6 Reasons You Should Use Truck Bed Covers In The Winter

Tonneau covers are practically synonymous with summer vacations and professional service calls, but you shouldn’t pull your cover off just because of a little snow. Find out how you can help you keep your stuff safe and your truck looking cool this Winter. Let’s jump to the list of truck bed covers benefits:

1. Avoid Rusty Tools

There’s nothing worse than stepping outside and finding your tools covered with a thick layer of snow. You never know when the first snowfall will strike, so keep your truck bed cover on all year to prevent this unfortunate situation. Snow-covered tools can cause them to rust, which reduces the professional look and performance of your dependable kit. Tonneau covers are made of durable aluminium, fibreglass, plastic or canvas for waterproof and corrosion-free protection.

2. Protect Against UV Rays

Heavy snowfall and cloud cover can make it easy to forget, but UV rays are still an issue in the Winter. UV radiation can wear out fabric materials and fade paint, so a quality truck bed cover can protect your belongings from the harsh effects of these rays. You can keep your items safely stored all year in your truck bed with a tonneau cover. If you’re tired of hauling items in and out week after week, select a tonneau cover that offers protection from UV rays, snow, and other elements.

3. Keep Your Stuff Safe

If safety is a primary reason you bought your Retrax tonneau cover in the summer, then it’s essential to keep it on all year. Theft and vandalism aren’t seasonal issues, so protect your professional tools or weekend adventure gear in the back of your truck with a durable, locking tonneau cover. Some covers come with built-in locks, so even determined thieves will have trouble breaking in.

4. Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

An empty truck bed is a serious drag. As air flows over your truck’s cab, it hits the bed and creates instant drag. The result is more work for your engine and fewer miles per gallon. Improve your fuel efficiency with a truck bed cover for a more aerodynamic ride. This situation happens year-round and running out of gas in the Winter is a far more serious problem than in the summer.

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5. Keep Your Truck Looking Stylish

There’s something about a truck cover that shows your truck means business. Whether you’re hauling camping gear for the entire family or all the equipment you need for an emergency service call, a truck cover keeps it all neat, organized and away from prying eyes. Pick up a cool black cover or one to match the exterior colour of your truck. A stylish cover adds value to your truck and helps you haul all your stuff without worrying about it strapping it all down.

Truck with bed covers carrying cycle
Truck with bed covers carrying cycle

6. Shop for Truck Bed Covers Online

Upgrade your favourite truck with a quality cover and enjoy these five benefits. Shop online to compare tonneau covers based on a number of features. From affordable roll-up covers to durable retractable options, have a cover shipped right to your garage for convenient installation and year-round protection. Upgrade your heavy-duty truck with the aftermarket accessories that fit your lifestyle.

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Your Questions

Are truck bed covers worth it?

Truck beds covers are one of the most important assets one can add to the list. It helps in many ways. From improving fuel efficiency to keep your goods safe. Not just that, it adds looks to your pick-up truck/van.

Do truck bed covers improve gas mileage?

More the drag less the mileage. According to manufacturers and other automobile experts, truck bed covers helps to reduce drag which automatically helps in improving mileage. If we believe in the TopSpeed report, adding Tonneau cover can add approximately 10% efficiency.

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