6 Best Ceramic Coating Brands In India For Paint Protection

Getting an eye-catching car is just not enough.

You need to keep it shiny and protect its expensive paint from unwanted scratches.

So, what’s the recommended solution?

You must be aware of the term Ceramic coating. It’s a new way of keeping your car safe from all severe conditions. Being a marketer as well as an automobile enthusiast, I’ve visited dealerships or utilized max. of product range given below.

Let’s discuss a bit more about Ceramic coatings and companies offering services. So, what’s the Ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a durable clear liquid coating that shields your car from corrosion, oxidation, harsh weather, and other factors with just one application. It enhances the shine of your car and adds some more years to its looks.

The application of coating can be a bit difficult if you’re doing it on your own but several firms in the market deliver easy-to-use products which require no professional experience.

Jump into the details of these brands and select your pick. Let’s explore each of them one by one!

Criteria Throttlebias Followed To Pick Best Available Ceramic Coating Brand

  • Durability: Look for long-lasting protection against UV rays, chemicals, and oxidation.
  • Performance: Evaluate the brand’s ability to enhance gloss and repel water and dirt.
  • Application process: Check if it’s suitable for professional or DIY use, with clear instructions.
  • Versatility: Ensure it offers coatings for various surfaces like paint, wheels, glass, and trim.
  • Warranty: I picked all brands with a solid warranty to ensure product satisfaction.
  • Customer reviews: All brands come with positive feedback from other customers to gauge reputation.
  • Professional services: If desired, check for certified installers or authorized detailing centers.
  • Product Innovation: Look for brands known for advanced formulas, products, and unique features.
  • Value for money: I checked different brands in the online market and then listed value of money products with excellent outcomes.

1. The Detailing Mafia

The Detailing Mafia Logo
The Detailing Mafia Logo

With over 37 years of experience, The Detailing Mafia is a well-known and trusted car detailing and cleaning studio for the Indian automobile industry.

Be its specialized design, skilled staff, and world-class products, Detailing Mafia is a one-stop destination for all those who are looking forward to an uncompromised Ceramic coating for any kind of vehicle. It also offers custom stickers and modification work.

PS: They work with innovative technology and the best brands across the world.

Details on Detailing Mafia’s Ceramic Coating

TDM offers two types of Ceramic coating known as Opti Coat and Labocosmetica.

Labocosmetica: It is a progeny of Ma-Fra which is known to provide tested car care products. It provides a silk-mirror effect along with forming a physical and chemical barrier to the surface.

This coating gives your car qualities like 3D gloss, wheel coating, fully chemical resistant, anti-static, etc.

There are various ranges of coating such as Nano-Ceramic coating, SAM (Hydrophobic coat), BLINDO (kit coating), etc.


PackagesBasic PackageExterior PackageUltimate Package
Small Car20000-5500048000-8500065000-100000
Luxury / MUV /SUV24000-6200053000-9000070000-108000
High-End Luxury26000-6500055000-9500075000-110000


  • 100% Chemical resistant
  • Anti-static
  • UV protection
  • Wheel coating
  • Water-repellent/hydrophobic
  • 3D gloss
  • Superior SICTM film
  • Scratch & mar resistance (above 9h hardness)
  • High chemical resistance
  • Permanent superhydrophobic surface
  • Eases daily maintenance
  • Temperature resistance

Opti Coat: It is a great care product that delivers complete protection to your car.

Some of its benefits are permanent superhydrophobic surface, hardness above 9H, temperature resistance, oxidation, corrosion resistance, etc. The coating is known to be durable and the best in the industry and comes with a 7-year warranty.

The range of coating includes Opti-Coat Hyper Seal, Opti-Coat Pro+, Optimum Glass Coat, and much more. (All of these coatings have different warranty periods lying between 1 to 5 years). Apart from car care products, DM also offers wrapping, detailing, and washing services.


Small Car12000
Luxury / MUV /SUV14000
High-End Luxury15000


  • 4.8/5 reviews on Google Business
  • 4.0/5 reviews on Trustpilot

2. Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro Logo
Ceramic Pro Logo

Introduced in 2010, Ceramic is primarily focused on luxury and sports vehicle owners.

The product Ceramic Pro is a patented clear, liquid, nano Ceramic coating that forms a durable nano glass on the surface of your vehicle.

Unlike other car detailing brands, Ceramic Pro is a global leader in different kinds of coatings, etc. All Indian operations are spearheaded by Nishant Saboo (Saboo Automotive Pvt Ltd).

They have a wide range of Ceramic products suitable for Automotive, Industrial, Marine, and other industries.

Ceramic Pro is also a global leader in Nano Ceramic coatings and films.

Details on Ceramic Pro’s Ceramic Coating

  • All products are backed by extreme testing and research by professionals.
  • It’s integrated with the SIO2 formula and has a rating above 9H.
  • It is the authorized “paint protection partner” for Carlsson Cars.
  • All these products are tested and verified by SGS and certified as non-toxic.
  • The Ceramic coating has a wide range of products including Ceramic Pro Glass, Ceramic Pro Textile, Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper, Ceramic Pro 9H, PPF and Vinyl Coating, etc.
  • All products are built to protect the surface of your car from UV rays, acids, alkalis, fire, corrosion, severe weather conditions, and any other solvents.


As per Ceramic Pro, below are listed benefits:

  • All products are formulated according to specific materials.
  • Excellent protection of paint and other products.
  • Look enhancements.
  • Applicable to interiors too – So, your equipment is super safe.


Package TypeDetails
Platinum (7 years warranty)10 Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat2 Layer of Ceramic Pro Glass (all glasses)2 Layer of Ceramic Pro Plastic (exterior)2 Layer of Wheel & CaliperCeramic Pro on Leather (Optional)Micro Fiber Towel – 3 Nos.First Ceramic Pro Foam Wash
Gold (5 years warranty)7 Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Glass (all glasses)2 Layer of Ceramic Pro Plastic (exterior)2 Layer of Wheel & CaliperCeramic Pro on Leather (Optional)Micro Fiber Towel – 2 Nos.First Ceramic Pro Foam Wash
Silver (2 years warranty)4 Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Glass (front & back)1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Plastic (exterior)1 Layer of Wheel & CaliperCeramic Pro on Leather (Optional)Micro Fiber Towel – 2 Nos.First Ceramic Pro Foam Wash
Bronze (1 year warranty)2 Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Glass (front glass)Ceramic Pro on Leather (Optional)Micro Fiber Towel – 2 Nos.First Ceramic Pro Foam Wash


As per Ceramic Pro, there is no specific cost of coating. You can visit their website to get a price quote.

3. Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys Logo
Chemical Guys Logo

Want to try coating yourself? With Chemical Guys wide range of Ceramic products and courses, you can do it at your home.

Chemical Guys was established by Paul Schneider and David Knotek in 1968.

Providing excellent service in the United States and other regions, Chemical Guys products are available in India. They are renowned for their affordable Ceramic coating as well as care products.

The squad of passionate and experienced workers tries hard to work out the best solution for your needs.

Details on Chemical Guys Ceramic Coating Products

  • Chemical Guys has more than 30 different care kits available for different parts of the car including windows, glasses, exterior, and interior.
  • They use Carbon Force which protects the glassy surface of your car and works as highly enduring Ceramic.
  • Excellent coating life as the brand promises neither break down nor wash off guarantee. 
  • Provides Hydrophobic features with just one coating.

Apart from this, Chemical Guys is a one-stop destination for anything related to car detailing or washing.


Prices of these Ceramic products can cost you from $50 to over $200.

4. Shine Armor

Shine Armor Logo
Shine Armor Logo

Similar to Chemical Guys, Shine Armor also offers a wide range of Ceramic products that you can apply at home.

The brand was launched by Justin Kemperman in 2018. Being one of the leading firms, it delivers excellent quality car care and car detailing products. Their products are efficient, easy to use, and pocket-friendly.

Details on Shine Armor’s Ceramic Coating Products

  • You can use their product for Ceramic Coating as well as added protection.
  • They come with hydrophobic properties, durability, and high protection against water, UV rays, dirt, and dust.
  • You can opt for different quantities with a 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • Products are available for different surfaces like plastic, glass, paint, etc.
  • Products assure up to 6 months of protection.
  • Easy to use and dries quickly leaving a mirror-like finish.
  • Some of the Ceramic products are Ceramic Glass Cleaner, Graphene Ceramic Nano Glass Coating, Fortify Quick Coat, Graphic Ceramic Spray, etc.

Apart from detailing products, you can also browse Shine Armor’s website for car gears, and other best sellers.


Prices of these Ceramic products start from Rs 1200, You can also get 10 to 15% off as a new customer.

5. Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax Logo
Turtle Wax Logo

Turtle Wax was founded by Benjamin Hirsch in 1941 in Chicago, USA (One of the oldest and most reputed brands in the Ceramic coating Industry).

The company specializes in producing auto appearance items like spray wax, car wash, carpet, fabric care, etc. Similar to Chemical Guys, Turtle Wax is delivering products to the United States, United Kingdom, and India.

Details on Turtle Wax Ceramic Coating Products

  • Turtle Wax offers different Ceramic products like Hybrid, Liquid, Paste, and Spray Ceramics with a range of polish and washing care products. The brand promises to provide excellent shine/durability to the paint and protect the exterior from water stains.
  • The SIO2 formula makes the coating super-hydrophobic.
  • Apart from paint shine and care products, Turtle Wax offers cleaners for tires, wheels, leather, carpets, mats, and upholstery.
  • Some of their products are Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Car Polish, Ceramic + graphene inside job, Ceramic wash and wax, Ceramic wax 3-in-1 detailer, etc.


Prices of Turtle Wax products start from $15; You can also get min. 15% off as a new customer.

6. ShineXPro

ShineXPro was launched by Saurabh Anand and Chandrashekhar Sai in 2021.

ShineXPro Logo
ShineXPro Logo

The passionate team believes in replacing low-quality products with excellent ones and that too with suitable prices. ShineXPro can be a great alternative to all Canadian or USA brands like Chemical Guys, etc.

Thanks to in-house innovation and research, ShineXPro keeps adding new budget-friendly products as per the demand of their customers. Let’s know more about product offerings!

Details on ShineXPro Ceramic Coating Products

  • Over 2 lakh trusted customers with over 3 lakh products sold since started 2021. This tells about trust and product quality.
  • ShineXPro Ceramic Guard is a formula created by professional detailers to give your car a smooth shine in seconds (As per the website, ShineXPro puts months of research and experimentation).
  • All products are easy to use and work with just one application.
  • Their Ceramic Guard spray provides excellent shine and additional protection from UV rays, etc.
  • The application needs no special experience and stays between 4 to 6 months on the surface.
  • With Rs 999, a single Ceramic Guard (250ml) and 2×300 GSM cloth (free shipping for all prepaid orders).

Like other brands, you can purchase other vehicle cleaning items like microfiber, form master, etc.


What are some popular Ceramic coating brands available in the Indian automobile market?

Ceramic Pro, Gyeon Quartz, Feynlab, CarPro Cquartz, Gtechniq, Nanolex, IGL Coatings, Kamikaze Collection, and Koch Chemie are some quite popular Ceramic coating brands in the Indian automobile market.

Which brand is known for its durability and long-lasting protection?

Ceramic Pro & Turtle Wax are known for their durability as well as long-lasting protection. Both brands offer various coating options with different levels of hardness and longevity.

Are there any Indian Ceramic coating brands that are gaining popularity in the market?

Yes, there are a few Indian Ceramic coating brands gaining popularity, such as Detailing Mafia, Ceramic Pro, etc. These brands offer quality Ceramic coatings at competitive prices.

Which Ceramic coating brand offers products suitable for both professional and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) applications?

The Chemical Guys & Ceramic Pro offer products suitable for both professional and DIY applications. They have a range of coatings designed for different levels of experience.

Are there any Ceramic coating brands that provide a warranty for their products?

Yes, Ceramic Pro and Chemical Guys are some Ceramic coating brands that provide warranties for their products. The warranty period may vary depending on the specific product and application. Although, max of the brands offers a limited warranty.

Are there any Ceramic coating brands that offer specific coatings for different parts of the vehicle, such as wheels or glass?

Yes, brands like Turtle Box, Ceramic Pro, etc. offer specific coatings for different parts of the vehicle. They have coatings designed for wheels, glass, and interior surfaces too.

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