7 Best Small Travel Trailers You Should Pick

Do you know most of the Millennials prefer small travel trailers over any other! Something is outstanding in these small and lightweight trailers that’s why they attract eyeballs over those features and luxury loaded RVs.

So, what makes them a good pick over rest options?

Owning a small travel trailer comes with tons of advantages. They are convenient in transportation as compared to full-size trailers. In terms of cost, the average cost of a small trailer runs between $8,000 to $35,000 or maybe less. Moreover, finding a parking spot for a big trailer is kind of a task, but it does not apply to small trailers. There are other amenities like the ease of maintenance, cleaning, finding parking spots while camping, etc. All of them helps to make your camping experience hassle-free.

Well, a small travel trailer is not designed for everyone. These are a perfect fit for 2 to 5 people (6 in some case), and if you are someone who travels to enjoy with a large family, then only a large motorhome or campers can fulfil your requirements. The reason being, a small trailer offers limited things – small space, whether it is a bathroom, tank sizes, bed sizes, etc. And what is the meaning of adventure when you don’t have enough room space to move around?

Choosing the best small travel trailer depends on your lifestyle, camping requirements, maintenance and most important is budget range. I have listed 5 best small travel trailers that you can prefer as your next purchase. So, let’s dig deep to understand each of them one by one!

1. Forest River r-pod

Forest River r-pod

Forest River is a well-known brand when it comes to small travel trailers. It offers the best luxury options at a super affordable price. The manufacturer offers an R-pod in 11 different floor plans that come loaded with a vast range of features. For example – you get an expandable layout that can comfortably accommodate a queen size bedroom, LED interior lighting, and the list goes on.

Now depending on different priorities and lifestyles, you can pick the best layout. But before picking, you need to ask a different set of questions – Do I need extra space to sleep? Do I need more space to bath? Do I need space for dining? Trust me there are so many customizations, and you need to think and decide the best option for you.

In dimensions, the r-pod length ranges from 18’4 to 25’0 feet, whereas the weight of the unloaded r-pod comes in between 2504 to 4574 lbs. As far as interiors height concerns, it measures 6’6 feet, which makes it easy to fit any person measures around 6. It offers all bells and whistles which are essentials for camping. So, whether you like to park in any landscape or just towing for the next adventure, you won’t feel any trouble. Let’s jump the features of the Forest River r-pod!

The manufactures use the best and life long materials in the construction of r-pod. They have used a steel frame in the cassis and other running gears. All of them are coated with powder to fight corrosion and outside temperature, which eventually adds more life to the vehicle. The r-pod sits on an Independent torsion axle and runs on all aluminium wheels with 205/75/R15 radial tires. Here, braking has been taken care self-adjusting electric brakes.

Every Forest River r-pod comes standard with features like a 6-gallon gas/electric DSI water heater, 3-way refrigerator, USB charging ports, 4-speed MaxxAir fan, led FLAT screen TV, a convection microwave oven, etc. However, you can upgrade some of the features like R-Dome awning with screen room, Solar system package that includes a 110W Panel with digital controller and 1000 Watt inverter, etc.

One of the most popular features of r-pod is Pet friendliness. Features like –  frame-mounted utility hook, food bowls and water bowls are pretty standard. Now, you can bring your furry friend along and enjoy the camping.

R-pod is one of the best and ultra-lightweight travel trailers as praised by many users. It is easy to maneuver on straight as well as twisty turns. However, the dual axle would be much better. Users also loved the fact that it gives a good range of safety features like LP detector, Smoke detector, CO detector, Ground fault protected electrical circuit, etc.

2. TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper

TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper

TAXA Cricket is one of the versatile and contemporary travel trailers under 4000 lbs. As the name suggests, “Cricket” design has been taken from a wildlife insect.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket offers a premium design, lightweight, and rugged body structure. In terms of towing eligibility, any 4-cylinder engine car would be quite enough.

The Cricket measures 15 feet in length which can be easily parked in your garages and pretty easy to maneuver in tight spots. It has a dry weight of 1,732 lbs, thanks to the robust chassis and build structure. The trailer offers a plethora of space and can comfortably accommodate a family of four people (2 adults and 2 children).

In specifications, the Taxa Outdoors Cricket comes fitted with Powder-coated steel frame which is mated with a torsion axle suspension and electric brakes. The system allows each wheel to act independently and requires almost zero maintenance and gives you a smooth ride on both – On and Off-road.

Except for other steel, it uses Aluminium to fill other parts of skeletons. Other skins or you can say an outer sheet of the Cricket Trailer is a combination of Aluminium and foam in between. This combination gives significant performance and strength, and insulation from the atmosphere.

The cabin comes preinstalled with a pop-up roof with 5 mesh windows for the best air ventilation. That’s not all, it gets 4 swing windows with shades and screens. Thanks to TAXA, this small size trailer offers wide-open views and a fresh breeze from 360.

TAXA has used top-notch materials inside of the Cricket Camper. The cabinetry is made using sturdy Birch plywood. Whereas, you see Wilsonart high-pressure laminate on the countertop. The floor has used tough-scale 1-inch plywood with ABS laminate and a specially designed non-slip nickel sheet.

Cricket is designed for beginners adventure travellers which offers adequate amenities in this price bracket. This adventure trailer is often used as an outdoor camping vehicle rather than a home.

HEXA Cricket trailer may not be your perfect camping companion but a go-to base camp for those who are looking to level up their camping game. Cricket’s ease of use, quality and extensive list of functionality makes it a great pick.

3. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper HC1

HC1 is the next best and the cutest small trailer in the town. Well, I was impressed with what I have seen and the capability of this small size trailer.

First thing first, the main feature of HC1 is the use of double fibreglass haul. It gives extra protection and isolates the outside temperature. The next thing you see is the fibreglass (1.5”) floor. The manufacturer has built channels into it where you can move the little modular boxes. That’s not all, you get an outlet module to drain out the water during the wash.

The best benefit of owning this flexible and ultralight trailer is the freedom of picking any standard car to tow. It weighs (dry) around 1100 lbs which makes is one of the lightest small travel trailer brands in the segment.

As the manufacturer says, HC1 comes with an adaptive modular interior. What does that mean? Well, you can change the layout according to the requirements and experience you want. You get multiple 20×20 cubes that can be used to modify the interior space. Saying of requirements, you also get a large rear hatch door which makes it easy to bring things in and out. The opening is so big that you can roll up a motorcycle and there 6 tie-down points to tie anything.

Inside, there is a space to accommodate a family of five. The modular cubes can be planned in the form of table bases, sitting, dining, storage, and sleeping space. Noticeably, they all can be put outside to enjoy outdoor space or to clean the Camper.

Happier Camper HC1 comes in 8 colours and 3 different packages which include starter, classic and premium kit. It measures 13 feet in length, 6’11 in inside width and an interior height of 6’1. You get storage cabinets on either side of the HC1 with a Maxx air vent at the top and an optional Dometi AC.

Well, the list does not stop here. Happier Camper offers tons of accessories or you can say optional features for HC1, you get a dry flush toilet, AC/DC fridge, rear hatch utility pouch, rear hatch privacy curtain for showers, rear hatch privacy screen, suspension Awning, Exterior cover, 4-gal road shower, a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a Zamp CPAP solar system.

Don’t worry about your digital devices, HC1 comes equipped with a 600-watt pure sine inverter and a 12 volt AGM battery.

No doubt, this small yet efficient trailer has the potential to beat many of Campers. Most of the users love the modular functionality, which makes them easy to maintain and design according to specific needs super fast.

4. Scamp Trailer

Scamp Trailer

Scamp is a durable, lightweight, and aerodynamic trailer manufacturing company that was established in 1975. It is designed for tremendous convenience and a fun camping experience. The manufacturer offers this trailer in 3 different sizes (13, 16, 19 feet) and two variations (Standard and Deluxe). Here, a 13-foot trailer is designed for couples or say small families; a 16-foot trailer is the best suit for a family of 4 people, and at last, a 19-foot trailer can accommodate a family of 6 adults.

The manufacture believes and follows these 8 traditions of excellence in the production of supercool trailers – Economy, Manoeuvrability, Convenience, Strength, Dependability, Purpose, Adaptability and Quality.

Talking of the 13-foot model, it uses fibreglass in the construction and measures 13” in length, 7’6” in height and 6’8” in width. It sleeps 2 people in luxury. Inside, the manufacture has used super insulation (R15) and a 30 amp power converter with 12-volt lighting, a 12-gallon fresh water tank, wood panel interior cabinets, two-burner propane stove with a tank, curtains for privacy, 25ft 30 amp electric supply cord, customizable flooring and cushions, etc.

Here, you can also pick additional features like shower and toilet package, gas water heater, water pump, etc. Thanks to the lightweight construction, it is easy to tow by most of the 3 or 4 cylinders cars.

Need more space? The bigger 16-foot model is the next answer. It comes in 5 different layouts and offers an ample amount of living area. In dimension, it measures 16” in length, 7’10” in height, and width is standard. In construction, this model uses the same architecture as model 13 and comes loaded with some extra features and luxury. It offers additional counters, storage options, shower and toilet in most of the layout options. This model is best suitable for 5 people, and just like model 13, the side dinette allows room to sleep as well eat without compromising with space. Well, that’s not all, this model is now available with a rooftop AC. Thanks to the length and extra features, model 16 weighs between 1750-2000 lbs which makes it easy to tow by a medium-size car, pick-up truck or SUV.

The 19-foot model is the combination of all significant features of model 16 with more space to sleep. Trust me, it carries much space. As the model suggests, it offers additional feet than the 13/16 model. So, what are the extra features? This is how the extra space has been used – you get an extra queen size loft bed with 5 cushions at the front top of the trailer. This particular model can sleep up to a family of 6 people. The Scamp’s 19 5th model comes with a single layout and measures 19” in length, 8’10” in height, and width is standard. It is the largest trailer manufactured by Scamp so far. It weighs between 2000 to 2400 lbs making it easy to tow by any small truck or SUV.

Coming to the chassis, every Scamp model comes bolted on a heavy gauge tubular steel which gives more strength to the core design and doesn’t add extra weight. The Scamp runs on a set of axles 1 or 2 (depend on model) that uses a setup of torsion suspension. The body gets rust prevention coating to give it extra age. Moreover, the manufacturer uses fibreglass besides a wood panel in the body construction.

If we believe in the testimonials, Scamp is one of the best travel trailer manufacturer that is famous for its customer service and product quality. Users like you believe in the products and their motto – clients always come first.

5. The Timberleaf Pika

The Timberleaf Pika

Pika is the smallest camping trailer by the Timberleaf. It is a 2 person, ultra-lightweight and rugged adventure trailer one can easily buy.

The adventure trailer is named after the American Pika. It is a small rabbit-like animal which is found in the mountains range. By that time, these creatures have evolved to live in tough situations. Timerrleaf Pika comes designed and inspired by this creature, it gets all bell and whistles to tackle any off-road situations and mountains during travelling.

Timberleaf offers Pika in 3 different models – Pika Teardrop, All-Road and Pika Off-road. All of the models come with standard features and accessories like – Maxxair cabin vent fan, Cabin cargo storage stretch netting, lockable storage boxes, outdoor cooking accessories, a 35L fridge, 2 14-inch x 16-inch windows screen for ventilation, 2 26-inch x 39-inch doors with vented windows, rear hatch with 2 hydraulic gas props, spare tire and more.

Whereas features like Axle-less suspension with 4” lift, special all-terrain tires with aluminium wheels, max-coupler articulating hitch, etc. comes equipped in higher models.

This smart travel trailer gets a 6-inch foam full mattress as standard. That’s not all, there is a store behind for head and a full set of storage cabinets. You also get 4- USB power outlets for all charging needs and a large skylight (44-inch opening) to view the clear sky in the night.

Coming to the specs and construction, according to the model, Timberleaf Pika weights just over 1000lbs. Thanks to the light body construction, you get excellent fuel efficiency from the SUV or truck for towing. The manufacturer uses hand-finished bristled Aluminium with powder coating in copper finishing.

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The TImberleaf Pika comes loaded with adequate features. The power system includes a 110-volt power, converter, and 12-volt battery. The power source is a 100 amp-hour deep cell marine battery which provides enough juice to power all necessary electronic gadgets.

Users love this combination of pricing and built quality craftsmanship. They are designed to hit any terrain, offers comfortable sleeping, as well as a functional and well-managed kitchen.

6. Tab S Teardrop Camper

Tab S Teardrop Camper

Tab S Camper is 15 foot 3 inches long teardrop trailer that weighs around 1,908 lbs. It gets spacious seating with a full-feature kitchenette, wet bathroom and can sleep, 2 adults.

The manufacturer offers Tab S teardrop in a single floorplan in 5 different colours, and 3 customizable graphic colours to choose from. That’s not all, you can also pick the Boondock model that comes loaded with pretty exciting features like -15″ Sport Rims with Aggressive Off-Road Tires, few heavy-duty packages, etc.

It gets all modern interiors, and you feel this right after you step inside. The base package comes bolted with an expandable split bed which is pretty comfortable for 2 people. The kitchen gets a push-button to ignite a 2-burner stove with a built-in sink and a 3-speed fan to blow air. Moreover, the hosiery materials get covered by cobblestone premium fabric which gives a roomy feel to the interior.

In terms of convenience and features, you get a set of LEDs lights, a 12v air conditioning system, soft-close cabinetry, electric brakes, a custom screen/shade system, etc. Moreover, there is a Bluetooth media centre with a 19 inch TV to keep you entertained. You also get a new and improved nautilus water management system which is straightforward to use. There is a panel that has specific instructions related to all things you need to do regarding your water system. For example – It has a hot water bypass valve, a spigot to sanitize or winterize. This also gets a city water connection slot, tank flush and a switch to turn On/Off your water pump.

A solar panel comes fitted at the rooftop that helps to transfer some juice down to the batteries during camping outside.

Established & manufactured in Ohio, the nuCamp is the largest teardrop manufacturer that also offers company visit tour for interested people. They believe in innovating, commitment and deliver high quality for their customers.

Customers believe and say that Tab has everything you need to make camping even more enjoyable! Whether it is towing, comfort and manoeuvring, Tab is a great fit for 2 people.

7. Airstream Basecamp

Airstream Basecamp

Next in the line of the best small travel trailer is the Airstream Basecamp. The Basecamp is made for adventure and tough enough to go anywhere to complete the wanderlust inside you.

Did you know? Basecamp is the smallest model by Airstream. It measures 16 ft. 3 in exterior length, 7 ft in exterior width and 6 ft. 4.5 in. Interior width.

Inside the Airstream Basecamp, you get 2 different floor plans – 16 and 16X. It has handcrafted Italian Lite-Plywood Laminated Interior Cabinetry, whereas interior walls, as well as the ceiling, has used aluminium construction. Airstream Basecamp does offer a bathroom, kitchen and lounge area that doubles up as a full-fledged bed. Things like 2 Burner Cooktop (LP Gas), Electric/LP Water Heater, fan, LED interior lighting, overhead storage and seamless vinyl flooring are standard. At the rear, you get two benches and a rear seat that is easy pretty to customize to accommodate five people, making it a perfect camping companion for friends.  

Airstream has used riveted aluminium superstructure in the Basecamp trailer. Moreover, it has an aerodynamic body design to help in better fuel efficiency. The electrical system has been taken care by a 180w Solar Package w/ Upgraded AGM Batteries (x2) unit. Basecamp also offers other amenities like Pop Up 110v USB and Standard Outlets, 12v USB Ports, Cargo LED Light Convertible Lounge, Storage & Sleep Accommodations and more.

Well, the adventure doesn’t end here. Airstream also offers an adventure variant knowns as Basecamp X. Designed to tackle rough roads and weather, this model gets all the premium features of regular Basecamp with a touch of adventure package. So what comes under this package?

Starting with the essentials – tires. Basecamp X gets a more rugged set of Goodyear Wrangler tires with a black shadow wheel. To tackle rock and other complicated situations during travel, this model comes equipped with 3” lift kit, a raised hitch jack foot pad for more ground clearance and stainless steel rock guards.

Also, both Basecamp and Basecamp X model offers a portable tent package. This feature gives you the freedom to extend your living areas and enjoy outside.

As the Airstream says, Basecamp is designed by keeping adventure seekers in mind. You get amazing features like bench and bungee storage, an outdoor shower, multiple charging stations, large wheels and tires, etc. Also, the manufacturer offers 3 years 24.7 road assistance and a 3-year Airstream limited warranty. Users of Airstream have always found the Basecamp travel trailer a fantastic travel companion and an excellent fit for young adventure seekers.

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