113+ Audi Quotes, Captions, Sayings & Status In 2023

Who doesn’t love an Audi?

It’s an ultimate luxury car brand that offers varieties of supercars across the budget. Everyone wants or loves to travel in the lap of luxury, but let’s face the truth. 

Audi is one of the car brands that is out of reach for many of us. That said, it’s true, no one can stop you from dreaming and working hard to buy one. Right?

Well, Throttlebias got your back to dream about it via their extensive list of best Audi quotes. 


These Audi quotes will help you stay motivated all the time & work on your goals 24×7. In the end, all of us want is to experience an Audi, whether it’s an A4, A6, RS8, etc.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the list of Audi car quotes. Shall we? 

List Of Audi Quotes, Captions & Status For Car Lovers

  • I am damn emotional about my Audi. Better not to touch without my permission. 
  • Did you say that you want to drive my bae? 
  • I love these four rings. 
  • Hobby: buy an ordinary car. Passion: buy an Audi.
  • Millionaires advice: work hard & buy an Audi.
  • Audi is a good distraction.
  • Four rings on any Audi represent the pride of any owner. 
  • If you want to know anything about the thrill, just drive an Audi.
Audi Quotes & Sayings
Audi TT
  • My Audi, my pride.
  • Fast means, pushing my Audi RS beyond the limits. 
  • Life is too short to drive any random supercar. Better equip yourself with an ultimate Audi. 
  • An Audi can be truly one person’s dream car. 
  • It is never too late to think and buy an Audi rather than wasting your money on a random sportscar. 
  • The three most crucial strengths of an Audi are its sportiness, dynamics & efficiency. 
  • You get what you focus on the most. So instead of focusing on boring cars, imagine yourself in an Audi RS7. 
  • My ultimate vehicle is an Audi R8 V10+. What’s yours?

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Audi Quotes
Audi R8 V10+
  • Ambition is the very step to success & the second step is to buy an Audi. 
  • Don’t quit your daydream. Your Audi is just a step ahead. So, start working immediately. 
  • A dream without ambition is like Audi without four rings. No identity at all. 
  • Of course, money can buy you an Audi but what about passion to drive it? 
  • Never give up on your dreams or you can say, Audi. 
  • She said to pick between your Audi & me. Obviously, I picked my Audi.
  • I just love the roar of the V10 + engine.
  • Among all supercars out there, Audi is my favourite. 
Audi Quotes for Instagram
Audi TT In Blue Colour
  • If you wake up thinking about Audi then start working until you see.
  • Can you buy happiness? The answer is YES, you just need to buy an Audi.
  • I want to view these four zeroes in my car, not in my exams. 
  • You can never have enough power. I remember when I had a typical car & then I bought an Audi R8.
  • Don’t think about rivals; just smoke them out by doing a burnout. 
  • You either love this guy or hate him. Please notice, he has Audi. 
  • Angry, Loud & Hungry. It’s an Audi.
  • Keep calm & let me drive an Audi.
Sportscar quotes pics
Audi TT In Grey Colour
  • My next goal, just an Audi.
  • Trust me, you cannot buy an Audi by working like a slave. 
  • It started with a dream and ended up with an Audi 
  • It will cost you $0 to dream and thousands of dollars to own it. Start hustling! 
  • I love the RS badging in an Audi.
  • Audi, redefining luxury and performance.
  • Drive the car you dream about day & night.
  • Audi is all about the experience, fun & most important – thrill.
  • I love you Audi 3000.
  • Audi’s passion for innovation and its relentless pursuit of excellence makes them one of the most respected and admired car brands in the world.
  • Audi, a driving experience like no other.

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I love you Audi
Audi R8 V10+ Read Look
  • Work hard until your car’s exhaust note roars. 
  • These four rings grab attention everywhere. 
  • My Audi is one of my most expensive hobby.
  • Audi, creating iconic vehicles.
  • Pick one: relationship or an Audi R8.
  • We don’t sell cars; we sell dreams with class and comfort. 
  • Audi is just cloze and near to my heart.
  • I drive Audi not to travel but to experience the horsepower.
  • The key to happiness is an Audi.
Key to happiness is an Audi
Audi Steering Wheel
  • I love maths but I hate counting the fuel efficiency of my Audi.
  • Who gives a fish to mileage while driving an Audi?
  • Any Audi fans here? Say Hi in the comment section. 
  • Evey Audi is a benchmark in its segment – Audi.
  • The time spent in my Audi is very precious to me and I want to enjoy it every day. 
  • Let your Audi R8’s exhaust shout louder than your haters.
  • Confidence has no rivals & I can feel it in an Audi.
  • There is no such thing as called prefer ride except an Audi R8 V 10+.
Audi R8 Quotes
Audi R8 Badge
  • There is only one sports car – Audi, Audi & only Audi.
  • Life is better when you have an Audi.
  • Switch off the traction and see the magic.
  • Audi’s commitment to safety and driver assistance features has made their vehicles some of the most technologically advanced on the road.
  • Audi, a commitment to excellence.
  • Audi’s focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility set them apart from other car manufacturers.
  • Good cars get you nowhere but Audi. Well, it will give you directions & status.
  • Supercars are more than sculptures of a car guy.
  • Life has so much stress but once you get into your Audi, all that “stress, anxiety &, etc goes out of the frameless doors. 
  • Take care of your sportscar, and they will take care of the road. 
  • Rings my bae needs. Rings I want. 
Audi R8 V10 Plus Quotes
Audi R8 V10+ Convertible
  • Have you ever experienced the melody of the exhaust of an Audi sportscar?
  • One can easily afford an Audi if one works for it hard. 
  • To me, Audi defines status with endless luxury.
  • Audi, the ultimate driving machine.
  • Real men spend on experiences & Audi gives that without any compromise
  • Never underestimate the horsepower of an Audi. 
  • Work hard until you feel that Audi is a cheap toy.
  • Wasting time on Social Media won’t buy you an Audi.
  • They won’t see the beauty when roaring the engine of an Audi.
  • Keep calm & just love these four rings aka Audi.
  • If you ask me between Audi & BMW, I will definitely gonna say Audi.
  • Audi is the only brand that offers a truly premium experience in every segment.
  • Luxury without compromise.
  • Audi, progress through technology.
  • Audi, never follow.
  • Audi was born of innovation.
  • Audi has always stood for innovation and progress in the automotive industry.
  • The Audi experience is incomparable.
  • Unmatched engineering with luxury.
  • Audi, performance in motion.
  • Audi’s commitment to design, technology, and engineering is second to none.
  • Audi’s vehicles are a symbol of sophistication and style, but also of performance and efficiency.
  • Audi, pushing the limits.
  • Audi, setting new standards in automotive engineering.
  • Audi’s attention to detail and pursuit of perfection is evident in every aspect of their vehicles.
  • Audi’s dedication to creating a driving experience that is both exhilarating and comfortable sets them apart from the competition.


Audi is one of the largest luxury car manufacturers based in Germany. August Horch founded the company on 25th April 1910. As of now, this brand works under the Volkswagen Group. Talking of the founder, August was from Germany and studied engineering before starting working for Karl Benz. Later on, after Horch automobile, he worked hard and built a successful car brand globally. Nevertheless, let’s move to the final thoughts and quotes about Audi.

I think you can achieve anything you want in your life. You just need to concentrate your energy on a single goal and work for it. I hope all of these mentioned Audi quotes boosted your confidence and probably help to for a new goal. 

If you liked these Audi car quotes, then please don’t forget to share your stories or views in the comment section. 

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