Similar to other apps, SpotHero works on apps & websites.

The brand has acquired several other rivals, such as ParkPlease, ParkingPanda, and Rover Parking across the west. Today, SpotHero service is available in over 300 cities in the U.S. and Canada.


  • Covers 300+ famous market parking.
  • You can also book in advance.
  • SpotHero also offers parking at Airports, Events & office spaces.
  • If you need to park your vehicle daily, then you can set a profile in the app, and you will be able to keep track of your daily parking expenses.
  • The app allows you to cancel a reservation with a full refund until the last minute.
  • Similar to other apps, you can also extend your reservations.
  • You can add your daily locations, like your office or school, and save a parking lot there.
  • With the “Quick Rebook” feature of the app, you can save your favourite spots.
  • Reserve a spot and get to save up to 50%.

2. ParkWhiz – Parking App

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.8/5 based on 109.1k ratings on iOS|4.4/5 based on 18.3T reviews on Google Play
ParkWhiz Parking App
ParkWhiz Parking App

Location Availability: New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Atlanta, Toronto & all other important points.

Airport Location Availability: Los Angeles (LAX), Chicago (ORD), Newark (EWR)
New York (JFK), Dallas (DFW), Toronto (YYZ) & many more.

About App: An E-parking service founded in 2006 by Ashish Dalal and Jon Thornton. ParkWhiz facilitates in over 50 major cities in the U.S. Similar to the app mentioned above, you find the best parking spot, compare prices and save up to 50%.

The brand has integrated with several gas stations, malls, etc., for parking management. It is currently operated by Arrive platform, which owns BestParking. According to the company’s data, over 40M has used their app or web platform to check, compare and book a parking spot.


  • Helps with all kinds of parking whether it is the airport, stadium, town, or city for daily or monthly parking.
  • ParkWhiz promises to save up to 50% of your money while searching for a free spot.
  • You can find the parking spot right away, or you can reserve it for later.
  • The mobile parking pass allows you to have easy access to your spot.
  • Prices are visualised for you to compare, select and reserve a spot.

3. Passport Parking

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.8/5 based on 96.4k ratings on iOS|3.9/5 based on 13.6k reviews on Google Play
Passport Parking App Logo
Passport Parking App Logo

Location Availability: No information is provided by the brand.

About App: Passport Parking comes under Passportinc corporation – A tech company specialising in Parking management, enforcement, and digital business. The transportation software and payment company was founded in 2010 & owns a good market share in some cities.


  • Stress-free parking: Get an alert when your vehicle’s parking session ends.
  • Get parking bill receipts over the mail.
  • Pay quickly and securely with the app.
  • No rush: Add time to your parking with a few taps from the app.
  • While searching for a parking spot through the app, you will get a unique zone number to locate your spot.
  • You can also check when the parking fare is changing in the future.

4. Best Parking – Find Parking

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.8/5 based on 30.2k ratings on iOS|4.5/5 based on 10.9k reviews on Google Play
Best Parking Logo
Best Parking Logo

Location Availability: New York City (Manhattan), San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, San Diego, Philadelphia, Baltimore
Dallas, Sacramento, Washington DC, Atlanta & Toronto.

Airport Location Availability: Los Angeles (LAX), Chicago (ORD), Newark (EWR)
New York (JFK), Dallas (DFW), Toronto (YYZ) & many more.

About App: BestParking app is a prominent player in parking apps globally. The app is available in over 105 cities and over 100 airports throughout North America. It offers a digital pass to save a minimum of up to 50%. The company got acquired in 2015 by Park Whiz.


  • With the use of apps, users can check available nearby parking with updated prices.
  • You can also compare prices up-front of thousands of available parking lots & book for maximum savings.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation to your space.
  • From town to airports, you can find amazing parking spaces anywhere.
  • You can easily enter with your mobile parking pass for your reserved spot.
  • The app has also been featured in Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, New York Magazine, FOX, etc., for its awesome review and ranking by customers.
  • 85k+ active users have backed this app as the best one.
  • App or web offers an instant-load map with a simple selection process & booking.

5. Parkopedia

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.5/5 based on 1.9k ratings on iOS|4.4/5 based on 12.1k reviews on Google Play
Parkopedia Logo
Parkopedia Logo

Location Availability: Parkopedia is available in 89 countries, 15000 cities and over 70000000 spots, making then the largest and most updated parking services provider in the world. Parkopedia also offers parking services to the best companies such as Volvo, LandRover, TOMTOM, G.M., Toyota, Ford, etc.

About App: The frustration of finding a parking spot gave birth to Parkopedia. It was founded in 2007 (one of the youngest) with a mission to provide the best parking solution in the market, somewhat it succeeded too.

The brand operates on B2B & B2C model and successfully made a global presence, especially for B2B solutions.


  • It offers pre-booking service, which allows individuals to reserve in advance.
  • Offers real-time service: You just need to fill in your destination city, and Parkopedia will let you know the nearest free spot for your car.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Parkopedia provides direction to the spot through the app.
  • Get directions from the app to the space/entrance.
  • App offers opening hours, up-to-date prices, payment methods, and more features.

6. PayByPhone

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.7/5 based on 4.7k ratings on iOS|5/5 based on 68.7k reviews on Google Play
PayByPhone Logo
PayByPhone Logo

Location Availability: The app is available in over 1,000+ cities worldwide.

About App: Started in 2000 with a mission to take the pain out of parking. PayByPhone is 20 years old company, providing parking and mobile payment solutions. So far, it has acquired 30 million users. Compared to other apps, it is available in 12 languages, and lets owners park their vehicles within quick taps.


  • No registration is required.
  • Register and pay for your parking in just a few seconds.
  • Start and extend parking duration from the mobile device.
  • Use Maps or nearby features to find out other offers, deals or where you can use PayByPhone.
  • Check your parking history.
  • Get receipts directly in your mail.
  • The app reminds you about the parking time beforehand.

7. ParkMobile

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.7/5 based on 4.7k ratings on iOS|3.8/5 based on 51.3T reviews on Google Play
ParkMobile Logo
ParkMobile Logo

Location Availability: You can access ParkMobile in over 500 cities, such as New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia.

About App: A smarter way to park your vehicle comes with the ParkMobile app. It was launched in 2008 with the simple goal to make parking easier. Today, ParkMobile is trusted by more than 20 million users & located in 8 of the top 10 U.S. cities, making life easy for millions of car owners.


  • Reserve or parking at your convenience.
  • The app will send you an alert before the parking session expires.
  • Works in all famous parks and universities too.
  • With your mobile, you can book street parking, a free lot, or garage parking and pay for it.
  • While going to a city can reserve a parking spot in a garage or near a stadium.
  • Book parking for nearby events.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • The app allows you to extend the timing of your parking with just a few clicks.

8. SpotAngels

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.7/5 based on 8.4k ratings on iOS|4.1/5 based on 2.15T reviews on Google Play
SpotAngels Logo
SpotAngels Logo

Location Availability: NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, San Diego, Toronto, Montreal & many more cities.

About App: SpotAngels is the world’s largest community-based parking app. The paring app has been featured in Google & App store as the best Navigation app.

In addition, the app is well-appreciated on various media websites like Timeout, Forbes, TechCrunch, New York Post and more.

The company was founded in 2014 by Mehdi Sqalli, Aboud Jardaneh, and Hamza Quazzani Chahdi & offers services in the U.S.


  • The app remembers the parking location with a Bluetooth connection.
  • SpotAngel is considered a “Waze for parking”.
  • It is free to use, although SpotAngel offers a premium subscription.
  • Compared to other apps, SpotAngel has the best gas price finder.
  • It helps you find street parking spots while avoiding tickets.
  • Get cleaning notifications on your mobile.
  • App offers community features.
  • The app also collaborated with different universities & property owners to offer maximum locations.

SportAngels Premium:

  • It offers open spot alerts.
  • Get 10% cashback on hourly parking.
  • Get $30 yearly credit on monthly parking.
  • Advance protect feature from tickets.
  • Dark mode.
  • 7-day free trial with $4.99/month or $29.99/year.

9. Google Maps

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.7/5 based on 4.7Mk ratings on iOS|4.3/5 based on 16.2M reviews on Google Play
Google Map Parking Logo
Google Map Parking Logo

Location Availability: Worldwide

About App: Google map is the most trusted and widely used navigation app. It was launched in 2005 and comes in multiple languages with additional features such as parking locations, nearby activities, etc.


  • You can use the app to mark your parking location and get to it freely.
  • The search bar helps you find your parking location.
  • Directions for parking are given in the app, which is effortless to follow.
  • You can turn the notifications on and off as required.
  • Google parking is restricted to limited countries.

10. The Parking Spot – Spot on Airport Parking

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.5/5 based on 1.9k ratings on iOS|4.9/5 based on 5.08T reviews on Google Play
The Parking Spot Logo
The Parking Spot Logo

Location Availability: The app offers on-spot parking locations in 38 locations at 22 airports such as Atlanta Hartsfield Airport (ATL), Austin-Bergstrom Airport (AUS), Baltimore Washington Airport, Buffalo-Niagara Airport (BUF), Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT), Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW), Denver Airport (DEN), Hartford Airport (BDL), Houston George Bush Airport (IAH) & many more.

About App: The Parking Spot app was founded in 1998 by Martin Hughes Nesbitt. In 2011, the company got acquired by Green Courte Partners LLC.

Moreover, Parking Spot offers paring services in the United States with best-in-class amenities.


  • Airport parking shuttle service.
  • Covered, open-air, and valet parking are available at selected locations.
  • Fast and easy check-in & check-out.
  • Luggage assistance is available.
  • Complimentary chilled water.
  • You can also reserve your parking with ease.
  • Offers club membership with different benefits.
  • TPS also offers car care services, including car washes and oil changes available in some markets. Usually, you give a good amount to any car washing provider for basic washing.
  • A parking spot also offers a car locator to record your vehicle’s location.

11. Way – Auto Super App

  • App Link: Android | iOS
  • App Ratings: 4.8/5 based on 38.7k ratings on iOS|4.8/5 based on 8.17k reviews on Google Play
Way Auto Super App Logo
Way Auto Super App Logo

Location Availability: The app offers parking and other services in Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC & other cities

About App: Way promises to find parking in less than a minute. Binu Girija started the brand in 2016. The prime focus of Way.com is to make car owners’ life simplified. The company has already parked over 35 million cars on hourly, and monthly parking.

Similar to SpotAngles, Way also offers a paid subscription known as Way+. There are 3 packages – Ruby, Emerald & Diamond. This covers exceptional services such as roadside assistance, parking, etc.

As per the company, Way+ can save up to $1000/year on car services.


  • With a single app, you also get Insurance, Car Wash, and Refinance features.
  • The app offers hourly, airport, monthly, and event parking with a parking pass.
  • Trusted by millions of users on Trustpilot.
  • Offers 24/7 customer support.
  • When looking for a parking space, with the Way app, you can also reserve a parking spot for an hour or a month.
  • Another service Way provides is a parking pass, which helps car owners save money. In addition, it allows you to park at any Way lot multiple times a day, at one low daily or monthly rate.
  • Car owners can reserve exclusive event parking sports before 24-48 hrs at the best rates.
  • You can also locate places near the airport for parking.
  • Directions are provided by the app so that you can locate your car without any hassle.

How To Choose A Vehicle Parking App?

There are several apps to find the best parking near your office, event or any point where you need parking. However, you should consider the following pointers before making a final decision:

  • Check your requirements or specific needs: Is there any particular app fulfilling that via a free or subscription model?
  • Is the app available in your country, city or location?
  • Who are their users, and what do they say about services? Check reviews on Play, App store, Trust Pilot, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Park Your Vehicle?

Your 1st Hour of parking is free in most areas or apps. However, after 1 hour, the price changes based on time duration. Usually, the average price ranges between $0.25 to $6.00 per Hour on location.

1st HourFree
1-2 Hours$2.00
2-3 Hours$3.00
3-4 Hours$4.00
4-6 Hours$6.00
6-10 Hours$8.00
10-12 Hours$12.00
Daily Max.$24.00

Things To Keep In Mind Before Parking Your Vehicle

First of all, you don’t need to be in a hurry. Below is the list of top 5 steps you need to check before parking a car in an office, event or any parking space:

  • Keep your vehicle’s parking app in alert mode.
  • Always check for lighting before you finalise your sport. This illumination can be natural or via an electric bulb.
  • Always keep your vehicle’s face in front of the exit door.
  • Follow parking location guidelines as a standard safety procedure.
  • Always be patient & show respect for other parking attendants – Show the way to help, try to navigate them, etc.
  • Please don’t park in a rush, as it creates problems for others.

Interesting Facts About Parking

  • The average car spends 95% of its time parked.
  • Car owners waste around 17 hours a year looking for parking.
  • 68% of land in cities is used for parking spaces.
  • San Francisco has the most politically favorable environment for large-scale parking reform of any major U.S. city.
  • Parking supply exceeds demand, yet there is chaos.
  • Cars dominate 3/4th of the parking areas.
Car Parking Share
Car Parking Share
  • Most parkers are employees and business owners.
  • Almost all parkers are 50 years old or less.
  • The share of short and long-duration parking is closely balanced.
  • Car owners eventually pay more for better and more modern parking.
  • Almost two-thirds of parking users are male.
  • Almost all users are less than 40 years old.
  • The majority of the users are employees and business owners.
  • About one-fifth of the users park for more than eight hours daily.
  • People are willing to pay more for multi-level parking.


Well, it was a tough fight among all rivals.

Picking a perfect parking app is tough, and it also depends on locations as well as personal interests.

However, depending on the different features, average ratings, and total users, I can say that you can pick any between SpotHero, ParkWhiz, Passport & BestParking.

If you live in India, then please prefer Park+ only.

I hope this list will help you find all related answers.

You can also check out the most trusted car rental companies in the world if you want to get stuck in your parking place.


Are parking apps Safe?

Whether Android or iOS, a mobile app works in a super-safe environment. All parking companies are trusted and backed by investors. So, you can avoid thinking about safety concerns.

What is the average change of Parking?

You can expect an average price of $3/hour in high-end properties across the USA.

How does a smart parking system work?

A smart & efficient parking system works as a space management company to check and provide parking spaces in real time. The system syncs with sensors and cameras that record real-time availability into the app or website. As a user, you see available space, and once you book, you can park your vehicle.

Are parking apps available in all cities?

No as of now, brands are working to make it a common practice in other metro and non-metro cities in India. However, availability may vary depending on the specific app and location

Do I need to have a specific type of phone to use a parking app?

No, most parking apps are available for both iOS and Android smartphones. However, users should check the specific app requirements before downloading.

Can I cancel my reservation through a parking app?

Yes, depending on the app you are using, most companies allow users to cancel their reservations.

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