4 Best RV Leveling Apps For iOS & Android Users In 2023

Do you know that RVs & Motorhomes tend to lean forward?

Every camping activity starts with parking an RV.

However, parking an RV requires leveling & you need to give special attention as a wrong decision can give you a bad experience.

As you know, it’s pretty hard to find a perfect surface to park & that too when you aren’t aware of the location. Here, the level app comes into action and helps as a best friend.

There are various level devices or stand-alone apps for RVs, but I’ve listed the most reliable brands while picking leveling apps (iOS & Android).

Before moving forward, let’s check the importance of leveling in brief! Shall we?

Importance Of Leveling An RV

  • Increase your comfort by ensuring that every appliance is operating correctly, refrigerator, for example.
  • Reduces RV frame & structure stress. Any disbalance in the RV structure can cause major mechanical issues. Leveling ensures that each door frame, plumbing, and wooding fittings are working (open/close properly).
  • It helps read accurate readings of all tank fluids and make better decisions.
  • Slideouts won’t work in case your RV is not parked properly. That’s not all, wrong leveling can damage mechanical equipment.

If you are interested in Overlanding, then I suggest you use leveling for parking in uneven places.

List Of Best RV Leveling Apps

1. Camper Leveler

  • Users: 100,000+
  • Ratings: 4.0 rated by 272 users
  • Price: Free
  • Last Updated: 23 February 22
  • Download: Android

Owned by Eland apps, Camper Leveler was launched in 2012 for all RV or Motorhome owners. This free app offers additional features such as Compass, Notes, Tips/Tricks, etc.

Camper Leveler App Logo
Camper Leveler App Logo

Camper Leveler shows the centimetres or inches required by each wheel. However, you need to calibrate the app before using the leveler. Below are the steps to configure the app:

  • Place your mobile on a horizontal surface such as a table
  • Now, select the “Table” in the app
  • Select the calibration menu given on the left top side of the app
  • Now, click on the button
  • Please wait for some time and don’t touch the mobile or surface while it’s calibrating
  • Once calibrated, place your mobile on any flat surface in the app and start calibrating

Eland also offers a Pro version where you don’t see any advertisements.

2. LevelMatePRO

  • Users: 10,000+ on Android
  • Ratings: 3.0 rated by 272 Android & 3.1 rated 92 by iOS users
  • Price: Free
  • Last Updated: 9 March 2021
  • Download: iOS & Android

LevelMate is the most trusted & practical RV level app available in the market. It works in sync with LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling device, simplifying RV setup through state-of-art innovations.

LevelMatePRO App
LevelMatePRO App

App & device is designed by LogiBlue technology in the USA. The app connects wirelessly to the LevelMatePRO device and displays levelling information to level RV with speed & best accuracy. The system works smoothly with towable & drivable vehicles.

According to the brand, LevelMatePRO is the only patented leveling system available in the market. Here’s how LevelMatePRO works:

  • Setup the device in your vehicle
  • Install & configure as per the manual
  • Bring the vehicle to desired setup location to start leveling process (I’ve also listed the best RV navigation apps for a safe and  fun adventure, do check this out!)
  • Now, open the app.
  • The LevelMatePRO app will show you the required adjustments

This app can also be used to adjust the hitch. Do you mind checking the best RV dump station Apps for both iOS & Android users? 


  • Works with any kind of RV (drivable & towable)
  • Real-time updates
  • Quick & easy connect
  • LevelMatePRO app provides 100% accurate data provided by a 3-axis digital accelerometer fitted in the device
  • Works for all travel trailers, 5th wheels, motorhomes, hose trailers, racing trailers, food vending vehicles, etc.

In addition to PRO, LogiBlue also offers a PRO+ version where you can access the control level via Apple Watch, Micro-USB for external power & bigger 620mAh battery capacity.


  • Users: 1,000+on Android
  • Ratings: 3.6 rated by 10 Android & 3.3 rated by 7 iOS users
  • Price: Free
  • Last Updated: 30 May 2019
  • Download: iOS & Android

Founded by Herb, Vickey Gingold & Mark McCorkle, WoBLR is the world’s easiest wireless leveling app for RV. Like LevelMatePRO, it can be used to adjust the hitch & promises an exceptional level of accuracy using the device & app.



  • Accuracy of .33 degrees of tilt
  • Works without cellular service or Wi-Fi source
  • Super easy to install
  • Available for both Apple & Android devices
  • Zoom features, allow you to see a bit more detail

WoBLR offers RV information, home & hitch position, factory calibration, and Instructions with some FAQs (content).

Like all leveling devices, you need to mount the device as instructed in the manual. Once fitted, you can connect the WoBLR device via Bluetooth. The system will calibrate and show your RV’s level, you can be 101% confident as WoBLR promises 1/3 degree of accuracy.

Since the WoBLR device is removable, you can use this to level other items such as a grill, table, and your friend’s travel trailer.

4. Truma

  • Users: 100,000+ on Android
  • Ratings: 3.8 rated by 529 Android & 3.7 rated by iOS users
  • Price: Free
  • Last Updated: 9 August 2021
  • Download: iOS & Android

Launched 70 years ago, Truma is developing world-class equipment and app for camper users. The brand is one of the established leaders in caravan heater manufacturing with high-level awareness in the European caravan market. They have sold over 6-million products since 1961.

Truma App Logo
Truma App Logo

Apart from products, Truma offers an excellent app that offers news, instructions, remote control, dealer options, tools, and settings.

How to use Truma leveling feature?

  • Open Truma app
  • Visit tools settings and go to leveling
  • Now, pick your vehicle type from Caravan or Motorhome
  • Lay down your mobile/tablet on a flat surface in your camper where the home button faces the rear
  • Now, enter input as per your RV dimensions and accept
  • Start adjusting the RV position
  • Truma app will show a green signal once your vehicle is on the best level


  • Free
  • Easy to use


How do you use the camper leveler app?

Depending on the app, you can read and follow the instructions. However, a camper leveler app is pretty to use. You just need to calibrate the app according to your camper position and adjust it as per app instructions. Here, some apps use a hardware device to get data, and some use a compass or other technologies to level.

Are RV leveling blocks necessary?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro at camping, I recommend using leveling blocks. It works with all travel trailers, fifth wheels, & motorhomes.

How do RV leveling apps work?

RV leveling apps use the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors in your phone to measure the angle of the device or RV. Once the app determines the angle, it suggests options for leveling blocks or jacks to adjust and by how much.

Are RV leveling apps accurate?

Depending on the brand, app developer & usage, RV leveling apps can be accurate.

Can I use an RV leveling app on any type of smartphone?

RV leveling apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms, so you can use them on most modern smartphones.

What are some other features of RV leveling apps?

Some RV leveling apps may include additional features such as checklists, maintenance trackers, and camping site locators. You also get tutorials.

I hope you got all answers related to Level any RV. I highly recommend checking the RV camping checklist app to make sure that you won’t forget anything before heading camping with your family or friends.

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